Half of Public Servants Now Women

Half of Public Servants Now Women

About part of public servants in patriarchal Korea are now women. In keeping with figures published on Wednesday by way of the Ministry of Group of workers Management, ladies accounted for 49.4 % of civil servants ultimate year or 315,290 of 637,658. Yet they hardly everdangle senior positions, and the huge majority or 79.6 percent paintings for the Schooling Ministry, because of thismaximum are academics in state schools.

The ministry has by a long waythe biggestselection of civil servants on its payroll with 56.7 percent of the total, and 69.5 percent of them are women. That implies the bureaucracy remains substantially in male hands. Aside from the Education Ministry, the percentage of girls in public provider drops to a deficient 23.3 percent.The share is creeping up at a snail's velocity of 0.4 to one percentage point a year.Meanwhile, 1,269 male public servants took parental leave last year, accounting for 15.9 percent of the 7,993 who did. That used to bejust about double the 623 men in 2011.


Public Servants' Wages Stay Rising

Public Servants' Wages Stay Rising

Public servants will earn an annual salary of W58.9 million on reasonable this year, up a whopping 5.1 % from remaining year (US$1=W1,150).

The wage is in the variability of the average W60.2 million paid by way ofhugefirms and so muchupper than the average W37.3 million in small and mid-sized businesses.

And the speed of build up is a waysbetter than at primaryagencies (3.9 percent) and SMEs (3.4 percent).

The Inside Ministry on Wednesday announced the average per thirty days salary of public servants at W4.91 million this year ahead of tax.

It has soared from W3.95 million in 2011.

According to govt data, the president's salary this year is W212 million, whilst the top minister makes W164 million. Ministers earn W120 million, while vice ministers make W117 million. The lowest-ranking government employee makes around W2 million a month.

Cho Joon-mo at Sungkyunkwan University warned that increasingly young other people are taking the civil providerchecks lured by processsafety and emerging pay.


Kim Hee Sun Bursts: "Do You Think Women Are Your Servants"

Kim Hee Sun Bursts: "Do You Think Women Are Your Servants"

Kim Hee Sun Bursts: Do You Think Women Are Your Servants? On the first episode of SBS Hwa Shin, Kim Hee Sun represented and spoke for all the frustrated wives. At first, she was simply talking about how she gets into arguments with her husband over small things. She said, When I tell him to come eat, he keeps doing something else. Then the food gets cold. So if and when this continues, in the end I just tell him to get over here and feed yourself. 

She tried to be diplomatic and came up with a solution, If the husbands just keep meal times in mind, it would help wives a lot. However, the male cast members on the show did not agree with Kim Hee Sun. Jeon Hyun Moo and Yoon Jong Shin complained, Wives always call you over when things are not ready. When I get to the dining table, theres always something missing. You gotta have all the food ready on the table before you call your husband. 

Kim Hee Sun, who was getting frustrated at the guys insensitive comments, ended up raising her voice, What do you think women are? Your servants? Nonetheless, the guys kept making sarcastic comments like Why dont you just put all the food in one bowl?

Kim Hee Sun Bursts: Do You Think Women Are Your Servants?


SIWA: half a century and a whole lot of women

SIWA: half a century and a whole lot of women

SIWA: half a century and a whole lot of women

SIWA members model modern hanbok creations in a fashion show.(Courtesy of Terri Hartman)

It all started around a kitchen table. A group of 47 foreign women, right after the Korean War, got together with the objective to form a club. The purpose of the club was to provide an opportunity for the foreign women to get to know each other, to participate in serving the local community, and to learn about Korea. This small group was the seed for what is now the Seoul International Women's Association (SIWA). On April 3, SIWA celebrated its 50th anniversary.

SIWA has a lot to be proud of during its 50 year history, and it has grown and prospered along with the country itself. Currently made up of about 400 women from over 40 countries, SIWA is unique among the foreign groups, in that about 25 percent of the members are Korean. This adds a unique flavor to its events, and many of its local members form lasting friendships with those visiting for a short time. In addition, during its 33 year history, the SIWA Bazaar has raised over two billion won for various Korean charities. All of the money that SIWA raises stays in Korea, helping organizations as diverse as study rooms, multicultural centers, and homes for battered girls and women.

"SIWA can provide our members with ways to experience Korea and to learn more about themselves". For some of our members, it is a chance to continue in their area of expertise. Some of the members will choose to work on the website or write articles for the Discovery Magazine, much like they did in their home countries. One of the board members, who is a lawyer in her home country, drafted a lease agreement.

On the other hand, some of our members want to try out something new. Some take cooking classes or brush painting classes through SIWA, or help with publicity, which gives them a chance to learn new skills.

"SIWA will be having a 50th Golden Anniversary Luncheon to celebrate its achievements. As the current SIWA President I feel this elegant luncheon, 50 years in the making, will be an opportunity to honor our members and really celebrate. In particular, to show our appreciation, we will be giving out the first Volunteer of the Year Award. The award will acknowledge one very special lady, who gives so much of her time to help SIWA do many of the things it does".

The luncheon will be held on May 9th at the Grand Hyatt in Seoul. For more information, visit www.siwapage.com.

By Terri Hartman


"Age of Youth" five lovely women - persona analysis

The idea of the drama on my own makes one wish to know what it is about. Five facultyladiesreside in a share-house and be ordinary. The solid of the drama are Han Ye-ri, Han Seung-yeon, Park Eun-bin, Ryu Hwa-young and Park Hye-soo.

Director Lee Tae-gon-I stated he had to appearall over the place for this cast. An research has been done at the five characters who are going to hook up with their viewers.

Han Ye-ri takes on the role of Yoon Jin-myeong, a robustwoman who is going to school, does tutoring and works part-time. Han Ye-ri said, "Jin-myeong is at all timesbeneath the shade. She used to bethe soleconsumer 1loved when I read the situation and she looks as ifa decent person".

However, Han Ye-ri said, "Our characters don't appear to be like though. We are either tough-willed and feature a sturdy livelihood".

Han Seung-yeon plays Jeong Ye-eun, a idiot who most effective has eyes for her boyfriend. "I thought she changed into just a nosy person yet she's in fact very self-conscious and needs love from the individual she adores".

"I am no longer a captivating person. I turn out to belovely when I am amongst girlfriends but in front of guys, I wish toglance mature. In the drama, I'm the wrong way around".

Park Eun-bin takes on the role of Song Ji-won who loves to birthday party and drink. "I am very other from Song Ji-won. I'mreallyratherthe other in many ways".

"I am also like a mum or dad angel to the five girls. I am nosy and I admire to party and drink. But I do stay a excellent eye on the five girls. I know them best possible and I play a largesection in letting our friendship bloom".

Ryu Hwa-young plays Kang Yi-na, a prettypersona who is the envy of all women and the affection of all men. "This character is extremelysimilar to me", says Ryu. "Yi-na's sexy, S-line frameand engaging lineament is what makes her special".

Director Lee Tae-gon-I said Ryu Hwa-young was like Kang Yi-na. "I knew it correct away. I knew she would be it".

Park Hye-soo is Yoo Eun-jae, a shy and timid girl who has a stable sense of patience. "I'm like her. As I believetougher and more durable about my character, I believe we are alike in more ways. I realize her much too well".

Lee Tae-gon-I said, "I ponder whether Park Hye-soo can play any other part again. Eun-jae and Park Hae-soo are so alike I used to be very satisfied".

"Age of Youth" is coming on the 22nd at 8:30PM.

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Red Velvet Irene’s ridiculously small waist making women  all over the place Korea jealous

Red Velvet Irene’s ridiculously small waist making women all over the place Korea jealous

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterRookie feminine idol Irene has change into a hot subject among netizens following a contemporaryfunctionality where her tiny waist lengthwas once revealed.

Red Velvet latelyconducted their comeback degree with Dumb Dumb on Music Core where they also gave homage to BoA viaappearing her beyond hit track, No.1.

Aired on September 12th, the music display held a distinct episode where they achieved on an out of doors stage for the DMC Festival.

Wearing an all-white outfit consisting of a crop-top and pants very an identical to that of BoAs outfits all over her No.1 promotional days fanatics were ready to capture Irenes ant waist.

In a Instiz post published at the twelfth with the name reading Irenes waist today ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ, the post just shared a photo of her tiny waist (seen above in the featured symbol on the right).

Heol, thin..I feel like cryingAnt waist ㅜㅜㅜ I need one too ㅜㅜㅜHeol.. Is that her waist..?Amazing.Amaaaaazzzinng.Seulgi may be no joke ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ?!?!?!??!??!?!??! IncredibleYes, these days Im going to starve ㅠㅠ

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“Doctors,” A Drama About Non-public Growth, Love, And Locating Courage For Both

“Doctors,” A Drama About Non-public Growth, Love, And Locating Courage For Both

Doctors, A Drama About Private Growth, Love, And Locating Courage For Either somilha July 20, 2016 0 Doctors, A Drama About Personal Growth, Love, And Finding Courage For Both These days reigning over the Monday Tuesday primetime drama slot is SBSs Doctors, starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won. Doctors is a romantic drama set in the scientificglobal that unearthsthe tale of a guy and a girl who conquer their adolescence struggles. Its a drama about personal growth and the sure effects of authentic love written via screenwriter Ha Myung Hee of Top Society and directed by director Oh Choong Hwan of My Love From the Star.

Park Shin Hye stars as our major character, Yoo Hye Jung, a pessimistic high-school antisocial who comes from a coarse background. Hye Jung struggles with opening up to these around her, opting for rather to take choicemovements which ceaselesslyends up in violence. Her tale unfolds in some waythat permits us to peer her growth from an apathetic and competitiveearly life to that of a young, decided doctor. 

Kim Rae Won plays the local high college teacher, Hong Ji Hong, who comes from an prosperous family. His compassion for his scholars and care against them breaks down their barriers and serves as a type of encouragement for Hye Jung. He is a superbinstructoryet his mannerisms recommend that there are topics in his lifestyles that he avoids. Even supposing Ji Hong is adopted, he stocksa robust bond with his followed father.

If the impressive production group of workers and major characters did now not catch your attention, the drama also capabilities an achieved ensemble of supporting characters. Audienceacquainted with the drama “Pinocchio” might beready to witness a other dynamic between Yoon Kyun Sang and Park Shin Hye, as the former plays a neurosurgeon (Jung Yoon Do) who works in the similar hospital. Jung Yoon Do is highbrow and blunt; his quirky personality makes him the comedic relief but also endearing to watch.

Lee Sung Kyung, who garnered combinedstories for her portrayal in Cheese in the Trap wraps up our romantic quadrangle as Hye Jungs hardworking and rich classmate, Jin Search engine optimization Woo. Lee Sung Kyung delivers in her portrayal of the jealous high faculty student who fancies her homeroom teacher. Despite the truth that her motives are commonly selfish, her talent to voice her feelings makes her a personality thats in a function to much development. Not each2nd lead is supposed to serve as a rival for a heroine. In this drama, Seo Woo and Hye Jung percentage many differences, but bitterness and hate isn'tthe sole result in their clashes. 

Doctors has aired 10 episodes of its 20 total so far. By this point, weve been exposed sufficient to our characters to grow to be invested in their stories. As this display has progressed, I'mrepeatedly being inspired by the deft way it has captured the relationships between various individuals. The prove has done an implausibletask showing raw human emotions whilst pairing it with a sprint of sweet romance.

There are many stereotypical roles in the drama that will havelong gone wayward, but they didnt. The superficially stereotypical are fleshed out into unique, relatable characters. For example, Jin Seo Woo is the beautiful moment lead who comes from a prosperouscircle of relatives and is complete of jealousy, but she is also a personsufferingto appreciate herself and to discover the values she needs to reside by. Yoo Hye Jung is the cuteleading character with a disturbing past; she could also bea girlfinding out to be touchy and robust in a global where it roughly feelsladies cant be both. The characters in this drama are multidimensional. Just as in genuine life, it isn'tsimple to categorize them as just right or bad.

The beautiful cinematography and the sprinkles of narration by Yoo Hye Jung have truly made this drama a joy to watch. Although I was concerned about the teacher-student dating narrative, I am beginning to understand perhaps the story is intended show the growth a of mentor-mentee relationship to that of lovers. This topic, which turns out taboo, has been treated amongst care and an enchanting plot.

Are you interested in this drama? Music in to the primary episode of Doctors below.

“Why don’t you've a boyfriend yet?” ask my relatives. I shrug and tell them I’m too busy, declining to mention the reality that I am in truth in more than one parasocial relationships with my favourite celebrities. It’s the fan-girl life for me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sign up for me, somilha, as I consume more K-pop, more dramas and the restI will get my hands on throughout the internet.

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Wonder Women  Stocks What Idea They Sought after  To test out (But Werent Allowed)

Wonder Women Stocks What Idea They Sought after To test out (But Werent Allowed)

Wonder WomenStocks What Thought They Sought afterTo take a glance at out (But Weren’t Allowed)notclaira July 18, 2016 0 Wonder Girls Shares What Concept They Wanted To Check out (But Weren’t Allowed) On July 18, Wonder Girls held a Naver V app broadcast for their appearance at the SBS LoveFM program “Yoon Hyung Bin and Yang Se Hyung’s Two Guy Show.”

The ladyworkforcethese days made a comeback with the identifymusic “Why So Lonely,” a band song with reggae infusions. However, the girls shared that they to get started with wanted to are trying a hip-hop concept.

“We pitched the speculation to our agency, but Park Jin Young told us firmly that hip-hop used to besimplest for cool people,” they acknowledged jokingly.

Wonder Girls is a veteran woman group, having been around for nearly ten years, but they shared that they haven’t made many palsout of doors the agency.

“There weren’t many opportunities for other folks to manner us,” they explained. Yubin added, “We have guests at our agency, but in relation to age I’m nearlyappropriate afterwards Park Jin Young. It’s been some time since our debut.”

Would you need to haveto peer Wonder Girls strive a hip-hop concept?

Wonder Girls - Why So LonelyBeef up the artist by way ofpurchasing “Why from YesAsia Source (1)

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Watch: Eric Nam Hilariously Wears A Get dressed In Public At Solar’s Request On “We Were given Married”

Watch: Eric Nam Hilariously Wears A Get dressed In Public At Solar’s Request On “We Were given Married”

Watch: Eric Nam Hilariously Wears A Get dressed In Public At Solars Request On We Were given Marriedkminjungee July 16, 2016 0 Watch: Eric Nam Hilariously Wears A Dress In Public At Solars Request On We Got Married All the style through the July 16 episode of MBCs We Got Married, Eric Nam takes MAMAMOOs Sun on a food adventure to Itaewon, in want of to introduce her to more unfamiliar foods corresponding to Mexican cuisine.

Before they make their way to the restaurants, Eric Nam insists that his virtual wife wishes new garmentsto fit their adventure, and buys her a dress with a slightlyauthentic print.

Unwilling to be the just one that stands out, Solar chooses out a womans dress for him to wear as well, or even gets the shopkeeper to mention its unisex so as to convince him.

While he's reluctant, Eric Nam still wears the dress outside, albeit embarrassed via the turn of events.

Watch this hilarious scene in its entirety, in additionthe remainder of the episode, below!

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Super Junior’s Heechul finds his secret to seducing women

Super Junior’s Heechul finds his secret to seducing women

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOn an episode of jTBC variety show Knowing BrosSuper JuniorHeechul revealed his secret to seducing women to fans. 

According to Heechul, whos been known to be slightly a smooth-talker, hes never been grew to become down by skill ofa ladysooner than in his life, causing many enthusiasts to concentratefurthermoderately for his seduction technique. However, when asked precisely how he seduces ladies so easily, Heechul printedthat each and every one he does is tell them that hes interested, surprising viewers.

Check out Heechul and Jungmos new trot song Ulsanbawi below:

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