Gangnam Has Maximum Part-Timers in Seoul

Gangnam Has Maximum Part-Timers in Seoul

Most part-timers in Seoul paintings in the swanky Gangnam district, in keeping with a survey, yet part-timers are most highly paid in Gangseo district.The Seoul Metropolitan Govt amongstthe assistance of the Korea Labour and Society Institute analyzed 390,381 part-time vacancies posted on Alba Cheonguk, a temp process portal, in the 2d one quarter.They discovered that the moderate hourly salaryused to be W6,718 in Seoul, W688 upper than this year's criminal minimum wage and W192 better than the national average (US$1=W1,137).The hourly wage turned into the easiest in Gangseo at W6,954. Next got here Mapo (W6,933) and Gangnam (W6,923). The lowest was in Jungnang at W6,519.

An overwhelming 87.9 % of part-time job advertisementscenteredthe oneselderly 20 to 24, chiefly schoolscholars or those taking a year out.Some 27 percent were for jobs in convenience retail outlets and restaurants, but convenience stores paid an paltry W6,232 an hour, W486 less than the city's average.Clothes fitting items were the most productive paid at W15,289 per hour. Next came bartenders (W15,043) and tournament assistants (W11,557).Of the most widely to be had jobs, start men were paid the most at W7,374, followed by ability of flyer vendors (W7,145) and eating place servers or kitchen assistants (W6,921).Most part-timers worked in the 3 upscale districts of Gangnam, Seocho, and Songpa. Gangnam accounted for 15.6 percent or 49,569 of all part-time job postings, Seocho for 8.3 percent and Songpa for 7 percent.

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PDs Select  The maximum productive Dramas Of The primary  Part Of 2016

PDs Select The maximum productive Dramas Of The primary Part Of 2016

PDs SelectThe maximum productive Dramas Of The primaryPart Of 2016notclaira July 2, 2016 0 PDs Pick The fitting Dramas Of The First Half Of 2016 Lately 10 manufacturersgot herein combinationto make a choice the easiest dramas that aired in the first half of 2016. The PDs come from either cable (tvN) and public broadcasters and are third-party producers, which means that none of them were serious about the dramas that were chosen.

“Descendants of the Sun”Descendants-of-the-Sun_1560x872“Descendants of the Sun” used to be 100% pre-produced, broadcast on KBS, and sparked a Hallyu wave that cemented the big nameprestige of several of its lead actors. The drama changed into Song Joong Ki’s first task following his army enlistment and fittingly told the tale of a soldier and an navyphysician who fall in love.

The tvN drama was also 100% pre-produced and drew in prime viewership ratings and seriouscompliment for its original storyline. “Signal” tells the taleof 2 law enforcement groups who paintings together to solve bloodlesssituationsthe use of a mysterious radio that may transmit signals from the beyond and the future.

Both “Signal” and “Descendants of the Sun” tied for first position alongside 4/10 votes.

Both SBS’s “Remember” and tvN’s “Oh Hae Young Again” won 1/10 votes and tied for No. 2 at the list. “Oh Hae Young Again” is some other tvN drama that took the countrythroughwonder with its exclusive romantic storyline and has been breaking records in viewership ratings with each episode.

The SBS drama was one of Yoo Seung Ho’s many projects released in the couple years following his defense force enlistment and arguably the most popular. Yoo Seung Ho played a legal professional with an intensely high-fidelity reminiscence who seeks justice for his father.

What was your favourite drama of 2016 so far?

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PDs Select  The maximum productive Actors Of The primary  Part Of 2016

PDs Select The maximum productive Actors Of The primary Part Of 2016

PDs Pick outThe maximum efficient Actors Of The primaryPart Of 2016notclaira July 2, 2016 0 PDs Pick The suitable Actors Of The First Half Of 2016 After TVReport compiled 10 third-party manufacturersto select the highest dramas of the first half of 2016, the PDs also voted on who gave the only acting performances so far.

Jo Jin Woong played a detective in tvN’s “Signal” and rose to No. 1 in this list after 3 out of ten producers voted for his performance.

Song Joong Ki from “Descendants of the Sun” and Namgoong Min from “Remember” tied for 2dposition amongst two votes each. Song Joong Ki played an upright soldier who falls in love with an navyphysician and temporarily rose to the prestige of Hallyu star.

In SBSs Remember, Namgoong Min plays the wealthyand robust villain to Yoo Seung Hos attorney character. His ideal portrayal of an evil crook won him serious praise, despite the truth that he rapidlygrew to become his symbol around with a lighter role on Expensive Fair Girl Kong Shim.

Lee Sung Min, Kim Hye Soo, and Jin Goo everywon one vote each, tying them at 3rd place. Lee Sung Min is the sole actor who gave the impression in a drama that used to benow not voted probably the mosttop of the year so far. The 47-year-old actor participated in the tvN drama “Memory” that aired from March to May.

Kim Hye Soo also played one of the detectives in “Signal” contrary Jo Jin Woong and Lee Je Hoon. She is a veteran actor who has been active in the industry since 1986.

Jin Goo became one of the actors that shot to stardom at the wings of “Descendants of the Sun.” He played a soldier with a robust bromance with Song Joong Ki’s personality and an intense love tale with Kim Ji Won’s character that rivaled the recognition of the Song-Song love line.

Whose functionality in 2016 up to now did you prefer the best?

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The Maximum Viewed MV For The primary  Part Of 2016! Most sensible 20 MVs!

The Maximum Viewed MV For The primary Part Of 2016! Most sensible 20 MVs!

The Maximum Viewed MV For The primaryPart Of 2016! Best xx MVs! Jun 09, 2016 12:14

1. Two times - Cheer Up 43 million 24/4

2. BTS - Fireplace 28 million 1/5

3. Gfriend - Rough 24.5 million 24/1

4. 4minute - Hate 23.6 million 31/1

5. Taeyeon - Rain 21.3 million 2/2

6. Got7 - Fly 20.7 million 20/3

7. Suzy and Baekyhun - Dream - 18.5 million 6/1

8. Zico - You're me, I'm you - 16.8 million 24/1

9. Jessica - Fly - 13.7 million 16/5

10. BTS - Save Me 13.7 million 15/5

11. Mamamoo - You are theHighest - 13.6 million 25/2

12. Jimin - Call You Bae - 12.5 million 2/3

13. NCT - 7th Sense - 12 million 8/4

14. Block B - Toy 11.5 million 10/4

15. Lee Hi - Breath 11.35 million 8/3

16. BTS - EPILOGUE : Young All the time 11.31 million 19/417. WINNER - SENTIMENTAL10.56 million 31/118. Tiffany - I Just Wanna Dance 10.44 million 10/519. Overwhelm - Do notDisregard 9.94 million 21/120.I.O.I - Dream Women 9.68 million 3/5

2,628 -233 Twice is astounding 2,044 -227 Twice ruledthe 1st1/2 of the year, they are amazing1,416 -208 Twice is going to get so big, hwaiting403 -37 The MV of Twice used to be released at the finish of Apirl, yetit isNumber one 405 -40 Frankly speaking, Twice is the largest hit for the first half of the year382 -38 Shashasha~ Twice shashasha~

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Seoul has the maximum epic annual water combat you may be in a position to imagine

Seoul has the maximum epic annual water combat you may be in a position to imagine

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter The maximum efficient way to triumph over the summer warmth is to begin a water gun fight, in conjunction withheaps of strangers. 

Seouls annual water gun combat festival is composed of a chain of activities equivalent to a Parade, a DJ Dance Party, Water Slides, a Concert, and the real Water Gun Fight. There isn't anyfront fee, alternatively there are applications that variety between 21,000 won to 60,000 won ($20-$60). The pachages include sports towels, a couple of goggles, water-proof bag, a price tagto take benefit of the water slide, a garage locker, drinks, the use of a converting room, plus surprise gifts. In addition to the ticket, each and every attendee will have to either bring their own water gun or acquire one at the festival for 6,000 to 15,000 won (6 15$).

Other occasions they happen at the Water Gun Festival, is Water Gun Wedding, public performances. Testthe particular festival captured on a GoPro below!

Next years 4th Sinchon Water Gun Festival is planned to be hung on July 9, 2016 to July 10, 2016.

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Mayor of Seoul for my part responds to fan relating to Junsu's absence from 'Seoul Track Awards'

Mayor of Seoul for my part responds to fan relating to Junsu's absence from 'Seoul Track Awards'

Needless to say, lovers were devastated when they found out that Junsu never were givena call for participationto wait the 25th annual 'Seoul Track Awards.'

Junsu's fans have done the complete lot in their energy to get to the ground of why Junsu's presence did not grace the awards ceremony. Park Won Soon, the mayor of Seoul, was once among some of the parties that the fans reached out to relating to this issue.

SEE ALSO: 'Seoul Music Awards' responds to outrage at Junsu's absence Junsu leaves indistinct post on Instagram

One userimmediately addressed Park Won Soon on social media, writing the mayor, "After a general 47 days of subscription-based voting, we request an legit apology and a valid cause ofno longer sending an invite to the recognition award nominee according to unfair grounds."

Park reportedly responded, "We are latelytaking a look into it. I vividly be mindful seeing Junsu at the 'December' musical." He later tweeted, "I'm also partial to Junsu."

With such so much ofother people rallying to Junsu's help, we might bein a position tohandiest hope that the topic will be resolved soon.

— 박원순 (@wonsoonpark) January 14, 2016

나도 준수씨 팬입니다"@rumiggy: @wonsoonpark @xiahaerang @SMA25th @seoul_eds @sportsseoul1 이제부턴 나도 시장님 같이 응원합니다.jyj勝"

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Adventures With Jenny: touchdown in Korea and Getting Lost in Gangnam (Part I)

Adventures With Jenny: touchdown in Korea and Getting Lost in Gangnam (Part I)

Adventures With Jenny: Landing in Korea and Getting Lost in Gangnam (Part I) (Writer’s Note: Adventures With Jenny is my shameless try at cataloging my first shuttle to Korea with #KoreaJoa2015! For the following 10 days, apply me as I indulge in Korea’s iconic food — reside octopus, anyone? — and landmarks, made entire with retellings of quick encounters with celebrity.)

I travel a decent amount. In fact, I like practically the total lot about traveling: all of the international in one suitcase, the refreshing breeze of a new city, the resident’s colorful accents and languages. yet no longer going to lie, if there’s something I fully abhor about traveling, it’s the aircraft ride. I wouldn’t say I’m a terrified flyer, but I’m indisputably a anxious one. One slight dip in a bout of turbulence has my back flat opposed to the seat, clinching the plane’s armrests with white knuckles and a faded face, whilst my seatmate supplies me a glance of annoyance for hogging her armrest. (Washington D.C. to South Korea is a whopping 14-hour flight. That’s like, 840 mins of fretting about being in a steel tube in this is flying throughout the air.)

Me when I be informed that I need to fly.

The ultimate hour of the flight is my favorite. This is when I breathe a sigh of relief and convince myself that I almost certainly won’t die in this vacation (or statistically, any trip, but still). It’s also top time to crank the window sunglasses up, just in time for the landing, without everybody around you recoiling from the pointy sunlight.

Touching down in Incheon, the sun off the horizon… Korea is de facto breathtaking.

A video posted by way of Soompi (@soompikpop) on Sep 29, 2015 at 3:42am PDT

You know you’re in Korea whilst you get greeted by a 2010 poster of Girls Generation at luggage claim, and then continue to peer Kim Soo Hyun’s face on every endorsement product ever, even the airport bus you’re taking. Being from a rustic where K-entertainment isn’t prominent in day to day life, I utterly stopped to stare at each and every K-pop star that made appearances at the walls, the columns, the televisions, and even, watch for it, the food. (Getting a coffee at the airport coffee shop and seeing Kim Soo Hyun on the coffee sleeve? Score!)

Kim Soo Hyun be like: “Buy my products, guuuurl.”

Somewhere all over the procedure of my 14-hour flight, the care for on my best wheeling suitcase broke. I didn’t understand till i used to be stepping off the bus in Gangnam that night, one duffle bag and one handbag in tow, achieving down to wheel my suitcase. It used to be like someone had spotted the tackle had broken, and then attempted to smartly re-arrange it in position as not to draw it any attention. Of course, the manage got here midway off in my hand once I gave it a yank.

I had no choice. I HAD NO CHOICE. I hauled my damaged suitcase around the street, where I had spotted a taxi waiting. Frantically, I tell the taxi ahjussi in broken Korean and exaggerated hand gestures to take me to my hotel, somewhere round the area. He took one glance at the cope with ahead of shooing me off the cab – it appears the hotel became tucked on the interior corners of an aspect boulevard that was tough for automobiles to pass. I come to a decision (okay, was forced) to walk. It was almost 9PM at night, the skies already darkened, with the streets lighted only by the dim glows of the streetlamps, the blinkers of the cars, and the unending video billboards. Thus started my adventure as I began to tug my suitcase down the streets of Gangnam, keeping off the stares of the ones passersby.

So while I’m half-hauling, half-dragging my suitcase via Gangnam, I will have to potentially mention that I absolutely no concept where I was going. In my defense, it was hard to balance having a look at a GPS and wanting NOT to be like Geum Jan Di in “Boys Over Flowers” when her baggage gets stolen in Macau.

And it took me a complete hour to get to my hotel TWO BLOCKS away. Welp, such a lot for arriving in Gangnam in Style.

Next up: i take a appearance at to to find a hair salon in Korea, navigate the maximum productive SUBWAY EVER, and move on a experience to BIFF in Busan! Have you been to Korea? Let me know in the comments below!




Seoul City seeks maximum lovely buildings

Seoul City seeks maximum lovely buildings

The Seoul metropolitan govt is conserving a competition to discover stunning constructions in Seoul from Wednesday to September 10. thru a public contest of 640,000 constructions in the town adding classic Korean space hanok and fashionable architectures, the town plans to unmarried out one hundred maximum lovely buildings. (Photo above: Conrad Hotel, Seoul)

Beautiful constructions might be decided on in the 2 categories of housing and non-housing. Voters who take part in the contest must always post why they believe candidate construction is lovely and five footage of the building. The town govt will hang citizens vote and mavens review for 5 days from September 11, earlier than deciding on the maximum lovely buildings.

If the proposed construction makes the list of one hundred buildings, she or he will get maintain of gift certificate for cultural products value 50,000 won (45 U.S. dollars). If a couple of folks suggest a undeniable building, the citizen who wrote the creation letter very top will achieve the prize. Aside from this, the town govt plans to unmarried out two constructions with original external looks or those who have a story, and provide gift certificate for cultural products to citizens who instructed the buildings.

Buildings that were already registered as cultural houses or public constructions is also candidates. People who are applying must always post documents online to (서울아름다운건물찾기.kr), or by way of postal mail at (Secretariat of the Seoul stunning constructions contest at 5th floor, Eoulmadang-ro 35, Mapo-gu, Seoul) by way of mail.


EXO-L  appeared to have  taken part in the  project  to  make a  Tao Forest in Gangnam

EXO-L appeared to have taken part in the project to make a Tao Forest in Gangnam

EXO-L Join Hands to Create a ‘Tao Forest’ in Gangnam EXO-L are joining hands to build a forest in Tao’s name to celebrate the EXO members 23rd birthday (22 international age) next month at Chungsoo Park in Gangnam.

It has been reported that fans have been planning and preparing this ‘Tao Forest Project’ since November of last year. The ‘Star Forest Project’ is an eco-freindly way for fans to create a forest in their star’s name.

This project was started by Tao’s Korean fan site ‘XOTAO’ and his Chinese fan site ‘BaiduTaobar.’ Over 270 fans from all over the world, including Australia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and more have gathered together to successfully collect more than 10,030,000 KRW (~$9,337 USD) to contribute to the project.

When the ‘Tao Forest’ is planted in Chungsoo Park in May, it will provide many people that visit the area with clean, fresh air.

The fans that participated in the project expressed, “Many fans from countries all around the world who love Tao have raised money in order to celebrate Tao’s birthday. Just as Tao has wished happiness to everyone he loves, the fans are always sincerely wishing Tao happiness and health.”

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B1A4 announce their 4th domestic concert in Seoul as part of their ongoing world tour

B1A4 announce their 4th domestic concert in Seoul as part of their ongoing world tour

B1A4 announce their 4th domestic concert in Seoul as part of their ongoing world tour

B1A4 are on their 1st world tour, but of course, they couldn"t leave out their fans in Korea so they"ve announced Seoul as their next stop!

"Road Trip to Seoul - READY?" will be held at Jamsil Arena on November 15-16. A CJ E&M rep stated, "[B1A4] will put on an all-live concert with a band session during their Seoul concert." This will also mark their 4th solo concert in Korea since their debut.

Meanwhile, B1A4 already kicked off their "Road Trip" in Taiwan and Shanghai, China in August and will be heading for the Philippines, Japan, Australia, the U.S., and more throughout September and October!