gugudan Make a touch in Their Debut Song Video Wonderland!

gugudan Make a touch in Their Debut Song Video Wonderland!

Jellyfish Entertainment's first lady groupgugudanhave made their debut!

gugudan membersHana,Nayoung,Mimi,Soyee,Sejeong,Haebin,Sally,Mina, andHyeyeonshow their graceful charm in their track video'Wonderland', which used to be released on July 28 at 12 A.M. KST.

Advertisement'Wonderland' is an upbeat track with cheery vocals.The music video remains true to the theatre theme. gugudan were adorable as they ready for their functionality of 'Wonderland', which I agree withturned intoprimarily based off of the storyThe Little Mermaid.

Although cutesy ideas do no longerin particularclutch my attention, I did revel in the song, most commonlyon account of the vocals. gugudan's voices harmonize smartly together, and I felt that their voices are stable. The 3 voices that stood out to me the maximum belong to Soyee, Nayoung, and Sejeong! Soyee and Nayoung's voices have a warm tone, and Sejeong's prime notes were well supported and clear! Overall, gugudan's vocals are adorableand i'm interested to look how the womenexpand musically over time.The video took me back to school when I might see plays wearby way of my classmates! I'mcertain gugudan made a laugh memories whilstrunning on their first act together! What are your mind on gugudan's debut?

gugudan's mini album'Act. 1 The Little Mermaid'is also to be had and has five tracks: 'Wonderland','구름 위로','Good Boy','일기 (Diary)', and'Maybe Tomorrow'. Have you listened to the album yet? If so, what is your favourite song?

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KBS’s “Sister’s Slam Dunk” Unnies Make Their Debut on Tune Bank with “Shut Up”

KBS’s “Sister’s Slam Dunk” Unnies Make Their Debut on Tune Bank with “Shut Up”

1kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter After months of difficult work, the solid of KBSSisters Slam Dunk had officially made their debut as a ladycrewat themaximumfresh episode of Music Bank.

Introducing themselves as the Unnies, the feminine cast finds their perfected functionality on are living broadcast with their hit track Close Up. Owning the level like pro performers despite just aboutpart the groupsmajoroccupationtrail being either a comic or actress, Unnies showed off their amazing teamwork as they effectivelyfinished their stage.

Unnies participants are made up of Girls Generations Tiffany, comedian Kim Sook, comedian and actress Hong Jin Kyung, actress Min Hyorin, actress Ra Mi Ran, and singer-rapper Jessi of Lucky J.

Their first unmarried Shut Up was once released on July 1st, capabilities Yoo Hee Yeol and became produced via JYP Entertainments J.Y. Park. Since its release, it has crowned several online charts in #1 and is recently topping their day by day charts in #1 as well, beating out tracks released from MnetShow Me The cash 5.

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Park Bogum & Irene Phase  Tactics as Song Bank MCs Today

Park Bogum & Irene Phase Tactics as Song Bank MCs Today

Park Bogum Irene SectionTechniques equallySong depository financial institution MCs These daysJun 24, 2016 09:16

It's a farewell to our couple MCs Park Bogum and Red Velvet's Irene as they announce that they're leaving their MC roles for "Music Bank". All throughthe hole ment, Irene informs the viewers, "Today is our closing day as Music Bank MCs with everyone." Bogum also adds, "We will seem more ceaselessly than standard today so do nottransfer channels so we are hopingall and sundry to be with us today."

Of route Bogum and Irene would not leave without anything for the viewers. The pair playsa distinctgood-bye stage. We might beready toleave out this adorable pair each and every Friday! Watch their functionality and their memorable moments below:

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Actor Lee Hyun Woo to make his making a song debut

Actor Lee Hyun Woo to make his making a song debut

Actor Lee Hyun Woohas been making waves as one of the mostbest young actors in his generation. His next production is the drama 'Murim School' where he plays the lead personawho is an idol. Yethe isin truthmore or less going to do the similar in genuine life!

Lee Hyun Woo might be making his making a song debut at the start of next year! He will existfreeing a virtualunmarried with Geeks' Louie.

Lee Hyun Woo used to beacknowledged to be a gigantic fan of Louie and asked him to collaborate with him on a song, and Louie of route agreed.

This may not be Lee Hyun Woo's first actual time singing however, as he's sung an OST "An Ode to Youth" for his film 'Secretly, Greatly' and featured in O Broject's "It's A Lie".

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Stay tuned for more main pointsin this collaboration project!


'Superstar K5's Song Hee Jin to make her debut!

'Superstar K5's Song Hee Jin to make her debut!

Song Hee Jin of "Superstar K5" will after all be making her debut!

The young singer at the start seemed in the 2013 series, and her emotional vocals surely made an affect on viewers. For her debut album, Song Hee Jin worked on instruments, foreign languages, and more. 

Her firm C9 Entertainment stated, "Though Song Hee Jin showed her ability by skill of making it to the pinnacle 3 on "Superstar K5", she"s finished her preparation to get started out as a singer after tough training."

Stay tuned for more of Song Hee Jin!

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TOUCH make their first domestic comeback in 2 years with remake of their debut song

TOUCH make their first domestic comeback in 2 years with remake of their debut song "Me"

TOUCH make their first domestic comeback in 2 years with remake of their debut song

Male idol group TOUCH are making their domestic return after 2 years!

They once again seem to have gone through another member change, this time adding in maknae Sangwook. The new release from this boy group, who made their debut in 2010, is actually the remake of their debut song "Me", which was originally composed by Brave Brothers.

The members revealed that they tried to rearrange the song to make it feel more on trend with 2014.

A video has been released to go along with the song, so check out the new version of their song "Me" above as you welcome them back!


Lizzy to make on-screen debut in new movie

Lizzy to make on-screen debut in new movie "Today"s Love"

Lizzy has been confirmed to join the cast of "Today"s Love".

According to the officials on August 1st, Lizzy recently joined in the filming for "Today"s Love" together with Lee Seung Gi, Moon Chae Won, Park Eun Ji and Hwayoung. She will play the role of Minah who has a cheerful personality.

Lizzy has already proved her solid acting skill through various dramas such as MBC"s "All My Love", "Rascal Sons","What Is Mom?"... but this will be the first time she will staring in a movie which has made many fans excited over the news.

"Today"s Love" will be premiered in 2015.


After School

After School"s Lizzy and Jung Joon Young to make movie debut through "Today"s Love"

After School

After School"s Lizzy and Jung Joon Young will be making their big screen debuts!

A rep from agency Pledis told MBN Star on August 1, "Lizzy has been confirmed for "Today"s Love." She started filming last week." Jung Joon Young"s rep likewise stated, "Jung Joon Young will be taking on the challenge of a movie through "Today"s Love.""

Lizzy will be playing the bright and cheery Min Ah while Jung Joon Young will play a character with a one-sided love regarding Moon Chae Won, who plays the lead along with Lee Seung Gi.

Recently, Hwayoung was also reported to be making her movie debut through this film, so it looks like there will be a lot of newcomers! It started filming at the end of July and will premiere next year.

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"K-Pop Star 2"s Song Haye to make her official debut with "It"s The First Time" + teaser image

"K-Pop Star 2"s Song Haye will make her official debut with single "It"s The First Time" on August 8 and hinted on a cute and lovely concept for her debut through a teaser image!

Song Haye shared on her Facebook on the 31st, "On the night of July 30th, the teaser image for my first album "It"s The First Time" was unveiled doodoong! As I get closer to the day that I will greet all of you, I get more and more nervous but I am preparing hard with a shy heart! Please wait a little longer. I will meet you on August 8!"

Her agency rep stated, "Song Haye"s title track "It"s The First Time!" from her first single album expresses a girl"s inability to confess her feelings and suits Song Haye"s normally cute image. We prepared a lot so we ask for a lot of interest and support."

Stay tuned for her debut on August 8!