Han Go-eun talks about married lifestyles on JTBC

Han Go-eun talks about married lifestyles on JTBC "Talk To You", Kim Je-dong 'jealous'

Actress Han Go-eun mentioned her married life.

She was once featured in the JTBC Televisiondisplay "Talk To You" as a guest at the 24th.

She changed into told she looked more than happy and she stated she gets told that a lot.

She said, "It's assuring to understandyou've gotany individual to depend on. I suffered from insomnia, yet now I wouldn't havesufficient time to sleep. I bestthese dayswere given married, so all I have to mention are just right things".

An target market member stated that she thinks checkswill have to be terminated for fundamentalcollegescholars as they be afflicted bypressure but Han Go-eun said otherwise.

She explained, "Exams are intended for academics to check in how much a student has understood in his or her educational career. What ought toexchange is the manner grown-ups think".

"It's the grown-ups that grade and rank the students. They want toswap the way they suspect and educate".

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Byul Talks About Married Lifestyles With Haha on Sketchbook

Byul Talks About Married Lifestyles With Haha on Sketchbook

Byul Talks About Married Existence alongside Haha on “Sketchbook”ilmare42 January 1, 2016 0 LINE it!Byul Talks About Married Life With Haha on “Sketchbook” When singer Byul visitors on January 1’s episode of “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook,” she is asked to describe what comic Haha is like as a husband.

Byul says that a huge number ofother people were stunnedto get started withthrough their pairing and made a gigantic deal about their relationship, steadily asking when they first were given married whether they were glad together. “As of yet, there still haven’t been any problems,” she jokes.

“We’re now notthe kind of couple who stare into every others eyes and specific our love for one another in a lovey dovey way,” Byul says. “Instead he feels more like he’s my partner, in addition my best possible friend. We’re living fortunately together.”

Host Yoo Hee Yeol says, “The two of them glancepleased when they’re aside every bit well, yet they appearanceactuallychuffed when I see them together.”

Haha and Byul tied the knot in 2012, and welcomed their first son, Dream, into the arena in July of 2013. Whilstat the show, Byul also mentions that the couple are making plans on having some otherkid in the 2nd onepart of this year.

Check out more of Byul, adding a functionality of her new unmarriedDaily with Sweet Sorrow, on January 1s episode of Yoo Hee Yeols Sketchbook.

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Watch: Jungkook Talks About BTSs Dorm Lifestyles  Whilst Bonding With Minwoo On Celebrity Bromance

Watch: Jungkook Talks About BTSs Dorm Lifestyles Whilst Bonding With Minwoo On Celebrity Bromance

Watch: Jungkook Talks About BTS’s Dorm LifestylesWhilst Bonding With Minwoo On “Celebrity Bromance”ilmare42 July 19, 2016 0 Watch: Jungkook Talks About BTS’s Dorm Life While Bonding With Minwoo On “Celebrity Bromance” On July 19’s episode of “Celebrity Bromance,” BTS’s Jungkook and Shinhwa’s Minwoo re-energize with some scrumptiousbarbecue later their workout!

After Jungkook and Minwoo achievedoperating out at the rock mountaineering gym in closing weeks episode, they’re now headed to get some meat, which Minwoo has promised he’ll purchase for Jungkook. The 2 guys are the primary couple on “Celebrity Bromance” who were now notpalssooner than they met up to movie the show, yet they obviouslyappear more pleased withevery other by way of the time they’re grilling the food in combination at the restaurant.

Jungkook and Minwoo discuss life as idol crewparticipants every bit they eat, as neatly their hobbies, tastes, and personalities. Minwoo says that because the members of Shinhwa are all living in their own places, it’s challenging to social gathering now. He asks Jungkook if BTS still lives together in a dorm, and when he says yes, Minwoo comments that life in a dorm is truly great. Jungkook replies, “I’m trulyrelaxed in the dorm. I believe like we’ll most probablystay living together in a dorm even in the future.”

Minwoo asks how long they’ve been living together, and Jungkook says it’s been five years now. “When we were trainees, we all slept in the similar room, but now we’re in separate rooms,” he says. “I think that there was oncea undeniable charm to us all snoozing together. It become really cramped, but there were numerouswonderful memories.”

Minwoo then displays Jungkook how to shake up a lunch box to make the entire lot eventide more delicious, and the guys maintain chowing down after their tiring workout. They then head to Han River to absorba sexy water show, and clutch ice cream for dessert.

As they take a seat by the river, Minwoo says that he’d like to move on a travel abroad with Jungkook, and Jungkook replies, “I’d find impossible to resist to do that, lets go surfing!”

Before they say goodbye, Minwoo advises Jungkook to cope with his fitnessall the manner through his busy life as an idol so that he doesn’t be afflicted bysickness as Minwoo did. As the loversaccumulate around them by the river, the pair communicate about status and how thankful they are that folksadmire them.

Watch the overall episode of “Celebrity Bromance” below, with English subtitles!

“Celebrity Bromance” airs each Tuesday at 11 p.m. KST on Naver TVCast. The following pair has yet to be announced. Who do you needto peer up next?

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Watch: Jota And Kim Jin Kyung Either  Expose Their Jealous Aspects On We Were given Married

Watch: Jota And Kim Jin Kyung Either Expose Their Jealous Aspects On We Were given Married

Watch: Jota And Kim Jin Kyung EitherExpose Their Jealous Aspects On “We Were given Married”ilmare42 July 9, 2016 0 Watch: Jota And Kim Jin Kyung Both Reveal Their Jealous Sides On “We Got Married” Virtual couple Kim Jin Kyung and Jota of MADTOWN have both shown how protective they are of each and every other!

In July 9s episode of We Got Married, Kim Jin Kyung has determined to turn into MADTOWN’s manager for the day to celebrate their comeback, and she packs a lunch box for them. She also makes a listing of all of the things she wishes to do.

After sending Jota a message to invite how things are going with his comeback, she sits down to glance at their newesttune video, “Emptiness.” Jota gets close with an actress in the music video, but if Kim Jin Kyung sees him in the video at first, she just luckily yells, “Jota’s acting!”

But her excitement soon turns to jealously when she sees Jota giving the actress a back hug. As he laughs in every other scene, Kim Jin Kyung says threateningly to the screen, “Are you gigglingappropriate now?!”

She then sighs and puts her telephone down, saying, “I have anything else to upload to my list. Ask him about the music video.” She then angrily alternatives up her phone back and says “Why isn’t he answering me?!”

When Kim Jin Kyung later meets up with Jota and the guys of MADTOWN, Heo Joon reminds the pair of the time when they were on a date and Kim Jin Kyung kept seeing “oppas” that she knew. Kim Jin Kyung says to him, “But Heo Joon, you’re my oppa too.”

As each person laughs, Jota jokingly yells at Heo Joon that he will have to get out.

He then turns to Kim Jin Kyung and says, “Wow, I wager now you've six new oppas.”

Heo Joon issues at Jota and jokes that he seems like he’s about to drink his complete bottle of water in anger.

Watch the whole clip in the episode below!

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Brown Eyed Girls Miryo, Yang Dong Geun, And Ha Joo Yeon In Talks For Unpretty Rapstar 3

Brown Eyed Girls Miryo, Yang Dong Geun, And Ha Joo Yeon In Talks For Unpretty Rapstar 3

Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo, Yang Dong Geun, And Ha Joo Yeon In Talks For “Unpretty Rapstar 3”notclaira July 1, 2016 0 Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo, Yang Dong Geun, And Ha Joo Yeon In Talks For “Unpretty Rapstar 3” “Unpretty Rapstar 3” is beginning to building up its cast!

On July 1, an Mnet representative stated, “We are recently in talks with Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo for ‘Unpretty Rapstar 3.’ Not anything about the display has been showed yet.”

In reaction to previous rumors that Yang Dong Geun would be collaborating in the primary filming on July 3, the representative said, “The precise start filming date has now not yet been decided. We are currently in talks with Yang Dong Geun as well.”

If cast, Yang Dong Geun would be one of the crucial MCs at thefeminine rap survival program.

On the similar day, industry representatives claimed that former Jewellery member Ha Joo Yeon would also be performing on the show. She has prior to nowgave the impression on “Show Me the cash 5” yetwas once eliminated.

Mnet in any case declared, “We will remain silent on the contestants before the 1st episode airs, much like in the former season. Therefore, the rappers’ agencies can also be careful in revealing any news. The first filming will take positionsomeday next week.”

“Unpretty Rapstar 3” is scheduled to air following “SMTM5” in the midst of July.

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Cha In-pyo and Ra Mi-ran sign up for 'Suited Gentlemen in Yanggye-dong' as a married couple

Cha In-pyo and Ra Mi-ran sign up for 'Suited Gentlemen in Yanggye-dong' as a married couple

Cha In-pyo and Ra Mi-ranwill co-star as a married couple in KBS 2TV's new weekend drama, 'Suited Gentlemen in Yanggye-dong' slated for this August.

The drama production corporate Pan Entertainment has announced on June 30th, "Cha In-pyo and Ra Mi-ran had beenforged every bit Bae Sam-do and Bok Seon-nyeo couple for 'Suited Gentlemen in Yanggye-dong'".

Cha In-pyo's personality Bae Sam-do is a former tailor running for Wolgyesoo (Laurel Tree) Tailor, who used to be a famendmythical genius tailor in his more youthful days, however, he'srecently running a fried bird restaurant. Despite the truth that he is a manly guy who regards loyalty as the head priority, he can notcarry his voice in front of his wife.

Ra Mi-ran's character Bok Seon-nyeo is the co-owner of the white meat restaurant, who has the facility and keep watch over over her husband. She would possiblyappear to besomebody who is all in favour of money, yet she is a righteous, accountable and warm-hearted consumerwhenever you get to grasp her.

The production team said, "The couple will make the drama fanatics laugh and sob. They're going to bring the exceptional entertainment and chemistry to the small screen" and "It is okay to watch for a lot".

'Suited Gentlemen in Yanggye-dong' might be broadcast in August once "Five Children" has wrapped up.

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Jang Dong-gun, Kim Myeong-min, Park Hee-soon and Lee Jong-suk in talks to register for for new film 'VIP' by ability of Park Hoon-jeong-I

Jang Dong-gun, Kim Myeong-min, Park Hee-soon and Lee Jong-suk in talks to register for for new film 'VIP' by ability of Park Hoon-jeong-I

It is possibly that Jang Dong-gun, Kim Myeong-min, Park Hee-soon and Lee Jong-suk will sign up for in film 'VIP'.

According to resources in movie industry on June 27, the 4 stars have gainedprovides from Park Hoon-jeong-I's new movie, 'VIP' and they all are discussing the deals positively. Many discussions are still going on with the director Park Hoon-jeong-I as it is earlier than pre-production level at the moment.

'VIP' may be "The New World" and "The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale" director Park Hoon-jeong-I's next film project. A son to a high-ranked reliable in North Korea commits a chain of murders going around the countries round the world. The motion picture depicts the nextoccasions as South Korea, North Korea and Interpol get started chasing down after him.

Kim Myeong-min, Lee Jong-suk, and Park Hee-soon have authorized the supplies from director Park Hoon-jeong-I with pleasure. Jang Dong-gun, who is these days filming drama 'It Hurts Me When Desirous about You, whom I loved' in China, will meet Park Hoon-jeong-I soon to make the general decision.

'VIP' is drawing attention for the star-studded solidsimilar to "The New World" and the reality that the director is returning to his experience story.

'VIP' will whole cast soon and is making plansto commence out filming in October this year in complete scale.

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Seong Dong-il talks about Kim Soo-hyeon-I:

Seong Dong-il talks about Kim Soo-hyeon-I: "Funnier than me and has fantastic manner"

Seong Dong-il highly complimented Kim Soo-hyeon-I.

Actor Seong Dong-il and PD Sin Won-ho were given the taxi ride at the Tuesday episode of tvN's typecommunicate show, 'Taxi' .

Seong Dong-il is these days filming film "Real" co-starring Kim Soo-hyeon-I. Here'sthe primary time for the 2 stars to paintings together.

Seong Dong-il discussed about Kim Soo-hyeon-I, announcing "He is somewhatexcellent at entertaining the folks on the filming set unlike what you may imagine of him".

He backendured on. "He is funnier than I am. He plays sensible jokes more than I do. Even then, he is the user who greets first when any individual who is even 365 days older than him visits the filming set".

Oh Man-seok raised his thumb saying, "There's at all timesan evenreason why when someone is successful".

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Oh Min Seok Talks About The chance Of Dating Former “We Were given Married” Virtual Wife Kang Ye Won

Oh Min Seok Talks About The chance Of Dating Former “We Were given Married” Virtual Wife Kang Ye Won

Oh Min Seok Talks About The prospect Of Dating Former We Were given Married Virtual Wife Kang Ye WonJiwonYu June 14, 2016 0 Oh Min Seok Talks About The Possibility Of Dating Former We Got Married Virtual Wife Kang Ye Won At the June 14 episode of SBS PowerFMs Choi Hwa Jungs Vitality Time, actors Kim Sang Ho and Oh Min Seok came on as visitors to advertise their newestmovieEvidence of Innocence.

During the show, DJ Choi Hwa Jung asks Oh Min Seok, You filmed We Got Married with Kang Ye Won. Is there any possibility of in truth dating her because you did that program together?

Oh Min Seok replies, I believehere isother than dating. Of course, we had just rightemotions about each and every other, and we matched smartly during filming. Even now, even though we dont call one anothereach day, we strengthen and cheer each one other on when we have got an tournament or anything like that to attend.

Choi Hwa Jung persists, Yetperhapsyou'll date after the methods over?

Oh Min Seok answers, Because the plan itself showed what happened as we dated, we are slightly careful around every other even now that filming is over. Audience take told us to this point too, and too much attention is targeted on that. Were sensiblebuddies now.

Do you omit the Oh Min Seok and Kang Ye Won couple?

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Outsider Opens Up About His Married Lifestyles And Wife’s Cancer

Outsider Opens Up About His Married Lifestyles And Wife’s Cancer

Outsider Opens Up About His Married Existence And Wifes Cancermcheller Would possibly 4, 2016 0 Outsider Opens Up About His Married Life And Wifes Cancer Rapper Outsider will discuss his married life for the primary time on “Jagiya.”

Outsider (Shin Good enough Chul) is because ofseem on SBS’s “Jagiya” on May just 5. He comes to the set, now not as the rapper Outsider, yet as Shin Okay Chul, a son-in-law of five years. When speaking about his married life, he confesses, “When I’m struggling with amongst my wife, I nag quicker than I rap.”

Then, “When I’m pouring out all my rapid nagging, my wife, after paying attention to everything, says, “Are you finished? Do you're feeling better?” to me, and not turns it into a fight,” he explains.

“I met my wife when I used to bea personal first elegance in the military, and married her when I used to be a corporal, but I knew by way of our 3rdassembly that she changed into the one. Whilst ane was still in the army, I proposed to her over gather call,” he reveals, sudden everyone.

Then, “After seeming to consider information technology for a bit, she answered, “Ok.” When host Kim Won Hee and the alternativevisitorsappearshocked at this fast proposal and short acceptance, the rapper adds, “Afterwards, I met her in user and confessed my love to her.”

Then he continues, “While getting ready for our wedding, my wife’s thyroid cancer was discovered,” stunning everyone. “She sought after to cancel the wedding, but I wouldn’t let her. Even now, I believe that’s the maximum efficient thing I’ve done in my complete life,” he reveals. “Now she is totally healthy and two months ago we had a daughter. Since our toddlergave the influence ofa present from heaven, we named her “Shin Lee Ro Eun” (Gift from God).”

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