Jellyfish Says There’s More To gugudan’s Call Than Meets The Eye

Jellyfish Says There’s More To gugudan’s Call Than Meets The Eye

Jellyfish Says Theres More To gugudans Call Than Meets The attention ehk38 June 18, 2016 0 Jellyfish Says Theres More To gugudans Name Than Meets The Eye Jellyfish Entertainment has spoken up about its new ladyteamsprofessional name gugudan.

gugudan conveys the get to the ground of of nine ladies alongside nine other charms to sing and carry out songs which arefull of hopes and dreams through, a source from Jellyfish Entertainment explains. Its a name that feels familiar to folks and mannerthat each one 9individuals will show off their nine original charms.

In keeping with this theme, Jellyfish Entertainment published3 members at a time over three days, at 9:09 a.m., KST each one day.

The firm adds that theres more to the name than meets the eye. Theres yet any other hidden which meansin the back of this team name, Jellyfish Entertainment says. That meaning may be revealed next week.

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K-Netizens' Reaction At the  Call Of JellyFish New Woman Group! Gugudan!

K-Netizens' Reaction At the Call Of JellyFish New Woman Group! Gugudan!

K-Netizens' Reaction At theCall Of JellyFish New Lady Group! Gugudan?! Jun 17, 2016 08:10 Source: Naver

Gugudan way times table in Korean

8486 -55 Seriously, JellyFish did you actuallymust do that?6227 -37 So their name is Gugudan now kk, the loversstated they hate GX9, then they just turn it into Gugudan kk 5032 -49 Gugudan kkkk3223 -236 Actually, I did now notbe expecting their name to be Gugudan... kkk, please pop out amongstjust right songs3152 -301 What kind of cite is that kkkk, yet i still love them760 -7 Whoever got here up with the name, please get on the ground 765 -20 Hi I am Sejung, number fives of the days table ㅠㅠ Similar VideosGU9UDAN Facebook Twitter Google


Jellyfish Entertainment Announces Professional  Call Of New Lady Group

Jellyfish Entertainment Announces Professional Call Of New Lady Group

Jellyfish Entertainment Announces ProfessionalCall Of New WomanWorkforce ehk38 June 16, 2016 0 Jellyfish Entertainment Announces Official Name Of New Girl Group Jellyfish Entertainment has published the official name of its first-ever girl group.

On June 17, the firm uploaded to its official Twitter a photo featuring all nine participants of the crowdtogether with their group name, gugudan.

The name would possibly come as a wonder for fans, as Jellyfish Entertainment used gx9 in teasers leading up to this official name reveal. It seems like gx9 was the abbreviation for gugudan, which translates to multiplication table.

The complete member roster includes I.O.I alumnae Sejeong and Mina, in addition Nayoung, Hana, Mimi, Soyee, Haebin, Sally, and Hyeyeon. You'll see all the particular person member teasers here.

Meanwhile, gugudan is slated to debut by way of the finish of this month.

What are your mindat theteams official name?

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Spoiler 'Wanted' Lee Jae-kyoon meets Hyosung:

Spoiler 'Wanted' Lee Jae-kyoon meets Hyosung: "I've were given one remaining thing to do"

On the episode 10 of SBS' Wednesday Thursday drama, "Wanted", the kidnapper (Lee Jae-kyoon) disguised himself as a physician and got hereto look the victim, Park Bo-yeon to apologized to her.

Once he disguised himself as a doctor, the kidnapper may justpassthroughout the police safety line without any problem. As he faced Park Bo-yeon, he concealedthe harshfacet of a assassin and apologized to her pronouncing gently, "I am sorry. This will have tono longer takecame about to you".

Park Bo-yeon feeling intimidated grew to become her head clear of him. He said, "I've were given one final thing to do. I should now not have much time". And then he asked her to pass a mysterious memo to Cha Seung-in (Ji Hyeon-woo).

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Lee Jin Wook And Plaintiff’s Call Records, Texts, Photo Evidence Revealed, Each side Explain

Lee Jin Wook And Plaintiff’s Call Records, Texts, Photo Evidence Revealed, Each side Explain

Lee Jin Wook And Plaintiffs Call Records, Texts, Photo Evidence Revealed, Each sideGive an explanation for jun2yng July 20, 2016 0 Lee Jin Wook And Plaintiffs Call Records, Texts, Photo Evidence Revealed, Both Sides Explain On July 21, in an exclusive report, Dispatch revealed call records and photo evidence submitted via Lee Jin Wook and the plaintiff (hereafter known as “A”) in the sexual attack case, in addition statements made by both to Dispatch.

The order of occasions are as follows, as reported by Dispatch:Lee Jin Wook, A, and their mutual acquaintance meet for dinner at more or less 8 p.m., and pass their separate techniques afterwardnine p.m., and then Lee Jin Wook and his friend burst off to a 2nd location.

Approaching midnight, Lee Jin Wook calls A twice. Afterward, at about midnight, A texts Lee Jin Wook her house address. Lee Jin Wook calls A back at 12:13 a.m., after which she texts him the passcode to get into her development and her condo number. Lee Jin Wook calls A again mins later at 12:21 a.m. Lee Jin Wook leaves As area at around 2:30 a.m.

Both sides give their explanations of the telephone calls and texts that were exchanged:A’s aspect said, “Lee Jin Wook acknowledged he would install blinds for A. To get started with she said it was onceok and declined. Then he called again and said he would just take a glance atportions and leave. It turned intotough for A to reject his goodwill further, and after the moment one call ended, she sent him her address.”

Lee Jin Wooks side: “Lee Jin Wook called first. The verbal exchange was normal. He also mentioned blinds. However, if A had expressed opposition, he wouldn’t have long past to her house. She told him what intersection he will have to go to, and he called her again to get an precise address.”

Both parties’ accounts of A’s reasons for texting Lee Jin Wook also differ. Lee Jin Wook submitted the 2 texts — in which A told him her cope with and building passcode — as evidence supporting his claims to police, whilst A says Lee Jin Wook asked her for her address, and that she sent him the code to her building because her intercom was damaged and she wouldn’t be in a position to pay attention him page her apartment. “This was showed by the police when they inspected the scene. It was an overlyherbal text to send,” said A’s side.

Results released for As harmrecord and exam of Lee Jin Wooks frame for symptoms of resistance from A:Dispatch also got here into ownership of the injury report and footage of A’s injuries — from July 15 — that were submitted as evidence of force, which display bruises on quite so much ofcomponents of her body, adding her ankle, knee, shoulder, cervical vertebrae, and decrease back. The report states that the wounds would take two weeks to heal fully.

Meanwhile, Lee Jin Wook’s aspect is skeptical of the injury report, as it was done two days after the alleged incident.

A’s side claims that she had never been to the police station, and didn’t know what the procedure was. “When she was filing her complaint, they told her to bring evidence. That was the night time of July 14. Photographs were then taken, and the injury report was written on July 15.”

Lee Jin Wook’s side: “There was no telling who began it. It advanced naturally. Lee Jin Wook also was tested for injuries at the police station. There were none to be discovered on his body. If there were use of force, A would have resisted. There isn't one unmarried nail mark on Lee Jin Wook’s body.”

As side explains the texts A sent to the mutual acquaintance (B) following the alleged sexual assault:That morning after the alleged sexual assault, A texted her mutual acquaintance with Lee Jin Wook (hereafter referred to as “B”) and sent him a link with knowledge around a burger franchise this is opening soon in Korea, which they had prior to now agreed to visit all together.

Explaining why she sent the ones texts, A’s side said it was a kind of ice breaker, because she sought afterto invite about Lee Jin Wooks behavior. “A was frustrated with the situation, so she sent a text to B. She neededto understand if B knew what Lee Jin Wook did, yet B’s reaction didn’t suggest that he knew anything, so A didn’t feel the wish to continue messaging him.”

Meanwhile, Lee Jin Wook’s side claims that the texts are uncharacteristic of somebody who has just been a victim of rape, and that it doesn’t make sense that A waited an afternoon to report the assault.

Why did A wait to dossier the complaint? Both sides comment:A’s side explained how her ideataskreplaced from July thirteen to 14, when she filed the complaint for sexual assault. “If A just wanted money, wouldn’t she have instantlyaccrued evidence? She a minimum ofdo now not have washed the blankets and towels that had physically fluids on them. She would have gone to the police without showering. Because all of these things are evidence.”

Lee Jin Wook’s side: “We don’t think cash is what A wants. If it is, she would have contacted the agency. Lee Jin Wook had an incrediblyexcellent feeling about A, which makes this situation tougher to believe. We also are curious as to why A changed her mind. They separated on smart terms…”

Final statements to Dispatch made by both sides:A:

“What do you watched a criminalstruggle is like for a civilian going up opposed to a celebrity? They make the victim the assailant. They typically tend to make the victim seem like a gold digger. I’m just a regular person. I take the subway to work, and I like my job.

“That’s why I haven't anyselection but to be more careful. Will I be capable of win in a combat alongside a celebrity? Will my identity be protected? Will there be rumors going around my friends, my family, at work? They say I sued simply becausehe's a celebrity? No. That'sthe explanation why I’m scared.”

“A superstaris very careful when beginning any variety of dating with a civilian. Especially those days. Lee Jin Wook felt that A was trustworthy. While it was a briefduration of time, he thought they were connecting. That’s why he contacted her again.

“It was A’s house. What if she had domestic CCTV? Or if she had some cameras set up? If a girl says no, it’s very unlikely to push. Because he’s a public figure, he has no option but to be more cautious. Because he knows it will be the end.”

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Simon D Responds To Rumors That AOMG Has Sent BewhY A “Love Call”

Simon D Responds To Rumors That AOMG Has Sent BewhY A “Love Call”

Simon D Responds To Rumors That AOMG Has Sent BewhY A Love Callleonid July 19, 2016 0 Simon D Responds To Rumors That AOMG Has Sent BewhY A Love Call Rapper Simon D has dismissed rumors that a love call, or offer, has been sent to rapper BewhY from his label AOMG.

On July 19, Simon D attended a joint interview in Seoul for the winners of Mnets Display Me the cash 5, where he addresses speculations that AOMG has scouted BewhY.

The rapper clarifies, I knew that we might be busy with each and every of our lives and no longer see one anotherfrequently after the program ended, yet BewhY is an excessively charming person so I did wish topaintings amongst him afterwards. I presumed that lets meet normally after the prove if we were in the similar agency.

He continues, However, we have got never at once sent BewhY a love call.' He stocks that he was surprised to see articles mentioning BewhY has boarded the AOMG train, and quips, In line with the article, an industry source stated it. Im now trying to find that source.

Finally, Simon-D says, I felt relieved when I saw an editorialpronouncing BewhY has yet to make a choice a trail to take, and expresses his hopefulness.

Meanwhile, rapper BewhY these daysexecuted as champion of Show Me the Cashfive with his manufacturers Simon D and grey from AOMG.

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gugudan’s Kim Sejeong Says She Had Doubts About The gang  Call Too

gugudan’s Kim Sejeong Says She Had Doubts About The gang Call Too

gugudans Kim Sejeong Says She Had Doubts About The gangCall likewise ehk38 July 15, 2016 0 gugudans Kim Sejeong Says She Had Doubts About The Neighborhood Name Too Ladyorganization gugudan member Kim Sejeong unearths that she had doubts about her teams mention too.

On the July 15 episode of KBS2s Welcome Show, the solidindividualstake a glance at their hand at fast poetry.

I wrote about a recent, largefactor in my life, Kim Sejeong says earlier than she reads her poem.

I concept No way and was hoping IT wasnt true/ Yet since its your choice, I can assent/ And in no time, I have develop into used to it/ My team name gugudan, Kim Sejeong reads, making the remainder of the cast members crack up.

She adds, The pinnacle of my agency got here up with the name.

Have you gotten used to gugudans name?

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Chinese fanatics  call for to pay attention Yoona’s stance relating to South China Sea ruling

Chinese fanatics call for to pay attention Yoona’s stance relating to South China Sea ruling

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSince an world court ruled against China in the South China Sea case, Chinese enthusiasts accept flooded to Girls Generation member Yoonas Instagram to pay attention her stance at the issue. 

Following the courts ruling in choose of Southeast Asian countries reminiscent of Vietnam and the Philippines in the territorial dispute, many Chinese idols such as EXOLay and f(x)Victoria have taken to SNS to turn their fortify for China, the usage ofthe preferred hashtag #ChinaCannotBecomeAnySmallerAnd whilst many Chinese idols have already given their mind on the issue, many Chinese fans also consider that Korean idols running in China will have to besidesdisplay their assist for China, with many in particularfocused onWomen Generations Yoona.

However, many Korean fans have considered China’s stance on the problem to be grasping and oppressive, adding that in regards to the territorial dispute China had also laid claim to the Korean island Ieodo situated in the South China Sea. With Korean fans and Southeast Asian fans advising her to abstain from commenting on the difficulty while Chinese fans are soliciting for her opinion, Yoona is in point of fact stuck in an uncomfortable state of affairsrelating to the court ruling.

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'Our Times' director Frankie Chan sends out love-call to paintings with Song Joong-ki

'Our Times' director Frankie Chan sends out love-call to paintings with Song Joong-ki

Film director Frankie Chen (also referred to as Yu Shan Chen) printed her middle equallykeen on Song Joong-ki's.

Taiwanese star, Darren Wang's fan meeting, '2016 Darren Wang Seoul Fan Meeting' happened at Samsung Corridor in Ewha Womans University in the afternoon on July 13th. Actor Darren Wang and picture director Frankie Chan attended the event.

During the event, 'Our Times' director Frankie Chen revealed her fangirl aspectagainst Song Joong-ki. Director Frankie Chen said, "I mayno longerconsider such an ideal star, Song Joong-ki watched my film two times and I used to beglad to know about it. Throughout his fan assembly in Taiwan, my daughter's pals and oldsters were at the venue of his fan meeting. I mayno longercross because I was once too shy".

Film director Frankie Chen said, "If I mightget a grasp ofa film like 'Our Times' again, I wouldlove topaintings with him and also hope he would sing the theme song for it as well".

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Someone Call the Firemen! Cuz NCT 127 brought the Fireplace Truck!

Someone Call the Firemen! Cuz NCT 127 brought the Fireplace Truck!

NCT Uis back with..... waitNCT 127? Wait, what?!....

("Alright nobodyup to date me on this. You, what is your name, Sarah? Who chose this, SM or the fans?" "SM...Of course".. "Ok, thank you". *Flips throughscript* "Alright then, here we go"...)

NCT 127is back or debuted, no one knows, withFire Truck.

Looks likeDoyongdisappeared for thisMV, butSMbrought in 2 new members,HaechanandYuta. Are the guys dressed in 50's clothes, whilst wearing that heavy quantity of makeup? OK I'lllet that slide, yet whats with the bizarreinstall too, in truththe onesgarmentsstay distracting me. Anyway...

TheMVshows the guys status around a little woman and ruining her sandcastle she built. This sets the theme for the complete video. The video then shifts to this girl in school, just a little older, and the guys getting intothe learn about room and causing a disruption. This is going on all through her lifestyles in quite so much ofeventualities in the video. At the finish of the video, it displays her as an old girls in the home and a little boy outdoor and the guys beginningto collect around him. So here's what I mean by skill of the bizarre setup

But otherwise, this song is so awesome and extremely bright and colorful. It grabs your eyes with the flashing lights, just right looks, and dance moves. The choreography is solely amazing and so forth point. But it surely catches your ears with the cool beat and music. I'm hoping y'all all experience this newMVbyNCT 127. Please toughenthose guys. With what I have seen, I'mcertain there are more wonderful songs andMV's to come

Let us know what you take into accounts this video and the hot additions to the crowd AND the call change, in the comments below.

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