Jeon Do-yeon's next nickname rather than Queen of Cannes

Jeon Do-yeon's next nickname rather than Queen of Cannes

Queen of Cannes Jeon Do-yeon is coming back with the hot tvN drama "The Excellent Wife".

Jeon Do-yeon is starring in her first drama in 11 years. She debuted in 1990 with a Johnson Johnson's advertisement and now not long after that, she began to act in dramas. She started her first drama in 1992 and persevered without a smashtill 1998.

After the 90s she started to act in videos more than dramas. She took house several awards for the film she did in 1997 and continued years of mellow films gave her the title, Queen of Mellow.

Jeon Do-yeon was once awarded Perfect Actress and made it to Cannes for the 2007 motion picture "Secret Sunshine". She changed intovenerated amongst the grand prize there and she became, Queen of Cannes.

She returned to Cannes in 2010 for the movie "The Servant" and 3 years later, she was called back as a judge. In 2015, she made her fourth seek suggestion from to Cannes for the movie "The Shameless".

The remaining drama she starred in was in 2002 and 2005. Now, she's returning with the new "The Smart Wife".

She said, "I typicallyglance at the emotional portions of a scenario, yet this time I looked at the drama itself. I started out with dramas and i'm open to any genre".

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"The Excellent Wife" Jeon Do-yeon, Queen of Cannes

Her juniors admired her. Jeon Do-yeon was shy. Her juniors showed her respect. Jeon Do-yeon's face have become red. Her juniors were commemorated to paintings amongst her. Jeon Do-yeon reduced her head.

The premiere of the tvN drama "The Just right Wife" at the 29th, was once also Jeon Do-yeon's comeback ceremony. It was no longer just the audience who were looking ahead to her go backyet Yoo Ji-tae, Yoon Kye-sang, Kim Seo-hyeong, Nana, Lee Won-geun and director Lee Jeong-hyo as well.

Jeon Do-yeon appearedapprehensive close to coming back with a drama for the primary time in 11 years. She said, "I am seeking to adjust and I take into consideration this as my debut once again. However, in spite of her modesty, her juniors would notprevent praising her.

Yoo Ji-tae and Yoon Kye-sang claimed they joined the drama as a result of Jeon Do-yeon. Yoo Ji-tae said, "I felt that acting with a fairconsumerprovidesa decentimpression in my life. I haveat all timessought afterto fulfill Jeon Do-yeon and proportion the honor of operating with the maximum productive actress in Korea. Yoon Kye-sang said, "I chose "The Smart Wife" for a similarreason why every bit Yoo Ji-tae. You'llbe toldso much from excellent people".

Jeon Do-yeon was smiling when Yoo Ji-tae talked, but if Yoon Kye-sang added on, she became shy. Then non-stop messages of compliment ensued which brought about her face became redder and redder.

Lee Won-geun said, "I was so nervous right through the making of the drama. It was making me nervous simply bythe truth that I may smartly be next to her. I kept reminding myself to work challengingobserving her work".

Nana, "I think I used to be the most worrying because I had more scenes with her than Lee Won-geun. I'm just a novice and then I made some mistakes, but Jeon Do-yeon helped me and I learned much from her". Jeon Do-yeon lowered her head in embarrassment.

The hostess Park Ji-yoon ended the development with a gentle joke. Soon, Jeon Do-yeon may beobserved on Television and she's back as a lawyer.

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'Queen of Cannes' Jeon Do-yeon, 'I didn't need my act to be false'

'Queen of Cannes' Jeon Do-yeon, 'I didn't need my act to be false'

Jeon Do-yeon said, "It"s very pressuring, the title. I sought after to conquer it yet it used to be too much. I believe this nickname can be with me for goodbye as i'm an actress. I don"t would like to do away with it but just settle for it and do my best".

She continued, "I have won many awards so far. ago i presumed awards were given simply by making a film but now I know different. I don"t make videos to get awards but I make films to satisfy the audience. I at all times feel supported by potential of those that cheer for me".

She became asked when she discovered it toughest yet and she said, "I had it rough the maximum all the manner through "Milyang". Director Lee Chang-dong asked me to turn him the genuine thing but I didn"t know what that was. So I felt resentful. If i used to be to make the film again, it will develop into a other one".

Jeon Do-yeon has been acting non-stop. It"s been 23 years since she"s began acting. "I"ve continually needed to be an actress who can act till I"m old. i believe I can". She also needs to be in black comedies and series movies. She even discussed a chance of reuniting with Hwang Jeong-min.

When she was asked what type of an actress she wanted to be, she said, "I just wish to be a just right actress. I wish to be a trustable one and no longer make my target market be apologetic about observing my movie".

Meanwhile, Jeon Do-yeon starred in the motion picture "The Shameless" as the girl of a assassin who falls in love with a detective. She took house the most productive Actress at the 24th Buil Movie Awards.


'Queen of Cannes' Jeon Do-yeon becomes muse for French cosmetics

'Queen of Cannes' Jeon Do-yeon becomes muse for French cosmetics

Actress Jeon Do-yeon is the hot muse for French cosmetic emblem Sisley. the global noted and enjoyed actress Jeon Do-yeon proves her attractiveness once back through turning into the new face of a leading French brand.

The cosmetic images of Jeon Do-yeon display her complexion shining and flawless. She looks sublime and graceful thank you to her healthy taking a look skin which makes her beauty stand out even more. The emblem spokesperson said, "Jeon Do-yeon has been a excellent friend of ours for decades and she"s highly noted in France as a leading actress in Korea. Her elegance appeared are compatible for our brand".

Meanwhile, Jeon Do-yeon is coming back with the film "A guy and A Woman".

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'Queen of Cannes': Jeon Do-yeon to judge Cannes Int'l Film Festival

'Queen of Cannes': Jeon Do-yeon to judge Cannes Int'l Film Festival

'Queen of Cannes': Jeon Do-yeon to judge Cannes Int'l Film Festival

Actress Jeon Do-yeon has been chosen to judge at the Cannes International Film Festival (CIFF). This is a first for a Korean actress.

The 67th CIFF opening on the 14th of May revealed the list of judges' names. Jeon Do-yeon is judging the competitive section of CIFF with directors Jane Campion, Jia Zhangke and actor Willem Dafoe. She is the only Asian actress.

This is the second time a Korean celebrity is judging at the CIFF. Jeon Do-yeon received the Best Actress award in 2007 for "Secret Sunshine" and was listed as a candidate for "The Housemaid - 2010".

Many actors, actresses and directors have been connected with CIFF, but with Jeon Do-yeon being part of the judges, shows the improved status of Korean movies. CIFF announced on its official homepage that Jeon Do-yeon started becoming acknowledged for "Secret Sunshine" and returned to Cannes with the movie "The Housemaid - 2010".

Jeon Do-yeon will be in the area from the 14th of May to the 25th to evaluate 19 films. She's also participating in the various events which are taking place around the festival.

Jeon Do-yeon thinks this is a special opportunity for her and will work her best to support the festival.

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Jeon Do-yeon,

Jeon Do-yeon, "'Queen of mellow' is anything I still would like to listen when I am older"

Jeon Do-yeon is referred to as 'the queen of mellow' and 'the queen of Cannes'. She's back with basic mellow.

Jeon Do-yeon stars in the film "A Guy and A Woman" which is ready a man and a woman who are attracted to every other in Finland. She takes at the role of Sang-min, who is a domestic and hardworking woman.

Jeon Do-yeon starred in quite so much of mellow videos and earned the identify 'the queen of mellow'. "A Man and A Woman" could also be Gong Yoo's first mellow motion picture and the movie has had masses of attention since earlier than its release. Jeon Do-yeon was oncethese days interviewed in a cafe.

"I love that title. It isanything anewish to takeeven ifI am older. 'Mellow' inspires each personirrespective of age. If the mellow I did in the 90s becomeregarded as light, the mellow nowadays are something I will do handiest at this age. I ponder whether I can do anything else like "A Promise" or "You are my Sunshine" even though I sought after to. No longer that age topicsyetI believe my decisionswould possibly inducegrow to be more mature now".

Jeon Do-yeon says she would perhaps not exist left at the back of in action and other genres. It bedemanding to come upontypical mellow nowadays and Jeon Do-yeon is unhappy the features for actresses have diminishedby capability of that much.

Jeon Do-yeon and Sang-min are ratherotherevery one other. Jeon Do-yeon was worried whilst making the movie. She was worried the naturewould not be portrayed the style she needed to. She brought out the persona in Sang-min and made it her own. Sang-min and Jeon Do-yeon are either mothers. They are housewives and running moms.

"I understood maximum of Sang-min's existencethoughno longer all. I guessed she will have to be tired. She's not living a complete life of her own. She did her sister's paintings and did the entirety alongside her kid at house too. How tiring. I do housekeeping and work hard too but I settle for it. There are things I must do and things I make a selection to do. Being a mother is herbal for me now. I also take a glance at difficult not to be various earlier and after marriage and I believe my circle of relatives respects me for that".

A married man and a woman being attracted to every other couldappear uncomfortable. Director Lee Yoon-ki statedthe tale of Sang-min and Ki-hong did not see it as an get away from truth just as an enchantment between a man and a woman alike. Jeon Do-yeon said if that would've came about to her in genuine life, it appeared impossible. "A Man and A Woman" isn't somesimple dear but she wanted to understand how they felt and determined to famous person in it.

Jeon Do-yeon is back for the primary time in 11 years with a drama called "The Just right Wife". The drama is about a woman whose a success husband is one day booked for corruption and she has to became the breadwinner of the family.

"I have had a couple ofprovides but I did notwish to be so serious in a drama. "The Sensible Wife" seemed amusing and new. I'mfrightened about coming back with a drama and I'm worried if I will be readyto drag IT off. I wonder how I did it before and i'min reality scared. But the director told me not to be. I have only noticed up to 4 episodes of "The Excellent Wife" but it's fun and I needto grasp more".

Jeon Do-yeon's interview about Lee Byung-hun, Hwang Jeong-min, Song Kang-ho and Ha Jeong-woo was a large deal once. How did she justify operating with Gong Yoo in "A Man and A Woman"? She said it was like ice cream that you cannot bite through. She said Gong Yoo was warm and worrying and he was a true man. She said he was an actor of many sides. Then she laughed when she was asked to justify herself.

"I never idea about what I need to do next. But I am not thoughtless. I wish to revolve more on the tale than the characters. Expanding your mindpermits you to see the several things".


'Women of Cannes' Jeon Do-yeon and Kim Go-eun-I meet at last

'Women of Cannes' Jeon Do-yeon and Kim Go-eun-I meet at last

Jeon Do-yeon and Kim Go-eun-I who have mesmerized Cannes with "Memories of the Sword" were re-highlighted.

"Memories of the Sword" is determined at the finish of the Koryeo Times when the sword turned into once all mighty about a guy who dreamt of being king and two swords pointed at him 18 years later. Jeon Do-yeon plays Wol So, who moves for a motive and Kim Go-eun-I is Hong Yi, a kid who is born to avenge her parents" deaths and calls Wol So her " mom ".

The first acquaintance of Jeon Do-yeon and Kim Go-eun-I go as far back as Kim"s debuting film "Eun Gyo". Jeon Do-yeon made a wonder appearance at the set of "Eun Gyo" and didn"t hesitate to advise and assist the then logo new actress Kim Go-eun-I.

2 years later now, Jeon Do-yeond and Kim Go-eun-I"s destined meet got here via with "Memories of the Sword". They trained with each and every other in action college 6 months sooner than the making of the movie. Jeon Do-yeon said, "Kim Go-eun-I is versatile and i'm stronger. We either have our advantages".

Not most effective that, the 2 stimulate each and every other. Kim Go-eun-I is making an attempt at her first warrior role and has to maintain physical and emotional strains. Jeon Do-yeon showed her appreciate for Kim Go-eun-I at the manner she did her paintings without a complaint.

"Memories of the Sword" is being released at the 13th.

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Jeon do-yeon and Kim move-eun-I, the selfie of 
the ladies of Cannes...

Jeon do-yeon and Kim move-eun-I, the selfie of the ladies of Cannes..."captivating"

Jeon do-yeon And Kim pass-eun-I of the Korean film "Memories of the Sword" posted on photo they took in combination.  

On her Instagram bill, Kim pass-eun-I posted A photo Accompanied amongst A center emoticon at the 26th. In the photo, Jeon do-yeon And Kim pass-eun-I were cheerfully staring At At the tv camera All dressed in black. Kim pass-eun-I"s large smile And Jeon do-yeon"s mesmerizing expression captivate All the ones that looks At the photo. The net responses come amongst " the 2 Are then existautiful", "They Are then cool", And "love you lot".

"Memories of the Sword" starring either Jeon do-yeon And Kim pass-eun-I can exist released in theaters at the 13th of side by side calendar month. 

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[Interview] "The Shameless" Jeon Do-yeon, "Cannes supports my potential"

Jeon Do-yeon"s name is all about trust. The audience always has high expectations from her as an actress and not just a star. There is no need for promoting her stardom as she herself induces curiosity about a movie and builds trust.

The same goes for "The Shameless" which was invited to the 68th Cannes International Film Festival for its potential. Jeon Do-yeon won the Best Actress at Cannes in 2007 for "Secret Sunshine" and "The Shameless" was her fourth visit to Cannes. We met Jeon Do-yeon in a caf in Seoul after she returned from Cannes.

"I hear I"m the best in Korea and I have had a lot of experience but in Cannes I am just the actress who won an award for "Secret Sunshine" and they expect to see more from me. They leave my potentials open and lets me think about what I must do next".

Jeon Do-yeon played Kim Hye-kyeong, a killer"s woman in "The Shameless". She waits for Park Joon-gil (Park Seong-woong) believing what they have is love and works as a madam in a bar. She then slowly opens up to Jeong Jae-gon (Kim Nam-gil) who is always by her side, protecting her.

"The scenario was fun and I liked the idea of a hard-boiled mellow. The female characters usually got objectified in a men"s movie but "The Shameless" was different. I wanted to show the humane side of Kim Hye-kyeong and how she lives every day meeting different people. I wondered if I was doing the right thing but there"s no real answer in acting. It"s just the process of finding the right emotions".

Jeon Do-yeon thought of Kim Hye-kyeong as a strong woman at first. However, she realized there was hope for her at the end of the movie. Therefore, she tried to make Kim Hye-kyeong seem more realistic as possible.

"She was desperate. She had a strong ego and wanted to protect something. At the same time, she appeals to men. She withstood difficult situations well. Then she meets Jeong Jae-gon and lives the life she always wanted to live. She finally met someone she wants but can"t show it. She"s strong and smart but she"s hurtful inside and desperate for love".

Jeon Do-yeon and Kim Nam-gil played a killer"s woman and a detective. Kim Nam-gil admitted that he was worried at first but his values as an actor went up thanks to "The Shameless".

"Kim Nam-gil is cheerful and funny. I wondered how he could be macho Jeong Jae-gon but he was more than that. He was like a child and even aroused motherly love. I wondered if that was all there is to him. He"s got a lot of energy inside him and I want to know more".

Jeon Do-yeon re-wrote Korean actress history with various movies. She has appeared impressive in every role she played and therefore, has the trust of the nation.

"Being an actress wasn"t my dream. I didn"t know I"d be acting for this long. I liked that people recognized me and I made more money than my friends. I want to try something less serious next time. I want to do something fun but there are more heavier set offers so far. I also haven"t been in a drama for 10 years".


[Interview] Jeon Do-yeon,

[Interview] Jeon Do-yeon, "Not anyone can go to Cannes"

Kim Nam-gil and Jeon Do-yeon talked about their experience at Cannes.

Actress Jeon Do-yeon and actor Kim Nam-gil were invited to the 68th Cannes International Film Festival for their movie "The Shameless" and had an interview with News N.

Jeon Do-yeon was one of the judges at CIFF last year and she said, "It"s tough to judge a movie and to be judged. They are both equally tough".

Jeon Do-yeon has been to Cannes for "Secret Sunshine", "The Housemaid - 2010" and this time, "The Shameless". She said, "I never thought I"d go there again with "The Shameless". I shot a movie for the first time in 15 years and I felt so awkward on set. I was scared".

"Director Oh Seung-wook wrote the screenplay himself and I trusted he had a picture in his head. I adapted to the set and put faith in the director. I believed that"s the way he worked but I never thought the movie would make it to Cannes".

Kim Nam-gil said, "Everyone else knew we were going to Cannes because it was Jeon Do-yeon. I climbed aboard "The Shameless" because of Cannes and Jeon Do-yeon". Jeon Do-yeon said, "Not anyone can go to Cannes. I was surprised in a judge"s perspective last year".

"I was stimulated by all the great directors there. I try my best when I am filming a movie but I felt I had a long way to go after seeing other people"s movies. I only thought of one thing and that was to try harder. When people mentioned Cannes during the making of "The Shameless" I told them it wasn"t going to be easy but here we are".

Kim Nam-gil said, "We laughed about it. We had our hopes to go to Cannes because she was "The Actress". We knew we were going to Cannes because of Oh Seung-wook and Jeon Do-yeon and we really did. We didn"t make the movie to go to Cannes but we were chosen because the movie was good".

He continued, "I didn"t think we were really going to go to Cannes. It was my first time. Jeon Do-yeon has been to Cannes twice and she"s even been there as a judge. I didn"t know what it was going to be like. When people congratulated me, I figured it was something like the Busan International Film Festival but in another country. But now I know why people want to come to Cannes".

"Jeon Do-yeon claimed she was stimulated every time she came to Cannes and I feel that. I feel I should think more about the movie I am making and make it more detail. When I go back home, I think I can do better than before I came to Cannes".

How did he feel when he first got the invitation to Cannes? "I called Jeon Do-yeon and thanked her. We all congratulated each other and patted each other on the back for a job well done".

Jeon Do-yeon said, "It"s not an easy place but when I heard we had been invited I thought Oh Seung-wook should be the most congratulated".

"Oh Seung-wook had said this could be his last movie. The cast and director must do well for there to be a "next one" so he must"ve doubted himself. Amidst the fuss about Cannes, I asked Oh Seung-wook if there would be a "next one" and he said he felt like a load had been taken down from his shoulders".

Meanwhile, "The Shameless" is a story about a detective and the woman of a killer. Jeon Do-yeon plays Kim Hye-kyeong, a bar girl who waits for her murder suspect boyfriend. She won the Best Actress at Cannes in 2007 for "Secret Sunshine" and has been to Cannes two more times since. It was Kim Nam-gil"s first visit to Cannes and he plays Jeong Jae-gon, a detective who approaches Kim Hye-kyeong. The movie is being released this 27th.