Jay Park Finds His Emotions About Loco And Gray’s Success

Jay Park Finds His Emotions About Loco And Gray’s Success

Jay Park Finds His Emotions around Loco And Grays Good fortune leonid July 22, 2016 0 Jay Park Displays His Feelings About Loco And Grays Success Jay Park expresses his love for rappers Loco and grey from his label AOMG.

On the July 22 episode of KBS2s Yoo Hee Yeols Sketchbook, the hip-hop artist seemed alongside Ugly Duck, with whom he these days collaborated with for their album Scene Stealers.

When host Yoo Hee Yeol asks the duo what sets them excluding Loco and Gray, Jay Park answers, Loco and Grey are boys-next-door, and we are bad boys.

He also denies feeling a contentionopposed to their fellow AOMG duo and says, Two years ago, no longernumerousother people knew them. Now, it feels fantastic that theyre doing well.

Meanwhile, the duo has released song videos for 2 of the tracks from their album.

Watch the 19music video for Put Em Up below!

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Park Shin Hye finds how she and Kim Woobin was  speedy friends

Park Shin Hye finds how she and Kim Woobin was speedy friends

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Buddies and former Heirs co-stars Park Shin Hye and Kim Woobin recently published how they wasrapidpalsall the style through an interview with SBS Now

When they first met, their datingwas oncea littlecomplexbecause of the emphasis Korean society puts on senior/junior relationships at the paintingsposition and the age relationship between friends. Despite the truth that Kim Woo Bin is a year older than Park Shin Hye, she repliedby way of pointing out that shes been in the industry longer then he has. Park Shin Hye also added that since she was born in point of fact early in 1990, she if fact exist told went to college early as well.

With the location being a piece complicated, Park Shin Hye gave Kim Woo Bin an ultimatum, announcing So do you needto name me sunbaenim (senior) or must we just be friends? Since then, the 2 have develop intoquick friends.

Check out this adorable video of Kim Woobin and Park Shin Hye sharing a friendly embody at the Heirs after-party:

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Spoiler 'Doctors' Yoon Gyoon-sang finds he likes Park Shin-hye, Kim Rae-won chuckles confidently

Spoiler 'Doctors' Yoon Gyoon-sang finds he likes Park Shin-hye, Kim Rae-won chuckles confidently

On the episode nine of SBS "Doctors", Jeong Yoon-do (Yoon Gyoon-sang) printed to Hong Ji-hong (Kim Rae-won), "Excuse me Doctor, I should tell you that I love Dr. Yoo Hye-jeong. I heard that there is something special in the courting between you two. I also heard your relationship has changed into the romantic one just recently. Since you areno longer married to each and every other yet, I believeit isgood enough for me to take a section in this".

Jeong Yoon-do also said, "I do not like striking any person from the back. Now that I discovered out you two are dating, I do no longerwould like to makeanythingunusualat the back of your back" Hong Ji-hong chuckled at him.

Hong Ji-hong said, "I have never lost what I wish to someone so far. I am onlysatisfied to ascertain Hye-jeong is popular among men. Why do you glance and so nervous? Excellent luck". Jeong Yoon-do used to be embarrassed.

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Park Seul Gi Gets Married And Finds Marriage Goals

Park Seul Gi Gets Married And Finds Marriage Goals

Park Seul Gi Gets Married And Unearths Marriage Desires kokoberry July 9, 2016 0 Park Seul Gi Gets Married And Displays Marriage Goals On July 9, Television reporter Park Seul Gi were given married to her boyfriend of twelve months in Yeoido, Seoul.

Prior to the marriage ceremony, she met journalists and spoke fortunately about her forthcoming marriage.

Park Seul Gi commented, It doesnt feel read. I think like I wore a marriageget dressed to movie for broadcast.

She continued, I would like tochange into a couple like Sean and Jung Hye Young. I need for us to give happiness to every other and celebrate anniversaries.

The reporter also printed plans for a circle of relatives and said, I'm hoping to birth as many as I can. We mentionedperhaps 3 babies.

The relaxation of the wedding was oncenon-public and attended by many celebrities. Kim Gura and Jung Sung Ho took section in being the presider and MC of the ceremony. Singer Gilme, team Noel, and Park Jung Hyun sang congratulatory songs for the bridge and groom as well.

Many attendees posted pictures from her wedding on their Instagram accounts:

A photo posted by skill of 조명기 (@trainer_mk) on Jul 8, 2016 at 11:54pm PDT

A photo posted by 배슬기 (@bebemon_bebe) on Jul 8, 2016 at 11:43pm PDT

Park Seul Gi will leave for her honeymoon to Hawaii after operating on July 10 for MBCs Phase TV.

Congratulations to Park Seul Gi and her husband!

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“Doctors” Finds Park Shin Hye’s Dark Adolescence  Thru Online Prequel

“Doctors” Finds Park Shin Hye’s Dark Adolescence Thru Online Prequel

Doctors Finds Park Shin Hyes Dark AdolescenceThru Online Prequeljun2yng June 26, 2016 0 Doctors Displays Park Shin Hyes Dark Childhood Through Online Prequel SBS drama “Doctors,” starring Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won, has printed the dark childhood of Park Shin Hye’s persona Hye Jung by manner ofa web clip, a first for K-dramas.

The clip starts with a temporary scene of Hye Jung’s father leaving her at your doorstep of her grandmother’s house, which used to be shown in the drama. Hye Jung’s father says, “Our courting is over,” and Hye Jung bites back, “We were over the day that girlgot here to our house.

We then see a tender Hye Jung sitting bruised and battered in front of her stepmother.

Stepmother: “How can you have not any fear? Do adults’ words mean not anything to you?

Hye Jung: “This is my mom’s house.”

Stepmother: “Did you forget? Your motherdeserted you lot and died. I’m the just one in the sector who can offer coverage to you.

Hye Jung: “Don’t touch me again!”

The stepmother then slaps Hye Jung.

The next scene with the stepmother display her interplay alongside Hye Jung’s grandmother. The stepmother says, “Are you gazing me? Seeing if I treat Hye Jung well?” Hye Jung’s grandmother just says that she needsto peer Hye Jung prior to she leaves, and that she’s now not watching her. The stepmother responds, “You are watching me. Don’t come by.”

The video ends with Hye Jung’s narration: “Good memories. I had good memories, too. I remembered after I met my grandmother.”

A member of the drama production said, “For the primary time ever, we revealed Hye Jung’s dark childhood tale online instead of through broadcast. We neededto supply an explanation for through this prequel the relationship Hye Jung has with her stepmother, and the basis of the deep familial love between Hye Jung and her grandmother.”

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Park Shin Hyes New Drama Doctors Finds  Persona  Main points After Script Read-Through

Park Shin Hyes New Drama Doctors Finds Persona Main points After Script Read-Through

Park Shin Hye’s New Drama “Doctors” FindsPersonalityMain points After Script Read-Throughnotclaira Might 11, 2016 0 Park Shin Hye’s New Drama “Doctors” Displays Character Facts After Script Read-Through On April 28, SBS’s upcoming drama “Doctors” held its first script read-through.

The actors provideintegrated Kim Rae Won, Park Shin Hye, Yoon Kyun Sang, Lee Sung Kyung, Kim Young Ae, Yoon Hae Young, Jang Hyun Sung, Jeon Gook Hwan, Lee Ho Jae, Um Hyo Seob, and Jeong Hae Gyun.

Kim Rae Won can begambling the role of Hong Ji Hong, a guy who went from being an intern a first-year scientific resident to a primefacultyinstructorahead of returning to neurosurgery as a specialist. Despite the reality that Hong Ji Hong is audacious and sociable, he has a painful past. His oldsters died in a vehicletwist of fate when he used to be young, and when he lost a patient, he left the health facilityto switch careers.

Park Shin Hye will be playing a character this isacknowledged to be a 180-degree alternate from her genuine personality. Her character is known as Yoo Hye Jung and she is described as rough and rebellious.

Yoon Kyun Sang plays Jung Yoon Do, who despite being a chaebol is a free-spirited doctor. Lee Sung Kyung plays Yoo Hye Jung’s rival, Jin Search engine marketing Woo, who is described as competitive and jealous.

Kim Young Ae plays the grandmother who raised Hye Jung. Her character is expoundedto like her granddaughter fiercely despite her tricky words. Jeong Hae Gyun plays Hye Jung’s father, whilstkid actress Kal So Won plays the more youthfuledition of Hye Jung.

Yoon Hae Young will play Seo Woo’s mom while Um Hyo Seob plays her father. The 2 of them are a rich couple, which goes with Seo Woo’s snobbish character. Jang Hyun Sung will play a physician who supports and encourages Hong Ji Hong, while Lee Ho Jae plays Ji Hong’s father.

“Doctors” tells the tale of a romance between Park Shin Hye’s character, who is going from a insurrection to a doctor after assembly a excellent teacher, and Kim Rae Won’s character, who goes through the sector with a companyunravel for justice and sadness in his heart.

The drama is scheduled to air on June 20.

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J.Y. Park finds how much it fee  to supply TWICE

J.Y. Park finds how much it fee to supply TWICE

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOn a up to date episode of Sisters Slam Dunk, JYP Entertainments Min Hyo Rin took the forged of the display on a seek suggestion from to her firm where J.Y. Park divulged just how much is pricesto providea lady group.

Aired on Might 6th, Ra Mi Ran, Kim Suk, Hong Jin Kyung, Jessi, Min Hyo Rin and Tiffany met up with JYP Entertainments founder J.Y. Park.

During one in their discussion, Ra Mi Ran said, If you promise to produce us, we can beready to pay you, we dont be expecting it for free, to which J.Y. Park gave a stunning answer. To produce a ladycrew amongst one new song, it costs 500 million won ($427,500 USD).

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Park Jin Young Finds Why He Doesn’t Make Songs For Two times And GOT7

Park Jin Young Finds Why He Doesn’t Make Songs For Two times And GOT7

Park Jin Young Unearths Why He Doesnt Make Songs For Two times And GOT7kokoberry Would possibly 7, 2016 0 Park Jin Young Displays Why He Doesnt Make Songs For TWICE And GOT7 At theMay just 6 episode of KBS2s Unnis Slamdunk, Min Hyo Rin printed her want tochange intoa womanworkforce with her fellow solid members.

The actress enlisted the assistance of Park Jin Young to reach her goal. Whilst having many heartfelt discussions, Park Jin Young also discussed why he doesnt make songs for TWICE and GOT7.

JYPs head revealed that having this type ofmassive historic periodhole between himself and his new teams makes it tricky to have deep conversations at times. He confessed that its challenging for him to understand their mindon account of the generational difference and young age.

Park Jin Young said, Honestly, I pass over the g.o.d era. The first actual song I wrote used to beExpensive Mother. My centerharmsuch a lot after paying attention to Park Joon Hyungs story.

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Park Bo Gum Finds His Closest Actor Buddies With Bazaar China

Park Bo Gum Finds His Closest Actor Buddies With Bazaar China

Park Bo Gum Unearths His Closest Actor Buddies With Bazaar Chinack525 April 22, 2016 0 LINE it!Park Bo Gum Displays His Closest Actor Guests With Bazaar China On April 22, Harper’s Bazaar China printed its pictorial and interview with Park Bo Gum.

The photo shoot, which used to be held in China, presentations off Park Bo Gum’s candy smile and just right looks. Whilsthe'splaying the warm sunshine and cuddling a cat in one photo, he manages to bring out his sublimeaspect while posing in a suit in another.

When asked who his closest actor peers are, he said, “I’m closest with the ones from my managing agency. I’m smart friends with Song Joong Ki and Cha Tae Hyun.”

Because he is widely recognized for his wonderful attendance rates in school, he become as well asked if it isn’t tricky to eitherpaintings and study.

“I in moderation planned and grouped my college schedule, so it generally didn’t interfere with my work schedule. Regardless that there were times I used to be tired, I stay on doing it because it's milesanything I enjoy,” he hopefully said.

He also took time to speak more about himself and the things he enjoys.

“I like dining and taking note of music. I play the piano and revel in writing my own songs,” he said.

When asked if he is interested byfreeing an album, he said, “I like singing, although I’m no longerexcellent at it. If the opportunity comes, I would actually liketo be told more about music, liberate an album and take part in musicals,” he added.

“I think I can exist returning to the screen in August with ‘Moonlight Drawn by way of Clouds.’ I'm going totake a glance atchallengingto turn my highest acting,” he said.

Meanwhile, Park Bo Gum can be starring in the KBS 2TV drama “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” as the prince alongside Kim Yoo Jung.

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Park Bo Gum Finds a Considerate Gift He Once Won From Song Joong Ki

Park Bo Gum Finds a Considerate Gift He Once Won From Song Joong Ki

Park Bo Gum Unearths a Considerate Gift He Once Won From Song Joong Kikminjungee April 20, 2016 0 LINE it!Park Bo Gum Displays a Thoughtful Gift He Once Received From Song Joong Ki Those two puppy-faced actors have this type oflovable friendship!

On April 17, right through Song Joong Kis Seoul fan meeting, Park Bo Gum seemed as a surprise guest, to the thrill of 4,000 fans.

When asked if hes ever been touched to the point of tears throughanything Song Joong Ki did, Park Bo Gum replies that Song Joong Ki looks after him in many wayswhilstwantingno longer to be glaring about it. He says that hes even received electronics as a gift from Song Joong Ki.

When the MC pushes them for details, Song Joong Ki explains, He was oncethe usage of a cellular phone that became too beat up, and I gave him a other cellphone. It wasnt new, yet rather a telephone ane used to use. But

While Park Bo Gum tries to argue that it was okay, Song Joong Ki continues on, The maximumsudden thing is that he used it for a very long time. I used to be really, actually sorry.

However, Park Bo Gum exclaims that it was okas it was used effectively and didnt have any marks, swearing that he wasnt exaggerating.

The two actors belong to the similar agency, Blossom Entertainment, and are known to be close friends. Park Bo Gum even in my view designed the symbol for this fan meeting, reaffirming the twos strong, brotherly relationship.

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