Go Ara And Park Bo Gum Were Forged For “Reply” Series Because…

Go Ara And Park Bo Gum Were Forged For “Reply” Series Because…

Go Ara And Park Bo Gum Were Forged For Answer serial Because?JiwonYu June 21, 2016 0 Go Ara And Park Bo Gum Were Cast For Reply Series Because? At thecontemporary episode of Taxi that aired on June 21, the answer team, Cross Ara, Sung Dong Il, and manufacturer Shin Won Ho, gave the impression on the display and publishedthe taleat the back of how the stars were given their roles.

During the show, Go Ara thinks back to the time when she used to be auditioning for Reply 1994 and says that she cried during the meeting. She says, I didnt tell him this because its cheesy, yet Im so thankful towards producer Shin Won Ho. He made it imaginable to consider in myself. I used to be then desperate.

Sung Dong Il teases the producer, saying, He alternativesany individual who cries. Dont broadcast this part, or else the folk auditioning for the fourth season of Reply will get started crying from the parking space of the audition room.

Producer Shin Won Ho plays along, adding, I picked Park Bo Gum because he cried, too.

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“Reply” Series PD Dishes On Operating With Park Bo Gum And Girl’s Day’s Hyeri

“Reply” Series PD Dishes On Operating With Park Bo Gum And Girl’s Day’s Hyeri

Reply Series PD Dishes On Operating amongst Park Bo Gum And ladies Days Hyeriehk38 June 14, 2016 0 Reply Series PD Dishes On Working With Park Bo Gum And Girls Days Hyeri At the June 14 broadcast of tvNs Taxi, actor Sung Dong Il and PD Shin Won Ho of the answer series seem as guests.

During the taxi ride, PD Shin Won Ho dishes on working with actors Park Bo Gum and Girls Days Hyeri.

On Park Bo Gum, he shares, Hes incredibly well-mannered and kind-hearted. Hes so kind-hearted that it will make me laugh.

I beloved Hyeri after seeing her on Genuine Men. Yet she had gotten so big, PD Shin Won Ho says about the Answer 1988 star. She is any person who has a superbquantity of charm. She was once also in point of factjust right at acting.

With regards to whether every other installment of the Respond series is in the works, PD Shin Won Ho says, I dont know when some other Reply series drama will come. I may first do yet one more genre.

Would you preferto lookan alternative Reply series drama?

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Joo Won Is Once An Oppa, At all times An Oppa To Fellow “Yong Pal” Forged Park Hye Soo

Joo Won Is Once An Oppa, At all times An Oppa To Fellow “Yong Pal” Forged Park Hye Soo

Joo Won Is Once An Oppa, At all times An Oppa To Fellow Yong Good friendForged Park Hye SooJiwonYu July 19, 2016 0 Joo Won Is Once An Oppa, Always An Oppa To Fellow Yong Pal Cast Park Hye Soo Actress Park Hye Soo expressed her love for actor Joo Won in her contemporary Naver V app broadcast!

On July 19, Park Hye Soo did her first V app broadcast and mentioned herself and her works.

During the show, she learns that her label-mate and Yong Pal co-star and Joo Won, who played her older brother in the drama, is looking at her broadcast, too. Then she says, Oppa, how are you doing?

Later, she says, Please leave a comment. I dont know your Identity though.

She tells her fans, Im going to be just rightagainst Joo Won. Once my brother, always my brother. I went to Singapore with Joo Won, too. It was once for a fan meeting, and I used to be so worried since there were such so much offolks there.

Meanwhile, Park Hye Soo has been cast in JTBCs new drama Formative years Generation as the maximum important lead.

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Producer Of “Reply” Series Hints When He May  Get started  The following Installment

Producer Of “Reply” Series Hints When He May Get started The following Installment

Producer Of Answer serial Hints When He MayGet startedThe following InstallmentJiwonYu June 10, 2016 0 Producer Of Reply Series Hints When He Might Begin The Next Installment Shin Won Ho, the PD behind the popular Reply drama series, has spoken up about when he might beginning his next addition to the series.

According to Chinese news reports on June 7, the producer attended the 22nd Shanghai Television Festival Forum on June 6.

During the event, many newshounds asked him, When is the next Reply series coming out?

Producer Shin Won Ho answers, Im worried that I woulddissatisfied the audience if I start on every other installment already, since Reply 1988 gainednumerous love. Im going to begin filming the sequel once other people have practically forgotten Reply 1988.

He adds, Im thinking of filming it perhaps two years later.

With 3a hit installments, Reply 1997, Reply 1994, and Reply 1988, beneath his belt, many are taking a lookahead to seeing which time framehe'll feature in the next addition to the series.

How soon do you need to have answer series to come back?

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tvN Denies Present Production Of Next Reply Drama Series

tvN Denies Present Production Of Next Reply Drama Series

tvN Denies Present Production Of Next “Reply” Drama Seriessoojji Might 8, 2016 0 tvN Denies Latest Production Of Next “Reply” Drama Series On Could 9, tvN representatives denied claims that the following “Reply” series is latelyat the beginning stages of production. “Talks of a new series production is untrue. We aren't at the level of discussions.”

It was onceup to now reported by way of a news media outlet that director Shin Won Ho of “Reply 1988” told workforce about a plan to create a new series by 2017. However, tvN has pop outto disclaimthose claims and mentioned that the chance of a better series is up in the air.

The 3rd season of the “Reply” drama series, “Reply 1988,” turned into widely enjoyed by audience and gainedchecklist viewership ratings of over 20%. Every episode told reports about family, pulling the nostalgic middle strings of viewers. Because of the luck and approval for the series, the choice of a new season is a hot topic, raising interest for when the series will come out and what year the hot series will focal point on.

What year do you wantto peer represented for the next series of “Reply”?

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QUIZ: Which “Reply” Series Feminine  Persona Are You

QUIZ: Which “Reply” Series Feminine Persona Are You

QUIZ: Which Answer serialFemininePersona Are You?amycwang93 April 28, 2016 0 QUIZ: Which Reply Series Female Character Are You? Enthusiasts of the answer series know that even supposing the mystery husband is important, the sturdygirls are what empower audience and also what helps to keep USA entertained. Take this quiz to determine which female character you're from the loved series!

Who did you get? Let us know in the comments below!amycwang93 loves singing, dancing, and reading. When she isn't imagining actingalong BTS, she spends her time running so she can make cash and seek suggestion from her idols!

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Watch: Park Bo Gum Plays Piano for Reply 1988 Functionality at Chinese Awards Ceremony

Watch: Park Bo Gum Plays Piano for Reply 1988 Functionality at Chinese Awards Ceremony

Watch: Park Bo Gum Plays Piano for “Reply 1988” Functionality at Chinese Awards Rite notclaira April 11, 2016 0 LINE it!Watch: Park Bo Gum Plays Piano for “Reply 1988” Performance at Chinese Awards Ceremony The 16th Most sensible Chinese Song Awards came about on April 9, and Korean actor Park Bo Gum gave an overly special performance!

The awards ceremony, held in Shenzhen, used to be Park Bo Gum’s first legitimatematch in China. He collaborated with popular Chinese singer Hua Chen Yu to accomplisha distinctedition of the “Reply 1988” OST ‘Hyehwadong.”

Park Bo Gum played the grand piano with unexpected skill, whilst Hua Chen Yu sang the lyrics, that have beenbecome Chinese for the performance.

Park Bo Gum also won the Foreign Megastar Award at the ceremony. “Even despite the reality thathere's my first official occasion in China, I’m thankful that I were given to be invited to a large awards ceremony or evenbought an award,” he said. “Thank you for loving and supporting ‘Reply 1988.’”

He also asked audience to make stronger his upcoming KBS drama “Moonlight Drawn by means of Clouds” as well, which is scheduled to air on August.

Other stars provide at the developmentintegrated EXO, Wallace Chung, Wei Chen, Hua Chen Yu, and Wu Lei. Watch the performance below!

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Youth Over Flowers Forged Ends Shuttle in Namibia and Wraps Up Generation of Reply 1988

Youth Over Flowers Forged Ends Shuttle in Namibia and Wraps Up Generation of Reply 1988

“Youth Over Flowers” Solid Ends Commute in Namibia and Wraps Up Technology of “Reply 1988”ilmare42 March 25, 2016 0 LINE it!“Youth Over Flowers” Cast Ends Journey in Namibia and Wraps Up Era of “Reply 1988” In March 25’s episode of tvNs “Youth Over Flowers,” the solidcontributorsend their day out in Namibia and take a little timeto mirror on how theyve come to be where theyre at now.

Once it’s announced that they’ve filmed their ultimate scene and the cameras are about to be close off, the guys clap for the staff and hug emotionally, with Park Bo Gum naturally getting teary. When all of the cameras are off, Park Bo Gum is heard pronouncing sadly, “You all worked hard. Do I must take off my microphone now? Hyung, it’s all over. ‘Reply 1988’ is over too.”

Ahn Jae Hong replies, “It appears like ‘Reply 1988’ is in reality over now.”

The display then takes a glance at all 4 of the cast members careers leading up to their breakout roles in “Reply 1988.”

Ko Kyung Pyo says, “Before this, I did a massive number ofcomedian roles, like on ’SNL Korea’ and on sitcoms. I used to bechanging into either a ’young actor who does plenty of comedy’ or a ‘good-looking comedian.’” The prove then stocks clips of Ko Kyung Pyo in his outdated acting roles, in additiontaking a look young and keen in auditions for “Reply 1988.” They contrast it with a dramatic scene from Answer 1988, highlighting the reality that the show gave him a platform to show off his dramatic acting talents.

Ko Kyung Pyo adds that he’s learned so much from his persona Sun Woo, equivalent to how to like someone, how to stick true on your beliefs, how to calm yourself, and how to be an upright person.

“I feel like he’s helped me turn out to be who I am,” he says. “I used to beany individual who wavered a lot. The time I’ve spent filming ‘Reply 1988’ and ‘Youth Over Flowers’ has been so treasuredand demanding to me. I’m so grateful.”

“Youth Over Flowers” then shares clips of Ahn Jae Hong’s quite much ofmovie and tv appearances prior to his functionality on “Reply 1988.” He says, “I don’t wish to erase the nature of Jung Bong. Instead, I believe anewill have toobserve along this road.”

When asked what he did before he changed intowidely knownthru “Reply 1988,” Ryu Jun Yeol lists your completenumerous jobs he’d done, adding serving at a restaurant, catering, delivery, running at a convenience store, coaching after-school classes, and more. “I sought after to just check out doing one thousand auditions, and then surrender if none of them worked out,” says Ryu Jun Yeol.

Lastly, the youngest of the four, Park Bo Gum, says, “When I was in my 2d year of prime school, things were given bad at home. I assumed I ought totemporarilycome to a decision on my occupationtrail and do my highestto organize for it. So I took a video of myself making a song and gambling the piano, and sent it in to very large companies. I concept I had to take obligation for my family.” You'll be ready to watch the video he sent in here.

Although this weeks episode covered their very last moments in combination in Namibia, the show will continue next week. The following episode will show outtakes and show the members assembly up to cook over a campfire back and discuss their trip!

Have you enjoyed staring at these four guys from Respond 1988 on their trip in Namibia?

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BTOB’s Sungjae forged as Park Bo Gum’s rival in drama “Moonlight Drawn Through Clouds”

BTOB’s Sungjae forged as Park Bo Gum’s rival in drama “Moonlight Drawn Through Clouds”

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Even ifenthusiasts were already excited with the chance of seeing Park Bo Gum in a new drama, news of BTOBSungjae being solid equally his rival is causing fans to head crazy. 

With either the actor and singer having respectively grow to be fan favorites in 2015, seeing them act as competitors in upcoming KBS drama Moonlight Drawn Through Clouds will sure exist a dream come true for fans.

While netizens agreed that everybodymay beexpecting the drama, everybody is now eager for who will be gambling the lead feminine role.

htm_2016031403341793067 Image: BTOBs Sungjae / Ilgan Sports

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at thecustomary article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the maximumsmartly liked comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

277, 9 Looks as if the viewer age workforce is going to be lovely low

254, 3 The foremost thing this is whos going to be the feminine lead??

153, 21 Sungjae is this kind ofexcellent actor. Hes a herbal I fell in love with him re-watching Who Are You

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Park Bo Gum Cries Speaking About His Overdue  Mom  All through “Reply 1988″ Audition

Park Bo Gum Cries Speaking About His Overdue Mom All through “Reply 1988″ Audition

Park Bo Gum Cries Speaking close to His Past dueMomAll throughAnswer 1988 AuditionJiwonYu March 11, 2016 0 LINE it!Park Bo Gum Cries Talking About His Late Mother During Reply 1988 Audition Park Bo Gum has mentioned his late mother during the hot episode of Youths Over Flowers.

On the March 11 broadcast, Early life Over Vegetationpublished Ryu Jun Yeol, Park Bo Gum, Ko Kyung Pyo, and Ahn Jae Hongs audition clips for Reply 1988.

In Park Bo Gums audition clip, he gets a question about his mother. He replies, My mother passed directly tothe good beyond when I used to be in fourth grade.

When the body of workers hands him the script from Reply 1994 and he's asked to act out one of Chil Bongs scenes, Park Bo Gum starts tearing up prior tobeginning to act.

The scene he has to act out is the phase where Chil Bong leaves a voice message for his mother. In the direction of acting, Park Bo Gum bursts into tears.

During an interview with the staff, Park Bo Gum adds, I dont have a circle of relatives photo. After creating up, I discovered that my household never dressed up and went to the photo studio to take a photo together.

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