"Incomplete Life" author Jeong Yoon-jeong to write "Bride of the Water God 2017"

Writer Jeong Yoon-jeong who created a syndrome with "Incomplete Life" is coming back with "Bride of the Water God 2017".

"Bride of the Water God 2017" is a spin off edition of the comedian "Bride of the Water God". 'Spin off' method a deviated version from the original, so the vintagedelusion and characters might be modernized and moved by potential of time and location to Seoul today.

The long-established "Bride of the Water God" used to be published serially for 10 years and become published in Russia, Hungary and other countries in e bookshape for the primary time in Korean comic history.

Number 3Imagessaid that Jeong Yoon-jeong has finished up to 4 episodes and the filming will start later this year. The drama will be pre-produced to extend the quality of it and the free up date is decided for 2017.

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“Incomplete Life” Author Has Began Writing tvN’s Adaptation Of “Bride Of The Water God”

“Incomplete Life” Author Has Began Writing tvN’s Adaptation Of “Bride Of The Water God”

Incomplete ExistenceAuthor Has Began Writing tvNs Adaptation Of Bride Of The Water Godjun2yng June 28, 2016 0 Incomplete Life Writer Has Started Writing tvNs Adaptation Of Bride Of The Water God On June 28, tvN printed that drama by-product for Korean manhwa “Bride of the Water God” might be entering productions toward the finish of this year. Jung Yoon Jung, the writer of the hit drama “Incomplete Life,” will be writing this adaptation, that may exist bringing the characters and the vintagedelusionpart of the commonpaintings to modern day Seoul.

CEO Kim Mi Na of the production corporaterunning with “Bride of the Water God” said, “Currently, Jung Yoon Jung has written 4 episodes, and we will be ready to soon be making selectionsat the director and supporting cast. So as to maximize the quality of the drama, we're going to be pre-producing the drama.”

The manhwa “Bride of the Water God” is a fantasy romance serial that tells the tale of the water god Ha Baek and a human, which used to be published for 10 years in the mag Wink. This manhwa could also bethe primary Korean romance manhwa to be published as a ebook in nine countries round the world, adding Russia and Hungary.

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[Spoiler] "Tasty Life" Yoo Seo-jin shocked at Yoon Jeong-hee's pregnancy

Yoo Seo-jin was shocked at the news of Yoon Jeong-hee's pregnancy on the episode of the SBS TV drama "Tasty Life".

Sin-yeong pressured Seung-joo who is married to her brother when she found out that she was in an affair with her husband in the past. She told Seung-joo to leave and emphasized that they couldn't live under one roof. However, Seung-joo was pregnant with husband Jae-hyeok's (Yoo Yeon-seok) and returned with her bags that were sent to her mother's home.

Sin-yeong insisted, "I can't leave this house" and said there was no way to show her feelings. She said, "I can't go out even if you tell me to". Sin-yeong tired taking her out by force and angered, "Why do I have to live with you? I can't stand seeing you with a mask".

Sin-yeong pulled Seung-joo and yelled, "There's no use for you" before Seung-joo said, "I am pregnant" and shocked Sin-yeong. She was even more surprised because she was having a hard time trying to have a baby.



[Spoiler] "Tasty Life" Yoon Jeong-hee on the verge of an affair

Jang Seung-joo (Yoon Jeong-hee) had a crush on married man Kang In-cheol (Choi Won-yeong).

On the second episode of the SBS weekend drama "Tasty Life" on the 29th, Jang Seung-joo refused Choi Jae-hyeok's (Yoo Yeon-seok) proposal and continued looking at Kang In-cheol.

Choi Jae-hyeok introduced Jang Seung-joo to his parents without question. He took her to where his parents and his brother-in-law Kang In-cheol were eating together. He told them, "I asked her to marry me. I was going to tell you before but she wouldn't believe my honestly. I am afraid she might be taken away by someone else".

Embarrassed by this whole situation and the fact that Kang In-cheol was there, Jang Seung-joo said, "This has nothing to do with my intentions. I am sorry about this but I will excuse myself first" and left the place. She told Jae-hyeok, "I told you no. If what you're saying is true, then mine is too. Why is it you out of all people".

She took a taxi and headed right for Kang In-cheol's house. When he came back she explained, "I didn't know it was like that". He replied, "You don't have to explain. Don't hesitate because of me, Jae-hyeok is a good guy". Jang Seung-joo had a crush on Kang In-cheol who was separated from his wife at the moment.

Jang Seung-joo's actions in refusing a proposal and having a crush on a married man added interest to the story.


Spoiler 'Ms. Mood and Nam Jung-gi' Lee Yo-won vs Yeon Jeong-hoon, and Yoon Sang-hyeon throws one heavy punch

Spoiler 'Ms. Mood and Nam Jung-gi' Lee Yo-won vs Yeon Jeong-hoon, and Yoon Sang-hyeon throws one heavy punch

On the episode thirteen of "Ms. Mood and Nam Jung-gi", Yoon Sang-hyeon threw one heavy punch, whilst Lee Yo-wonand Yeon Jeong-hoon facedeach and every other in the nerve-wracking match.

The workersof beautiful were called in to the paintings dinner assembly arranged via Lee Ji-sang (Yeon Jeong-hoon).

Lee Ji-sang (Yeon Jeong-hoon) told the employees, "I'm going to prepare a meeting like this continuously from now on. Don't appear to be we all members of the family after all?" in his pretentious efforts to make himself glance good.

As Wook Da-jeong (Lee Yo-won) used to bedisappointed with his pompous attitude, she stated angrily, "It's disgusting. After placing some investment into it, you are calling us a family, I did not know here's your taste?" and "I despise the onesmaximum who act awesome with the money that isn't even his". Lee Ji-sang asked Nam Jung-gi (Yoon Sang-hyeon) for advice, "What must ane do to win Wook Da-jeong's heart?"

Nam Jung-gi asked him back, "Don't you suspect making the real efforts to make the work atmosphere for the employees to experience their work may work?" Lee Ji-sang cynically responded, "Then raising salary will work. It iscash after all".

However, Nam Jung-gi said, "Well, what I mentioned is happiness. Money is incorporated in it yetit isn't all" and "Pride, feeling content and taking phase in comradeship operatingin combination and also produce just right products, it's anything called happiness". Wook Da-jeong commented, "You can notpurchasethose money. Do not you think?"


April bride, Kim Jeong-eun's wedding pictorial

April bride, Kim Jeong-eun's wedding pictorial

Actress Kim Jeong-eun showed off her natural white elegance.

Fashion mag Grazia unveiled Kim Jeong-eun's wedding pictorial on April 20th, whilst her wedding date at the finish of April is instantly approaching.

Kim Jeong-eun looks romantic and stylish in the sumptuous marriage ceremony dresses. The bride-to-be, who is deeply in love, spreads the contagious satisfied vibes.

During the subsequent interview, she shared her candid emotions about her wedding.

She mentioned her boyfriend, "He is my perfect friend. We trip and workout together. We proportionthe similar taste. He's closer than any other buddiesadding my girlfriends".

She also discussed about her wedding rite being a small wedding. She said, "I sought after to keep away fromone of these wedding ceremony, in which you may just possiblyno longer even bear in mind who was once there without being readyto peer the face of your guests".

It turns out that a marriage is a new starting for Kim Jeong-eun. She said, "Like the style you lot get married and give birth to kids in dramas, I wish to do the ones things in genuine life. It's far like a feeling that point flows backwards and I am getting to reenact what I experienced in my dramas in my real life. If a moment where I get to achieve 'Oh, is this how you if reality exist told feel', then I suspectit will be truly touching".

Her marriage ceremonycould be held in Korea on April 29th.


Jeong Ryeo-won and Yoon Gyoon-sang pair up to provide  elegant and herbal  taste with Kenneth Cole

Jeong Ryeo-won and Yoon Gyoon-sang pair up to provide elegant and herbal taste with Kenneth Cole

Jeong Ryeo-won and Yoon Gyoon-sang's couple pictorial has been released.

Jeong Ryeo-won and Yoon Gyoon-sang in combinationhad beendecided on as domestic items for the craze brand, Kenneth Cole since the emblemintroduced in Korea.

In the pictorial released on February 15th, Jeong Ryeo-won and Yoon Gyoon-sang remodeled into a New Yorker couple to show off the elegant and fashionabletaste effortlessly.

More of Jeong Ryeo-won and Yoon Gyoon-sang's spring series pictorial can also beobservedat thelegitimatewebsite online of Kenneth Cole.


Ha Ji-won and Cheon Jeong-myeong in 'Life-Staking Love'

Ha Ji-won and Cheon Jeong-myeong in 'Life-Staking Love'

Ha Ji-won and Cheon Jeong-myeong had been spotted at the filming set of "Life-Staking Love".

Cheon Jeong-myeong posted a photo on his SNS account along sidea quick caption, "Life-Staking Love".

In the printed photo, Ha Ji-won and Cheon Jeong-myeong are smiling brightly sitting on a tractor. The 2blow their own horns their beautiful visuals, which make other people smile instantly.

Movie "Life-Staking Love" is a romance comedy depicting a suspenseful and excitingtale about two men and a girl who face a serial homicide case. Ha Ji-won, Cheon Jeong-myeong and the Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin co-star in this movie.

The movie also drew attention when they secured HaHa (Ha Dong-hoon) in a up to date episode of MBC's entertainment program, 'Infinite Challenge' thru an auction. HaHa has achieved his portion for the movie.



Spoiler "My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol" Song Ha-yoon recalls reminiscence and Lee Jeong-gil dies

Song Ha-yoon were given her reminiscence back yet Lee Jeong-gil who is the secret to bringing down Son Chang-min, died.

On the thirty-fourth episode of the MBC drama "My Daughter, Geum Sa-Wol", Lee Hong-do (Song Ha-yoon) got her memory back, took Oh Hye-sang (Park Se-yeong) by skill of the collars and discovered out about Hye-sang's genuine father who is director Geum (Kim Ho-jin).

Hong-do remembered everything. She remembered what Hye-sang had done. Whilst Hye-sang used to be in danger, Kang Man=hoo (Son Chang-min) becameready to save himself.

Sin Deuk-ye's (Jeon In-hwa) father Sin Ki-sang (Lee Jeong-gil) was in any case dead. Deuk-ye was livid and cried in anger. Her preference for revenge opposed to Man-hoo drove her crazy. Hye-sang was at risk and Man-hoo was free.