First Impressions: “W”

First Impressions: “W”

First Impressions: Wbinahearts July 24, 2016 0 First Impressions: W westward is a new Wednesday-Thursday MBC drama starring Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo, and is one of the various highly expected dramas of 2016. Theres numerouspowerin this drama to bring since it is going to exist airing at the similar time as Uncontrollably Fond, and itll be amusingto glance atthe 2 male leads and real-life buddies duke it out in the ratings. Even if the two dramas are utterly different, if youre trying to find an edge-of-your-seat, romantic, funny drama, then W is certainlythe only to watch!

Curious to look how I suspect W did in the primary two episodes? Stay reading to discover out! (Minor spoilers ahead).

1. Production PriceWe will have toin realityspeak about the graphics because this facet of the drama has completely won me over and Im no longer eventidethe sortto truly manage about the type of stuff. The webtoon theme of the storyline calls forso much of CG because it has to tripfrom aspect to side between the comediane-bookinternational and real life. Its seriously cool seeing the scenes and characters transform.

Theres truly no other be aware to describe this except cool.

Theres lots of shift in scenery duringthe 1st two episodes, yet IT didnt feel disheveled at all. I assumedI'd becomepissed off alongside the non-stop traveling back and forth from comic world to genuine life, but it used to be produced so smoothly that it wasnt a problem.

One thing I did realizebecome that there has been no noticeable OST. Im used to hearing some noted singer or workforce bust out a music when the mood changes, but there hasnt been the rest significant. Im hoping things trade on that front because I cant lend a hand but love a excellent drama OST.

2. Forged and CharactersLee Jong Suk as a comicpersona is life. Period. Doesn’t he have the very best face up to be a webtoon character? You cant even tell the difference.

(Again, I cant get over those graphics!)

Kang Cheol (Lee Jong Suk) plays a famous Olympic gold medalist in shooting who is charged with the homicide of his whole family. His character is precisely what you couldbe expecting out of a comic book hero — flawless face, rich, a girls man, and he has these killer one-liners that make you squeal. Lee Jong Suk is manifestly perfect for the role.

We also notice that this entire earth that Kang Cheol is in is in truth a webtoon that any person is drawing (Ill get to that later). Regardless that Kang Cheols lines were sparse and we havent had a possibility to really get to understand him, Im loving the interactions with him and Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) already. Hes already obviously in love with her and its making me wait forthe following episodes.

As for Lee Jong Suks first appearance in the drama, there wasn’t anything heart-dropping about the moments at first where he’s in court, competing in the Olympics, or in the sanatorium bed. The massive moment most likelygot here when he pulled up to Oh Yeon Joo in his pricey car, having a look like this:

Hello, Kang Cheol. You've got officially arrived and you’re ridiculously handsome.

(Who else can pull off jean on jean, btw?)

Aside from his perfect webtoon face, Lee Jong Suk’s acting is drawing me into his drama – yet again. Seriously, what is it about him and this skill to suck you in? His character Kang Cheol is so perfect for him and I will enjoin his fan base is going to grow exponentially.

Now let’s communicate close to Han Hyo Joo, because she’s the maximum importantreasonI used to be and thendesirous about this drama. Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) plays a resident who lacks the self-confidence and talents to be a doctor. Her father could also bethe consumer who created Kang Cheol and the webtoon world that he lives in. She spends lots of the two episodes seeking to relieve Kang Cheol, which also is how they meet and how this love tale blossoms.

I love how imperfect Han Hyo Joos character is, because if anything, its made her more relatable and lovable. I also love the inner, panicked monologues she has.

If the characters or plot arent enough of a reason to get you to monitor the drama, have a look at the chemistry between these two — even off-screen! Theyre oozing with love for each and every other.

I didnt watch any trailers or read much about this drama leading up to the premiere. So, you'll be in a position toconsider my delightfulwonder when I saw this fine specimen of a human on screen.

So Do Yoon (Lee Tae Hwan) plays Kang Cheol’s bodyguard (what is it with him at all times being cast as a bodyguard?). Though he doesn’t appear to have much screen time, it’ll still be value the watch. Thank you to the team at W who was concerned in the casting process.

Its a little early to tell, but I am gettinga feeling that So Do Yoon might be that loyal, soft-hearted, but sturdy quality who is willing to do anything for Kang Cheol. Are we able to beloved him any more?

3. StorylineI really didn’t know I was partial to fourth dimension travel-type dramas till anestumbled on Nine: nine Times Time Travel. I’m just gonna say that the writer, Song Jae Jung, is a genius. I was just a littleanxious about this “time” theme and wondered if “W” would be very identical to Nine, but I guarantee you, it’s fullyother and it’s awesome.

The first short time of a drama is fundamental for me. If Im now not hooked from the get-go, I generally tendnot to like your entire series. I was a little worried at the start of W as it began with Kang Cheol (Lee Jong Suk) competing in the Olympics and winning, which I wasnt absolutely sold on. But, then it got to the beef of the plot. Although Kang Cheol wins the gold medal in shooting, he's likewise charged in a while after for the murder of his family. With inadequate evidence, Kang Cheol is released from felony and spends his days wallowing.

After an attempted suicide, he decides to avenge the death of his circle of relatives and sets out to determine exactly who murdered them and why. This sounds like a narrativedirectly out of a comic book, right?

Han Hyo Joos character comes into play when we find that her dad is the famous mastermind in the back of Kang Cheols comic world.  Oh Yeon Joo spends more commonly than not in the first two episodes wanting to save Kang Cheol. We dont know why, but her dad really needs him dead and he turns outsomewhat angry about his daughters interaction with him. Normally, I wouldnt care too much about some of these unanswered questions, but this one has piqued my curiosity.

The juxtaposition between the comic world and real world is simply brilliant. I admire how they display pages out of the comic book and then prove the actors in real time. Wasn’t it just amazing when Han Hyo Joo first saw herself in the comic book?

And how hilarious was that slap? I laughed out loud.

At this point, this mysterious, suspenseful drama became into a comedy. It was also at this point that I was officially hooked. Its funny, suspenseful, and romantic. Whats not to like?!

4. UltimateMindI watched either episodes in one sitting and was shocked at how temporarily the two hours went by. For the explanation that story was moving at such a quick pace, I didnt have time to figure out if I loved the drama or not and ahead of I knew it, it was over. On height of the superb script is a cast of a fewwonderful actors (and eye-candy).  I’m waiting for seeing how this drama unfolds and I'm hoping it’s capable ofmaintain my attention; on account of the writer, I’m self-assured that it will!

W” airs each Wednesday and Thursday on MBC. Catch the newest episode on Viki!W-soompi-banner

Soompiers, what do you place self belief in W so far? Let me know in the comments below!binahearts is a Soompi author who loves to spend her unfastened time immersed in all things Korean- dramas, movies, K-Pop, and good looks products! Her present obsessions are Song Joong Ki, 1llionaire, and Doctors. When she isn’t looking atthe most recent Running Man episode, she may also benoticed indulging in her favoriteleisure pursuitswhich come withmaking a song her middle out at karaoke, photography, twiddling with her dog, and dining dessert!

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First Impressions: “Dear Fair Woman Kong Shim”

First Impressions: “Dear Fair Woman Kong Shim”

First Impressions: Pricey Fair Woman Kong Shimbinahearts Might 27, 2016 0 First Impressions: Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim is a new SBS weekend drama starring Women Days Minah, Namgoong Min, Suh Hyo Rim, and On Joo Wan. Many of us were in anticipation for this drama since here'seither Namgoong Min and Minah’s first time starring at the small screen. There has especially been a massive number ofdrive on Minah, as her fellow Girl’s Day member Hyeri could also berecently starring in the drama Entertainer. So, how is Minah doing in the drama so far? Stay reading to discover out!

Production Price isbla

The fact is, I had 0expectancies going into this drama and I had no genuinechoiceto observe IT even after seeing the trailers. Nonetheless, I sought after to give it a try, so I watched the primary episode. Oddly… I discovered myself being sucked in. I wasn’t actuallycertain if I beloved it or not, yetsooner than 1 knew it, I used to begazingthe 2nd one episode, and via the finish of it, I was once hooked. You know that feeling, right?

Really, the total lot or so this drama is beautifulundeniable and simple. The setting, the cinematography, the soundtrack, the characters, the tale — not anything actually sticks out as being extraordinary. So, what is it about this drama that has me intrigued? (Spoilers ahead).

Cast and CharactersThe genuine charm of this drama got here alongsidethe improvement of the 2major characters, Kong Shim (Minah) and Ahn Dan Tae (Namgoong Min). Those two meet when Ahn Dan Tae comes to peer the condominium Kong Shim is giving up for rent. Kong Shim is broke and wishes the money, so she moves back in with her parents, who reside in the similar building. This manifestlydemandsquite so much of random run-ins with each and every other at the benefit store, the park, and the street. The two characters expand a love/hate courting with one another and thus starts the romantic a section of this romantic comedy.


These two characters are incredibly quirky and it took me a complete episode or two to comprehend their weirdness. I assumedthe nature Kong Shim especially took somewhat to warm up to because she’s really depressing from the get-go and I couldnt see what become likable about her.

This is her face for lots of the drama so far.

But then, there came a scene where she was inebriated and insisted on gambling hide and move seek on the streets of Seoul with Ahn Dan Tae. It was right through this scene that I saw a glimpse of her charm.


Shes in factfairly adorable.

Theres just anything about Kong Shim that has you coming back for more! I also beganto gain that there are qualities about her that everyone might be in a position to relate to. And her interplay with Dan Tae becomes reasonablyfunny and lovable to watch. I likeall of the constant insults, yelling, and hair-pulling.

Namgoong Min’s character, Ahn Dan Tae, also is quite unique. Hes a human rights attorney who dresses in capri jogging pants and saggy shirts to work. Its taking me a pieceof having used to his personality since Im no longer used to seeing him in such an uncommon role, but hes surelydeveloping on me. After seeing him in such uptight and psychopathic roles, I wasnt yes if he would suit such a light-hearted one, but its been a nice surprise. And every other quirk — nearlyeach scene hes in, hes dining something.


Really. Hes eating All. The. Time.


He also has a history of fighting; he even spent a while in prison when he was younger for something he didnt do, which is why he have become a human rights lawyer. In spite of having fought much in the past, he still continues to do so, but best when he’s saving people. He has this odd talent to dodge other folks hitting him because his vision slows everything down.

StorylineSo, the back tale of Dan Tae is important. Principally because this is where On Joo Wan’s character (yay!), Suk Joon Soo, comes in. This is most probablythe soleexplanation why this familys story is valueciting because I found myself a little tired of it. Long story short: Joon Soo is the youngest son of a wealthy family and his grandmother is looking for her first grandson named Joon Pyo, who went lacking when he was a kid.

This missing kid is perhaps Dan Tae, who cant bear in mindanything else from when he was younger. This also manner that hes part brothers with Joon Soo. The grandmother is so fixated on the hunt of Joon Pyo that she utterly mistreats and neglects deficient Joon Soo.

But seriously, how may you lot be mean to a face like this?

Another thing worth pointing out is that Dan Tae and Joon Soo have already met and are pretty well BFFs. I am hoping nothing gets in the style of this because Im a sucker for bromance. Anyway, Kong Shim gets a taskoperating equally a secretary for Joon Soo’s dad, who is the CEO of a large corporation. This is lousy because by the appearance of it, Joon Soo is falling for Kong Shim. Cue second-lead syndrome.

Does he mean this hairstyle? (Its a wig, by the way.)

Anyway, it’s now not that Namgoong Min’s character isn’t captivating and everything, but if a wealthy, smart, endearing guy starts to take an hobby in a woman who is weird, poor, has low self-esteem, and a strange haircut, we can’t lend a hand but swoon!

Nothing. You don’t have to mention anything.

Now here comes the maximum efficient part, the juicy part, and the most important reason why I believe this drama is already so addictive. Kong Shim is falling for Joon Soo, Ahn Dan Tae is falling for Kong Shim, and Joon Soo is falling for Kong Shim. And there you've got it, the very best — vintage — Korean drama love triangle. The affection triangle that wouldruin the hearts of many as itsuggests that one man won't become the girl. Tragic, right? …But it doesn’t end there.

Kong Shim has an older sister, Kong Min, who is a lawyer. When compared to Kong Shim, she has at all times been the prettier, more a hit sister, but shes also manipulative, conniving, and mistreats her little sister, so we dont like her. She also finally ends up falling in love with Joon Soo, which is fantastic because Joon Soo is already falling for Kong Shim. Are you following? Because now, this love triangle has became into a love square.


Final MindAll in all, everything about this drama is simple, but really enjoyable to watch. I know some individuals were interested in the age difference between the two major actors, but I didnt to find myself getting distracted by it up to I did for Entertainer. Im having a lookahead to seeing how intense this love square gets and how a long way the characters are willing to move for love. Yay for the unpopular girl getting some love! Thank you for the unforeseen surprise, Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim! Cant wait to watch episode fiveand six this weekend!

One more of On Joo Wan just cause.


What do you Soompiers take into consideration this drama so far? Let me know in the comments below!Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim airs every Saturday and Sunday on SBS.

binahearts is a Soompi author who loves to spend her loose fourth dimension immersed in all things Korean- dramas, movies, K-Pop, and attractiveness products! Her favorite actors are Won Bin, Lee Min Ho, and more recently, Song Joong Ki. She also loves watching most kindpresentations and has claimed to have watched every unmarried episode of Running Man. Some of her favourite K-pop artists come withplenty of old-school teams like, Sech Skies, g.o.d, and Jinusean. As for more contemporary groups, she likes Dean, BIG BANG, Akdong Musician, and GOT7.  When she isn’t watching the most recent drama series, she can also beobserved indulging in her favourite leisure pursuitswhich come withmaking a song her center out at karaoke, photography, twiddling with her dog, and eating dessert!

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Ji Seung Hyun Stocks His Impressions of “Descendants of the Sun” Co-Star Song Joong Ki

Ji Seung Hyun Stocks His Impressions of “Descendants of the Sun” Co-Star Song Joong Ki

Ji Seung Hyun Stocks His Impressions of Descendants of the Sun Co-Star Song Joong Kikminjungee Might 12, 2016 0 Ji Seung Hyun Shares His Impressions of Descendants of the Sun Co-Star Song Joong Ki Whilst they werent necessarily comrades one hundred% of the time in Descendants of the Sun, Ji Seung Hyun has not anythingyetjust right words for his co-star Song Joong Ki.

On May just 12, actor Ji Seung Hyun, in conjunction with Eric Nam, Rainbows Jisook, Han Hee Joon; and Ji Sang Ryul, were visitors on KBS 2TVs Satisfied Together.

During the show, Im Hyun Kyung asks Ji Seung Hyun, What is Song Joong Ki like in genuine life? The 2 actors in the past worked together during Descendants of the Sun, where Ji Seung Hyun played a North Korean soldier, Senior Lieutenant Ahn Jung Joon.

The actor replies, Song Joong Ki is truly kind, and explains how they had to prepare for a month for their opening scene, where their characters combateach and every other. While it was oncetrickyto discover fourth dimension to practice together, the actor explains how Song Joong Ki would even change his agenda around, and at all timesattempted his absolute best so they mayfinally finish up amongsta fair scene. He ends by potential of saying, I suspecthe'sa skilled actor.

Do you bear in mind their cinematic fight scene?

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First Impressions: “Entertainer”

First Impressions: “Entertainer”

First Impressions: Entertainerminjiya April 24, 2016 0 LINE it!First Impressions: Entertainer If youre trying to find a rebound drama to get away your post-Descendants of the Sun depression, most likelyyou have an interest in Entertainer, the maximum recent Wednesday-Thursday providing from SBS.

The star-studded forgedcapabilities Ji Sung, who is coming off of a Daesang award for his 2015 drama Kill Me, Heal Me; Hyeri from Women Day, bouncing appropriate back from the finish of Answer 1988; and CNBLUEs Kang Min Hyuk, whose closing drama used to be Heirs in 2013.

Most of the dramas Ive watched latelywereat the serious side, so Entertainer, which is set an entertainment director breaking from a widefirm to shape his own company, sounded adore itwould provide a more light-hearted alternate of pace. So, how did Entertainer hang up in its first two episodes? (SPOILERS AHEAD)

Production PriceThe goofy, light-hearted teasers and pre-release knowledge led me to be expecting a comedy, most certainly an underdog-type talethat could gear up U.S. up to cheer for some not likelyyet talented novices in the song industry.

literallyadramaqueen literallyadramaqueen

So I used to bestunned when “Entertainer” locate approximately very dark notes right out of the gate and dove immediately into a a lot moreadvanced plot. Thats a just right thing, though; it makes for a a ways moreappealing drama and (hopefully) more nuanced persona development.

Visually, I dont think Sick ever see anything else every bitlovely as Descendants of the Sun, so perhaps Im just ruined all the time on cinematography. (I dont in reality hateful to compare those dramas — Im obviously onlynow not over Descendants yet) I did appreciate what is so far a tastefully refined OST for Entertainer. The music are compatible the scenes perfectly and didnt have that glaringly evident CUE OST! feel that many dramas have. I'm hoping the drama continues to discovertechniques to seamlessly paintings in its music, especially because we can bein a position topossibly exist seeing more performances from Kang Min Hyuks rookie band (and maybe some competitors?). I mean, here is a drama about the music industry, after all!

Cast and CharactersAfter his award-winning functionality in “Kill Me, Heal Me,” Ji Sung has so much to are living up to in this drama. He plays the role of Seok Ho, a ruthless music manufacturer who turns out willing to do anything for his own profit. He built his reputation upon two K-pop teams — a boy team called Jackson and a womanneighborhood called Lucy Girls — but now needs to form his own agency.

irrational-obsessions-gottcha78 irrational-obsessions-gottcha78

Im still now notsomewhatcertain if I wish to root for Seok Ho or if I wish to loathe him. On one hand, there appears to be more to him than meets the eye; Im curious to look more of his backstory and how his character develops all over the drama. On the alternative hand, Seok Ho feels like a downright slimy character who is self-centered and manipulative. But if any person give notice make a character interesting and compelling, its Ji Sung — so even supposing anediscovered his character frankly unlikable, I believe Ji Sung to bring intensity to Seok Ho as the drama continues.

Hyeri also has some primeexpectancies riding on her first post-“Reply 1988” project. I haven’t watched “Reply 1988” yet — it’s at the head of my to-binge list for the summer — but I becomehaving a lookahead to seeing what Hyeri may just make on the small screen. In “Entertainer,” she plays a trustworthy noona named Geu Rin who juggles several part-time jobs to improve her more youthful brother; their folks tragically passed away, so its just the 2 of them.

Unfortunately, Geu Rin hasn’t gotten to do much except for cry numerousfairly tears so far. I hope her character gets a load more development, because I did revel in the cute sibling dynamic between Geu Rin and her young brother Ha Neul. I cant lend a hand but feel bizarre about what looks as if a drawing close romance between Geu Rin and Seok Ho, though. I bet its the age difference that bothers me

Little brother Ha Neul is played through Kang Min Hyuk. He’s a skilled high college student who wants to pursue music, but his parents at all times disapproved (for reasons which are clearly tragic — anything to do with the death of his older brother — but its all still a piece mysterious to the audience). Hes a celeb student, but a surprising (and it sounds as if false) accusation of sexual harassment tarnishes his reputation. Understandably, hes left feeling pretty hopeless, till Seok Ho comes along and gives him a shot at a making a song career.

Ha Neul could also bea sexy understated character so far, which isnt stunningfor the explanation that hes being forced to grit his teeth and endure some very heavy burdens. I hope his character truly gets to polish directly that hes ultimately getting his shot at music — even supposing I still dont quite trust Seok Ho to be a fair and truthful manager. I can say that theres also largepossible for an adorable bromance between Ha Neul and Seok Ho. I hope the drama does it justice.

StorylineThe more dramas I watch, the more I appreciate how toughit's miles to strike a balance between laying a contextual basis (i.e. backstory) and environment a brisk, attractive pace. Searching at “Entertainer” from a big-picture stance, I found the speed to be on the faster side, but not horrendously so. But on a closer level, I couldn’t assistance but wish for a more solid background. “Entertainer” jumps right into the thick of items pretty quickly. On account of this, I felt like the emotional payoff was diminished.

For example, I didn’t feel like I had sufficient background info to feel sorry for Seok Ho when his megastar male childorganization Jackson jumped send on him, because we handiestwere givena couple of very short flashes in theirglad memories in combination after the wear and tear was already done. This, mixed amongstthe truth that Seok Ho is more or less a sleazy character anyway, supposed I felt little sympathy for him when the entire thingbegan crumbling.

I also felt swiftly hurled into Ha Neul’s court scene, where he's accused of sexual harassment by a classmate. Whilstthere has been clearly something fishy going on, I knew literally not anything about Geu Rin, Ha Neul, or the accusatory classmate Ji Young, which meant that I had no emotionsto speculate in Hyeri’s tearful outburst or the plain deceit taking place.

Episode 2 improved upon this a fair quantity by giving us some extra insight into Ha Neul and Geu Rins tragic circle of relatives story. While I'm able tono doubtnoticea techniqueof disclosing the beyond moment by bit, I stand by my opinion that offering even just a little bit more of the backstory previous on would have install the target audience for a far deeper emotional reaction to one of the early scenes. That being said, I'mindeed interested to determine what else from the past is going to come to hang-out all of these characters.

Final MindOverall, Im in truth not yes if this drama inspired me enough to stay watching. Its no fault of the forged — the storyline is just too patchy and hasnt given me enough explanation why to emotionally invest myself in it. While I see wonderfulcapacity for development, Im uncertain if my interest about the characters pasts is enough for me to paste around. Am I wrong? Convince me in a other way in the comments!

Soompiers, what do you bring to mind Entertainer so far?minjiya can generally be found writing in a cafe, blasting K-pop dance tunes to motivate herself thru long runs outside, or plotting her escape from the midwest. Say hello/send her a gif on [email protected]

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B1A4 Reminisces About Their First Impressions of Every Other

B1A4 Reminisces About Their First Impressions of Every Other

B1A4 Reminisces About Their First Impressions of one another ck525 April 23, 2016 0 LINE it!B1A4 Reminisces About Their First Impressions of every Other The participants of B1A4 took the time to seem back at the group’s history and reminisce about each other’s first impressions.

On the episode of Naver V App’s “B1A4 5th anniversary 5tory” aired on April 23, the members start a “healing talk,” beginning off with making a song about each other’s first impressions. Sandeul jokes he admired Jinyoung’s excellent looks when they first met, althoughhe'snot anythingyet an old guy now. In response, Jinyoung made all and sundry laugh announcing his first influence of Sandeul used to be that, “He must be an even singer,” implying his un-attractiveness for an idol trainee.

Gongchan says he becamepetrified of CNU at first. He also takes the time to turn his gratitude to his fellow members.

Jinyoung is amazed at how Gongchan was just a senior in primecollege when they debuted and had a fullyother voice. The members make amusing of young Gongchan’s voice, and he himself, admits his voice was very high-pitched.

Meanwhile, B1A4 has been actively collaborating in individual schedules but are making plans to make a comeback this year as a group.

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First Impressions: “Goodbye Mr. Black”

First Impressions: “Goodbye Mr. Black”

First Impressions: Good-bye Mr. Blackminjiya March 21, 2016 0 LINE it!First Impressions: Goodbye Mr. Black We’re off and running with every other highly expected spring drama, “Goodbye Mr. Black”!

Before I release into my mind for the primary two episodes, I must mention that I got here into this drama with a reasonablyblank slate. I stuck up with the teasers and pre-release knowledge before watching, yet I’m totally unfamiliar with the normal manhwa (my apologies to fanatics of the comic!). I’ve been excited to look Moon Chae Won back at the small screen, however, and I undoubtedly don’t brain seeing more of Lee Jin Wook. The storyline intrigued me, too:  An intense revenge plot? Betrayal by skill of a best possible friend? Hiding out in the pretty island scenery of Thailand? Signal me up! So, how did the 1st two episodes cling up? (WARNING: MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD)

Production PriceTo be honest, the first episode didnt blow me away. It was oncesimply too over-the-top and tacky for my taste; I have beenawaitinganything more slick, more dark and twisty and on-the-edge-of-my-seat thrilling (maybe thats where all here is headed). Sure, the first episode had its percentage of action, but it just didnt feel like the drama had hit its complete swing yet. Knowing that the plot changed intotargeted upon Lee Jin Wooks character, Cha Ji Won (alias Black), being betrayed by his top friend, I used to beready for a quick and dramatic setup to lend a hand the target marketnoticethe upward push and fall in their relationship. But, one of the vital dialogue, whole alongside melodramatic orchestral tunegambling in the background, felt stiff and forced.

The excellent news is, it were given better! The 2nd one episode was no longer without its soap-opera-y moments, but it delivered a lot more of the action I had been expecting. I dont wish to give away too much of the story, but the moment episode got me even more invested in the characters and what was taking place between them. The whole lot felt find it irresistible got cranked up a notch — the nuance of the characters, the thrill of the plot — and by the time I reached the finish of episode 2, I was all in.

Cast and CharactersIf a drama is going to be slightly cheesy sometimes, I would possibly every bitneatlyrevel in Lee Jin Wook turning in the cheese.

In all seriousness, Im inspired by the style that Lee Jin Wook has already brought Cha Ji Won to lifestyles with such versatility. In one moment, hes a happy-go-lucky son of a chaebol, a fascinating guy who has it all: a wealthy and well-respected family, a gorgeous fiancée (Ma Ri, played by Yoo In Young), and the choose of all of his Military comrades. In the following moment, hes an unstoppable powerhouse, a quick-witted system who can combat off any collection of bad guys as hes being chased throughout the streets of Thailand. And during IT all he has a touchy soul, unswerving to his enjoyed ones and at all timeskeen to do the correct thing. And then along comes Kaya, played by Moon Chae Won.

mslee1107wanderingthoughts mslee1107wanderingthoughts

Kaya and Ji Won are overall opposites in a massive issue of ways. It'll existsimple for Ji Won in all of his chaebol/Navy Seal fanciness to appear down his nose at Kaya, a side road orphan who was literally discovered in a pile of trash after a tsunami. But he doesnt hesitate to believe her wholeheartedly (as observed when instancesturn into dire in episode 2), and hes quite candy to her, pouring his bottled water on her hand when she gets a cut. Its transparent that Kaya isnt used to being treated well, but unlike Ji Won and his tight-knit family, it more or less feels that Kaya has had a number of reasons in her life to be distrustful of others.

Speaking of Kaya, Im a large fan of Moon Chae Won and her personality in this drama. I like Kayas scrappy, rough-around-the-edges personality. Sure, she maynow not make a living in the maximumhealthy of ways, but in her middle she knows whats correct and whats wrong. I truly like that shes got the spunk and the smarts to assist Ji Won out — shes a treasured ally, not an evengirl begging to be swept off her feet. Basically, Kaya is a pleasing lineament for Moon Chae Wons big comeback.

And then we've got Ji Wons backstabbing most efficient friend Min Sun Jae, played by Kim Kang Woo. Sun Jae doesnt strike me as an inherently bad person, but hes gotten himself into a downward spiral of bad decisions. In deficient health admit that I found his character more eyeroll-worthy than anything else at first. How maysomeonepass overthe ones sweaty, apprehensive breakdowns? I was pissed off that he was the most manifestlyto blame traitor ever, and I assumedI mightfall ill of him soon. (Im not pronouncing the acting was poor, incidentally — Kim Kang Woo is de facto great. The nature onlyappeared over-the-top to me.)

But by episode 2, Sun Jae had grew to becomebloodless in techniquesthat willsit back you lot to the bone, in a position to lie right to the faces of those that trust him.

So even though my first impact wasnt great, episode 2 cemented Sun Jaes character as a a ways more nuanced villain, the kindthis is painful but compelling to watch. Im actually curious to see where this tale takes him — will the dark aspect have over him, or will his goodness, which we saw glimpses of in episode 1, shine through? For the literature geeks like me: how about that moment when Sun Jae went all Woman Macbeth on us?

Out, damn spot! But take your time, actually, because shirtless Kim Kang Woo.

And speaking of villains, am i able to exactly say that the evil mastermind in the back of all of those problems, Baek Eun Do (played by Jun Gook Hwan), is MAD SKETCHY? The sunglasses! That hair! Those bizarrerevealed shirts!

Yeah, I wouldnt wish to meet him in a depressing alley. *shudder*

Heebie-jeebies for daysssss.

StorylineWere only two episodes in, but I already feel like Ive been via a whirlwind. In the passionof having correct into the thick of things, I didnt intellect the fast rush by way of the initial setup of the plot. The action escalated temporarily in episode 2, briskly clipping through suspenseful encounters and chase scenes galore. The rate of this drama is addicting, even if I believe like Im left with so much of questions: What took place to the man who got shot (Kaya witnessed the shooting and sought after her fellow con artist Sung Min to help) in episode 1? Hi there with Sun Jaes loopy dad? HOW DID JI WON MAGICALLY GET HIS MUDDY PANTS CLEAN?

goodbye mr. black dust gone And I cant assistance but wonder: how can this relentless velocitymost likely continue for 18 more episodes?? I bet were in for a heck of a ride with this drama!

You can watch the first episode here:

Soompiers, what do you call to mind adieu Mr. Black so far?minjiya can normally be found writing in a cafe, blasting K-pop dance tunes to motivate herself through long runs outside, or plotting her get away from the midwest. Say hello/send her a gif on [email protected]

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First Impressions: “Descendants of the Sun”

First Impressions: “Descendants of the Sun”

First Impressions: Descendants of the Sunminjiya February 27, 2016 0 LINE it!First Impressions: Descendants of the Sun Its in any case here; the long-awaited and much-hyped drama Descendants of the Sun is off and running! Such so much of FEELINGS, SomeoneGrasp ME (preferably Song Joong Ki):

I wont lie. The largestexplanation whyI beganbeing attentive to Descendants of the Sun was once because I heard that Onew changed into in it. What am i ready to say? Im all about the rest amongst SHINee. JUST Glance AT HIS ADORABLE DUBU FACE:

But after gazingthe seriousmajor trailer and reading up at the buzz around Song Joong Kis first post-military project, I used to be intrigued. Squaddies and doctors in a fictional disaster-torn country? A melodrama about locating honey and humanity in the chaos of war? All symptoms pointed to this drama being lovely incredible, so I was fearfulto look if it'llare living up to the hype.

I think its still too early in the sport to make a definitive call in this drama, but Im playing ITup to now and I surely plan to stay watching. Heres my take on the primary two episodes (WARNING: A couple of MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD):

Production WorthThis drama certainly has the texture of a production thats pulling out all of thegiant guns. Its gorgeously made, filled with eye sweet (Song Joong Kis abs, anyone?), and turns outpreparedto head all-out with the melodrama and romance. Even the OST oozes famous person power, with Yoon Mi Raes stunning ballad, Chen and Punchs bright duet, and if my ears dont mislead me, I believe ane heard K.Will crooning in the background of Episode 1. If not anything else, the aesthetics by myself possessutterly hooked me. Did I mention Song Joong Kis abs?

Cast and CharactersIts fairlyinfrequent for me to get on board with new characters correct off the bat, but to dateall the leads in this drama have me smitten.

First, I fully love the bromance between Song Joong Ki (playing Yoo Shi Jin) and Jin Goo (playing Search engine marketing Dae Young). The balance between Yoo Shi Jins playful antics and Seo Dae Youngs stoic grittiness is natural gold, and theyre manifestly a kick-butt team on the box (or in the street, preventing runaway thieves with toy guns).

Song Joong Ki truly brings Yoo Shi Jin to life, whether hes speeding off to war, flirting with pretty doctors, or faking pain to get attention (so cheesy, I like it). I believe there are still a huge number of layers to his character, too, and itll be appealingto appearance at his development.

As for Seo Dae Young, lets be honest: Jin Goo may just only stare soulfully at the camera for an hour and Identification nonetheless watch.

I also like Song Hye Kyos character, Kang Mo Yeon. I love that shes a no-nonsense professional, now not exactly a damsel in distress. She helps to keepconsistent with Shi Jins antics with a sass of her own (well, excluding when Shi Jin displays up two hours early or when theres a water outage at her apartment).

So Im all about the Song-Song couple. In my opinion, Song Joong Ki has been carrying more of the weight so a long wayon the topic of chemistry — I mean, have you Observedthe manner he looks at her?

But theres quite much ofdoable for construction in their relationship, although theyve typically been put in combination right away.

As for Kim Ji Wons character, we havent visibleadequate of Yoon Myung Joo to get a feeling of what shes like. Theres still such a lot mystery surrounding her romance with Dae Young and her background with Mo Yeon! Yeta minimum of it doesnt seem like there can be a love triangle between the lead characters yet.

StorylineThis is where I have the maximumcombined feelings. I absolutely loved Episode 1. It had the entirety I was expecting just about this drama and more (except Onew — he didnt display up till Episode 2). There has been heart-pounding action. There were fun, foolish moments (including an entertaining cameo via Lee Kwang Soo). There were sparks flying between eithermajor couples. The pacing felt fast and sharp but not too rushed. Basically, everything was amazing, and I dont know the final fourth dimension I were given and then pulled in by a pilot episode.

So I was more or less let down by Episode 2, which felt all over the placewhere and whipped via more than 8 months time in one sitting. I didnt brain that there was no mention of Uruk, the fictitious nation that has been plugged in the teasers all along, until Episode 2. In fact, I practicallymost popular it that way, thinking there would be some build-up to whatever crisis brings our characters there. Instead, it felt like they haphazardly got plunked there, and fate in order that had it that all the leads ended up there together even although they arrived separately. The balance that were struck so neatly in Episode 1 just wasnt there in Episode 2.

Final MindAlthough I didnt like Episode 2 just aboutup to Episode 1, it indeed wasnt satisfactory to make me write off this drama. Overall, there is still loads to love, and I think the drama definitely has wonderful potential. I cant wait to see what occurs next — its certain to be moderately a ride!

Soompiers, what do you recall to mind Descendants of the Sun so far?Descendants of the Sun airs each and every Wednesday and Thursday on KBS2. Catch the newest episode on Viki!

Descendants of the Sun soompi to viki bannerminjiya can typically existdiscovered writing in a cafe, blasting K-pop dance tunes to motivate herself by way of long runs outside, or plotting her get away from the midwest. Say hello/send her a gif on [email protected]

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What were Yonghwa and Sunwoo Jungah's impressions of each and every other

What were Yonghwa and Sunwoo Jungah's impressions of each and every other

First impressions are vital every bitanyone would tell you, so it is a relief that either Yonghwa's and Sunwoo Jungah's first impressions of one another were positive!

The two artists admitted as much at the January 15 airing of 'Sketchbook.' In this episode Yonghwa said, "From December to January, the individual 1 saw the maximumused to be Sungwoo Jungah," revealing that the two had to fulfill up ceaselessly for their collaborative project.

This brought about the MC to naturally query the two what their first impressions of each and every other were. Yonghwa answered, "I ideait would existtricky to manner her yet she is actually nice."

SEE ALSO: CNBLUE's Yonghwa explains what made him would like to collaborate with Sunwoo Jungah

Sunwoo Jungah also had not anything but sure things to mention some Yonghwa, explaining, "Because he isone of thesegiant star, I presumed there could be a wall between us. But unlike what I haveobserved on variety, he is notthat fab of a talker. When I used satoori (regional dialect), it becamemore uncomplicatedto damage the ice between us."

Yonghwa temporarily agreed, adding, "Satoori is my lifeline," bringing laughter to the set. Does someone else sense more Yonghwa X Sungwoo Jungah collabos in the future?


Gary and Song Ji Hyo Discuss Their First Impressions of one another on Entertainment Weekly

Gary and Song Ji Hyo Discuss Their First Impressions of one another on Entertainment Weekly

Gary and Song Ji Hyo Speak about Their First Impressions of one another on “Entertainment Weekly”ilmare42 January 9, 2016 0 LINE it!Gary and Song Ji Hyo Discuss Their First Impressions of One another on “Entertainment Weekly” Song Ji Hyo and Gary, often referred to as the noted “Monday Couple” from SBS’s “Running Man,” take a seat down for an interview on January 9’s episode of “Entertainment Weekly.”

The display catches up with the pair whilst they’re shooting an advertisement in combination for medication. All the manner through the interview, the 2 stars are asked to compare their chemistry on Running Guyas adversarial toat the advertizement set.

Song Ji Hyo says that she feels their chemistry together more strongly throughout their ad filming, since theyre clear of the group. “The funny thing is that we’ve never met on our own out of doors of the prove before,” she says with a laugh.

When asked about their first impressions of every other, Gary says, “They say that actresses have an air of secrecyin their own. I didn’t think that was once true, but if ane saw her, I learned information technology was.”

Song Ji Hyo replies, “It turned into my first time on that roughly a program, so I didn’t understandsomebody at all.” Gary bursts out laughing, and Song Ji Hyo adds that she was simply soanxious around the show that after they first met, that she just spoke back Gary as despite the reality that she was in a daze.

“What other form testify would you counselto every other?” asks the interviewer. “Gary would be trulywonderful on a wide range show with a massive number of talking,” says Song Ji Hyo. “Maybe it’s because he’s written lyrics, yet he’s so tremendous at speaking. Ladiesactually like it.”

As she laughs, Gary says with a smile, “You’re the just one it hasn’t worked on.”

At the end, the interviewer asks them to percentage their needsfor every other for the recent year. They either laugh at the awkwardness as they cling hands and glanceevery one other in the eye. “I hope that you're going toin finding someone in 2016,” says Gary.

“I was going to mention that to you!” says Song Ji Hyo. “I hope that during 2016 you'rea hit in love, work, and business.”

You can catch more of Song Ji Hyo and Garys interview on January 9s episode of Entertainment Weekly, and also see them every Sunday on Running Man!

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Baek Search engine marketing Woo Displays Off Lovable Impressions on Oh! My Baby

Baek Search engine marketing Woo Displays Off Lovable Impressions on Oh! My Baby

Baek Search engine marketing Woo Presentations Off Lovable Impressions on “Oh! My Baby”ilmare42 January 9, 2016 0 LINE it!Baek Seo Woo Shows Off Cute Impressions on “Oh! My Baby” On the maximum recent episode of “Oh! My Baby,” actress Jung Si Ah and actor Baek Do Bin’s adorable 3 year old Baek Seo Woo shows off her own acting talents!

While Baek Do Bin is making breakfast in the kitchen, Jung Si Ah and Baek Seo Woo play in the living room. As she waves a toy wand in the air, Jung Si Ah says to Baek Seo Woo, “Abracadabra, now you’re a tiger!”

Baek Seo Woo right away roars like a tiger, ahead of her mother says “You’re a chick!” and Baek Seo Woo transforms again. She chirps like a chick, cuddling up to Jung Si Ah. Baek Seo Woo then becomes a princess, a mountain, and a baby!

“How do you do a toddler dinosaur?” asks Jung Si Ah, and Baek Seo Woo runs at the back of their sofa. She returns hunched over like a tyrannosaurus and making ferocious sounds.

Check out Baek Seo Woo’s adorable play time below!

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