Heize & Dean Toe the Line Between Love and Hate in “And July”

Heize & Dean Toe the Line Between Love and Hate in “And July”

20160724_seoulbeats_heize_dean_and_july_4Heize Dean Toe the Line Between Love and Hate in And JulyWritten by capability of Chelsea On July 24, 2016Its been a busy a year of collaborations for either Dean and Heize. Whilst Heize received aid teaming up with both Chanyeol and Chen of Exo, Dean featured in Taeyeons Starlight as neatly every bit Dok2s Bad Vibes Lonely. Back in June, the 2emerging artists got herein combination for the jam, Close Up and Groove. Keeping the momentum in their collaborative good fortune going, Heize and Dean have teamed up once back alongside the reduction of DJ Fritz to offer the lead unmarried of Heizes debut album, And July.

If it were any individualwith the exception of Dean, I'd exist wary of the reality that both of Heizes post-Unpretty Rapstar singles feature the similar artist. However, Heize and Dean have a differentmore or less musical chemistry thats advantageous for either one of them. Here'sprincipallyon account ofthe style they balance with one another and can play off of each and every other effortlessly. Theres a herbal  almost playful synergy between them, and this isnot moretransparent than in And July. Together, they organize to convey a complex relationship that ft the line between affection and loathing.

Weve come to be expectingexcellent things from Digipedi productions, and And July does now not disappoint on that front. Whats interesting more or less the MV is that the lyrics say one thing, while the visuals apparentlyput acrossanything entirely different. Or do they? Theres a wealthy layer of complexity between the sentiments of the tune and the movements of Heize and Dean on screen that creates more questions than answers: are they looking to confess their affections or their ambivalence? Are they enthusiasts or enemies? Do the ones two things must be mutually exclusive?

And July plays much like a throw-back hip hop confessional of an adult playground rivalry; Dean pulls Heizes metaphoric pig tails, and she figuratively kicks him in the shin in retaliation. She doesnt need him to peer her react, now not when he pours sugar into her coffee or when he passes her chewed up gum in its place of the hoop she anticipated. Heize continues to play into their childish game because its more straightforward than acknowledging that perhaps she in truth cares about him that hes in some way wormed his way into her heart.

Did someone put medication in it?

(I acknowledged it’s) killin me softly

Dean, too, struggles with communicating his affections and frustrations. Where she acts ambivalent, he acts out to stay her attention. He knows its not healthy, what theyre doing, yet he also fears that speaking about the elephant in the room may ruin everything.

But today, it’ll be different

All the feelings onedriven back

20160724_seoulbeats_heize_dean_and_july_1Where Heize wonders how to admit her emotions without coming off too eager, Dean needs to promise her the sectoras long as she recognizes that they could be more than friends. Somehow, they both achievethe realization that July is the easiest month for the verbal exchange to take position if they are ready to survive until then.

I used to be denying it, announcing I don’t know

Then two seasons have passed us

Even in this moment, I omit you

If the MV is any indication, their courting is a ticking time bomb. All the insecurities of the lyrics translate into a live-action edition of Spy vs Spy, complete with quite so much of food, toothbrushes in puts they shouldnt be, dead-pan stares, and button-pushing. How things escalated this some distance is unclear, but what is obvious is that something should be done sooner than they finally finish upany further bruised than they already are (literally).

Despite the palpable tension of the MV, theres something similarly adorable about it. A lot of the cuteness will also be attributed to Deans immature yet adorable endurance contrasted with Heizes stoic eye rolls. They play off one another and so naturally, taking turns lamenting their own misfortune and gleefully torturing the opposite in retaliation. Its all push and no pull, but theres a small semblance of fondness communicated in their gestures when the other isnt looking.

20160724_seoulbeats_heize_dean_and_july_3Its not just their on-screen chemistry that makes And July so enjoyable, either. Heize and Dean have voices that compliment each one other both vocally and stylistically. Heize has a in point of fact unique vocal colourjust like Suran and I appreciate how smoothly she flows between rap verses and making a song bits. Deans vocals are equally dynamic, and when their voices come together it becomes a harmonious substitute of banter that is rarely dull.

(That being said, there are moments when Heizes lack of enunciation in And July is reminiscent of someone given slightly in addition to much Novocaine at the dentist. The track mayget excitement from clearer start on her part.)

Overall, And July is a frank and amusing release. Underneath the juvenile antics of the MV, theres a captivating exploration of the boundary between love and hate that is going hand-in-hand with the complexities of trendy relationships. Why do we've gotsuch a lothassle expressing our feelings, and why is it more easy to act detached than displaysymptoms of vulnerability? The MV doesnt take a glance atto respond to the questions it raises, and for me, that makes it all the more successful.

Heize and Deans And July, with all its contradictions, is much stronger than their first collaboration which I still very well enjoyed. While it will be great to see Heize liberatean absolutely solo track, I wouldnt object to seeing more from the two artists together.

(YouTube. Photographsby way of CJ EM. Translations thru Pop!Gasa.)


Heize Drops MV For “And July” Featuring DEAN And DJ Friz

Heize Drops MV For “And July” Featuring DEAN And DJ Friz

Heize Drops MV For And July Featuring DEAN And DJ Frizehk38 July 17, 2016 0 Heize Drops MV For And July Featuring DEAN And DJ Friz Rapper Heize has dropped the tune video for her highly expected collab with DEAN and DJ Friz.

And July, the identify track of her new mini album of the similar name, capabilitieseither Heize and DEANs vocals. The 2 artists also co-star in the music video as a couple that cant are living alongsideeach and every other yet besides cant live without each one other.

Both And July and Heizes final collaboration with DEAN Close Up and Groove are incorporated in Heizes new mini album, which was once released along side the music video on July 18 in the dead of night KST.

You can watch the music video for And July below. Would you like to peer more Heize x Dean collaborations in the future?

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Watch: Heize Drops Teaser Video For New Song And July, Featuring DEAN And DJ Friz

Watch: Heize Drops Teaser Video For New Song And July, Featuring DEAN And DJ Friz

Watch: Heize Drops Teaser Video For New Music “And July,” Featuring DEAN And DJ Frizilmare42 July 13, 2016 0 Watch: Heize Drops Teaser Video For New Track “And July,” Featuring DEAN And DJ Friz Heize and DEAN have teamed up back for what sounds like any otherwonderful track!

Rapper Heize up to now announced that she may beshedding a mini album entitled “And July” on July 18 at nighttime KST, which functions six songs in total.

On July 14 at midnight KST, Heize shared a teaser video for the mini album’s identify track of the similar name, which positive aspects DEAN and DJ Friz. Heize and DEAN co-star in the video, with the pair having a look like they’ve just been in a bad combat at the beginning, and then cutely getting their groove on in combination in a funky apartment.

Heize and DEAN formerly collaborated on her track “Shut Up Groove” in June, which may also beintegrated on her new mini album.

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Music & Lyrics: Is There a Line Between Love and Hate

Music & Lyrics: Is There a Line Between Love and Hate

20150508_seoulbeats_bts MusicLyrics: Is There a Line Between Love and Hate? Written by Morgan On June 10, 2015 We all probably know how volatile relationships are; no relationship is completely perfect – sort of like my relationship with K-pop. Yet, a majority of songs portray one side of a relationship: either I love you or I hate you. But, what about blending those two together? Many dramas use love-hate romances where characters tease, annoy and challenge one another to create an interesting dynamic between the two. So, is this a more realistic representation of romance?

Love and hate has become one of those perpetual titles for albums, used to make all the songs relevant or connected. Many of the songs are opposites to each other whether pertaining to budding relationships or break upsits love or hate. f(x) challenges this with “Love Hate” which pertains to a relationship at its beginning.

I hate you, I love you, my heart keeps changing

I love you, I hate you, the clock hand goes back and forth

Isn’t love and hate the same thing anyway?

Is it possible to love and hate someone at the same time and still have a romantic relationship? f(x) definitely portrays it as the same thing in this upbeat romantic release. As this song is set at the beginning of the relationship, the love and hate have more to do with confusion at whether to want someone romantically. This leaves the Facebook status of the relationship at its complicated. Though the dynamic between love and hate makes the person intriguing. The blend of the pulsing beat, techno backings and vocals make this song completely addictive from start to end, matching the songs message. Hate is a temporary aspect of the relationship in f(x)s Love Hate, something that enhances and also needs to be overcome to continue with it. The only question is do they overcome it or not?

2am’s “Love You, Hate You” off their first album, Saint oclock, is a surprisingly upbeat song far from the soulful ballads associated with the group. The majority of the song is rapping and the vocals use auto-tune which pushes the contrast further. The song speaks of someone whose relationship has become unsteady, but they are still in love the other person.

We’re attracted to each other because we’re opposite ends of magnets

But we’re still clumsy about understanding each other

Girl, at the smile you make like you’re sorry

Again, I decide to trust you “It’ll be different this time”

Love love love U but I hate U

Hate hate hate U but I love

Romance seems synonymous with understanding in this song; Even though someone does something they hate, it doesnt mean they hate your entire being. Instead it provides to be an obstacle, one that 2am will wither have to overcome or run away from. This leaves the status of the relationship is still up in the air.

In BTSs I Need U, despite the negative toll the relationship is taking on someone, they still are unable to let go; it is definitely twisted romance.

I’m sorry I hate you

I love you I hate you

Forgive me

The power is put into the girls hands with the boys proclaiming I need you, leaving her to make a final decision. They are holding onto hearing her decision, suspended with not knowing her answer. Its torturous and makes them hate the girl they love. So basically the moral of I Need U is to never fall in love, it is not worth it and you will most certainly die.

The presence of love and hate in a relationship seems to place it in limbo no matter if it is the start, end, or after it. BoA’s new self composed album, Kiss My Lips, has been the birthplace of many dynamic songs and “Love and Hate” serves as a simple acoustic ballad that laments the exclusiveness of the two extremes in a relationship that she ended.

I hate you as much as I loved you

It was a lie when I said it was okay

Telling myself that I knew

We were together but it didn’t feel like it

Pain is better than the deepened loneliness

If only we were honest with each other

The combination of love and hate in BoAs relationship is portrayed as incredibly one sided. It is clear that BoA is unable to let go of the love she had even though she hates the person she was in love with. While in the other two songs pertained to a relationship that was in limbo, BoA’s pertains to herself being left suspended instead.

The combination of love and hate in a relationship always seem to indicate that it is in limbo, whether it be at the start or at the end of one. While definitely a frustrating time, it proves to be a challenge that must be overcome for the relationship to continue. Though love and hate relationships may start off interesting as two people get to know each other, they ultimately lead to tension (and definitely not the good kind of tension either). There should be a warning on the box, love and hate relationships can lead to the end of a relationshipthis is definitely K-pop tested. Though, what suits someone in relationships definitely varies per person. So, what do you think? Is it possible to sustain a love-hate relationship? Know any songs that portray it positively?

(YouTube [1][2], Images via SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Big Hit Entertainment)


Will Kim Min Suk Get A Love Line On “Doctors”

Will Kim Min Suk Get A Love Line On “Doctors”

Will Kim Min Suk Get A Love Line On Doctors?JiwonYu July 15, 2016 0 Will Kim Min Suk Get A Love Line On Doctors? The Monday-Tuesday drama Doctors has released new preview stills of Kim Min Suk in a conceivable love line!

In the primary photo, Kim Min Suk and Pyo Ye Jin are having a verbal exchange in front of a automobile and are having a lookslightlygreat together. The 2 argue for a sectionyet they get in the auto and seem like theyre having an excellent time. They generally have scientific gowns on but they glance even more fascinating with their informal outfits.

In the drama, Kim Min Suk plays Choi Kang Soo, a first year resident, and Pyo Ye Jin plays Hyun Soo Jin, a 5th year neurosurgery nurse. To peer what occurs to the two from now on, watch the following episode of Doctors airing each Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST.

Catch up to the maximum recent episode below!

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6 Underrated Korean Artists You’ll Love When you Like Dean

6 Underrated Korean Artists You’ll Love When you Like Dean

6 Underrated Korean Artists Youll Love Whenever you Like Deanbrookenicole June 27, 2016 0 6 Underrated Korean Artists Youll Love If You love Dean RB newcomer Dean catapulted to statuspractically overnight, participating amongst heavyweight artists like Weigh down and Zico months ahead of he dropped his first EP. Although his debut as a solo artist is recent, Dean spent years creating acall for himself as a creator and composer in the back of the scenes. So, it surely comes as no marvel that his own trackis solely equallywonderful as the tunes hes written for others.

Now that Dean has graduated from underrated status, take a glance at six talented Korean artists you mustcertainlystay an eye on in the future.

Ven is like the easiestcombine of Zion.T and Dean, yetutterly refreshing and enchanting in his own original way. Hes the underrated slow jam king you havent been giving just aboutample of your love, and youll wish you never took goodbye to notice him once you pay attention his tunes.

Ven doesnt have music videos for his songs just yet, but you dont want them. His music speaks for itself. Pay attention to the slow and sensuous For yourFrame featuring Beenzino below.

Heres every otherfantastic track from that EP value listening to, titled Zzom and featuring rapper Odee. This one is a little more upbeat, but it still has that same provocative sound Vens so super at.

Hopefully Ven releases some other EP soon. Till then, we willpreserve marveling in the artistry of this one.

One of JYPs longest trainees and arguably the labels best hidden gem, G. Soul debuted as a solo artist in 2015 after spending 15 years as a trainee. His cool, delightful voice is either a fabricated fromherbalability and his long trainee period, and he already has lots of singles beneath his sleeve.

Love Me Back couples G. Souls delicate vocals with an similarlycushy melody on piano. Listen to the way his voice cascades in this Are living Direct functionality of the unmarried below. Its so gorgeousit's probably you'll cry, so have tissues on hand just in case.

More recently, G. Soul dropped kick back unmarried Where Do We Move From Here and the upbeat choice Far, A ways Away. Investigate cross-check the music video for the latter below.

You more than likely heard Babylons sleek vocals on Zicos hit single Boys and womenclosing year, or perhapsat therefrain of Yankies Cheers with Beenzino and Gaeko. If you havent, then get able to fall head over heels for his gentle, unrivaled vocal color. Hes spent the last year making a name for himself with endless collaboration tracks, but make no mistake: he can definitely lift a song on his own.

Check out his sultry debut track Pray below to get a flavor of the fantastic music youve been lacking out on.

And if that isnt enough, listen to his contemporaryliberate Between Us (U Me) featuring Dok2.

Hes also collaborated with HA:TFELT, if you need to hear how incredible his voice sounds in a laidback duet. (Spoiler alert: He still sounds amazing.)

LiVii, like Hoody and Satbyeol, is one of the most many highly underrated feminine RB artists in the music scene. No longerhandiest does she have a crazy amazing style sense, but she also has remarkable vocals that pair smartly with her one-of-a-kind RB singles. Shes released a slew of covers, from Omarions Post To Be to Kid Inks Body Language. Listen to her customary upbeat track Cmon below.

Her maximum recent single Luna is somewhat more laidback, and it has an addictive vibey sound thats certain to be your go-to chill summer track. Give it a listen below.

OFFONOFFOFFONOFF is a duo a section of the Club Eskimo team with Dean, and theyre also signed to Tablos HIGHGRND label. OFFONOFF makes chill and airy songs — the form of music you switch on past due at evening and wander offon yourmind to. Its one of the bestsupplement to Deans sound, whilst soundless original enough to stand on its own.

Their music videos also arebeautiful artistic. Try out the music video for blu below.

Cloud is one more chill tune, but a piece more upbeat than blu. Take a listen to that below.

We must alwaysspeak about NiiHWA more. Once you hear his voice, youll realize why. NiiHWA has been in the Korean RB scene since 2014, shedding boring jams like several Night Long or even brash tracks like Go Tough where he displays off his rap skills.

Hes also no stranger to collaborations. You'll listen his voice on Yoon Se Yuns groovy CenterFacultyIll with Jay Park. Veteran female duo As One even functions on NiiHWAs own track Say Yes, that you couldtake a glance at out below.

But if you really wish to hear the vocal acrobatics NiiHWA is capable of, you have to hear Gravity. Just the hole few seconds will in an instant convert you into a NiiHWA fan. Test it outunderneathand spot for yourself.

Whos your new favourite artist from this list? Let us know in the comments below!brookenicole is a creative writer with a big love for K-pop and a much bigger love for playlist creation. You will see that her on Twitter here.

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Being Kwang Soo’s Failed Love Line On “Running Man” Brings Just right Luck

Being Kwang Soo’s Failed Love Line On “Running Man” Brings Just right Luck

Being Kwang Soos Failed Love Line On Running Guy Brings Just right Luck?ehk38 June 19, 2016 0 Being Kwang Soos Failed Love Line On Running Man Brings Excellent Luck? At the June 19 broadcast of SBS program Running Man, the solidparticipants of new SBS Monday-Tuesday drama Doctors make an appearance.

At the beginning of the episode when the manufacturer asks the cast members if they know who is going to guest today, Yoo Jae Suk responds, Yea, that woman that Kwang Soo attemptedto beginanything with, yet information technology didnt determinerelating to model-actress Lee Sung Kyung.

Yoo Jae Suk continues, Theres also SEO Hyun Jin, referring to female visitors that Lee Kwang Soo has had failed love lines with.

But whats intriguing is that thoseladies will have something with Lee Kwang Soo, but it wont paintings out. And then afterwards without fail, they get big, Yoo Jae Suk says.

The cast members minus Lee Kwang Soo enthusiastically agree.

Yoo Jae Suk concludes with a little PSA for long runfeminine guests, You shouldnt in fact become alongside Kwang Soo.

Meanwhile, you'll be ready to watch Running Man on Viki below!

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Fans End up Their Willpower and Love at Dean's First Ever Manhattan Show

Fans End up Their Willpower and Love at Dean's First Ever Manhattan Show

DEAN LIVE IN NYC - June 4th, 2016 PHOTOS DEAN LIVE IN NYC - June 4th, 2016 PHOTOS DEAN LIVE IN NYC - June 4th, 2016 PHOTOS DEAN LIVE IN NYC - June 4th, 2016 PHOTOS They might be patient yetthey could also bein a position torarely wait. As clich as the remaining sentence sounds as it refers to "Put My Hands On You," that is how many concert goers felt at the day of Jun. four when uprising RB singer Dean held his first ever NyTown show.

As enthusiastsaccumulated at the Copacabana on W. 47th and 8th with the forecasts declaring thunderstorms, attendees were let in early whilst VIP ticketholders were capable of wait inside of too for their meet and greet.

Once the clock struck six o'clock, the VIP room roared of screams as Dean's team got here out and offered the 23-year-old singer up to the front of the room. In a question 20-30 minutes, a room of a minimum oftwo hundred fans zipped in the process the hi-touch and picture-taking with the singer and emptied out the room.

AdvertisementHowever, as the meet and greeters were exiting the VIP room, the overall admission ticketholders were heading out to the door. It used to be then that observe spread that the venue has replaced within an hour of the show's initial get startedbecause of sound and technical difficulties.

From the Copacabana to Chelsea's Flash Factory, fans flocked in combination (with some even running) 20 blocks down in the pouring rain, looking ahead tothe affection of Dean.

Arriving at the hot venue, the combination of feelings ran prime equally furious, perplexed and annoyed fans stood in the rain. But that did notforestall them from waiting and sharing the revel in amongst others. Fans shared umbrellas, concealedbeneath coats, while concert organizers SIVA Staff passed out rubbish bags and cardboard pieces to protect them thru the rain. In the end, the trouble to get by way of the concertgoer battlebecomeaccomplishedby way of how neatlyevery person worked together.

Doors opened a little after eight, and Flash Factory's Grand Central-like venue opened its doors and floors and was soon closed in with loads of committed fans.

SIVA Neighborhood artist and Show Me The cash finalist Milan unfolded the display with 3 songs followed by Joombas Track Group's very own Cheech Bundy throwing it back with genuineold-fashioned hip-hop transitioning into the trendy day trap vibes.

It was just atopic of time tillthe fellow of the evening took the level in bright lights.

Young rebellion Dean came out with white lighting fixtures aiming at him while DJ Prince became up the go into reverse to his Anderson.Paak-featured hit "Put My Hands On You."

The crowd was lit. Literally. Phones sprung up as fans snapped, recorded photos and videos of the Korean RB crooner as he busted out some moves all through his one hour set making a songall of the tracks off his 130 temper : TRBL EP.

Dabbing to his contemporary gain "bonnie clyde" Flash Factory was turnt as tracks like "Pour Up", "what2do" "half moon (D)," and "21" followed up.

Exiting the stage after acting his U.S. debut song "I'm Not Sorry" the room chanted for an encore to which Dean came back out to accomplish "I Love It."

Apologizing and thanking the fans for their improve and patience, Dean and his team stayed for a little bit to do a couple of more meet and greets with VIP ticketholders. Fortunate fans who waited for the singer out of doors of the venue were also passed signed posters from the concert organizers.

It is secureto mentionthat whenthe total thing - the fans, the production team, concert organizers and Dean himself - everything was dealt in the most promethodup toconceivable last minute.

While the buzz of Dean's first New York prove still spark up conversation, it is handiest a matter of time to when his next reveal will be.

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KCON LA: ASTRO and DEAN sign up for line-up

KCON LA: ASTRO and DEAN sign up for line-up

KCON 2016 presented via Toyota publishednowadays that the boy team ASTRO and RB singer-songwriter DEAN can be joining the KCON 2016 Los Angeles lineup!Celebrating its 5th anniversary, KCON United states is the world's biggest Korean culture conference and track festival. KCON Big apple is returning to the Prudential Middleand mayamplify to two nights of concerts running June 24-25. KCON L. a. kicks off a month later and takes position July 29-31 at the Staples Center and Los Angeles Convention Center.Below are trailers and bios for every artist:- ASTRO

ASTRO, a boy community consisting of six members, lately released their debut mini-album this beyond February titled "Spring Up". The gang start starred in their own internet drama series, "To Be Continued", in August 2015, in addition their own facttvdisplay "Astro OK! Ready" in January 2016. Since then, ASTRO has released their debut unmarried titled (HIDE SEEK), and the music video on my own has won over 1.8 million views. Their reputable fan club has recently been titled AROHA (which stands for ASTRO Hearts All Fans).DEAN

DEAN, a South Korean RB artist and multi-platinum songwriter, started his musical adventure at age 16 as a phase of a crew with Korean rapper Keith Ape. By age 18, DEAN came upon his ability for making a song and growing infectious melodies, and has since written songs for artists equivalent to VIXX and EXO. Since beginning his solo career, DEAN recently seemed at SXSW 2016's Spotify area every bitsmartly as the Hypetrak stage, which used to be a first for an Asian artist.For a complete list of artists announced, seek recommendation from www.kconusa.com. Further artists will be announced in the approaching weeks for KCON LA.Tickets for KCON Manhattan are already on sale and promoting out fast, and KCON LA tickets will move on sale starting June 3:6/3 1PM EST KCON LA Combo/Platinum Tickets6/6 1PM EST KCON LA Single TicketsPrices will variety from $50 to $250 for single tickets and $800 for platinum price tagthat givesget admission to to all concerts and the convention.For additional info and the newest KCON news, stopover at www.kconusa.com and apply @KCONUSA on Twitter, where artist lineups and ticket data volition be announced. Sign up for the communication amongst #KCON16NY and #KCON16LA.


SHINees Minho And Kim Move Eun Tease Love Line In Upcoming Film

SHINees Minho And Kim Move Eun Tease Love Line In Upcoming Film

SHINee’s Minho And Kim Pass Eun Tease Love Line In Upcoming Movie notclaira Would possibly 2, 2016 0 SHINee’s Minho And Kim Go Eun Tease Love Line In Upcoming Film In the approaching film “Canola,” SHINee’s Minho plays the affectionhobby of Kim Go Eun, who plays the key character.

On May just 2, the administrators and forged of “Canola” held a Naver V app reside broadcast to talk about their new film. The film stars Yoon Yeo Jung, Kim Hee Won, and Shin Eun Jung as smartly as Minho and Kim Go Eun.

The director said, “It’s a younger romance. At the day that Minho and Kim Go Eun filmed, the feminineworkforce were very excited. It sounds like a new twist on the genre.”

When Kim Go Eun was asked about the love line, she replied, “I think you'll be in a position tostay up for it.”

Minho was once asked if the 2percentage a kiss scene. “You can in finding out in the theater,” he said, gambling coy.

“Canola” is decided to be released in theaters in Korea on May additionally 19 and tells the tale of a granddaughter (Kim Go Eun) who returns to her grandmother’s (Yoon Yeo Jung) house after a mysterious twelve years.

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