Gov't to spice up Propaganda Pronounces Along Border

Gov't to spice up Propaganda Pronounces Along Border

Soldiers behavior a live-fire drill in Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province on Wednesday as a phase of a Korea-U.S. joint marine exercise, which kicked off on June 27 for an 18-day run.

Military government will install about a dozen more propaganda sound systems at the edge with North Korea to extenddrive on the regime.

"We're going to double the numbers of loudspeakers in the demilitarized zone based onthe ongoing nuclear and missile threats from North Korea", a central authority source acknowledged Wednesday.

Currently, sound systems are install at 11 places along the frontline and five to 6 loudspeaker cars ply the roads.

The new loudspeakers are so high-powered that their sounds will also be heard obviously more than 10 km away.

The propaganda proclaimsin maximum cases seek to disclose the North Korean regime and extol the achievements of South Korea.

Pyongyang has ago reacted incredibly sensitively to the broadcasts, which it fears undermine Navy morale and foment discontent in the frontline area, which is more bring to an end from out of doorsaffect than portions along the Chinese border.


Fans Talk about  The easy Border Design That Has Turn out to be  Fashionable For K-Pop Albums

Fans Talk about The easy Border Design That Has Turn out to be Fashionable For K-Pop Albums

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterA vogue has been knowninside of K-Pop artists album designs with enthusiasts posting several of acknowledged album jackets to turnthe onlypart they all have in common.

Sharing album jackets released from the beyond two years, all the albums share a simplistic design with an easy bordering discovered in each and everyadding non-intruding, non-Serif sort for the artist call and album title.

Fans have left comments such as, Photo border, Theyre pretty, Nowadays, SMs designs are the rage ho ho*, Insert frame, Oh thats right, and more.

* Previously, fans commented on SM Entertainments fresh album design covers which could also be following the border trend.

What do you call to mind the trending design?

Baek A Yeon's So So unmarried / JYP Entertainment Baek A Yeons So So single / JYP Entertainment

San E x Raina's Sugar Me single San E x Rainas Sugar Me single

SEVENTEEN's 'Love version' of album LOVELETTER / Pledis Entertainment SEVENTEENs Love edition of album LOVELETTER / Pledis Entertainment

MADTOWN Emotion / J.Tune Camp MADTOWN Emotion / J.Tune Camp

TWICE's Page Two EP / JYP Entertainment TWICEs Page Two EP / JYP Entertainment

Pledis Girlz We / Pledis Entertainment Pledis Girlz We / Pledis Entertainment

Block B Blooming Duration / Seven Seasons Block B Blooming Era / Seven Seasons

Apink's Jeun Eun Ji 1st mini-album / Plan A Entertainment Apinks Jeun Eun Ji 1st mini-album / Plan A Entertainment

Apink PurpleReminiscence / Plan A Entertainment Apink Pink Memory / Plan A Entertainment

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Fans suspicious of govt media regulate with unlock of adultery scandal

Fans suspicious of govt media regulate with unlock of adultery scandal

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterKorean media recently released news of Kim Min Hees romantic dating with seriously acclaimed film director Hong Sang Soo, a married guy and father.  

The two had formerly worked in combination on Hong Sang Soos 2015 film Right Now, Wrong Then in which the actress played the lead role. According to netizens, however, insider rumors of the relationship started spreading past dueremaining year, yetused to be left untouched by way of the media. The director even allegedly told his wife about the relationship in September, and has left his wife and daughter for the actress.

Furthermore, it changed intopublished that either the Kim Min Hees parents and her firm knew about the relationship and had persuaded her to finish it to no avail. The actress reportedly stopped receiving relief from her agency altogether, and has since hired her own manager and team of workers to paintings as a unfastened agent.

But whilstthe within track was relatively shocking, netizens were incredibly suspicious of the timing of the news release. As neatly as the Lotte Embezzlement Scandal, Korean netizens also pointed out several executive corruption scandals corresponding to the Sewol Ferry Recovery controversies which are being covered up by entertainment news headlines.

With Kim Min Hee having had a slew of superstar ex-boyfriends adding actors Jo In Sung and Lee Soo Hyuk, the tale of her scandalous relationship will undoubtedly draw readers in. Because the attractive scandal in spite of everything being on reported on by media retailers at such a fascinating time, many are crying foul at the governments alleged try at media control.

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Jonghyun And Irene Spice up “Ask Us Anything” Ratings

Jonghyun And Irene Spice up “Ask Us Anything” Ratings

Jonghyun And Irene Spice up require USAnything else Ratingsleonid June 18, 2016 0 Jonghyun And Irene Boost Ask Us Anything Ratings Ratings of the JTBC sort program Ask Us Anything have risen for the episode with SHINEEs Jonghyun and Red Velvets Irene as guests.

According to Nielsen Korea, the displaycompleted a viewership score of 2.15 % for its June 18 episode. Here's a 0.2 percent upward push from a prior episode featuring I.O.Is Jeon Somi which reached 1.95 percent.

On the episode, Jonghyun demonstrated flashy fencing abilities that he learned when he was once younger, whilst Irene made up for when she turned into absent from the episode featuring her fellow Red Velvet members.

Furthermore, the SM Entertainment ensemble was rounded off via their labelmate Heechul, with whom they showed fantastic chemistry.

Ask Us Anything airs on Saturdays at 11 p.m. KST.

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#Ask Us Anything #Irene #Jonghyun #Red Velvet #SHINee

Tensions Palpable at Inter-Korean Border Crossing

Tensions Palpable at Inter-Korean Border Crossing

Soldiers stand in the Joint SafetyHouse in the Demilitarized Zone between the 2 Koreas on Wednesday. /Courtesy of South Korea-U.S. Mixed Forces Command

The Joint Security Arena of the border truce village of Panmunjom was once ringing with muffled North Korean propaganda pronounces on Wednesday as tensions remained prime along the inter-Korean border. Newshounds were given a excursion of the JSA at the invitation of the South Korea-U.S. Combined Forces Command. The South plays no propaganda broadcasts in the JSA, yet a North Korean announcer might be heard it appears denouncing South Korea, regardless that it turned intotrickyto appreciate what she was announcingbecause of the deficient quality of the loudspeakers.South Korea stepped up propaganda broadcasts in other places along the border after North Korea conducted its newest nuclear verify and the North has been retaliating with its own.

But in the JSA North and South Korean soldiers stand inside arm's achieve of every other, and physical clashes erupted there in the past. In 1984, a shootout erupted after a Soviet diplomat traveling Panmunjom all at once crossed over the army demarcation line, prompting North Korean soldiers to chase after him into the South Korean aspect of the DMZ. The resultant firefight led to the deaths of one South Korean and 3 North Korean soldiers. Afterwards the South installed electronic apparatus in the JSA to stumble on North Korean troop movements round the clock. "Things may justglance calm at the outside, but tensions are at all times high here", Lt. Col. Kwon Young-hwan in the JSA said. "We're repeatedlytracking whether North Korea is abiding by way of the terms of the ceasefire agreement". The two Koreas remain technically at war for the explanation that 1950-53 Korean War ended simplest in a ceasefire. Gen. Vincent Brooks, the recent commander of U.S. Forces Korea, visited the JSA after assuming his new post ultimate month and told reporters Wednesday that the danger facing the Korean Peninsula can also be "clearly felt" there.


I.O.I And “Produce 101″ Trainee Jeon So Yeon Display  Give a spice up to For CLC’s Comeback

I.O.I And “Produce 101″ Trainee Jeon So Yeon Display Give a spice up to For CLC’s Comeback

I.O.I And bring 101 Trainee Jeon So Yeon DisplayStrengthen For CLCs ComebackJiwonYu Would possibly 26, 2016 0 I.O.I And Produce 101 Trainee Jeon So Yeon Show Support For CLCs Comeback On May just 26, CLC uploaded videos to its legit social media accounts, appearing I.O.I and trainee Jeon So Yeon from Produce 101 supporting CLCs comeback.

I.O.Is Jeon Somi, Zhou Jieqiong, Lim Nayoung, Kim Sohye, and Choi Yoojung cheer on CLC in the video via saying, We heard that CLC is coming back as a seven-member staff on Can also 30. We are hoping yous give love to CLC and I.O.I as well.

#CLC 의 컴백을 응원하는 따끈따끈한 응원편지 도착했어요~- #아이오아이 편

In any other video, Jeon So Yeon cheers on CLC as well. After changing intoabsolute bestbuddies with Kwon Eunbin thru Produce 101, she tells the fans, Kwon Eunbin could be joining CLC after having seemed on Produce 101. Kwon Eunbin, at all timesremainsturdy and I am hoping you get the niceeffects that you worked so demanding for.

#CLC의 컴백을 응원하는 따수운 응원편지 도착했어요~- #전소연 편

Meanwhile, CLC will be coming circular again with their fourth mini-album Nu.Clear on Can also 30.

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Russian Filmmaker Exposes N.Korean Propaganda Machine

Russian Filmmaker Exposes N.Korean Propaganda Machine

"Under the Sun" by way of Russian director Vitaly Mansky opens in theaters here on Wednesday to polish an exceptionalgentleat the North Korean propaganda machine. "I sought after to make a movie some North Korea, yetthere is nogenuineexistence in the manner that we consider", Mansky told the Chosun Ilbo in Seoul on Tuesday. "There is simply the developing of a picture of the myth of a true life. So we made a film about pretend reality". He acknowledged the North Korean executiveneededanything like the "Truman Show", where the entire thing is tightly controlled and orchestrated. Mansky hastilyreplacedfocal point to the propaganda device itself, surreptitiously recording each staged shot as it was once being set up.He became born in the Soviet Union. "I wanted to make a film in North Korea on account of my interest about Russia's past", he said. "But I encountered scenes that were utterlyother than what I expected. If there would possibly besomeone who believes North Korea is a greatposition to are living in, I would loveto inform him to test out living there". The film makers had no say in the places and interview subjects, and any answers were scripted by North Korean minders. Mansky and his film group were under consistent surveillance by North Korean government and had to posteach one day's pictures to the censors. But North Korea's excessive isolation from the out of doorsglobal ended up aiding the director, because authorities were unfamiliar with virtual cameras and did now not know they were being repeatedly filmed. Mansky submitted most effective 30 % of his footage to the censors. Asked how he controlled to smuggle out the rest, he declined to elaborate. Past dueclosing year, North Korea wrote to the Russian Foreign Ministry challenging a ban on "Under the Sun" at the Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia and called for the film makers to be punished. Manksy said North Korean authorities sent 3 more letters to the Russian government afterwards and asked him to come to Pyongyang "for the maximum important talk", But he told them he was not dumb enough. But he still needsto turn the film in North Korea one day.


TWICE Tears Up at Fans’ Love and Give a spice up to at Comeback Showcase

TWICE Tears Up at Fans’ Love and Give a spice up to at Comeback Showcase

TWICE Tears Up at Lovers dear and Make stronger at Comeback Exhibit ck525 April 25, 2016 0 LINE it!TWICE Tears Up at Fans Love and Support at Comeback Showcase All over TWICE’s “Cheer Up” showcase, which used to be aired are livingvia Naver’s V App on April 25, the crowd took the time to turn their gratitude in opposition to their fans.

As the showcase reaches its end, the contributors looked as disenchanted equally their fans at the scene.

“It became fun, and we enjoyed the stage,” the members stated to their fans as they showed their gratitude toward the time given to be in contact alongside their fans.

“I hope we can beready tocarry out this song on several other stages,” the crew said, appearing their choice for their new album.

As the finish neared, Two times brought up its fan club and said, “Time has flown by with you all, and it’s already time for the showcase to end.”

As every member was given the time to give final remarks, Jungyeon said, “Thank you for granting us your time. I used to be and thenworried that I were given things wrong and made mistakes, yet thank you for loving us regardless.”

“I thank the reality that such so much offolksgot here here nowadays to cheer us on. Truthfully 1 was so surprised. I was so excited that my face flushed,” Nayeon said.

However, as Nayeon gave her closing words, her eyes began tearing up, and the developmentcorridor soon echoed with fans chanting, “Don’t cry.”

“I’m now not crying yet, “ Nayeon told her fans. “Though this is solely the start, I thank ONCE for making the beginning thus pleasant.”

“I’ve heard that we’ll have more time to satisfy our fans,” she added. “We will be assembly our fans by way of more varied events, so I'm hopingeverybody is excited.”

Soon more than part the members started crying, saying, “This is so unbelievable. We’re so happy. We’ve been capable of debut and meet all of you, get keep ofall your love and attention, or even win first place. Thank you so much.”

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Gov't Pronounces War on Sugar

Gov't Pronounces War on Sugar

The executive has declared a "war on sugar" to minimize chronic ailments like obesity and diabetes. The Korea Food and Drug Management on Thursday announced a comprehensive five-year plan to scale back carbohydrate consumption. The objective is to bring down intakethru processed food to 50 g an afternoon or two hundred kcal of the day by potential of dayinstructed calorie allowance of 2,000 kcal for adults. In step with the KFDA, moderate sugar consumption via processed food has risen from 33.1 g in 2007 to 44.7 g in 2013 and is expected to exceed 50 g in 2016.Youngsters between 12 and 18 took in an alarming 59 g of sugar through processed food in 2013, and from the age of nineteen to 29 58.7 g. Sugar in processed food is absorbed more briefly and is much more likely to motivemore than a fewailments than unprocessed sugar. The possibility of obesity increases by 39 %for other folks thatconsume 10 percent or more in theireverydaynutrition in the sort of sugar from processed food over those that do not. Also they are 66 percent and 41 percent prone to suffer high blood pressure and diabetes than the ones alongside a decrease intake. The sectorFitness Organization recommends sugar intake from processed food to absorbnot up to 10 percent of the daily calorie allowance or 50g. Closing year it advisedthe volume be reduced to beneath five percent or 25 g.


“Music Core” and “We Were given Married” Pronounces Canceled and Altered

“Music Core” and “We Were given Married” Pronounces Canceled and Altered

Music Core and We Were given Married Declares Canceled and adjusted kokoberry April 1, 2016 0 LINE it!Music Core and We Got Married Broadcasts Canceled and Altered MBCs Song gistis most probably not airing on April 2 because of a baseball (generic term) between the Nexen Heroes and Lotte Giants. This marks the 2d one game of the 2016 pro Korean Baseball Organization season.

The broadcast station can be airing the baseball game prior to and after the standard time-slot for Music Core.

If the baseball game gets canceled, re-runs of GladHouse and Marriage Contract are being ready to air.

Furthermore, We Got Married is scheduled to air later than original at 5:35 p.m. KST. If the baseball game ends later than expected, the agenda will trade once again.

Infinite Subject will remain unaffected and air at 6:25 p.m. KST as usual.

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