I.O.I To hook up with  Lovers  By method of New Fact Show

I.O.I To hook up with Lovers By method of New Fact Show

I.O.I To attach toEnthusiastsBy way of New FactDisplay an0ya June 16, 2016 0 I.O.I To Connect With Fans Via New Reality Show Womanteam I.O.I is launching a new reality show to get even closer to their fans!

The show entitled Online Friend I.O.I (literal translation) will soon get started airing on cable channel Mnet, with filming already kicked off.

The episodes will be featuring edited photos from are living broadcasts held via Navers V app. The primary live consultation one came about on June 16, and the participants had fun communicating with their fans while completing more than a few missions. Those that were not able to catch the broadcast gets to relive the moments during the reality show.

This marks I.O.Is 2d reality show after the up to now aired Standby I.O.I.

Online Friend I.O.I is expected to begin airing in mid-July.

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Mnet is determined to release  some other survival fact show, “Finding Momo Land”

Mnet is determined to release some other survival fact show, “Finding Momo Land”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter basking in the good fortunein theirfreshwoman group, I.O.I, Mnet is once backat the hunt for the followinggiant thing with a new program. 

According to reports, Mnet might be launching a new crewvia their upcoming survival truth show, Finding Momo Land. It has already invited most sensiblemanufacturers Rhymer, Duble Sidekick and Shinsadong Tiger as representatives.

It was onceextraprinted that with Mnet set to release a new program, Finding Momo Land is determinedto prepare filming soon. Mnet may be schedueld to hang a press convention this month ahead of going into a large-scale promotion appropriate after.

In terms of format, the program will applythe thought thatequipped by JYP Entertainment as they looked for their newest idol communitythroughout the program SIXTEEN. 

The survival truth programmebecame met with nervous replies from the netizens as they expressed their mind on the upward push of idol teams coming from the similar format.

Check out this video from Mnets remaining girl organization survival show SIXTEEN to get a flavor of what Finding Momo Land might glance like:

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SEVENTEENs Wonwoo Promises Lovers  To have a look at To Recuperate Soon On Are living Countdown Show

SEVENTEENs Wonwoo Promises Lovers To have a look at To Recuperate Soon On Are living Countdown Show

SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Promises LoversTo test out To Recuperate Soon On Reside Countdown Display ilmare42 July 3, 2016 0 SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Promises Fans To aim To Bounce back Soon On Live Countdown Show As they counted down to their comeback at the hours of darkness on July 4, the guys of SEVENTEEN hosted a live show in combination on Naver’s V app on July 3.

Sadly, one member was once missing, as Wonwoo is latelygetting better from a case of acute gastritis. Pledis Entertainment up to now announced that even though he took phase in the album recording and track video filming for this comeback, he is more than likely notacting on music shows.

Even although Wonwoo couldn’t be there in user for the live show, the guys get him at thetelephonein order that he can say hi to fans and proportion an update. Wonwoo tells the others that he’s been gazing the show, and when they ask how he’s doing, he says he’s getting better.

The members give a largecircular of applause to Wonwoo for playing the recording in their songs and the music video for “Very Nice” in spite of his illness.

“I’ll check outdemanding to get better so I could bein a position to exist back on level soon,” says Wonwoo to fans everywhere. “Thank you.”

Watch the entire show here!

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A Purple  Showed For New Fact Show

A Purple Showed For New Fact Show

A CrimsonShowed For New FactDisplay kokoberry June 8, 2016 0 A Pink Confirmed For New Reality Show Ladyteam A Pink may becreating a reality show comeback!

On June 9, their firm Plan A Entertainment printed that the gang volition be having a reality show called A Pinks Excessive Adventure (working title) in August.

The contributors will be difficult themselves to individual severe adventures. Having had their final reality show about two years ago, the community is making plans on appearing their true charms in a new way.

A Pink commented, Since all of our members are noted for having numerous fear, were trulytaking a lookahead to the extraordinary adventures smartly exist challenging ourselves to. Even ifit's going to be the primary time we will be in a position to separate and picture individually, we're going totake a glance at our highest with our honor at the line.

Youll be capable of watch their upcoming reality show via Naver this August.

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April’s Hyunjoo Updates Lovers On Her Condition By method of Hand-Written Letter

April’s Hyunjoo Updates Lovers On Her Condition By method of Hand-Written Letter

Aprils Hyunjoo Updates Fanatics On Her Condition By way of Hand-Written Letteran0ya Might 26, 2016 0 Aprils Hyunjoo Updates Fans On Her Condition Via Hand-Written Letter Ladycrew Aprils Hyunjoo, who currently halted all her activities due to health issues, has given fans an update on her current condition.

On Could 25, she greeted fans via a hand-written letter posted on Aprils legit fan cafe.

She writes, Hi~ Its Hyunjoo. The elements has gotten a lot warmer, are you doing well?

Im resting and doing all fine~ As usual, I really miss all of you. We could all remainrobust and meet every other soon! This is not anything new, yet Health is everything! Everyone, dont get sick~ Because I like yous a lot! Ill be looking forward to the day we meet again. I love you, she ends the letter on a lovable and brighter note.

April has been selling with 4individuals for the beyond two weeks, and tillextra notice, Hyunjoo will continue to listen on her recovery. She suffered from breathing problems and widespread headaches earlier than halting her activities.

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BTS Exams In With Lovers  By method of  Are living Broadcast Whilst On Holiday In Norway

BTS Exams In With Lovers By method of Are living Broadcast Whilst On Holiday In Norway

BTS Exams In With EnthusiastsBy way ofAre living Broadcast Whilst On Holiday In Norwayilmare42 Would possibly 17, 2016 0 BTS Checks In With Fans Via Live Broadcast While On Vacation In Norway After being spotted by Norwegian fans in Bergen yesterday, BTS has now up to date fans on what they’re doing in Norway!

BTS jetted off to Norway following their short promotions for their special album Young For all time on trackpresentationsfinal week, even though member V had to stick in Korea longer than the remainder to movie his upcoming drama “Hwarang: The Beginning.”

On May just 17, Rap Monster, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, and J-Hope sat down for an off-the-cuff chat about what they’re up to. Suga claims that they’ve come to Norway to celebrate Jungkook turning into an adult, which officially came about on Can also 16 on Korea’s “Coming of Age” day. “Jungkook is paying for all of thego back and forth expenses!” he jokes.

Suga is going on to supply an explanation for that they’re really on vacation. “You were surprised, right?” he says, and Rap Monster adds, “We were stunned too.”

They discuss the celebration they held for Jungkook, entire with a cake purchased by Jin, yet Jin issues out that he hasn’t had a kiss from one of the vitalparticipants yet (on “Coming of Age” day in Korea, new adults historicallyget preserve of flowers, perfume, and a kiss). Rap Monster pretends to be yelling out to V that he can give Jungkook a kiss, but Jungkook says, “I need one from you fans!”

They then thank fans for their first position wins, and say they had a truly perfect fourth dimensionselling “Fire.”

Watch the video with English subtitles here!

In addition, BTS’s firmLarge attain has told news outlet Big name News that the gang left for Norway after filming “Inkigayo” on Can also 15, and that V has now joined them after wrapping up his scheduled filming in Korea.

A representative from Big Hit said, “The seven members have long past on a vacation subsequentlycompleting their promotions in their exceptional album. They’ll be returning to Korea after taking phase in their time in Norway for roughly a week.”

They add, “While they’re on their trip, they’ll be filming special content for their fans. It’s toughto mention at this point what it is going to be.”

What do you hope BTS is filming for fans in Norway?

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NCT U Already Competing for No.1 on Song Show, Thank you  Lovers and SM Seniors

NCT U Already Competing for No.1 on Song Show, Thank you Lovers and SM Seniors

NCT U Already Competing for No.1 on Track Show, Thank youEnthusiasts and SM SeniorsJiwonYu April 22, 2016 0 LINE it!NCT U Already Competing for No.1 on Music Show, Thanks Fans and SM Seniors SM Entertainments rookie boy workforce NCT U has risen as a first position candidate in a music show – Inkigayo – just after one week in their debut, so they took day trip to thank the fans and fellow SM artists for their assist and support.

NCT made their reputable broadcast debut in Korea on April 15 via Music Bank.

During a up to date interview, member Doyoung time and again expressed his happiness, saying, I'm very, very happy. Were extremely joyful just to be appearing our raps and songs to the public, yet IT makes us even more cheerful seeing that many of us are supporting us.

Mark added, Its attention-grabbing and fun, and some other member Ten said, I am finding out many new things.

When asked if they won any assistance from fellow SM artists, Taeyong answered, Most of the seniors are having a look out for us and supporting us. Senior SM artists take actuallyexcellent care of their juniors.

Doyoung pointed out, When we went to the 16th Best Chinese Music Awards, we met Kangta. He told us, Your debut levelmay be remembered for 10, 20 years, so I am hoping yous do well. Super Junior's Kim Heechul, and other seniors gave us a massive number of advice whenever they saw us.

Jaehyun also concept back to a time when he got help, saying, TVXQ's Yunho gave me variousrecommendation ever since I used to be a trainee. He helped me out even at the smallest things and taught me stuff about dancing. He also told us how to act on stage, which is reflected against the public.

NCT U already has so much of fans regionally and internationally, with such love showing in their upward push in ranks to compete for no. 1 i SBSs weekly music show, Inkigayo. For the impending April 24 episode of  Inkigayo, NCT U, Block B, and 10cm are competing for first place.

Members remained surprised just about this, saying, We cant agree with were first place nominees already, and, Were satisfied just to turn our song and dance to the audience, to be in a position to existprobably the most commencement home nominees makes us overjoyed.

Lastly, the members thanked the fans, saying, Its only been a week since we debuted but weve learned numerous things during this short but meaningful time. Thank you for all of the loving interest, and we canpaintingstoughto teachsensible results.

What do you bring to mind NCT America far?

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'Show Me The Money' Rappers Dominate NYC Streets In New Fact Show

'Show Me The Money' Rappers Dominate NYC Streets In New Fact Show

Swaggers Made in USA Promotional P.c (Photo : AKATV)

With the entire hype surrounding hip-hop culture, rap and more, Korea, and enthusiasts of the Korean song scene alike, can notappear to get adequate of underground rap!

AKATV, along the manufacturers and masterminds of alternative gaintruthdisplays in Korea, currentlyintroduced 'Swaggers made in USA,' a factdisplay where 4 former contestants of 'Show Me The Money' Tarae, Superbee, Jung Sang Soo, and Myundo, compete for a possibility to paintings with widely recognized hip hop producers in the entertainment industry, all whilstfighting it out and experiencing hip-hop culture in the USA. With displays like 'Show Me The Money' and 'Unpretty Rapstar' dominating the rap game,'Swaggers made in USA' is next to take a swing at hip-hop reality television!

From Los angeles to NYC, thosefour hush-hush rappers hit the streets and show off thier style, swag and how genuine rap/hip hop culture is to them-- I know I used to besurelyinspired and know you can exist giving them props, too!

For episode 1, and masses of more, of 'Swaggers made in USA,' take a glance at AKATV's legit Naver Television page here and their official YouTube video below!

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After tVN’s Contemporary K-Drama HITS Lovers Excited For New tVN Award Track Award Show

After tVN’s Contemporary K-Drama HITS Lovers Excited For New tVN Award Track Award Show

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterCable network tVN has been remarkablein contemporary times amongst their drama releases, sweeping up a majority of the awards in the 2016 Korea Cable Television Awards

And with tVN having had such so much of amazing displays lately, it was oncethese days announced that the channel would be protecting their own awards ceremony to celebrate their ten year anniversary. Upon hearing about news of the prospective awards show, netizens expressed their excitement, claiming that the contestcan be incredibly intense because ofall of thefantastic dramas that the channel has released recently.

Find out what Netizens had to mention close tothis text below!

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at thelong-established article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

719, 5 Here is going to be as excellent every bitfilm awards if the entire actors display

619, 6 Daebak. tvN has such amazing dramas I at all timessought after this to happen. There has been so many amazing dramas in the closing 10 year the festival is going to be fierce

561, 9 Their contents is fargreater than the non-cable ones this provide day

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Watch: Two times to Proportion Their Non-public Lives in New Fact Show

Watch: Two times to Proportion Their Non-public Lives in New Fact Show

Watch: Two times to Percentage Their Private Lives in New TruthDisplay orionight February 22, 2016 0 LINE it!Watch: TWICE to Share Their Personal Lives in New Reality Show The women of TWICE are set to have their own reality show!

Titled “TWICE’s SublimeNon-public Life,” the truth show will premiere on Mnet on March 1 at 11 p.m. KST. The show is supposed to give a glimpse into the members’ day-to-day lives. Audiencegets behind-the-scenes photos of the girls energy, appearingotheraspects to them than when theyre on stage.

In a hilarious “Cloverfield”-esque teaser, the girls act as although they’re in the path of a horror moviewhilstspeaking about the recent show. Try it out for yourself below!

Meanwhile, member Dahyun is recentlycollaborating in the feminine soldier edition of “Real Men.”

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