Jeong Yong-hwa,

Jeong Yong-hwa, "Will unencumber commentary after investigations are over"

FNC Entertainment spoke on behalf of CN Blue's Jeong Yong-hwa.

FNC Entertainment explained that it wasn't appropriateto talk of the case whilst investigations were still in process.

Meanwhile, a media reported that Jeong Yong-hwa used to be accused of buying groceries for in a a phase of the company's proportion and resold it for a furthertwo hundred million won in benefit (~US$200,000).

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CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa And Sunwoo Junga Unencumber 'Empathy Project' VIDEO

CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa And Sunwoo Junga Unencumber 'Empathy Project' VIDEO

CNBLUEs Jung Yong Hwa and Sunwoo JungA Release Empathy Project Collaborative Tracks VIDEO(Photo : FNC Entertainment)K-pop idol Jung Yong Hwa has discovered some "Empathy" with Sunwoo Junga.

The CNBLUE frontman and the feminine soloist teamed up on their fresh Empathy Collaboration Project. On Friday, the pair released an EP and a couple oftune videos.

"Fireworks" and "Hello" were written viathe 2 musicians; Jung Yong Hwa wrote "Hello" for Sunwoo Junga, whilst Sunwoo Junga wrote "Fireworks" for the CNBLUE singer.

The artists wrote the lyrics for the songs together.

"Hello" is a wintery comfortable rock ballad, while "Fireworks" is a more upbeat electronic-rock song.

Jung Yong Hwa is CNBLUE's major vocalist. Here's his 2nd collaboration out of doors of the K-pop world, following 2015's "Checkmate" duet with Singaporean singer JJ Lin. He'scontrolled by FNC Entertainment.

Sungwoo Junga is a well-liked Korean indie singer. She is signed below Magic Strawberry sound.

The Empathy Project used to be put in combination in collaboration between Magic Strawberry sound and FNC Entertainment. The music video for "Fireworks" changed into uploaded to Magic Strawberry sound's reputable YouTube page, while FNC Entertainment released "Hello."

According to theK-Pop Herald,Jung described the collaboration as fate.

"I idea that it was supposed to be -- destiny," acknowledged Jung.

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Spoiler 'Yong Pal' unearths hidden tale of Jeong Woong-in

Spoiler 'Yong Pal' unearths hidden tale of Jeong Woong-in

The September 23rd episode of SBS Wednesday & Thursday drama, "Yong Pal", printed segment leader Lee (Jeong Woong-in) had stored Kim Tae-hee"s lifestyles in the past.

When she have been brought into the emergency room, he had saved Kim Tae-hee"s life with his unbeatable amazing surgical skills.

Kim Taehyeon (Joo Won) revealed the truth to Han Yeojin and asked her to forgive Part Chief Lee. Han Yeojin was once going to take revenge opposed to him, who had attempted to kill her whilst she become mendacity at the health center bed unconsciously. However, she made up our minds to delay taking revenge against him on account of Kim Taehyeon.

She in its place began taking revenge against her brother Han Do-joon (Jo Hyeon-jae) in the similar way she had suffered. She made him lie on an identical bed where she had been lying on. She whispered into Han Do-joon"s ear, "I"m now not going to make you wait perpetually as you had done to me. Watch for 3 years only. I"m going to chop your blood vessel three years later. similar to how it had been done to me".

Kim Taehyeon kept seeking to turn around Han Yeojin"s mind. He told her, "Forget about revenge, please come again to me". Han Yeojin coldly spoke back to him, "You come closer to me".

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"Yong-buddy-yi" Chae Jeong-an becomes a rich mistress

Actress Chae Jeong-an is changing into a rich mistress in the hot SBS drama "Yong-good friend-yi".

She plays Lee Chae-yeong who disguises herself as a rich and ingenuous attractiveness yet has her ears open to the whole lot that is going on in the VIP ground of Hanshin sanatorium.

Chae-yeong is a attractiveness who stole the guts of Do-joon (Jo Hyeon-jae), the chairman of Hanshin group, even though she"s a persona who will betray her husband at any time. She appears like she"s loopy about actors and plastic surgical treatment yet she"s plainst striking on pretence to determine the whole lot that is going on around Yeo-jin (Kim Tae-hee) who is asleep in the VIP ground.

Chae Jeong-an used to be observed at a marriage corridor filming a scene for the drama at the 17th. The scene used to be of a top magnificence celebration with Do-joon and Chae-yeong. Their marriage has already been set via their oldsters and unlike Do-joon who is happy, Chae-yeong can"t lend a hand yet glance displeased at the placement.

The scene used to be decorated with fancy internal and props. Chae-yeong is clotheed in an effortless get clotheed which is sufficient to attract all eyes on her. Being known for her taste, Chae Jeong-an pulls off the get clotheed smartly and glances proud and stylish in it.

Chae-yeong may appear materialistic yet she craves love the maximum. the joys of the drama will lay in observing her pass with a target.

meanwhile, "Yong-good friend-yi" is a spectacle romance drama about a fraud physician who will do the rest for cash till he meets the dozing attractiveness heiress in the hospital. the primary episode can also be observed at the 5th of August.

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Jeong Yong-hwa tops chart

Jeong Yong-hwa tops chart

K-pop singer Jeong Yong-hwa, lead vocalist of K-pop boy band CNBlue, topped Billboard"s World Albums chart with his first solo song "One Fine Day" on Jan. 30, local time. ran a story about Jeong"s feat and wrote ""One Fine Day" replaces "Base" by Shinee member Jonghyun who ruled the top slot last week". Billboard"s World Albums chart ranks musicians mainly based on their album sales, and Jeong"s first solo album released on Jan. 20 ranked first on the iTunes charts in seven countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines upon its release. Jeong"s first solo album includes 10 tracks and, all the songs were written and composed by the 26-year-old singer. Although Jeong debuted in 2009 as a singer, it was his first solo album. In order to produce a quality album, Jeong said he"s been working on the album for a long time. He collaborated with musicians such as American Peter Malick and Singaporean singer JJ Lin. Jeong"s title track for his solo album is "One Fine Day", but he also produced a music video for another track, "Checkmate", and he starred in the music video along with JJ Lin. It was unveiled to the public on Saturday. Jeong is also enjoying a successful career in acting. He recently appeared in the period drama "The Three Musketeers - Drama" along with actors Lee Jin-wook and Yang Dong-geun.BY SUNG SO-YOUNG


[Interview] CNBlue Jeong Yong-hwa calls new solo album

[Interview] CNBlue Jeong Yong-hwa calls new solo album "perfect"

Despite the fact that "One Fine Day" is CNBlue member Jeong Yong-hwa"s first solo album, the star feels confident about his new work.

He wrote all 10 tracks and collaborated with several local musicians, including rocker Yoon Do-hyun and rapper Verbal Jint, in an attempt to differentiate the record from what he has done with the band.

"All 10 songs are my children and I"m 100 percent satisfied with them", said Jeong in a recent interview with Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily.

"I don"t think there"s anything to modify. I think it is perfect".

During his showcase for the new album a day before its release on Tuesday, Jeong said he wanted to show the best of what he can do with the album.

"I think I wanted to show off that I can make these songs, or I can also sing these songs", he said.

Q. What is the difference between your solo album and the albums you have released under CNBlue?

A. I didn"t try to change the color I have because I can"t just suddenly break dance just to make my solo album different from the group"s.

But I tried to differentiate my own work by putting in additional color through my collaborations with other musicians.

Would you also play an instrument on stage for a solo performance?

That was something I did differently. When I"m a member of CNBlue, I"m always on stage with an instrument, so I thought being without one could make a visual difference.

Is there a reason why you put songs from different genres on the same album?

I"ve been planning to make an album for more than two years and it"s been more than a year since I really started to make one. I"m not saying I wanted to get away from CNBlue; I just wanted to try something new. In fact, two years ago I was wondering whether I should try heavier rock music, but at some point, I started to like calm and softer music that is easier on the ears. Then I learned that I liked emotional songs.

Many of the songs are love stories. Do they reflect your own experiences?

Usually I put my own stories into my songs. But if you think about it, I would have to be dating three people every month just to make around the 20 songs I release per year, including the tracks on CNBlue"s albums. Otherwise, I would be out of stories. [Laughs] Instead I use experiences from TV dramas and movies whenever I"m out of ideas.

There are rumors that say you had a really hard time putting together this album. What was it like?

I went through a slump. I felt that everything that everyone was telling me was a lie and I couldn"t figure out why I was doing what I was doing.

I drank wine a lot by myself. I was so negative about everything and even words of worry from others like "Are you okay?" got on my nerves. But, fortunately, I think the emotions I felt spread throughout the album in a good way.

Are there any other artists you want to work with?

I didn"t work with any female artists, so I want to do a duet next time if it"s possible. I like Ailee and IU. I would also say singer Sunwoo Jeong-a because her voice is so charming.

BY PARK HYUN-TAEK [[email protected]]


[Hologram] Park Shin Hye and CNBLUE's Jeong Yong-hwa Tease Each Other

[Hologram] Park Shin Hye and CNBLUE's Jeong Yong-hwa Tease Each Other

The first episode of Mnet's reality program "Hologram" gives a load worth of laughter as Park Shin Hye picked a quarrel with her "unrequited love" Jeong Yong-hwa.

Park Shin-hye joked to Jeong Yong-hwa that he"s old. Jeong Yong-hwa reacted by telling her she lost weight.

The first episode of the Mnet reality program "Hologram" showed Park Shin-hye responding to Jeong Yong-hwa"s invitation.

Despite being tired after filming "Pinocchio", Park went over with flowers. They revealed that they were quite close to each other and joked around. Park told Jeong, "You"ve become so old in the time that I haven"t seen you".

She had to leave soon for work and as she was leaving Jeong said, "You lost a lot of weight".

Meanwhile, this TV show is a four episode program about the process of an idol struggling to communicate with others.

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"Kill Me, Heal Me" Ji Seong and Hwang Jeong-eum reunite; Take a look at how Lee Bo-yeong and Kim Yong-jun might respond to their love scene in drama

Ji Seong and Hwang Jeong-eum were casted as male and female leads for MBC drama, "Kill Me, Heal Me" scheduled to broadcast January next year. This is the reunion of these two actors after one and half year since KBS2 "Secrets".

Ji Seong will play the role as the third generation chaebol, "Cha Do-hyeon", who has 7 different personalities. Hwang Jeong-eum will act as "Oh Ri-jin", who is a first year resident doctor in mental health, also a secret personal physician for Cha Do-hyun. It is a joint production of Pan Entertainment and Chinese company Zhejiang Huace FilmTV in which 15 billion KRW has been invested.

Casting for "Kill Me, Heal Me" had some trouble as Lee Seung-gi and Lim Ji-yeon had to back out of the casting last minute. The production of the drama will now speed up since the leads have been decided finally.

The first episode of KBS2 drama, "Kill Me, Heal Me" will broadcast sometime in January 2015.

Ji Seong and Hwang Jeong-eum together had received a best couple award at 2013 KBS Drama Award based on their roles in "Secrets". At the time a video clip of kiss scene of these two actors played during the ceremony, the host. Shin Hyeon-joon asked them, "There were a lot of love scene in the drama. Wasn"t Lee Bo-yeong or Kim Yong-jun jealous?". Ji Seong replied saying, "She was supportive for this. She told me to do it well if I was going to do it".

At the same time, Hwang Jeong-eum said " Lee Bo-yeong could understand because she herself is an actress. However, Yong-jun cannot take this very well. He somehow could accept it because Ji Seong is a married man. He was actually very jealous when I acted with Choi Daniel as a couple".



[Spoiler] "The Three Musketeers - Drama" Yoo In-yeong tries to kill Jeong Yong-hwa using Kim Seong-min

Mi-ryeong (Yoo In-yeong) tried to kill Park Dal-hyang (Jeong Yong-hwa) using Yong Gol-dae (Kim Seong-min).

She was allured by Kim Ja-jeom and fed Yong Gol-dae a drink that was drugged with a hallucinogen and told him to kill Park Dal-hyang.

Yong Gol-dae called Park Dal-hyang into his room. Dal-hyang was guarding the banquet hall.

He attacked Park Dal-hyang with a sword and when Park Dal-hyang dropped his sword, Yong Gol-dae attempted to kill him.

Later, a dead body without a neck that looked like Park Dal-hyang was discovered on site and Yong Gol-dae was shocked about what he"d done when the drug wore off.



[Spoiler] "The Three Musketeers - Drama" Jeong Yong-hwa, the beginning is now

Jeong Yong-hwa has grown a little.

On the seventh episode of the tvN drama "The Three Musketeers - Drama", Park Dal-hyang (Jeong Yong-hwa) saved Prince So-hyeon (Lee Jin-wook) and escaped danger.

Park Dal-hyang saved the Prince who"d lost consciousness after being stabbed by Mi-yeong (Yoo In-yeong). Park Dal-hyang picked up a secret document that was written by Mi-ryeong and it listed the bribes that Do Won-soo Kim Ja-jeom (Park Yeong-gyoo) were supposed to give. Park Dal-hyang used the secret document with Heo Seung-po (Yang Dong-geun) and Ahn Min-seo (Jeong Hae-in) to save Prince So-hyeon, who was cornered for treason and counterattacked Kim Ja-jeom.

This showed that Park Dal-hyang had matured a little. He questioned Lee Jin-wook who sought profits, "Is what you"re doing correct?" and remained calm when facing Kim Ja-jeom and threatened him out of committing crime.

Thanks to Jeong Yong-hwa"s great performance, the act of the four heroes is now open.

Meanwhile, "The Three Musketeers - Drama" is broadcasted every Sunday at 9:20PM.