Home Appliance Makers Pin Hopes on Niche Markets

Home Appliance Makers Pin Hopes on Niche Markets

Home appliance makers are focused on niche markets to boost sales amid the ongoing slump.

A top example is stick vacuum cleaner, that arehelpful for tackling dirt in tight corners yetnow notso much more. The domestic marketplace for the slender products has grown to around 500,000 devices a year.

Samsung rolled out a new product this year called Energy Stick, which will also be recharged wirelessly and is slim adequateto hooverbeneath furniture.

LG introduced a stick vacuum cleaner in Would possiblythat may mop floors as well.

An industry insider acknowledged the markets for stick and robot vacuum cleaners have grown sharply over the past two years to part the point of traditional vacuum cleaners.

Then there are ultra-small washing machines. LG offered a dualwashing machine that pairs a chief front-loader with a mini top-loader, which has turn into a hit.

Sales of Dongbu Daewoo's Mini washing machines surged 30 % in the primary six months of this year in comparison tothe similarduration of 2015. They danglehandiest five T-shirts at a time.

A Dongbu Daewoo staffer said, "We intended to sell the Mini as a secondary washer at home but call for from creating one-person families has ended inunforeseenbuilding up in sales".


7 Reasons GOT7 Brought The home Down At FLY IN USA

7 Reasons GOT7 Brought The home Down At FLY IN USA

7 Reasons GOT7 Brought The home Down At FLY IN U.s. knims July 19, 2016 0 7 Reasons GOT7 Brought The Residence Down At FLY IN USA GOT7 is understood for their performances and, fortunate for us, they have a tendency to in point of factmovechallenging when they’re on level in the U.S. Possibly because Mark is from the States, or because BamBam loves the use of his English with lovers (and making Youngjae do the same). We’re undecidedthe genuine reason, yet GOT7 actually brought their A game for their first ever completeduration concert excursion in the U.S.

We attended the primaryeveningin their 2016 GOT7 1st Concert Tour “FLY IN USA” concert in Los Angeles and sought after to percentageone of the most brightest moments.

1. JB Being Really, Truly Smiley

Actually, I’ve at all timesidea that the more youthfulindividuals were the tricksters in the gang but I used to beshown very wrong in LA. From blowing on other member’s necks right through choreography to grinning continuously at fans in the crowd, JB was oncein order that darn lovable.

2. Youngjae Hitting The ones Notes

Youngjae is a vitality vocal proven for the duration of the night but especially when his vocals may just really shine in his duet with JB. The song, 1:31AM, is now not just heart-wrenching but also fantasticallyundeniable in some way that puts emphasis at the vocals.

Sure, most people is somewhat over your complete dabbing phenomenon in the U.S., but BamBam just really, really enjoys the move. And he adorably works it into any and all GOT7 choreo. His entire finishing speech was about just doing what makes you glad and, if dabbing makes him pleasedI suspect we will have to all recognize that. We all have our quirks, his just occurs to be dabbing.

I know this isnt about Mark but Mark’s circle of relativesbecome adorable. His grandfather (I assume) was there with his oldsters and kept filming Mark’s parts. How adorable is that? My grandparents can’t even use a cellular phone but his was taking fan-videos out of natural pride. Also, Jackson kept trolling Mark because he was in his hometown. Always enjoyable, Jackson’s trolling.

I didn’t realize how fantastic Junior’s English was till this show. He glaringly worked really hard to find out about up on it and flawlessly explained the definition of his and Mark’s duet “Higher.” And talking of “Higher,” it’s this sort of cute song!

Jackson is a spotlight himself, with his playful personality and intense charisma. And his trolling. Never-ending trolling. I feel he made Mark dance about 7 times all through the process the show’s quite so much of speeches.

Yugyeom was offered as “nasty” by capability of marking and Jackson. Really, for anyone who started out as a cute maknae to transform one of the “nastiest” members? Just wow. What is with these sorts of maknaes on top? But, honestly, Yugyeom had such a lota laugh on stage and were given down with his bad self on more than one occasions. During his ending speech, he mentioned that “LA sounds like my 2d hometown,” and I think that joy at being “home” really translated into the show.

So, let us know! Were you at any of the “FLY in USA” stops? What was your favourite moment from the show?

As always, special thank you to SubKulture Entertainment for having us duvet the show.

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Upcoming Korean-American-Nepalese-Indian documentary

Upcoming Korean-American-Nepalese-Indian documentary "Bringing Tibet Home"

Added the approaching Korean-American-Nepalese-Indian documentary documentary "Bringing Tibet Home"'s page to HanCinema database"Bringing Tibet Home" (2013)Directed via Tenzin Tsetan ChoklayNarrated by Kim Min-jong,..."Bringing Tibet Home" is a co-production between United States, South Korea, Nepal, and India.SynopsisThis is a 17 month existence risking taskfor other folks that have never been readyto cross back to their motherland before. 50 checkpoints and 2,000 kilometers. A life-long functionality by an artist for the Tibetan refugees starts now.Release date in Korea : 2016/08

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'Happy Home' Kim So-yeon in enthralling wedding dress, 'Hae-ryeong is getting married'

'Happy Home' Kim So-yeon in enthralling wedding dress, 'Hae-ryeong is getting married'

Kim So-yeon showed off her blamelesscharm in a marriage dress. On July 12, Kim So-yeon has shared a photo of herself in a wedding get dressedthru her non-public Instagram.

Kim So-yeon looks radiant in the marriageclothe revealing her collarbones.

Kim So-yeon put at the marriage ceremony dress to movie a scene for MBC weekend drama, "Happy Home". The approaching episode on July 16 will air the wedding scene of Kim So-yeon (Bong Hae-ryeong) and Lee Sang-woo (Seo Ji-geon).

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Spoiler "Happy Home" Kim So-yeon resents Lee Pil-mo, why

Kim So-yeon resented Lee Pil-mo.

Bong Sam-bong (Kim Young-cheol) discovered out about Yoo Hyeon-ki's (Lee Pil-mo) illness.

Bong Hye-ryeong (Kim So-yeon) hears from SEO Ji-gun (Lee Sang-woo) that Bong Sam-bong found out.

She told Yoo Hyeon-ki, "My father was once out of achieve without a word. He feels betrayed by way of his son-in-law. It never gave the glance of he become going to forgive yet he sought afterto soak upthe fellow he concept was his son-in-law".

"But that son-in-law is in deficient health and how do you have confidence you studied he feels? I assumed you were never going to discover out. You statedyou were not going to make my circle of relatives suffer again".

Yoo Hyeon-gi walked away to appear for Bong Sam-bong.

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WATCH: J-Min Drops Way Back Home MV For SM STATION, Starring Red Velvets Yeri

WATCH: J-Min Drops Way Back Home MV For SM STATION, Starring Red Velvets Yeri

WATCH: J-Min Drops “Way Back Home” MV For SM STATION, Starring Red Velvet’s Yeriilmare42 July 7, 2016 0 WATCH: J-Min Drops “Way Back Home” MV For SM STATION, Starring Red Velvet’s Yeri SM STATION has released their newest weekly track, this time featuring the vocal skills of artist J-Min!

Red Velvet member Yeri stars in the hot music video, which was once released on July 8 in the dead of night KST. The sweet, slow ballad was written through composer Shim Eun Ji, who has penned tracks for artists corresponding to f(x), SHINee, IU, INFINITE, 2PM, Wonder Girls, Park Jin Young, and more.

This is J-Min’s first unlock since she put out the unmarried “Shine” in Korea in July of 2014. Many fanatics are hence naturally delighted to get the risk to listen her voice again!

What do you call to mindLong ago Home?

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Son Yeo-eun in

Son Yeo-eun in "Drama Special - House Candy Home"

Actress Son Yeo-eun has been solid for the recent KBS 2TV "Drama Special - Home Candy Home".

The actress who currently starred in "Master - God of Noodles" is coming back as Se-jeong in "Drama Special - Home Sweet Home".

"Drama Special - Home Sweet Home" is a delusion drama about a lady who makes a cyborg of the individual she loves and Son Yeo-eun takes at the role of Se-jeong. Lee Sang-yeob from "Master - God of Noodles" is co-starring with her.

Son Yeo-eun transforms into a natural and blamelessladyby contrast to the passionate and provocative woman in "Master - God of Noodles".

Meanwhile, this drama special may be released in August.

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Spoiler Added episodes 37 and 38 captures for the Korean drama 'Happy Home'

Spoiler Added episodes 37 and 38 captures for the Korean drama 'Happy Home'

Added episodes 37 and 38 captures for the Korean drama "Happy Home" (2016)Directed via Kang In-I, Lee Dong-yoonWritten by Jo Eun-jeongNetwork : MBCWith Kim Young-cheol, Won Mi-kyeong, Kim So-yeon, Lee Sang-woo, Lee Pil-mo, Kim Ji-ho,...50 episodes - Sat, Sun 20:45SynopsisA tale of a circle of relatives that runs a Chinese eating place and the tale of happiness and sadness in life.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/02/27

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Spoiler "Happy Home" Kim So-yeon and Lee Sang-woo get married

Kim So-yeon and Lee Sang-woo made up our minds to speed things up with the marriage.

Bong Hae-ryeong (Kim So-yeon) and SEO Ji-gun (Lee Sang-woo) told all and sundry around them that they are getting married.

Bong Hye-ryeong made a decision to get married to Seo Ji-gun quickly, then cried in front of him. He held her hands and said, "I proposed and used to beanticipatingthe solution from somebody else. Thank you for accepting my proposeal".

Bong Hye-ryeong then said, "We is most probably not blessed by way of many people" yet Seo Ji-gun just smiled and wiped her tears as he said, "That's now not true".

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SISTAR’s Dasom Stocks  Tale  Of ways Hyorin Practically Burned The home Down

SISTAR’s Dasom Stocks Tale Of ways Hyorin Practically Burned The home Down

SISTARs Dasom StocksTaleOf the way Hyorin Practically Burned The home Downehk38 July 2, 2016 0 SISTARs Dasom Shares Story Of How Hyorin Almost Burned The Condo Down At the July 3 broadcast of SBS display Have You Eaten? (working title), SISTARs Dasom and Soyou seemand get ready a breakfast.

During the episode, Dasom shares a narrative about how fellow member SISTAR, who isn't a excellent cook, almost burned the residence down.

We made up our minds to make and devour dumplings at our dorm one day, and to be fair Soyou is in control ofthe entire cooking. Yet for whatever reason, Hyorin stated she would do the cooking, Dasom shares.

She continues, We werent sold on it, and without notice we smelled anything burning. The cooking commands were burning in the oven.

Bora and Soyou were drawing water with pails to place IT out, and seeing them drawing water, Hyorin took a photo. I went out of doors and yelled to people, Save us. It used to beappealingto peer all of our other reactions.

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