FTISLAND Discusses Being A Band In South Korea And Their Aspirations

FTISLAND Discusses Being A Band In South Korea And Their Aspirations

FTISLAND Discusses Being A Band In South Korea And Their Aspirationskminjungee July 19, 2016 0 FTISLAND Discusses Being A Band In South Korea And Their Aspirations Already on their 10 year since their debut, FTISLAND reflects on their music, talks about the band culture in South Korea, and finds their long run aspirations as musicians in a up to date interview on July 19.

They speak about the diminishing marketplace for band music, and how it has develop into a genre that handiest exists on account of its fans, or maniacs, relating to how the genre isn'tpopularamongthe overall public.

The participants explain, Any such inclination seems to be the most severe in our country. Internationally, bands make up the groundwork of music. Our country ceaselesslyhas a tendency to lean againstsomethingby way of diversity in music. However, FTISLAND continues to make song every bit a band regardless of knowing all this purely because they prefer to. Lee Hong Ki also comments, Someday, the technology for bands will come in South Korea.

While theyve been active in the industry for a little over nine years, FTISLAND claims that they feel like they just released their 2nd album, because their newest album, Wheres the Truth?, is their moment album this is entirely self-produced, following I WILL.

The members elaborate that they feel like the largestalternate over the years is being ready to after all sing the kind of music they would like to. They provide an explanation for how in this latest album, they zealously portrayed what they see and feel in the process the lyrics and melodies. Lee Hong Ki says, In the past, there were songs that we didnt like, to the point Identity think, Why am I making a song this?'

As for disagreements, the lead singer replies, Despite the reality that nosotros argue, we solve things on our own privately amongst ourselves, and clarifies, The entire members take part in the production procedure from the very beginning.

FTISLAND then talk about how they glancetoward the future, and would like to age along music, much like the bands they admire and admire.

During the interview, the members also discussed beginning as an indie band in Japan, and how their corresponding storiesformed them into who they are as a band today.

What do you consider their commentary?

FTIsland Vol. 6 - Where's the Truth? yesasia albumjacketFortify the artist by purchasing FTISLAND - Where's the Truth? from YesAsia Source (1)

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K-Hip-Hop Pioneers Tiger JK And Bizzy, K-Pop-Rock Band FTIsland Sign up for Lineup For Korea Times Tune Festival

K-Hip-Hop Pioneers Tiger JK And Bizzy, K-Pop-Rock Band FTIsland Sign up for Lineup For Korea Times Tune Festival

FTIsland The Korea Times Tune Festival is shaping up to have one in theirvery best lineups of Korean music in fresh memory.

K-hip-hop pioneers Tiger JK and Bizzy, pop-rock band FTIsland, and mythical Korean singer Han Young Ae are the maximum recent additions to the yearly Los Angeles music festival's 2016 roster.

On Monday, Mar. 7, Korea Times Music Festival's authentic Facebook announced the addition of the hip-hop artists and the '80s folk/rock singer whilst the announcement of Toes Island used to be made a couple of days prior on Mar. 4.

As the Korea Times Music Festival, or Hollywood Bowl as some would call it, brings all genres of Korean music to their degree annually, the announcement of the 3 artists will bringin the mainstream pop, rock and hip-hop to the display in May.

With the addition of FT Island, Tiger JK and Bizzy and Han Young Ae, Korea Times has already showed the attendance of legendary punk band No Brain, retro-pop crew The Barberettes, idol community AOA and balladeer Wheesung insidethe outdated few weeks.

The Korea Times Music Festival will take position on Saturday, Might 7, at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, CA.

Tickets are recently on sale and additional info and updates at thetournamentwill also bediscovered on theirofficial website.

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Players to find  the only  position in South Korea “Pokmon Go” works

Players to find the only position in South Korea “Pokmon Go” works

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPokémon Go has develop into one of the maximum up to date craze ago few weeks since its release, bringing avid avid gamers to explore the space around them.

One specific feature that permitsevery person to play Pokémon Go is Google Maps, which pinpoints sure monuments or structures for players to spot as Gyms or Poké Stops. It may bethe only feature that isn't widely enabled in South Korea.

As South Korea is still technically at war with North Korea, Google Maps has been limited in the rusticthroughthe govtbecause ofsafety concerns. In step with The Verge, Google Maps would possiblyunencumber map knowledgehandiest when key buildings similar toarmyamenities are deleted from its info base.

Though many Koreans are taking a lookahead and are looking ahead tothe sport to come to their country, many have already discovered a loophole and are flocking to Sokcho.

포켓몬 불가지역. 속초 울릉도는 가능 pic.twitter.com/8CwIdBOAi0

According to the map found above, the spaces highlighted are restricted regions mapped by Niantic, the developer behind Pokémon Go. At the pinnaclecorrect of South Korea is Sokcho, a townloose from the restriction. And so, Koreans have made their way to the urban just to play the addicting app game. Bus tickets to Sokcho is reportedly all sold out whilst special excursionprogramswhich come withtravel buses and reserved hotel rooms have popped up on web sites as a distinct deal.

티몬에서ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ속초 셔틀버스가ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ pic.twitter.com/WVf9uPfQHE

The mayors city has welcomed the game, pronouncinghe'llbuilding up the collection ofto be hadtelephone battery stations and free wirelesslocations in Sokcho. Additionally, it's miles reported that the city is filled with Pokemon, with one player having stuck 30 in barely 30 minutes, prompting Sokcho to be nicknamed Pallet Town.*

So if youre ever in South Korea and an avid Pokemon fan, a prevent to Sokcho is a must!

*Pallet The city is in Western Kanto and is the place of birth of Red (or Ash Ketchum in the anime series), the protagonist of the Generation I games.

Image: Sokcho City Facebook Page Image: Sokcho City Facebook Page

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What Are The maximum  smartly liked Moves, Television And Other people In South Korea For 2016 Google Knows.

What Are The maximum smartly liked Moves, Television And Other people In South Korea For 2016 Google Knows.

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterDescendants of the Sun, Yoochun, Tzuyu and more were some of themaximum searched terms of 2016 so far! 

Recently, Google Korea released the most searched terms on their web site for the primarypart of 2016 and divided them into 4 categories: General, People, Tv and Overall.

Descendants of the Sun and The Handmaiden were one of the most searched terms at the Overall category proving the recognition of the 2 projects. For People, there was oncea combination of idol grop participants and actors with their respective scandals and repute included.

TWICE’s Tzuyu and Yoochun seemed on the searches with their fresh controversy, whilst Song Joong Ki and Seolhyun were in the list for their unexpected popularity from their respective projects.

Other terms integrated in the pinnacleratings were Reply 1988, Produce 101, Display Me The cash 5 and more.

Descendants of the SunOverwatchThe HandmaidenSong Joong-KiZootopiaAnswer 1988Produce 101Inside of MenLee SedolDeadpool Social

AlphaGoNetflixFilibusterMegalianBrexitZika virus더불어민주당Birthday party of the folkTerrorism ActButtercups Gag Other folks

Song Joong-KiLee SedolHa Hyun-WooPark YoochunTwo timesChou TzuyuLee ElPark BogumSeolhyunYang Jungwon TV

Descendants of the SunRespond 1988Produce 101SignCheese in the TrapSome other Oh HaeyoungKnowing BrosSix Flying DragonsGame of ThronesProve Me The CashfiveVideos

The HandmaidenZootopiaInner MenDeadpoolThe WailingA Violent ProsecutorOur TimesCivil WarThe HimalayasKung Fu Panda 3 Image: Google Korea / Platum Image: Google Korea / Platum

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FTISLAND Sasaeng Fan Incorrect For Band’s Manager, Trolls Jealous Netizens

FTISLAND Sasaeng Fan Incorrect For Band’s Manager, Trolls Jealous Netizens

3kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Enthusiasts takeexposed a unusual news article and footage of FTISLAND taken via reporters, catching the male band getting back from their Paris go back and forthprevious this June.

Upon closer look, a tendergirlknown every bit a sasaeng fan by netizens is noticed walking side-by-side of the gang as they walk from the airport which would make any onlookers think that she used to be the bands manager as fans don't appear to bein maximum cases given such close get access to to idols especially in mid-schedule.

However, fans are sharing their complaints of how close she is getting to the idol band, causing the sasaeng to respond to her haters on Twitter, saying, I betthe folks bitching have never visible the individuals up close like that duringnine years I believe sorry for them, and I guess none of you have got nearample to them to speak to them. Dont whinge out the managers. They know our faces so they let us through. Thank you for proving my close dating with the members.

Meanwhile, FTISLAND participated in the primary KCON in France this month which changed intohung on June 2nd, functioning at the AccorHotels Arena.

Image: S PhotoFTISLAND, 'Fan Regarded as Staff' / Caption from StarDailyNews Image: S PhotoFTISLAND, Fan Concept To Be Body of workers / Caption from StarDailyNews

Source: Instiz and MegastarDay by day News

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South Korea Ranks Low Among Countries In Believe In The News

South Korea Ranks Low Among Countries In Believe In The News

South Korea Ranks Low Among Countries In Accept as true with In The scoop notclaira June 23, 2016 0 South Korea Ranks Low Among Countries In Trust In The News A up to dateworlddocument has discovered that South Korea ranks very low in terms of people’s trust in news sources.

The report was once titled “Media Issues” and published by capacity of the Korea Press Basis media studiesmiddle on June 21. The report compares the intake of news in 26 countries, adding South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Spain, and Brazil.

The researchers found that South Korea has a “particularly primepoint of online news consumption,” with a rather low score for the use ofpublished media.

Both Japan and South Korea both ranked as having the lowest degrees of pastime in demanding news (international issues, politics, economics) and best possible in cushy news (lifestyle, sports, entertainment).

The report also noted that Koreans have traditionally placed low trust in news organizations, which has lately been exacerbated by issues similar to the Sewol ferry sinking and the outbreak of MERS.

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7 Things You Must NEVER Do In South Korea

7 Things You Must NEVER Do In South Korea

39kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter As a foreigner visiting South Korea for the primary time, its very importantto understand just aboutelementary cultural dos and donts, as whats approved equally the norm back housewould most likely notgrasp in Korean society!

7 Cultural Mistakes to Keep away from in South KoreaBy potential of Koreaboo

As a foreigner visiting South Korea for the 1st time, its significant to know some normal cultural dos and donts, as whats accepted as the norm back dwelling housewould possiblynow notpreserve in Korean society!

Not Paying for the 2nd oneCircularBy Koreaboo

When going out for dinner or beverages in Korea, theres normally one particular person who provides to pay all of the bill. However, when around two comes along, ensure youre ableto move back the favour!

Talking Loudly On Public TransportationBy Koreaboo

Being loud on subways or buses is typicallyimpolite and Korean locals will in fact call you out on it. If you want to have to steer transparent of a potentially embarrassing confrontation, bear in mind of your surroundings!

Starting Or Completing Your Meal Prior to an ElderBy Koreaboo

Even if youre incredibly hungry, withstand the urge to dig into your meal before the elders at the table do. The similaris going for excusing yourself from table before your elders end up their meals.

Giving Or Receiving With One HandBy Koreaboo

Whether youre giving a gift, receiving a present from any person else, or shaking an people hand, its commonplace to do so with either one of your hands to turnthe maximum respect. 

Refusing a Drink with an ElderBy Koreaboo

Even if youre now notlarge on drinking alcohol, if an elder provides you with a shot of soju, then take it, even if you will needupdate the soju with water! The theoryisn't to refuse the gesture.

Exposing Shoulders or BacksBy Koreaboo

Ladies beware! Exposed shoulders or backs are still regarded asquite indecent in South Korea. At the flip-side, display as much leg as you want, as the shortest of shorts and skirts are a way norm.

Sticking Your Chopsticks to your RiceBy Koreaboo

Never do that when youre dining a meal as upright chopsticks resemble the incense burnt at funerals or ancestor worships. Bringing up ideas of death all the style through a meal? Now thats a certain no-no.

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This Adorable App Is Blowing Up In South Korea With K-Pop Idols Joining The Fun

This Adorable App Is Blowing Up In South Korea With K-Pop Idols Joining The Fun

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAn adorable telephone app has been taking on Korea lately, or evenone of the crucialbest male idols had beenplaying it. 

The app, which is named Snow permits users to observeadorable filters to their faces, similar to popular American app Snapchat. However Snow has been praised for having more variety of adorable animated filters than its western counterpart. Enthusiasts have been very much enjoying seeing their favourite male idols use the app, appearing a cute facet of themselves that they dont in maximum cases show.

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South Korea Starts  Building  Giant K-pop Cultural Park In Seoul

South Korea Starts Building Giant K-pop Cultural Park In Seoul

South Korea Begins Constructing Massive K-pop Cultural Park In Seoul(Photo : Yonhap News) Taking a lookto spice up tourism and spread Korean culture additionalaround the globe, Korea has begun constructing a gigantic subject park to show offthe complete lot Korean, from entertainment to cuisine, all housed in one huge complex named "K-Culture Valley."

On Might 20, South Korean President Park Geun-Hye attended the groundbreaking rite for the task in Ilsan, where the park can be built.

"The culture content industry is prime industry in this ingenious economy age where mind's eye and conceptgrow to be a product, and is an alchemy of the 21st century that creates new value-added," President Park acknowledged at the ceremony in line with Donga.

The park is scheduled to be finishedsomeday in 2017 and is expected to draw over five million traffic annually, most commonly from other countries.

"The belt is a platform that might foster either culture and an inventive economy." President Park added.

In addition to selling Korean culture, the town volition also pressureexpansion of the economy and spur process creation.

Plans for the complex come with a buying groceries mall, classic Korean-style hotel, 2,000 seat concert hall, and more.

The project is estimated to price CJ, the builders, 1.2 billion greenbacksand should have 6 other zones every showcasing a variousa phase of the 5,000-year history of Korea.

However, govt estimates expose that the pricetag of the theme park will be briefly recouped; the house is expected to offer 56,000 jobs and bring in over $7.3 billion.

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Restaurants in South Korea banning youngsters from their restaurants following local court verdict

Restaurants in South Korea banning youngsters from their restaurants following local court verdict

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSome restaurants in South Korea have begun to prohibityoungsters from being served in their established order latera native court currently gave a debatable verdict.

Recently, a local court had a cafe pay 10 million and 47 million won to two families respectively after their kid were injured right through a visit. In keeping with Korea Times, one babybumped into a server preserving hot water whilstsome other burnt themselves at the charcoal fire.

Due to this verdict, there's aemerging ban opposed totots in restaurants as institutions arent having a look to be held accountablemusta kid exist harmed for whateber reason. Besides to fire and possibleunhealthy kitchen apparatus laying around at a restaurant, eating placehouseholders are announcing that the reckless movementsbrought aboutby way of children also disturb other customers dining experience.

Other portions of the world, adding Texas and Pennsylvania (U.S.), have restaurants where children are barred while in Berlin, there are cafés with children-free zones. This could also be even noticed in airlines such as Malaysia Air banning children on their flights. In the U.S., there also are increasing news reports about folks being kicked off airplanes due to their young children crying.

A debate over banning children from dining establishments have risen with many arguing this is a violation in theirequivalent rights.

One mom expresses that restaurant owners and parents should alwayshave the option to co-exist and to findnot unusualflooring amongstobligation falling to either parties. While parents need to be more aware of their children while out in public, restaurant workershave to be more careful.

The National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRC) has commented that banning children is unlawful from restaurants and against rights of equality. However, if a restaurant itemstransparent reasons as to why they are upholding a ban, then the sanctions would no longer be forced upon them. In 2010, equivalent to a case happened when a restaurant banned children from its institutionyet gave clean reasons of why it was once doing so, and thus they were now not breaking the law.

What do you recall to mind the ban?

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