How to Keep away from Monsoon Depression

How to Keep away from Monsoon Depression

People incessantly feel depressed all the manner through the rainy season as the considerable sunshine abruptlysupplies way to gray and rainy weather. This phenomenon can infrequently exist worse than in autumn and wintry weathersince theexchange is so abrupt.Only the slightly short duration of the monsoon prevents a significant pall to be forged over the overall country.A decline in sunlight results in a drop in melatonin, the hormone that anticipates the day through day onset of darkness. This results inabnormalslumbering patterns, which is able topurpose depression.

Exposing the frame to any to be had sunlight will also bean excellent help. Ensure you head exterioron each occasion the sun comes out and divulge your body to daylightfor a minimum of 30 minsso as to advertise the secretion of the happiness hormone serotonin. It also keeps the lighting on indoors in daytime. To triumph over insomnia induced by a loss of sunlight throughout the day, lightly workout two to 3 hours earlier than going to bed. Stretching before bedtime also is helping ease muscle fatigue.Decreased physical process during the rainy season too can cause depression, so it supports to take care ofa favorable attitude, normalagenda and healthy dining habits.


Hot, Dry Weather Defies Monsoon Forecasts

Hot, Dry Weather Defies Monsoon Forecasts

People beat the warmth at Haundae Sea coast in Busan on Saturday.

The summer monsoon has officially begun, yet Korea is seeing more dry days than rainy ones.The Korea Meteorological Managementprevious predicted a right kind monsoon this year after two years of quite doc rainy seasons, because El Nio with its sizzling temperatures these daysgot here to an finish later onbeginning in the spring of 2014.

But central portions have had just one day of rain from Tuesday till Sunday and thoseprerequisites are forecast to continue unless Friday. Southern components saw between 10 to 60 mm of rainfall ultimate Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but Seoul bestwere given 30.5 mm on Wednesday.The KMA now says southern pats will see more downpours on Tuesday and Wednesday because of the seasonal rain front, but the elements in central parts may be hot and humid until Friday.On June 16, the KMA forecast around 350 mm of rainfall this rainy season, very equivalent to the moderate from 1981 to 2010 and more than two timesup to 2014, which was onceone of the vital driest on record.The erroneous forecast has resulted in a barrage of complaints.Now the KMA says monsoon rains are expected to cross back to the central region around Saturday.


Late-Shift Staff More Liable to Depression, Disease

Late-Shift Staff More Liable to Depression, Disease

Workers pulling overdue shifts are two times equallyliable to low as other peopleoperating from nine to five, a find out about finds. A team of researchers led by capability of Noh Myung-sook at Busan Adventist Medical institutiondiscovered that one in 10 those whopaintings 24-hour shifts feel depressed for more than two weeks out of each year. This is twice up to workers who work normal hours.The researchers found that depression is related to suicidal thoughts, stress, sleep patterns and physical labor.Workers pulling 24-hour shifts generally tend to have jobs which are more physically not easy than the onesoperating 9 to five, and so much of complained about insomnia because ofadjustments in their biorhythm that led togreaterrigidity levels. "If a person's herbal rhythm is destroyed due to theabnormal hours, intellectual and physical fitness can become worse and reason depression, lowering gopotency overall", Noh said.A look at in the yankeeMagazine of Preventive Medicationultimate year showed that folks who work more than five years of 24-hour shifts face upperdangers of cardiovascular sicknesses and death. Noh stated employers mustmake certain that workers on 24-hour shifts get some relaxationall the style through job hours and give you thevitalarea at work where they could also bein a position to catch 40 winks.


Meat-Heavy Vitamin  Connected to Depression

Meat-Heavy Vitamin Connected to Depression

A learn aboutdisplays that dining vegetables is larger for beating the blues than gobbling down meat. A team of researchers at Daedong Medical institution in Busan and Seoul National University Facultyof medication showed that Koreans who have a heavy meat nutrition like westerners have a tendency to be more vulnerable to depression.Researchers classified the diets of 9,717 adults into 3 categories: Western (meat, fried foods, carbonated drinks, immediate noodles and ice cream), Korean (vegetables, seafood and fish) and vegetarian (fruits, vegetables and grains). They then analyzed the dating between diet and depression.

If the frequency of depression among all the participants is determined at 1, other people with Western diets showed a frequency of 1.148. In contrast, vegetarians had a frequency of 0.9, which means that eating vegetables can scale backthe probabilities of depression. A Korean-style diet had no affect on depression.Researchers say vegetables involvea number ofnutrients and beta-carotene which decreaserigidity and combat infections, thereby chopping depression. Yet kernelintake lowers degrees of antioxidants and folic acid, causing pressurephases to upward thrust and making individuals edgier. "Depression isn'tonlybrought aboutby capacity of nutrients, but is suffering froma massive range of factors", a researcher said. "But we consider that a vegetarian diet maysupport symptoms". The findings were published in the Magazine of the Korean Academy of Circle of relatives Medicine.


Korean mavens  depression at the effects of Donald Trump changing into president

Korean mavens depression at the effects of Donald Trump changing into president

Donald Trump as president? It is ahorrifyingconcept for some other people in the U.S. and it is no othermidwayaround the globe in South Korea. 

Korean experts, adding conservative right-wing writer/broadcaster Jun Won Tchack, and centre-left Justice Party member Rhyu Si Min gave their mindat the prospect of Trump taking place of work and the effects it's going to take on South Korea on the February 11 episode of 'Ssul Jeon.' 

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When Kim Gu Ra asked which candidate would be maximumfine to South Korea if s/he were to turn out to be president, Jun Won Tchack answered, "If Hillary Clinton were to changed into president, I believeshe will be able to exist uncompromising with North Korea."

Jun additional added, "If Trump have become president, then our country would be tired out. He willcall formore cash from South Korea to station U.S. soldiers." 

Rhyu Si Min on the alternative hand, stated, "Will there truly be much of a difference? Even all through Obama's election he wasn't too much involved or inquisitive about Korea nor did he know all that much. If Sanders were to turned into president then he will be very identical to Obama." 

Jun joked, "If Trump becomes president then I can run for workplace in Korea. Trump, come over here and let's have a pass at a circular of trump." 


Work-Related Depression at the Rise

Work-Related Depression at the Rise

Two staffers kneel earlier than a visitor in a branch shop in Incheon in this screen grab.

Some 525,000 other folks were hospitalized for depression ultimate year, up 70,000 from 2010. for the explanation that Koreans are continuously reluctant to peer psychiatrists, the true collection of individuals plagued by depression is estimated to be much higher.Symptoms of depression come with low spirits, marked loss of hobby or excitement in activities, meaningful weight loss or gain, insomnia or dozing too much, emotions of either apathy or agitation, loss of energy, inability to pay attention or make decisions, and common mind of death or suicide.

People with serious emotional pressure at work, especially in the carrier industries where they take care of consumers directly, have a top possibility of coming up depression. in line with a learn about of 5,771 employees by way of Prof. Kim In-ah at Yonsei University, depression used to be more prevalent among those who suppress their feelings at work.Men and girls below critical emotional pressure were 3.4 times and 3.9 times much more likely to change into depressed, and 3.7 times and 2.9 times prone to take into account suicide."People want to see a physician if they continue to feel depressed even if they do not appear to be at work, and they again and again make mistakes because of a loss of concentration, " acknowledged Prof. Ha Ji-hyun at Konkuk University. the govt on Monday said it's miles mulling tactics of compensating staff who suffer consistent emotional stress at paintings and fall ill.


Actor Pan Yeong-jin found dead in car, suffered depression and took sleeping pills

Actor Pan Yeong-jin found dead in car, suffered depression and took sleeping pills

Police are investigating the death of actor Pan Yeong-jin who was found dead in his car on the 22nd.

According to the police, he was found in his car parked in front of his house and was discovered by a nearby resident.

He was sitting at the driver"s seat and there was a hose connected inside of the car from the exhaust pipe. No will was found.

Pan Yeong-jin texted a friend saying, "I am so tired. My life is meaningless" on the 19th, hinting his suicide.

The police are on the case of his death according to the statements of his family who claim he"d been suffering from depression.

Pan Yeong-jin debuted in the 2088 independent movie "Butterflymole".

Meanwhile, the Korean Actors and Actresses Association claimed he went out of reach since 2008.

According to the association, Pan Yeong-jin joined the association in 2008 and joined the soccer team too. He showed up for a game once and never got in contact again. He filmed one movie and didn"t do much after that.

Pan Yeong-jin didn"t even meet friends or meet any other fellow actors. It looks like he grew apart from everyone in the movie industry as he wasn"t active himself.


Devoted EXO-L reveals that EXO helped her beat depression

Devoted EXO-L reveals that EXO helped her beat depression

Devoted EXO-L reveals that EXO helped her beat depression

On the May 30 edition of SBS"s "Same Bed, Different Dreams," a devoted EXO-L shared how she was able to get through her depression because of EXO.

The EXO fan revealed that her mother would often scold her for being too focused on celebrities. The program then showed a clip of the mother and daughter bitterly screaming at one another because of the daughter"s obsession for EXO. The daughter finally revealed that the reason why she became obsessed with EXO, and especially Chanyeol, was because they were the ones to help her get through depression.

The daughter explained on the show, "When I was in sixth grade, I was chosen as the school president. And at the time, mischievous boys would curse at me and say, "She definitely bought her votes," "She"s worse than a politician." I was depressed since then. My older sister would get sick often when she was in middle school so I was alone at home a lot of the times." 

"My mom couldn"t be reached, my dad would tell me that he"s busy, and my older sister was sick, so I had no one to talk to. I was really depressed. One day, while I was drawing by myself, I overheard some kids talking about EXO. I thought that if I knew more about EXO, I would be able to make friends and no longer be alone so I listened to a lot of EXO songs. They became someone who I can depend on. (Because of EXO) 95% of all my depressing thoughts are gone. It"s not that I"m pretending to be bright, but I think EXO changed my personality."

The daughter also revealed that she would cause self-inflicted injuries due to her depression. However, after discovering EXO, the daughter revealed that she is no longer depressed and even has a dream of becoming a graphic designer.

Seeing that the daughter was the happiest when she was looking up news about EXO"s Chanyeol, the studio prepared a special surprise gift for the daughter by inviting Chanyeol to the show.

Once Chanyeol stepped onto the set, the studio turned into chaos as the audience members, the daughter, and even the daughter"s mother bursted into tears.

MC Yoo Jae Suk then said, "When Chanyeol appeared, the studio was filled with an ocean of tears." Chanyeol then gave a handshake and a hug to the daughter who expressed her love for the idol. Chanyeol made sure to thank her for all the support that she is giving EXO. He suggested, "I hope that you continue to draw well and study hard like your mom is telling you to."

You can check out the heartwarming / chaotic moment on this week"s airing of "Same Bed, Different Dreams" in the clip above.

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8 Cheerful South Korean Idols Overcome Depression and Anxiety

8 Cheerful South Korean Idols Overcome Depression and Anxiety

The K-pop idols always appear with smile and laughs. However, not many people know that our idols experienced the tough time!

1. G Dragon (Big Bang)

G Dragon is known for his charisma and his impossible swag.


But inside all that awesomeness he is still an impressionable young man. He confessed on TV that after his single “Heart Breaker” was under fire for plagiarism, he avoided everyone including his parents and friends and said, “I had done nothing wrong but I felt like a criminal. I was depressed for a long time.”


2. Suzy (Miss A)

The nation’s first love, Suzy, in another person’s eye may appear to another person to have the perfect life. She has beauty, fame, money and the love of an entire nation.

Surprising however, she confessed on TV in 2013 that she suffered from a sever case of depression. She said, “I have something like depression and I couldn’t tell anyone for a while. I even began to think I couldn’t last another day. One day I was chatting with my friend and laughing at a joke and all of a sudden I began crying.”


3. Jo Kwon (2AM)

The happy virus of K-Pop, Jo Kwon! He’s always brings laughter and joy to where ever he appears.

jokwon 2

Fans however, may be surprised to find out that Jo Kown during his trainee days suffered from severe depression during the 8 years he spent as a trainee. I’m glad he didn’t give up because of the depression.


4. Lizzy (After School)

When you think Lizzy of After School, you think bright smiles and cute dialect. However she confesses that she also suffered from depression.


When “Running Man” first started, Lizzy was a fixed member. However, after taking her leave of Running Man she stated she suffered from depression after media reported that she had never been a member but only a guest.

5. T.O.P (Big Bang)

In 2008, T.O.P was reported to have suffered from anxiety attacks as well as depression.


6. Baro (B1A4)

Baro stated that he became so attached to the cast of “Return 1994″ that after the show had ended, he fell into depression at the notion that he would not be able to see them anymore due to the fact that they all had busy schedules.


7. Jinwoon (2AM)

Jinwoon of 2AM said, after 2AM’s US tour, he fell into depression. He couldn’t sleep properly for a month and he wanted to be left alone.


8. Heechul (Super Junior)

After Hankyung abrutly left Super Junior, Heechul who was his closest friend fell into deep depression. He shut himself in and didn’t appear on stage for nearly three months. He said Eunhyuk snapped him out of him saying, “Hyung we don’t need you for your singing or your dancing but we need you because without you Super Junior isn’t the same.”


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Disbandment Depression: How to Cope Post-Breakup

Disbandment Depression: How to Cope Post-Breakup

20141216_seoulbeats_mblaq Disbandment Depression: How to Cope Post-Breakup Written by Cjontai On January 11, 2015 Disbandment. Its a word that drives shudders down a fans spine. No one wishes to see it next to the name of their favorite group, but alas, this is an inescapable fate for all idol groups. As much as wed love to believe their cheers of Well be with you for a thousand years!, we must accept that all good things come to an end.

The disbandment of Wonder Boyz and Jewelry brought us a double blow. While the inactivity of Jewelry probably lessened the hurt for their end, the unexpected news regarding Wonder Boyz left many fans stunned and heartbroken. MBLAQ fans still dont know what to do about Lee Joon and Thunders departure from the group. J. Tune Camp tried to reassure fans this wouldnt change things, but dude, come onobviously, two members leaving the group changes things.

Apologies for the outburst. It got a bit personal there.

Its a strange feeling to know that a group youve been following for years will no longer make music show appearances as a full unit. They were perfect together. They seemed so happy. Where did it all go wrong? Thats just the thing though. Sometimes its not a matter of what went wrong, but the fact that nothing lasts forever. Not even Twinkies. Yes, those things have an expiration date too.

The initial response from fans when this kind of news emerges is to immediately brush it off as fan folklore. Wonder Boyz broke up? Yeah right, theyre just on hiatus. Stop spreading breakup rumors.

Despite your skepticism, you cant help but wonder how much of this is true. Ill just wait it out. Its probably a lie.Thats what we always tell ourselves.

Soon afterwards, confirmation comes from the company or a group member. Your group is no more. Dreams of glorious comebacks have been thrown into a blender with your heart and tears. It simply isnt fair. You love them. They cant end like this.

Cue the melodramatic blubbering from fans who swear this is the worst thing to ever happen in K-pop. You know its not, but lets not touch on serious issues here. Yes, disbandment is sad, but its not the worst thing ever. There are many good things to take away from this.

You can go through all of their MVs and TV appearances to relive the glory days. Watch their very first music show performance. Remember the time your bias said something hilarious in an interview? How about when they dropped their idol image for the purpose of laughter on a variety show? Look at their encouraging messages to the fans. They had so much love for us and will likely never forget the love we gave back.

Speaking of fan love, this is a great time to express it. Bust out every album of theirs and play every song. Play it loudly and proudly. Dance to their routines again. Enjoy singing off-key as you rest in the knowledge that you are most definitely killing the lyrics because you cant speak a lick of Korean correctly. But, who cares? Probably your cat or your goldfish. Your pets may judge you, but thats okay because you need that catharsis.

You know who wont judge you, though? The fandom. If there was ever an appropriate time for a fandom hug, disbandment would be it. You need each other more than ever. Nobody cares who shares biases. No one cares about how long youve been a fan. You loved the same group. You understand their feelings, and they understand yours. You are all suffering together. Hug it out.

Its okay to cry into your pillow. You can even scream if that eases the pain. Clutch that pillow with your groups faces on it and sleep on it for as long as you need. The grieving period varies from fan to fan, so dont feel badly if this depression lasts for months. When youre in pain, there is no time limit for healing. Do it at your own pace.

Eventually, you will stop crying. This is when you know youve accepted everything. The group is over, but there is more music to enjoy from other groups. Wasnt there another group that peaked your interest? Now would be a great time to get more into them. Some of their music appealed to you, so open your heart to them.

Bitter fans will call you a traitor as you do this because they probably arent ready to let go yet. Tell those fans, you understand their pain, but youve learned to deal with yours already. Theyll either get over it, or become stuck in a perpetual loop of denial waiting for a group reunion. While reunions are possible, dont hold out stubbornly for one. Some things simply werent meant to be.

Besides, who says theyre all quitting music? Perhaps your bias will finally go solo or take up acting. Yes, more bias screen time!

They can live on their own now. Goodbye to sharing a bathroom with several other people! Goodbye, dating bans! Hello, family and friend visitations during holidays! They can live their lives again! REJOICE!

Your K-pop activities should not end just because your main bias group disbanded. This is a time for reflection and celebration. Reminisce about all the concerts, fan meetings, or other chance encounters you were fortunate to get while they were a group. Their music impacted your life and that will never change. Take this for what it is and express to the group how much you appreciate them making music that brought you joy. Wish them happiness and health because they surely want the same for you.

Wonder Boyz and Jewelry wont be the last ones to disband in K-pop. Any of them can call it quits at any time, which is why fans should enjoy it while they can. Stop focusing on trivial fan wars or starting up smear campaigns against some vloggers who dont like your group. It doesnt matter. What matters is the music. Never forget that. Never forget them.

Be strong, fandom. Youll get through this.

(YouTube, Naver, Images via J. Tune Camp, Star Empire, ENT102 Entertainment)