Film Review 'Our Dating History'

Film Review 'Our Dating History'

Last week in my review of"The International of Us"I implied that empty soju bottles are in maximum cases shorthand for an abusive low-class patriarch. This was once misleading. They are alsoanother equallycommon shorthand fordepression, no less than when it issuessufferingcontributors of the reflective bourgeoisie. Such is the case in"Our Dating History"for aspiring moviepros Yeon-i (played byJeon Hye-bin) and Seon-jae (played byShin Min-chul). They married impulsively, they divorced impulsively, and will have to for the instantare living in the similarcondominiumwhilst drowning their vocational sorrows with fruit pouch soju.

I did not evening realize there has beenone of these thing as fruit pouch soju till watching"Our Dating History", despite the truth that ITtruly is the very best counterpart to soju bottles. The metaphor is so elegant- alcohol for the consumer thatneeds to get drunk, yet does now notwish to do in order an adult. It is the ideal drink for Seon-jae, who has rather meekly acceded to Yeon-i's call for for a divorce when either still have combined feelings.

It's even greater for Yeon-i herself, who continuously tries to galvanize Seon-jae for reasons even she does notcompletely understand. Yeon-i has an excessively abrasive personality that is rather missing in charm. When Yeon-i wants to take a shot at someone, she just does it without thinking much of the consequences. While in a more romantic film this would be an idealized trait,"Our Dating History"makes it transparent that married or now notit truly is not at all simple to get in conjunction with Yeon-i, and she's the foremostevident culprit for why the couple's film projects never appearto move anywhere.

Advertisement Thoughusually presented as a loopy ex-girlfriend, Yeon-i is nearlyat all times the point of view character. This provides the ordinaryimpact that Yeon-i is the villain of her own existence story. And yetYeon-i, even thoughregularly anti-self-reflective, never veers all of the way to explicitly unlikable because she is fully acutely conscious of her own jerkish behavior. For that subject Yeon-i is alsofairly resigned to inevitable failure, nearlyas though it's a sort of karmic retribution.

Everything turns out to take place backwards in"Our Dating History". Yeon-i and Seon-jae's unsatisfied divorced life would not feel any other than their almost certainly unsatisfied married life did. Proluck comes quickly, and slips extraand additional away as interpersonal war wrecks the relationships Yeon-i and Seon-jae have with other people. The tone is so fatalistic that even the initial optimism feels, in retrospect, rather horribly misplaced.

The same may also be written of the film's own duality- writer/director Cho Seungeun appears to be arguing that for a cussed tenacious lady like Yeon-i, or for a guy like Seon-jae in thrall to her, only absolute failure is ample to lead them tosurrender and get started over from square one. While it's an uncongenial and ego-killing step to make, it is howeverperson whomust be made."Our Dating History"is in a position to get just slightly enough light uncomfortable laughs out of this inherentlyawkward set-up to save youthe tale from being depressing. Although even then, it's never relativelyin fact uplifting.

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Photo Up to date  solid and added new still for the Korean film

Photo Up to date solid and added new still for the Korean film "Our Dating History"

Updated forged and added new still for the Korean film "Our Dating History" (2015)Directed by capacity of Cho SungeunWith Jeon Hye-bin, Shin Min-chul, Hwang Seung-eon, Park Choong-seon, Lee Ji-hoon-II, Jang Hyeok-jin,... MoreAlso referred to as "With or Without You" amd formerly is named "Office Romance" (, sa-nae-yeon-ae)SynopsisA tale of women and men living in trendy society.Release date in Korea : 2016/06/29

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Photos Added new stills for the approaching Korean film

Photos Added new stills for the approaching Korean film "Our Dating History"

Added new stills for the impending Korean film "Our Dating History" (2015)Directed through Jo Seong-eun-IWith Jeon Hye-bin, Shin Min-chul, Hwang Mi-yeong,...Also referred to as "With or Without You" amd formerly is known as "Office Romance" (, sa-nae-yeon-ae)SynopsisA tale of ladies and men living in fashionable society.Release date in Korea : 2016/06/29

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Film Review 'Seondal: The fellow Who Sells the River'   Tickets Giveaway (USA)

Film Review 'Seondal: The fellow Who Sells the River' Tickets Giveaway (USA)

Seondal (played byYoo Seung-ho) and his friend Gyeon-i (played byXiumin) are Koreans who were conscripted to combat roughly random war in the barren region to support the world political status of aristocrat Dae-ryeon (played byJo Jae-hyeon). Even thoughthe hole scene is relatively bleak it does now not take long for Seondal and Gyeon-i to run into Bo-won (played byKo Chang-seok), a guy who focuses on survival thru scamming. Soon enough, your entire gang is loose to run increasingly more elaborate con jobs on lovely much everyone.

"Seondal: The fellow Who Sells the River"is a comedy with precisely one joke- we get to watchYoo Seung-hoput on a devilish smirk as he is goingby way of amongst an elaborate plan that is designed for maximum humor in position of to be realistically effective. Which is fine via me. Seondal goes through numerous costumes in pursuance of the maximum recent scam, and the presentation levels from regal to cornball to oddly enticing. The punchline to the scam is rarely every bit much amusing as observing Seondal's team in truthpass through with it.

That, unfortunately, may be the movie's primary downfall. There is nogenuine dramatic tension. We know that even if the stakes appearfully serious Seondal has planned for this eventuality in some way and the entirety volitionfinally finish up all correct in the end- the handiest realquery is how. Some gentle fun can also be had being attentive to the clues, namely the explicitabilities demonstrated all throughthat permit Seondal's later cons to work. Beyond that, though,"Seondal: The Guy Who Sells the River"is a reasonablyelementary heist movie.

AdvertisementThere is one key distinction- set as it's far during Joseon times, the needful wacky comedy setpieces glance very distinctive, and the rustic atmosphereon a normal basis makes Seondal's schemes seem disproportionately plausible. It is helping thatYoo Seung-hois constantlycaptivatingall aroundall the movie, such that it issimpleto look why characters would rather just think that Seondal is a random fun guy instead ofany person who turns outa little too friendly.

But the more complex the plot point, the more difficultit'sto pay attention on the adventures of Seondal's crew. This makes the inevitable takedown of Dae-ryeon feel unearned if only because Seondal wishedso much of good fortune to get that far. Additionally, whileYoo Seung-hois incrediblyfantastic as a sleek con artist he isless compelling in more romantic or dramatic scenes. Which is most definitelyprincipallya question of presentation. Seondal is more a one-man comedian relief team than he'sa prime character.

That much is able to become writer/directorPark Dae-mina fairlygood wayin the case of making"Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River"decently entertaining even even thoughthere would possibly be not sufficientintensity to assist much in the styleof sturdy content."Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River"is a reasonably funny film that starts to pull when the key plot comes up. The creativity in the gags more than makes up for the relative staleness of the central storyline, though, so I will be ready tomost commonly reccommend it.

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Film Review 'The Handmaiden'

Film Review 'The Handmaiden'

The time is the japanese Occupation. Sook-hee (played byKim Tae-ri) is a street-level thief and con artist who like somebody else is solelylooking to get by. Opportunity arises in the sort of the Count (played byHa Jeong-woo) who wishes assistance as a section of an elaborate scheme to gain get correct of access to to the circle of relatives fortune of Hideko (played byKim Min-hee). All isn't equally information technology seems. Even supposing in the movies, when is it ever?

There are 3 distinct acts in "The Handmaiden". The primary is told from Sook-hee's point of view, the 2nd one Hideko's, and the third...well, I'm going to get to that later. Standpoint is the entire lot in "The Handmaiden". Whilst Sook-hee is the major character, we arelooking at a tale more or less the plucky woman from the streets willing to take any possibility for the sake of betterment of her life. As times is going by, this fate becomes increasingly more intwined with Hideko, a girl who lives unhappily in luxury.

Once the tale turns to Hideko's angle "The Handmaiden" gets markedly more weird. In mundane weirdness, it turns out Sook-hee had many scenes no longerdiscussedright through her element of the story that make the plucky girl appear more the objective than the con artist. Retrospectively this providesthe 1st act the sensation of being the story that Sook-hee tells other folksin order that she looks more heroic.

Advertisement Yet Hideko's more exotic weirdness involves...well, tentacle rape and the like. I more or lesswould like to assault "The Handmaiden" for being anti-Japanese through resorting to the old gross hentai attack, but the normal source subject material for "The Handmaiden" has Victorian England as a setting. Which in truth gets into all types ofappealingquestions on how the colonialist upper magnificenceinternational tended to descend into perversion most commonly because they did notmust do any precise work.

Such questions have a tendency to beinappropriate to "The Handmaiden", though, which for all useful intents and applicationsis simply a love story with an advanced framing structure. The 3rd act exists principallyto permit directorPark Chan-wookto remodelall of the contradictory story datanow we havenoticed into anything mostly coherent. But it isat all times the plot that has to be installedcomplete perspective. While "The Handmaiden" has all types of vaguely intriguing ideas simmering at the surface, none of them trulyfinally finish upwhich meansa complete lot upon closer analysis.

Even calling the film an erotic mystery is giving the story a little too much credit. There isnow notactually all that much sex and an specific bespeak is made about how words and photographsby myselfcan also be a more robust stimulant than the genuine thing. I mean, shoot, take a glance at outKim Min-heein that adorable kimono. The manor grounds too prove a slightly impressive backdrop.

The visual design of "The Handmaiden" is itself borderline pornographic- which makes the motion picturebeautifulnot possible to dislike. And I did like it. My impartialresearch is chiefly a outcome of the film's narrative being impressive in presentation in position of depth. While that much most certainly prevents "The Handmaiden" from qualifying as actually great, I may beready to still state rather conveniently that it befairly good.

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Watch: Eric Nam Finds His Dating History To MAMAMOO On “We Were given Married”

Watch: Eric Nam Finds His Dating History To MAMAMOO On “We Were given Married”

Watch: Eric Nam Unearths His Dating History To MAMAMOO On We Were given Marriedleonid June 25, 2016 0 Watch: Eric Nam Displays His Dating History To MAMAMOO On We Got Married Singer Eric Nam spills the primary points about his female friend history at the June 25 episode of MBCs We Got Married.

During the show, Eric Nam meets his MAMAMOO virtual sisters-in-law when they pay him and their leader Solar a wonder visit.

The couple finds MAMAMOO participants Hwasa, Wheein, and Moonbyul in the pension area where they were going to have their date, and Eric Nam is solely as glad as he'sstunnedto fulfill his sisters-in-law for the primary time.

He prepares pasta and grilled meat for the gang to banquet on, and grows apprehensive when the 3visitorsstart to ask questions they wrote in advance for the couple.

The first item is given via Moonbyul, who asks Eric Nam, How many girlfriends have you had in the past?

He hesitates for a 2ndprior to replying, Two.

Moonbyul and Wheein specific doubt at this number at first, yet Eric Nam stands by his answer.

When Moonbyul follows up by asking if he has most effectivelatelydamaged up with thosebeyond girlfriends, he reveals, They arent contemporary girlfriends. Its been some time since we broke up, and they were either from before I got here to Korea.

Watch the clip in the maximum recent episode of We Got Married below!

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'Our Dating History' starring Jeon Hye-bin and Shin Min-chul unveils first poster

'Our Dating History' starring Jeon Hye-bin and Shin Min-chul unveils first poster

Movie, "Our Dating History" depicting the romance between a guy and a woman, who can notfail to remembereach and every other even after breakup, has unveiled their first poster starring Jeon Hye-bin and Shin Min-chul.

The first poster printed this time captured the candy moment of Jeon Hye-bin and Shin Min-chul sitting in a sunny room whilstthe 2 are taking a look at each one other.

Jeon Hye-bin looks a little apprehensive sitting on a settee while she looks into the camera lens. Shin Min-chul is searching at her adorably, taking footage of her. The fabulous chemistry between the two stars foretells the goodunity of the beautiful couple in the movie.

'You and I broke up... right?!', the wordat the poster raises interest and anticipation on the storyline about the cool courting of the two.

The fabulous chemistry between Jeon Hye-bin these days starring in tvN's hit drama "Oh Hae-Young Again" and Shin Min-chul, the emerging big name on Chungmuro are expected to liftthe speed of the moviegoers' heartbeat. "Our Dating History" is coming the theatres on June 30th.

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Video Adult-Rated Trailer released for the Korean film 'School of juvenile 2: The Unofficial History of the Gisaeng Break-In'

Video Adult-Rated Trailer released for the Korean film 'School of juvenile 2: The Unofficial History of the Gisaeng Break-In'

Adult-Rated Trailer released for the approaching Korean film "School of teenage 2: The Unofficial History of the Gisaeng Break-In"

"School of Formative years 2: The Unofficial History of the Gisaeng Break-In" (2016)Directed by way of Kim Dae-seong-IWith Jeon Hyeon-soo, Ji Eun-seo, Jeong Hyeon-woo, Sin Seok-hwan, Hye Jin,...SynopsisDuring the overdueduration of the Joseon, Jae-won, Man-ki, Deok-ho and silly Chil-deuk are the simplest real ones at the village school. The college is going thrua coarse patch so the collegeinstructor visits his female friend the gisaeng and suggests to his scholars that they bring in feminine students. So-hyang and the oppositeladiesliven up the temper of the school and more male students signal up. Yeon-hwa is jealous of Jae-won and So-hyang who fell in love with each and every other to get started with sight. She confesses her love to him yet he does not give her any attention so she tells him So-hyang's secret. At the other hand, the teacher's wife is stunnedto looka guydressed in a mask peeking at her frame but is surprised to the see the dimensions of the hollow in the pumpkin he dropped. Now notproud of her husband's 'night skills', she calls in the male students one at a timeto determine but the pumpkin belongs to no one...To whom does the gap belong to?Release date in Korea : 2016/03/03


T.O.P stocks information about His Dating History

T.O.P stocks information about His Dating History

T.O.P Shares main points About His Dating History It can also be challenging to discover time and effort for dating when you’re a well-liked Korean celebrity, and even more so whilst you take place to be BIGBANG‘s T.O.P.

On October 28, he attended the click convention for CJ E&M’s global internet drama “Secret Message” starring T.O.P and Jap actress Ueno Juri, and replied to questions from reporters.

When asked what made him accept the casting offer, the star explained, “I was once thinking about the appealing set-up of the drama, which appeals to you whether you've got been heartbroken or not. i presumed it's going to be a laugh to depict such story.”

He moved on to discuss his dating history, “While operating in this industry, I’ve had way too little opportunities to date. That’s why i used to be interested in the nature of Woohyun,” and shared some small print about his love life, “I’ve slightly had three relationships within the beyond ten years,” and laughed, “I’m no longer joking.”

In regards to YG Family and how they have shown enhance for his new acting project, the idol commented, “When it comes to cheering every other on, we now act like family members.”

“You usually send supportive messages only to the ones you’re now not close with, right?” he shared his opinion at the ‘Hwaiting! culture, and then emphasized once more, “We at YG don’t do supportive messages.”

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