f(x) Member Speaks Up About Rumors of Disbandment

f(x) Member Speaks Up About Rumors of Disbandment

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAn f(x) member has individually addressed the hot rumors of disbandment surrounding the lady group, which arose because of their nearing contract expiration with SM Entertainment.

On June 15th, member Luna writes, Sweet dream ⭐️ MeYou, dont worry. We candisplay you lotan easierfacetand higher song. As you've got believed in us for the final seven years, wont you please continue to accept as true with in us? I like you


Former KARA Member Heo Youngji Speaks Out To Fanatics After Workforce Disbandment

Former KARA Member Heo Youngji Speaks Out To Fanatics After Workforce Disbandment

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterDSP Media artist Heo Youngji posts photo by the use of Instagram for the primary fourth dimension since the announcement of group KARAs disbandment.

Reports showed that group KARA will disband after nine years since its inception. Although many enthusiasts were dissatisfied and sad, some fans were relieved that they in any case announced their ultimate decision.

All 3 members, Goo Hara, Han Seungyeon and Park Gyuri, did now notrenounce with DSP media after their contract expired. Because of this reason, many fans showed sympathy as they cheered on member Heo Youngji who currently joined KARA thrua difficult audition program after departure of former members Kang Jiyoung and Nicole most effective last year.

DSP Media promised after confirming KARAs disbandment that Heo Youngji will remain as one in their artists and might besporting on by way oflong run projects and activities without a problem.

Youngji, on January 21st, posted a photo of herself on Instagram, stating:

I leave out you. Thank you. At all times smile 3 (It is because I haven't any lip gloss on). Fans who are loopy for me. Endorphin Youngji on her way. It's miles freezing outside. Dont catch a cold. Waiting for to shoot program Einstein. Somewhere in Hongdae.

A photo posted via @young_g_hur on Jan 20, 2016 at 11:45pm PST

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented at theusual article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the maximumneatly liked comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

815 / -20 I feel bad for her and I believe even worse for that woman Sojin If they were going to disband this quickly, why pass all that bother with audition program and stuff..

543 / -16 It sounds like they used up their long careers in a quick span..

381 / -22 I hope it works larger for you from now on ^^

246 / -33 Youngji, we coulddo that together.

245 / -18 Why leave malicious comments to this young girl hahahaha wow..

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2NE1 Member Update: Disbandment Rumors, Alexander Wang Launch Party & A Possible Rift In The Group

2NE1 Member Update: Disbandment Rumors, Alexander Wang Launch Party & A Possible Rift In The Group

(Photo : Facebook) 2NE1 Rumors Came Up Regarding 2NE1 Possibly Disbanding

Since CL is making her debut in the United States, netizens initiated a rumor regarding 2NE1 possibly disbanding.

However, on October 17th, YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk denied the rumors. "2NE1"s disbandment is a ridiculous story," he told media outlet TenAsia.

Nevertheless, fans still seem wary that the group might be on the verge of some major changes, especially with CL"s upcoming US debut, the group"s decision to refrain from appearances at the year-end awards shows, Park Bom"s continued retraction from the public eye, and Minzy"s recent changes to her social media accounts.

2NE1 Were In Shanghai, China For Alexander Wang HM Launch Party

On November 4th, 2NE1 were the guest performers for American designer Alexander Wang"s party at his HM event in Shanghai, China.

During that night, 2NE1 performed some of their hit singles such as "Come Back Home," "I Am The Best," and "Gotta Be You."

This was one of the rare events the group is scheduled to appear at durin the year-end season.

Are CL and Dara Angry With Each Other?

With the recent rumors that 2NE1 might possibly be disbanding, rumors were published by Korean media this week there may be a rift in the group between Dara and CL.

The group performed during the Alexander Wang X HM launch party, and a video of the performance has many raising their eyebrows. Viewers noticed that something seemed off about the interactions (or lack of) between Dara and group leader CL due to how far apart they were from each other.


Kim Pass Eun Speaks Up About Dating Rumors With Kim Dong Wook

Kim Pass Eun Speaks Up About Dating Rumors With Kim Dong Wook

Kim Move Eun Speaks Up About Dating Rumors With Kim Dong Wookleonid Might 10, 2016 0 Kim Go Eun Speaks Up About Dating Rumors With Kim Dong Wook Actress Kim Go Eun reacts to her dating rumor with colleague Kim Dong Wook in an interview.

The actress, who is making ready for the liberate of her upcoming movie “Canola,” sat down with Usher in POP for an interview in which she describes her dating rumors with Kim Dong Wook as “shocking.”

She recounts, “I went on a excursion with my same old skin scuba diving club. We were on a boat on the point of go when Kim Dong Wook sunbae won a call. He went ‘What? An article?’ I presumedanything bad took place to him, yet information technologybecame out it used to be a dating scandal.”

An article reported that the 2 were spotted protecting hands. Kim Go Eun remarks, “We steer transparent of even touching every other’s fingertips.”

The actress explains further, “Our club has many contributors with other schedules, so when we go on tours we go with whoever our schedules fit with. It changed into my first tour, and a scandal got here out of it. I used to be so surprised I dropped my telephone in the sea and was not able to be contacted.”

Kim Go Eun and Kim Dong Wook have known one another for a long time, being alumni of Korea National University of Arts and used to be belowthe similar agency. Dating rumors spread when the two were spotted together in a photo from their freshshuttle to Cebu, Philippines with fellow scuba diving enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, Kim Go Euns film “Canola,” which also stars Yoon Yeo Jung and SHINee’s Minho, comes out on May just 19. This may also be acircle of relatives drama about Hye Ji, a woman who comes house to her doting grandmother Gye Chun after 12 years.

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f(x)s Luna Speaks Out On Liposuction Rumors

f(x)s Luna Speaks Out On Liposuction Rumors

f(x)’s Luna Speaks Out On Liposuction Rumorsnotclaira April 26, 2016 0 LINE it!f(x)’s Luna Speaks Out On Liposuction Rumors f(x)’s Luna, who has currentlygrow to be a new MC at the OnStyle display “Get It Beauty,” spoke out about her fresh weight loss and the rumors surrounding it.

On the April 27 episode, the MCs looked at beauty guidelinesand strategieswhich are currently viral on social media. When they stumble upon a rumor that says, “A best idol team member named ‘L’ lost weight thru ‘that method,’” Luna says the rumor is ready her.

“Last year I lost about 8 kg and many of usidea that I were given liposuction or weight loss surgery,” she said. “But none of this is true. I could beready toexpose all my vitamintricksvia this show.”

Her wayscome withworkout routines amongst a baseball and detox juice recipes. Honey Lee also seemed on the prove and mentionedall of the viral tips that she’d tried, adding the “gutter pack” to attenuate face swelling, acupuncture, and “soju glass” massages.

“Get It Beauty” airs each and every Wednesday at nine p.m. KST.

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f(x) Member Victoria’s Studio Addresses Rumors of Her Dating Her Manager

f(x) Member Victoria’s Studio Addresses Rumors of Her Dating Her Manager

f(x) Member Victorias Studio Addresses Rumors of Her Dating Her Managerkminjungee April 19, 2016 0 LINE it!f(x) Member Victorias Studio Addresses Rumors of Her Dating Her Manager f(x)s Victoria is swept up in dating rumors once again, this time with her own manager.

Previously, Victoria was rumored to be dating Chinese actor Yang Yang, and the creating rumors relating to her manager were causing issue for the idol.

On April 19, Victorias private studio posted an remark on their authentic Weibo, denying the baseless and malicious rumors, cautionthey are going to suspend all destructive online activity. It says:

We will make a statement, below, in regards to the Sina Weibo user who spread rumors about Victoria, and harm her honor and dignity as a human being.

Recently, a rumor concerning Victoria and her managers courtingused to be brought up through a profit-seeking Weibo account, and temporarilyhave become widespread. As a result of this, the public misunderstood and criticized Victoria, posting malicious comments. As a result, Victorias symbol has been tarnished, and her own award and dignity have been damaged. Her lifestyles has change into abnormal, or even her paintings life has been negatively affected.

This studio will disclose the truth, and is freeing this statement to be offeringcoverage to Victorias image, personal honor and dignity.

First, the rumor said above has no evidence to make stronger it. It's far false, and is a subjective and malicious rumor. Victorias honor and dignity as an individual has been hugely brokenthanks to it. We ask that you forestallthosemovements that violate the rights of others in additionbe expecting the similar post to be deleted and now not exist an influence.

Second, this studio hopes the media as neatly equallymost people volitionutterlyadmirethe fact and law, and maychorus from spreading rumors as truth, in any form.

Words that cling no realitymay be stopped by those that are wise. This studio, in Victorias stead, thank you the public for their hobby and love. Victoria promises to at all times be sincere, as well as have a degree of professionalism, and pay offeach person amongst a just right production.

What are your mindin this situation?

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IOI Member Kept away from  Through Netizens For “Lack Of Talent” And Rumors Of Bullying

IOI Member Kept away from Through Netizens For “Lack Of Talent” And Rumors Of Bullying

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens and fanatics discriminate a member of team IOI for her loss ofability and fresh iljin rumors

Earlier, we reported that member Kim Sohye of upcoming community IOI used to be accused of having an alleged iljin or bully past.  Even earlier thanthose rumors, many audience and fans of Produce 101 may justno longer hide their evaluationsin regards to the lack of skillability member Kim Sohye has. Some showed disgust to the reality that she changed intoa phase of the group.

Originally posted on Pann, netizens and fans discriminated member Kim Sohye for lack of talent and allegedly having a iljin past.

Titled Photo Controversy Relating to IOI, here's the direct translation of the post and comments below.

On Twitter, there are footage like that with Kim Sohyes blurred face~~~ All around.

Translation: Everyone is so beautiful 3 #IOI

Translation: -RETWEETED Everyone is so pretty~ 3 #IOI

Translation: It is simplestappropriate to cast off the nuisance.

Translation: Everyones hearts are so cute.

Koreaboo has accumulated reactions from Netizens who commented at thelong-established article from our Korean source. The under comments are the preferred comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

289 / -52 Im still curious to why Kim Sohye has many fans

237 / -92 I in point of fact dont like Sohye yetthis is too mean to blur her face out

172 / -39 To be honest, I didnt have any bad emotions toward Sohye at the start but she disgusts me now. This is the reaction from male scholars after she were given selected.

Ah.. Kim Sohye please wander away (I hate seeing you cry always hahahahahaha)

I truly dont wish to see Kim Sohye (Seriously disgusts me)  

Isnt Kmi Sohye a very bad have compatibility here

Kim Sohye got selected I have not anything to say

Ah Kim Sohye. Seriously large fail

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SM Entertainment Shoots Down Rumors That Girls' Generation Member Tiffany And Rapper Grey Are Dating

SM Entertainment Shoots Down Rumors That Girls' Generation Member Tiffany And Rapper Grey Are Dating

SM Denies Rumors Of Tiffany And Rapper Gray Dating(Photo : SM Entertainment and AOMG)Early on Jan. 29, Korean media assets reported that Girls' Generation member Tiffany were dating rapper Gray for the beyond3 months.

According to the report, the 2 first met because of their involvement in the song industry. Tiffany regularly traveled to the AOMG firm headquarters to paintings on her solo album, where she ended up assembly grey and entering a dating with him, the object said.

Referring to the alleged couple, one insider stated, "I regularly saw them speaking about music. They gave the glance ofa typical couple in their 20s and I used to beslightlyresentful of them."

However, later on Jan. 29, an worker at SM Entertainment softly denied the allegations throughfreeing a observation clarifying the relationship between the two artists. "They are just close friends. Since Tiffany is from America, she is more laid-back and touchy-feely."

Although SM Entertainment mentionedthey aren't dating, the corporaterecognized that the two have a close relationship.

Gray is a rapper who is signed below AOMG, Jay Park's checklist label.

If the rumors are true, then Tiffany will be the2nd member of Girls' Generation to these days exist in a relationship.

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DSP Media responds to rumors of KARA's disbandment

DSP Media responds to rumors of KARA's disbandment

As reports of KARA's disbandment rumor began circulating with 3 members' contracts close to the expiration dates, firm DSP Media addressed the placement on January 6.

The agency said to Usher in POP, "The participants takenow notacknowledgedthe restat once about relocating agencies. Whilstit's far true that the 3 members werein contact alongside other agencies, we don't nevertheless know what their precise intentions are."

SEE ALSO: Gyuri, Hara, & Seungyeon's contract with DSP Media to finish soon

Previously, the agency had also denied rumors that they were launching ultimate member Youngji's solo career. Adding onto discuss her education to be a solo, the rep stated, "It is simply that she is proceeding on with the day-to-daypracticing she had at all times received. The existing members' stances haven't been put into order yet. We have got never made plans for Youngji's solo preparations."


SM Responds to Rumors of Debuting a 24-Member Boy Team Next Year

SM Responds to Rumors of Debuting a 24-Member Boy Team Next Year

SM Responds to Rumors of Debuting a 24-Member Boy Workforce Next Yearcrystalcove December 16, 2015 0 LINE it!SM Responds to Rumors of Debuting a 24-Member Boy Organization Next Year SM Entertainment has showedthat they are going to exist debuting a new multinational group next year, perhaps a boy group. Other main points havent been released, yet theres a rumor floating round the K-pop industry that SM Entertainment could be debuting a set amongst a whopping 24 members.

Exactly how the firm volitioncircular up 24 members is now nota phase of the rumors, but with SM managing SMRookies, which already has 10 males, the speculation is that it wont be not easy to get to 24. Many are extrapolating from the reality that SMs Super Junior once had thirteencontributors and K-pop groups, like Seventeen (13 members) and Cosmic Girls (12 members) are appearing a voguefor extraordinarilyhuge groups. SM would just be one-upping everyone.smrookies

However, when asked about the 24 member group debuting, a SM rep stated, It isn't true. The rep continued, I believe weve attempted all that we will be in a position to with forming giantteams already. In other words, there is not anypassion anymore in the collection of members. Whilstit's far true that the SMRookies are very active in at the existing time and age with their show and that there'll be a group debuting next year, how many members and who, and what genre haven't been made up our minds yet. The rep concluded, Unconfirmed rumors about the upcoming team members may also be hurtful to the members of SMRookies who are running hard so as to debut.

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