FNC Entertainment Addresses Suspicions Of Inventory Manipulation

FNC Entertainment Addresses Suspicions Of Inventory Manipulation

FNC Entertainment Addresses Suspicions Of Inventory Manipulationkokoberry June 23, 2016 0 FNC Entertainment Addresses Suspicions Of Stock Manipulation FNC Entertainment is being investigated for suspicions of unfair profits fabricated from stock manipulation.

A finance investigation team from the prosecutors administrative center has seized and searched the house of famous person A and a friend, the agency, and several locations. It turns out that A used knowledge about their firm recruiting noted celebrities and purchased stocks with long term net profit in mind. This act of insider trading violates Koreas Capital Marketplace Act.

A and the friend are suspected of earning 2 hundred million won (approximately $175,000) after purchasing stocks because of their wisdom of Yoo Jae Suk being recruited to the agency final July.

FNC Entertainment denied the suspicions and stated, The stock manipulation suspicions are groundless. We might beready to actively cooperate with the prosecutors investigation.

The agency continued, The dealings in stocks last July were judged as an ordinary transaction. It is an argument unrelated to stock manipulation.

Lastly, they added, This isn'tassociated with headquarters yet rather a false impression that got here from an individualcomparable to the corporate who made a private stock deal.

FNC Entertainment is house to many celebrities adding Yoo Jae Suk, Noh Hong Chul, Jung Hyung Don, Lee Guk Joo, FTISLAND, CNBLUE, AOA, Lee Dong Gun, Jung Woo, and more.

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Idol beneath investigation for inventory manipulation showed to be CNBLUE’s Yonghwa

Idol beneath investigation for inventory manipulation showed to be CNBLUE’s Yonghwa

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPopular agency FNC Entertainment was currentlypublished to be beneath investigation for inventory manipulation via authorities, with many claiming that one in theirmost sensible artists was onceconsidering the incident.

And when media outlet Dispatch released some explicitinformation about the idol in question, lovers claimed that it becometransparent who the idol was. After a couple of days of speculations, however, everyones suspicions were showed as media retailers reported that the idol being investigated was in fact CNBLUEYonghwa.

According to Dispatch, Yonghwa is being accused of making an investmentnearlypartone billion won into FNC Entertainment after receiving insider data that one of the vitalinternational locations top MCs (later revealed to be Yoo Jae Suk) would be signing with the company. If discovered guilty, Yonghwa maywithstand ten years in felony for the crime.

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Koreans Claim All Evidence In FNC Inventory Manipulation Scandal Issues To This K-Pop Idol

Koreans Claim All Evidence In FNC Inventory Manipulation Scandal Issues To This K-Pop Idol

1kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter After it used to be reported that popular agency FNC Entertainment was being investigated for inventory manipulation, it temporarilygot here out that a noted idol changed intoinquisitive about the incident.

According to reports via Korean media, a well-liked idol crew leader invested numerouscashin keeping with insider knowledge that a famous MC (Yoo Jae Suk) was going to be joining the company. Media outlet Dispatch provided even additional infoat the case, confirming that the artist is signed below FNC and was eitherthe key vocalist and the leader of his group. In line with the article, it will also be inferred that the artist is preferred by the firm since he was in a position to get insider information, causing netizens to unmarried out CNBLUEYonghwa, who turns out to be the best real idol to slot the description. And whilst some lovers suspected that the idol may just belong to fellow FNC Entertainment band FTISLAND, it was showed that the idol was in truth both the lead vocalist and the leader of the group, ruling out any contributors of FTISLAND. 1 2 3 4 5 Source: PannShare on FacebookShare on Twitter


FNC Entertainment Stocks Falling After Investigation Starts On Their Alleged Inventory Fraud

FNC Entertainment Stocks Falling After Investigation Starts On Their Alleged Inventory Fraud

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith the upward pushin their popular teams such as FTISLAND, CNBLUE, and AOA, in addition key unfastened agent signing such as Yoo Jae SukFNC Entertainment has develop intoreasonably a powerhouse in the industry. 

In fact, after seeing their annuallysource of revenue and benefit margins, some fanatics have even advised that the corporate would be in a position to compete with the notoriousBest 3 agencies, SM EntertainmentYG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment. However, media shopsthese days reported that FNC has come below suspicion of stock fraud, causing investors to worry. Because the rumors began, the corporate has come under investigation via the authorities, causing its inventory to drop noticeably in the quick time.

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AOA’s Newest #1 on Tune Bank Reasons Uproar Among  Enthusiasts With Suspicions of Manipulation

AOA’s Newest #1 on Tune Bank Reasons Uproar Among Enthusiasts With Suspicions of Manipulation

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Womanstaff AOA took house their secondsongdisplay trophy this week for ExcellentGood fortune in the hot broadcast of Music Bank, beating out rookie girl neighborhood TWICE by capability ofa trifling 76 points.Unfortunately, the win wasnt without controversy as audience and lovers alike have swarmed the Music Bank message board with demands for an explanation.

Image: AOA vs Two times on Music Bank 05.27.2016 / KBS Image: AOA vs TWICE on Music Bank 05.27.2016 / KBS

The controversy issuesthe quantity of issues given to albums sold as it doesnt appear to correlate appropriately to features given to other artists who sold more physical albums.

For example, JessicaWith Love, J sold 37,700 copies and was once awarded 1,900 points whilst MONSTA X sold 19,570 copies in their album and were given 900 points. Curiously, AOA, who sold 20,990 album copies, were awarded 1,600 points. Taking a look at the corresponding points given to the selection of albums sold, the point gadgetappeared tohad been manipulated.

Jessica : 37,71x (23.0%) album scores 1,900 points

AOA : 20,99x (12.8%) album scores 1,600 points

MONSTA X: 19,57x (11.9%) album scores900 points

Image: Netizens flooding KBS 'Music Bank' message forumshard an explanation Image: Netizens flooding KBS Music Bank message boards irritating an explanation

Meanwhile, AOA continues to advertise their name track Sensible Luck and has to this point won two music prove trophies with their first won from SBS MTVThe Show.

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Park Bo Young Addresses Suspicions of Plastic Surgery

Park Bo Young Addresses Suspicions of Plastic Surgery

Park Bo Young Addresses Suspicions of Plastic Surgical procedure ck525 April 23, 2016 0 LINE it!Park Bo Young Addresses Suspicions of Plastic Surgery Although some would possibly claim Park Bo Young’s good looks comes from plastic surgery, the actress made it transparent that this was oncenow not the case.

On the episode of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly” aired on April 23, Park Bo Young is interviewed at the back of the scenes whilst filming for a commercial.

As she reminisces about her debut movie, “Equal,” which become entered in the 2004 AdolescenceMovie Festival, she says, “I wona huge number of suspicion of plastic surgery on account of screenshots captured from the movie.”

“I were given prettier as I have become less tacky, boughtlend a hand from professionals, and spent more time in the entertainment field,” she said.

When questions of Song Joong Ki were brought up as a result of re-release in theirfilm “A Werewolf Boy,” she said, “I don’t think it’s correct for me to get in-between him and Song Hye Kyo right now. The 2glancetrulyexcellent together.”

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How Scandals Have an effect on  Inventory  Costs of Entertainment Companies

How Scandals Have an effect on Inventory Costs of Entertainment Companies

How Scandals ImpactInventoryCosts of Entertainment Firms kafox April 19, 2016 0 LINE it!How Scandals Influence Stock Prices of Entertainment Companies Scandals and controversies in K-pop take a toll no longersimplest on artists, yet on companies as well. Often, investors will sell or purchase stocks according toexcellent or bad news about an organization or its artists. Whilst a a success comeback or debut would possiblylift the stock wortha couple of points, scandals can make corporate stocks drop sharply, causing losses of millions of greenbacksin precisely a unmarried day. Here are how problems in K-pop have affected the stock cost of probably the mostbest entertainment agencies in Korea.

Kris files lawsuit opposed to SMkris wu yi fan

When former EXO member Kris Wu sued to nullify his contract with SM Entertainment in May just 2014, the company’s stock suffered a enormousrate drop. Firstly of the month, stocks were trading at 52,300 won (approximately $46) when they started to enormously fall, in the endattaining a low of 35,000 won (approximately $31) viaoverdue June. The full loss used to beequivalent to $309 million.

After SM stocks hit their low and were starting to recover, they were beat back offback by news of Jessica leaving SM Entertainment. The company’s stock charge ended up falling from 40,750 won (approximately $36) to 37,400 won  (approximately $33). At that time, there were around 20.6 billion shares of SM, which ended in a cumulative loss of 69.1 billion won (approximately $65 million).

SM’s stocks took a month to regain their outdated levels, but they didn’t remain there for long.

After Luhan sued to wreck his contract in November 2014, the company’s stocks dropped once again, down to 27,100 won (approximately $24). In fact, to this day, SM’s stock price has still never completely recovered to where it turned intoprior to Kris’s lawsuit was filed.

Tzuyu Taiwan-China Controversytwice tzuyu 2

Tzuyu waving a Taiwanese flag on Televisionled to a stir in China, and the debate caused JYP Entertainment’s stock price to drop from 4,540 won (approximately $4) to 4,140 won (approximately $3.60) in one day, wastingnearly 10 percent of its value. Across all shares, here's a loss of 13.6 million won (approximately $11,800).

JYP Entertainment’s stock price dropped sharply after the Sewol ferry incident in April 2012. After investors heard news that Park Jin Young’s wife’s uncle was either a billionaire and the landlord of the Sewol ferry, rumors of corruption and fiscal connections started to spread. JYP denied receiving any funds, but the rumors still caused the stock to drop from 6,000 won (approximately $5.20) to 4,500 won (approximately $3.90), a 25 % decrease.

Park Bom’s Drug Controversypark bom

When rumors of 2NE1 member Park Bom smuggling medication into Korea began circulating in 2014, YG Entertainment’s stock price dropped from 44,500 won to 37,000 won (approximately $38.50 to $32.00). The stock price was stored by YG boy staff WINNER, who debuted in August and rallied the stock price back up to 52,900 won (approximately $45.80).

IU was embroiled in lots of scandals in 2015 that coincided with a drop in the stock price of her agency, LOEN Entertainment. The percentage price was 79,900 won (approximately $69) on November 3rd, but after the controversy about her songs lyrics began, it dropped to a low of 64,300  won (approximately $56) by November 12. Primarily basedat thegeneralquantity of LOEN shares, this is a loss of 394.5 billion won (approximately $342.7 million).

kafox is a K-pop addict and avid viewer and subtitler of Korean dramas on Viki.

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Ryu Jun Yeol Addresses Suspicions of His Use of the Notorious  Website “Ilbe”

Ryu Jun Yeol Addresses Suspicions of His Use of the Notorious Website “Ilbe”

Ryu Jun Yeol Addresses Suspicions of His Use of the NotoriousWeb site Ilbeorionight February 24, 2016 0 LINE it!Ryu Jun Yeol Addresses Suspicions of His Use of the Infamous Site Ilbe Emerging actor Ryu Jun Yeol has addressed rumors of him being a user of the site referred to as “Ilbe.”

For those that are unaware, “Ilbe” is an abbreviation for “Ilgan Best,” which is a networking platform this is infamous for its questionable content (mostly along the lines of trolling, political satire, and hatemongering).

A representative from Ryu Jun Yeol’s agency, CJeS Entertainment, mentioned on February 24, “It was oncetricky to cope withthe problemin the midst of the interview about his film, yetbecause the reporter asked, Ryu Jun Yeol has stated that he totally does no longer use the site. The rumor that he's an Ilbe user isn't true.”

The representative continued, “We’re thinking of taking company action opposed tothe user whobegan the malicious rumor. We’ll speak aboutthat after the interview is finished.”

The rumor that Ryu Jun Yeol is an Ilbe user started when anyone uploaded an image from Ryu Jun Yeol’s Instagram account to an internet community. The image in querychanged into of him rock climbing, accompanied by capacity of his caption, “Going to move get tofu for mom.” Netizens in this online networkwondered whether or now not Ryu Jun Yeol took the photograph to mock the past due Roh Moo Hyun, the former president who committed suicide by jumping off a cliff in the back of his home.

In particular, netizens noted the truth that Ryu Jun Yeol was hiking a rock face very identical tothe only that Roh Moo Hyun leapt from. They also questioned his use of the words dubu (tofu) and jeolbyuk (cliff face), which regularly used on Ilbe as slang for other things.

Ryu Jun Yeol also took to Instagram to mention his own piece. “I went hiking that day. The caption got here from my friend, who took a photo rock climbing and wrote, What it is like leaving work. I added the tofu in there because I from time to time make go and purchase tofu and bean sprouts for my mom.

Addressing the accusations, Ryu Jun Yeol wrote, I don’t use Ilbe. I don’t know why any one would say this type of thing, but even if that’s the truth, there are numerous worried enthusiasts who mayhad been hurt, or other folks who have praised me which arepissed off by the report. Even so, I do trust that since I'm a public figure, it’s my duty to make things right. Once again, I’m not an Ilbe user and I’ve never used the sort of language used there.”

He finished, “I would like to brand information technologyin order that my fans aren’t embarrassed to claimthey prefer me. I’m receiving an overabundance of love and support. I’ll paintingschallenging to be an actor who can pay offevery person for all their love.”

What do you bring to mind the situation?

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Kim Min Jung Addresses the Debatable  Factor of Sponsorship in the Entertainment Industry

Kim Min Jung Addresses the Debatable Factor of Sponsorship in the Entertainment Industry

Kim Min Jung Addresses the ArguableFactor of Sponsorship in the Entertainment Industrykminjungee February 14, 2016 0 LINE it!Kim Min Jung Addresses the Controversial Issue of Sponsorship in the Entertainment Industry Actress Kim Min Jung has mentioned her opinion on the controversy at the back of entertainment sponsorships.

On February 14, Kim Min Jung posted on her non-public Instagram an image of SBS’s “We Would like to Know,” at the aspect of a long caption.

The February thirteen broadcast of “We Need to Know” findsthe truth behind sponsors in the entertainment world, and resulted in a gigantic impact.

Addressing this particular episode, she writes, “I hope that today’s broadcast of this display will now not bring wreck to the various actors who silently pour their sweat and effort into each and every little step they take, even at this moment. That being said, I mightlove to thank the broadcasting team of workers for talking about thosescenarios that do take place in genuine life.”

She continues, saying, My middle hurts the maximum for the entire young women who need tosurrender their dreams of turning into actors because of such matters. Kim Min Jung then addresses the sponsors directly, stating, Wrong is wrong. With effort, and sincerity, an actors dream can also be achieved. Prevent thinking that you'll be ready topurchasethe complete thing with money, arguing that the sponsors temptations must be eliminated. She concludes, More than anything, I sincerely hope this broadcast becomes an impetus for all the onesthose that create such situations.

What are your mindin this situation?

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Juniel Addresses Her Leaving FNC Entertainment

Juniel Addresses Her Leaving FNC Entertainment

Juniel Addresses Her Leaving FNC Entertainmentkokoberry January 19, 2016 0 LINE it!Juniel Addresses Her Leaving FNC Entertainment After reports about singer Juniel leaving FNC Entertainment were released, the singer left a sequence of tweets to give an explanation for her departure from her firmthru her Twitter account.

She tweeted, There are reports now. My contract with FNC, where I've been for 10 years, expired yesterday. When I statedgood-bye to the CEO and personnelindividuals after ultimate my contract, I began getting teary and nearly cried because I remembered when I first got here to the corporate at age 15. I used to be thankful to the entireworkers members who said they were sorry, thankful, told me I did well, and said see you later equally they told me that I'ma uniquekid to them since we beganin combinationeven if 1 own many shortcomings. I am also very thankful to CEO Han Sung Ho who said he would stay supporting me till the end, to invite him any questions at anytime, and to come and visit. Whilst I used to be at FNC I learned a lot, yet I turned into so satisfied to have met many warm and excellentother folks there. Also, thank you FNC artist circle of relatives who kept supporting me. I like you ❤ Now I might bein a position toto find a new nest and paintingstougher to bring you sensibletrack and performances as always. I'm going to relay excellent news soon. Please give a spice up to FNC and Juniel a lot! Thank you.

It looks as if they parted on very amicable terms. Good good fortune to them both!

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