Hot, Dry Weather Defies Monsoon Forecasts

Hot, Dry Weather Defies Monsoon Forecasts

People beat the warmth at Haundae Sea coast in Busan on Saturday.

The summer monsoon has officially begun, yet Korea is seeing more dry days than rainy ones.The Korea Meteorological Managementprevious predicted a right kind monsoon this year after two years of quite doc rainy seasons, because El Nio with its sizzling temperatures these daysgot here to an finish later onbeginning in the spring of 2014.

But central portions have had just one day of rain from Tuesday till Sunday and thoseprerequisites are forecast to continue unless Friday. Southern components saw between 10 to 60 mm of rainfall ultimate Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but Seoul bestwere given 30.5 mm on Wednesday.The KMA now says southern pats will see more downpours on Tuesday and Wednesday because of the seasonal rain front, but the elements in central parts may be hot and humid until Friday.On June 16, the KMA forecast around 350 mm of rainfall this rainy season, very equivalent to the moderate from 1981 to 2010 and more than two timesup to 2014, which was onceone of the vital driest on record.The erroneous forecast has resulted in a barrage of complaints.Now the KMA says monsoon rains are expected to cross back to the central region around Saturday.


How to Keep away from Monsoon Depression

How to Keep away from Monsoon Depression

People incessantly feel depressed all the manner through the rainy season as the considerable sunshine abruptlysupplies way to gray and rainy weather. This phenomenon can infrequently exist worse than in autumn and wintry weathersince theexchange is so abrupt.Only the slightly short duration of the monsoon prevents a significant pall to be forged over the overall country.A decline in sunlight results in a drop in melatonin, the hormone that anticipates the day through day onset of darkness. This results inabnormalslumbering patterns, which is able topurpose depression.

Exposing the frame to any to be had sunlight will also bean excellent help. Ensure you head exterioron each occasion the sun comes out and divulge your body to daylightfor a minimum of 30 minsso as to advertise the secretion of the happiness hormone serotonin. It also keeps the lighting on indoors in daytime. To triumph over insomnia induced by a loss of sunlight throughout the day, lightly workout two to 3 hours earlier than going to bed. Stretching before bedtime also is helping ease muscle fatigue.Decreased physical process during the rainy season too can cause depression, so it supports to take care ofa favorable attitude, normalagenda and healthy dining habits.


Son Ye-jin in bikini enjoys hot weather

Son Ye-jin in bikini enjoys hot weather

Son Ye-jin in a bikini has been spotted playing her relaxing moments.

Son Ye-jin shared a moment of her holidayshuttlevia her non-public Instagram on April 24th.

In the published photo, Son Ye-jin flaunts her bikini body, The good shape of her frame looks eye-catching.

Another photo showed Son Ye-jin enjoying backstrokes in a pool. She wrote a caption for the photo saying, "I do notpay attention anything. If I open my eyes, it is just blue sky there".

Son Ye-jin's new film "The Remaining Princess" is opening someday in the 2nd onepart of this year, in which she plays Princess Deokhye.


Watch: Song Triplets Have Amusing in a Wintry weather Wonderland in Instagram Video and Photos

Watch: Song Triplets Have Amusing in a Wintry weather Wonderland in Instagram Video and Photos

Watch: Song Triplets Have A laugh in a Wintry weather Wonderland in Instagram Video and Footage ilmare42 February 29, 2016 0 LINE it!Watch: Song Triplets Have Fun in a Winter Wonderland in Instagram Video and Photos It looks as if everyone’s favourite triplets are playingall of the fun winter has to offer!

On February 29, Song Il Gook shared photos and a video of his sons Daehan, Minguk, and Manse all dressed up in their warmest snow fits to play in the snow.

He writes as the caption to a photo of the triplets status in a shelter, “Dad is in the route of filming! The youngsters are in the center of… enjoying the closing bit of winter~^^.”

Song Il Gook next shared a collage of photos of Minguk and Manse dressed in their matching owl snow suits and having a super time in the snow. He writes, “Minguk at the head of Balwang Mountain, where hes had to stickan additional day as a result of the snowstorm! (Today~^^;) Oh, the headappropriate photo is Manse…”

He then uploaded a photo of Manse smiling in the snow with the caption, “A snow fairy? Manse~^^.”

Lastly, Song Il Gook posted a video of Daehan yelling to his brothers “Come here!” in some way that’s generally used in ancient dramas, which we saw Song Il Gook coachingthe lads in episodes of “The Go back of Superman.” Daehan then runs ahead, giggling excitedly.

A video posted by way of @songilkook on Feb 29, 2016 at 6:26am PST

As the caption, Song Il Gook writes, “Is this the aftereffect of gazing ‘Jang Young Shil’ a lot? Daehan’s ‘Come here’! At Woljeongsa on Odae Mountain~^^ (Yesterday).”

“Jang Young Shil” is naturally the KBS drama that Song Il Gook is lately starring in, and that Daehan is understood to be a gigantic fan of.

Be certain to observe Song Il Gook on Instagram for more updates:[email protected]

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Kim Yu-na Makes Smoothie to Advertise  Adolescence  Wintry weather Olympics

Kim Yu-na Makes Smoothie to Advertise Adolescence Wintry weather Olympics

Kim Yu-na (left) holds a smoothie she made, in this video grasp from the reputablesite of the 2016 IcinessFormative years Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway.

A video clip of figure skating big name Kim Yu-na creating a smoothie has been uploaded to the official web site of the 2016 Winter Early life Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway. Kim is recently serving as a promotional ambassador for the Kids Olympics. Kim's smoothie, which she explains can serve as a meal replacement, includes pineapple, tofu and coconut water.

Kim, the gold medalist in ladies' figure skating at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, has been busy in her role as a promotional ambassador, traveling the athletes' village and festival venues and instilling the young athletes with the Olympic spirit.


Homme warm up wintry weather on 'Immortal Song'

Homme warm up wintry weather on 'Immortal Song'

Homme warmed up the target marketall the style through the bloodlesswintry weather season at the January 30 installment of 'Immortal Song'.

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On the Kim Kwang Suk special of the show, Homme covered the mythical artist's song "Those Days". As expected of the duo, Changmin and Lee Hyun put their all into the song, and the crowd spotted it. 

Host Jung Jae Hyung commented, "They expressed the calmness of Kim Kwang Suk's songs well," while Super Junior's Ryeowook praised, "I in realityenjoyed Lee Hyun's arrangement."

They controlled to defeat Stephanie in the circular and it was once Kim Feel (highlight for spoilers) who took the overall trophy home.


Photos Jang Geun-seok steals all of the attention at airport in the cold, bloodless weather

Photos Jang Geun-seok steals all of the attention at airport in the cold, bloodless weather

Jang Geun-seok presentations off his airport model when leaving the Incheon Global Airport to Harbin, China in the morning on January 25th to wait a promotional match for cosmetic brand.

Jang Geun-seok is heading to the departure room.

Meanwhile, Jang Geun-seok stars in an audition program, 'Produce 101' as a major emcee and a representing producer. In the process the program, the public can take part in settling oncontributorsfor a lady group, deciding idea and naming the ladystaff as the style a manufacturer does to shape an idol community


YG Entertainment And Jinusean's Sean Purpose To Stay The Hearth Burning With Their Wintry weather  Gasoline Campaign

YG Entertainment And Jinusean's Sean Purpose To Stay The Hearth Burning With Their Wintry weather Gasoline Campaign

(Photo : KpopStarz and Facebook )As iciness continues to get colder, YG Entertainment and Jinusean member Sean objective to stay the hearth burning with their Winter Gasoline Campaign.

Known for being a charitable role model, Sean encouraged fans to donate to the purpose as the moneyis goingto buy bricks for fuel. Everydonation of 500 won (4 cents) goes in opposition to the acquire of one brick for the elderly.

With his label supporting the cause, YG Entertainment is doing their phasethru social media through uploading two graphic fliers on their respectable Facebookpage.

Taking understand YG's involvement on aiding the elders remain warm throughout winter, lovers are supporting the cause bringing words of encouragement.

"Wow! YG Circle of relatives has a trulyjust right heart. Stick with it and more blessings will be coming on your way. Fighting!" wrote Melzkie Nacion Nialon on Facebook.

Sean began the Winter Fuel Crusaderemaining October 3, 2015, which he participated in the urbanathlonfundraising event.

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Cold Weather Brings Hope for Iciness Games

Cold Weather Brings Hope for Iciness Games

Alpine skiing slopes are belowstructure in Jeongseon, Gangwon Province. /Courtesy of the organizing committee of the 2018 Pyeongchang Wintry weather Olympic Games

An odd ritual, praying for snow, happened at Mt. Gariwang in Jeongseon, Gangwon Province closing month, where construction for the alpine skiing venue for the 2018 Peyongchang Winter Olympic Games is underway. A examinetournament leading up to the Olympics, the World Ski Federation (FIS) Alpine Skiing World Cup is scheduled to be held here from Feb. 3 to 7. So asto supplysynthetic snow, temperatures should drop to a minimum of3 degrees under zero, and preferably around 10 degrees below zero. However, amidst surprisingly warm winter weather this season, the temperature in the spacehardly ever dropped to 3 degrees below 0 even in the morning. To make subjects worse, widespread raining additionalbehind schedule the growth and installation of ski lifts.Some skiers and Olympic organizers idea they had to cancel the event. The FIS also expressed its fear that the developmentmightmust be canceled.

Thankfully, temperatures began to drop from the finish of last month, and on Tuesday the requirement set through the FIS -- a bed of 1.5-meter thick artificial snow tramped down to 1.2-meters for a sturdybasis -- might be met. The installation of ski lifts used to be likewise completed. An inspection team from the FIS will talk over with the website online next week for a last checkup. If the FIS approves the facilities, the Pyeongchang organizing committee plans to hang a final touchrite later that week. The FIS World Cup will host 83 most sensible skiers in downhill and slalom from 16 countries adding Austria, Germany, Norway and the U.S. There'll be no Koreans in the contest every bitthe same old of Korean skiing isn't yet just rightsufficient to compete with the world's best.


11 Wintry weather essentials as told through your favourite K-Pop idols

11 Wintry weather essentials as told through your favourite K-Pop idols

Winter is here, and we know that means: time to redesign your closet with winter style essentials. What higher way is there than to peer what your favourite K-pop idols are rocking this winter to get some fashion inspiration? 

Here are what some idols have in their closets this winter and how you'll be ready to becomeidenticalpieces for the cheap price!

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Scarves are probably the mostobtrusive winter crucial accessories and there isn't any other explanation as to why they are as adversarial to information technologyhelps to keep you lot warm whilsttaking a look trendy...depending on what kind ofshawl you wear in reaction to your overall outfit. GOT7's Yugyeom made styling scarves glancesimple alongside his pastel toned blue headband over a vintage outerwear jacket.

Continuing from our remaining fall essentials feature, turtleneck sweaters also are popular right through the winter among our favorite idols. Loose turtlenecks are incrediblyflexibleand straightforward to style.

3. Crewneck sweater and button-up blouse

This is a high example of winter layering. Keep things plainunder with an effortless white or jean button-up and pair it with a sweater with a noisy print. That you could also take the wealthy man's direction and move with a knitted sweater for a more formal night.

Chanyeol knows how to get winter prepared with his white padded jacket. Beat the bloodlessthe correct way with a heavy-weight outerwear that wouldlast longer than only one season as fashion trends repeat.

5. Old skool 'ddukbokee' jacket

Take it back old style with Duk Sun (Hyeri) this winter and invest in a warm 'ddukbokee' jacket. This outerwear used to be given this actualcallas a result of the button that resembles highly spiced rice cake.

Sometimes, a headband and jacket is solelyno longersufficientto overcome the icy wind and an additional fur accessory is barely the piece you have to spice up your look. Whether it be fur earmuffs or maybe fur gloves, winter is the time to show off your best possiblepretend fur fashion.

As the elements is turning crisp, all forms of hats are shooting upin all places and it form of feels equallyeven though berets are here to stick yet any other year as one of the trendiest headwear for fashionistas like Key. A beret can develop intoa straightforward outfit to a completesome otherpoint of side road chic.

Bad hair days are expected to continue this winter and floppy hats are here to save your worst of the worst days. It is going toassistcover that horrid bed hair, making you appearance mysterious. Make a choice a wide-brimmed hat in a wool-felt subject matter for a winter suitable take.

For many, fur will also be an intimidating fashion piece. Yetit is no secret that this formidable slice bathroom bump up a straightforward outfit with an further dose of magnificence and, at times, charisma.

Pink is in this winter and long coats have at all times been the go-to item. Put the ones two trends in combination and you get the very best outerwear to get your hands in this year.

If fur coats are simply too much for you to tug off, fur hooded jackets are a perfectselection particularthat providesan analogous effect. The most sensible thing about this look is that you may still stay an urban hipster or edgy attraction while staying warm.

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