GOT7’s Jackson Sheds Tears Whilst  Fascinated by His Mom On “Real Men”

GOT7’s Jackson Sheds Tears Whilst Fascinated by His Mom On “Real Men”

GOT7s Jackson Sheds Tears WhilstFascinated with His Mom On Genuine Menan0ya June 19, 2016 0 GOT7s Jackson Sheds Tears While Thinking About His Mother On Real Men At the June 19 episode of MBCs typedisplay rattling Men, GOT7s Jackson is not ableto hang back his tears while expressing his love for his mother.

In this episode, the solidparticipantstake a seat down to write letters to their enjoyed ones.

When Jackson is asked to percentage what he wrote, he starts to read with tears gradually forming in his eyes, I began thinking about you while having a meal here. It reminded me of the times when I was an athlete and after completing my training, I mightmovehouse and you may just possibly cook me food.

Mom, I am hoping youll be healthy and wont get sick. I admire y'all a lot. Ill call you once I get discharged, he in the end says with tears rolling down his face.

Hearing this, one of the most senior instructors says to Jackson, It type of feels that youve felt your oldsters love. People say they truly feel loved through their parents while serving in the military.

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Watch: TWICE’s Tzuyu Sheds Tears Fascinated about Her Mom On “Please Deal with My Refrigerator”

Watch: TWICE’s Tzuyu Sheds Tears Fascinated about Her Mom On “Please Deal with My Refrigerator”

Watch: TWICEs Tzuyu Sheds Tears Considering Her Mom On Please Deal with My Refrigeratorehk38 June 27, 2016 0 Watch: TWICEs Tzuyu Sheds Tears Thinking About Her Mother On Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator At the 85th episode of JTBCs food display Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator, Chef Lee Yeon Bok chefs up some scrumptious Chinese wraps for the solidparticipants and guests.

TWICE members Jungyeon and Tzuyu, who seemed equallyvisitors this episode, very wellexperience the food. Tzuyu literally cant lend a handyet smile as she savors the food.

The food strikes a chord in my memory of the Chinese food I ate when I used to be young with my family. Being in a position to consume IT for the primary fourth dimension in some time makes me so happy.

Jungyeon adds, She kept pronouncing as she used to bedining that it reminds her of her mom.

MC Kim Sung Joo says to Tzuyu, Eating food turns out to remind you of your mom. In response, Tzuyu cant assistance but shed tears.

Tzuyu hasn't everearlier than cried on a broadcast; here is her first time. Jungyeon says in surprise.

We hope Tzuyu gets to percentage a meal with her mom and the remainder of her circle of relativesback soon!

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Secret’s Hyosung Sheds Tears as She Receives First Reduction  Education on “Real Men”

Secret’s Hyosung Sheds Tears as She Receives First Reduction Education on “Real Men”

Secrets Hyosung Sheds Tears as She Receives First ReliefSchooling on Genuine Menhajima March 14, 2016 0 LINE it!Secrets Hyosung Sheds Tears as She Receives First Aid Training on Real Men The March thirteen broadcast of the fourth feminine soldier edition of MBCs Real Men featured trainees learning to develop into a clinical officer.

Each soldier used to be assigned roles to prepare first aid training and Jun Hyosung, who assumed the role of a patient with a damaged arm, ended up tearing up while pronouncing Im bloodless and it hurts as she recalled memories of a automobilecoincidence she experienced agoright through promotional activities. The member of Secret also discussed that she suffered a fracture because of an accident and whilstgambling the patient, she felt suffocated.

Later, in a separate interview with the production staff, she confessed that, I become immersed in my emotions. A patient is so scared. I learned that it isnt simple for somebody to save a persons life.

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Brave Girls’ Hyeran Sheds Tears Whilst Describing This as Her Final Chance

Brave Girls’ Hyeran Sheds Tears Whilst Describing This as Her Final Chance

Brave Ladies Hyeran Sheds Tears Whilst Describing This as Her FinalLikelihood an0ya February 16, 2016 0 LINE it!Brave Girls Hyeran Sheds Tears While Describing This as Her Last ChanceStar Daily News Womancrew Brave Girls, who returned lately after a three-year hiatus with five new members, opened up about their preference to succeed with this comeback.

On February 16, the group held the exhibit for their unmarried Deepened.

Hyeran, probably the mostcommon members, stated that its now or never. In deficient healthadvertise our song while thinking of this as my last chance.

Im extremely close with all of theexisting members. I'm hoping to continue selling every bit an artist in the future, she expressed her affection for the renewed group, and soon burst into tears.

Also a member since Courageous Girls debut in 2011, Yoojin agreed with Hyerans comments on great teamwork, saying, Fortunately, we got along incrediblysmartly amongst the new members directly from the beginning. We were practicallystunned at how modernthe total thing was. It was once a relief.

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Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Sheds Tears Whilst  Speaking About Her Mom on “How to Devour and Are living Well”

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Sheds Tears Whilst Speaking About Her Mom on “How to Devour and Are living Well”

Girls Generations Yuri Sheds Tears WhilstSpeaking just about Her Mom on How to Devour and Are livingNeatly kiddy_days December 26, 2015 0 LINE it!Girls Generations Yuri Sheds Tears While Talking About Her Mother on How to Eat and Live Well Girls Generations Yuri shed tears while talking about her mother.

On the December 27 broadcast of SBSs How to Eat and Live Well, Yuri says, My mother is an overly bright and robust woman. Ive never observed her cry, yet I heard her cry one day.

She then unearths that the explanationwas once that her momsfitness had taken a bad turn. Yuri sheds tears while she says, My mother didnt wish to be a burden to the family, so she went on the running table alone.

She adds, I wish to be a sturdylady like my mother, touching the hearts of the viewers.

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Lay Sheds Tears Whilst  Talking About His Love for EXO

Lay Sheds Tears Whilst Talking About His Love for EXO

Lay Sheds Tears WhilstTalking roughly His Love for EXOorionight December 11, 2015 0 LINE it!Lay Sheds Tears While Speaking About His Love for EXO All over the December 10 comeback exhibit for their special wintry weather album Sing For You, the lads of EXO unfoldedthroughouta decentcommunicate with their fans. During the talk, member Lay ended up dropping tears.

The talk came aboutin opposition to the finish of the showcase, and Lay spoke about his love for his members. 2015 wasnt a very simple year for EXO, he said. I would like to tell the contributors that I admire them, and that Im sorry. Lay then started to choke up, and became his back at the crowd so that you could calm himself down.

In the end, he was once too conquer with feelings and left the degree to compose himself. Fellow member Baekhyun said, Because Lay spent such a lot time in China, he wasnt around so much this year. He at all times feels actually bad about it, even though theres actuallyno use for him to apologize.

The comeback showcase turned into broadcast by the use of the Naver V App for the oneslovers who were not ableto wait in person, and the residemovement peaked at over 1.3 million viewers. You'll watch a clip from the debate below.

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f(x)"s Amber sheds tears due to the language barrier on "Real Men"


On a recent airing of MBC"s "Real Men," f(x)"s Amber was seen shedding tears after having issues of miscommunication with her fellow soldiers because of the language barrier.

Despite her strong exterior image and outstanding athleticism, Amber said, "I can"t understand," while tears flowed down her flushed cheeks. Other female soldiers, shocked by Amber"s tears, gathered around her and comforted the idol saying, "Don"t be discouraged, you should ask when you don"t understand something."

However, when the stern platoon leader entered the room, Amber continued to stutter even more out of nervousness. When the platoon leader asked, "What happened here?" Amber replied as she choked on her tears, "When I train, I really can"t understand. It"s frustrating. Even when you explain, I keep forgetting and getting in trouble. There are too many words that I don"t understand. There were around 100 words that I"ve never heard before."

Unlike the fellow soldiers, the platoon leader responded coldly to Amber"s answer and said, "I"m sure everyone feels this way here. You might think that you"re the only one, but everyone feels that way. Just because you feel that way, is it right for you to mess up the atmosphere? This is the army, we don"t take the tears of a cadet."

Amber then responded with an unintended historical drama tone, "I understand, just forget it, please," drawing out an unexpected laughter in midst of an emotional scene.

Check out the recent airing of "Real Men" featuring Amber, above!



GOT7"s Jackson sheds tears while reuniting with his mother in "Roommate" preview


It seems as though GOT7"s Jackson had his share of a Christmas miracle as it appears he will be meeting his mother on the next episode of "Roommate."

On the December 16 airing of "Roommate," Jackson visited the JYP Entertainment building to recruit J.Y. Park to the house for a Christmas gathering where each "Roommate" member brought a friend or a family member to the house.

However, it was revealed that J.Y. Park was planning a special surprise gift for Jackson who has been away from his family and feeling lonely, especially during the holidays.

In the preview for next week"s episode, you can see Jackson overwhelmed and speechless while shedding tears as he finally finds out that he would be seeing his mother again.

Check out the emotional moment in the preview above.


ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik Sheds Tears in “Real Men”

ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik Sheds Tears in “Real Men”

ZE:As Park Hyung Sik, whos at the end of his guerrilla training and will leave the unit soon, shed tears at the sight of the soldiers who suffered injuries while training.

On the August 3 broadcast of Real Men, the stories of the soldiers who were undergoing the second guerrilla training were shown.

During the training, Sam Hammingtons blood pressure shot up and he wasnt able to bear the training anymore so he was brought to the hospital by the ambulance on standby. Park Hyung Sik tried his best to comfort the soldier.

After sending off Sam Hammington, Park Hyung Sik broke down and cried as he thought of the suffering that his soldiers are undergoing.

During the interview with the producer, Park Hyung Sik recalled the incident and said, Even before I saw Sam, Seo Kyung Suks waist was sprained and I was so concerned about that. Finally, when I saw that Sam was also in pain, my heart also hurt. Seeing the soldiers who tried their best in training even under difficult situations, Park Hyung Sik also felt the pain that they felt.

After, Park Hyung Sik showed his worry and concern, How can I leave the hyungs like that?


K.Will Sheds Tears While Reading Letter to Parents on Real Men

K.Will Sheds Tears While Reading Letter to Parents on Real Men

K.Will Sheds Tears While Reading Letter to Parents on “Real Men” K.Will recently shed tears once again on the military variety show “Real Men.”

On March 9, “Real Men” showed the members preparing for intensive training on the night before. Usually, when soldiers leave for such training, they often write letters to their families in case war breaks out and they don’t survive.

K.Will was asked to read his letter outloud. “Father, mother, as I am experiencing many things at this unit, I am feeling many different things,” he read.

He continued, “I think the army is definitely a place that makes you find your hidden feelings of love for your family.”

At one point, he couldn’t continue as he was too overcome with emotions and tears.

During his interview, K.Will said, “I didn’t know why I cried so much either. Thinking about my parents receiving that letter and crying over it made me cry too.”

Meanwhile, “Real Men” is enjoying the spotlight once again with its new members Henry, K.Will, Park Gun Hyung and Chun Jung Myung.

K.Will Sheds Tears While Reading Letter to Parents on “Real Men”