Jobseekers Spend thrice More on Looks Than Skills

Jobseekers Spend thrice More on Looks Than Skills

Jobseekers spend extra cash on making innovations to their looks than on obtaining qualifications or mastering languages, a straw ballot suggests. Job-search website Saramin polled 334 job seekers remaining month and discovered that they spend an moderate of W5.28 million a year making ready for job interviews.Some W2.78 million of the money went into grooming, followed by capacity of W860,000 on studying languages and W840,000 in acquiring certificate (US$1=W1,145).Grooming incorporated clothes, fitness training, hair and makeup, skincare, dental cures and consultation fees. Jobseekers spent an average of W240,000 on lectures and consulting sessions to organize resumes and W560,000 on categories to get ready for job interviews. Assuming it takes a year to discover a job, respondents spent 6.8 months acquiring a qualification, 8.3 months getting ready for a language talent test, five months preparing a canopy letter and 6.1 months preparing for job interviews yet a whopping 11.5 months running out and convalescing their appearance.The maximumnot unusual qualifications were associated with jobseekers' university majors (preferred by 58.3 percent) followed by clerical talents (40.1 percent) and IT qualifications (36.5 percent).The most neatly liked language-related classes were English proficiency tests like the TOEIC (87.6 percent), followed by English verbal exchange tests like OPIc (46 percent) and writing certificates (15.9 percent). Seven out of 10 jobseekers statedthe pricetag of preparing for job interviews weighs heavily. One in 4 had to turn to their oldsters for all of thepayment of preparing for job interviews, whilstthe remainder3 earned the cash themselves thru part-time work.


Young Jobseekers, Singles Wish to Spend Chuseok Alone

Young Jobseekers, Singles Wish to Spend Chuseok Alone

For maximum people, Chuseok, or Korean Thanksgiving, is a heartwarming time when families come in combination to get closer each and every other whilst sharing seasonal dishes. yet it form of feels that for increasingly more people, it has turn into an unwelcome ritual.Some have given up returning to their hometowns to look relatives. Others make more than a few excuses to steer transparent of circle of relatives gatherings.For young jobseekers in particular, this time of the year can also be a nightmare, as they are sure to be bombarded with questions and suggestion on locating a role via nosy relatives.

There also are people who just haven"t the money to consult with families back home, no longer to mention the unmarried unmarried ladies and men who move on trips to circumvent stressful encounters with folks pressuring them to get married.For those and quite so much of other reasons, increasingly other people are -- willingly or now not -- opting for to spend the vacation on their own. But this can mean lacking out on the ones special Chuseok treats. However, there are tactics to devour smartly on one"s own. Single individuals can cook for themselves, but for many, looking after the leftover food is a true headache. There are now agencies catering to single households, handing over ready ingredients and recipes to make cooking fast and easy.Many supermarkets now sell cooked food in small quantities for single people, adding special Chuseok dishes. Such features permit those who make a choice to spend the holiday by myself to still revel in some of its surroundings while getting some quality time to themselves, as a substitute of being held up on congested roads traveling to their hometowns, or being bothered by preaching from relatives.


Watch: Rookie Lady Groups Rapper Wows With Vocal Skills On King Of Masked Singer

Watch: Rookie Lady Groups Rapper Wows With Vocal Skills On King Of Masked Singer

Watch: Rookie Lady Group’s Rapper Wows With Vocal Skills On “King Of Masked Singer”ilmare42 June 26, 2016 0 Watch: Rookie Girl Group’s Rapper Wows With Vocal Talents On “King Of Masked Singer” On the maximum recent episode of “King of Masked Singer,” 8 new contestants take to the stage for duet performances to take a glance at out to problemthe present champion, who is actingbeneath the alias of Break out From Unemployment.

The episode’s 2d couplet features contestants Femme Fatale and Troubles Come again Home. The pair perform a rearranged edition of Son Dam Bi’s popular dance music “Saturday Night,” which opens as an acoustic ballad.

SpoilerSome of theindividuals of the fame panel are certain that Troubles Come Back House is an idol, with Kim Gu Ra guessing that she may neatly be Baek Yerin or Baek Ah Yeon.

In the end, Femme Fatale takes the win with 78 votes to Troubles Come Back Home’s 21, and so the latter has to expose her identity.

Before she takes to the air her mask, she sings a section of a song she ready for the moment one round, SEO Joo Kyung’s “Daring Women. When her identity is revealed, all and sundry is stunnedto look that she’s rapper Exy of Cosmic Girls!

As she helps to keep singing, B1A4’s Sandeul reminds all people that she wereat the panel in a prior episode. He’s obviouslyinspiredvia her skills, and yells out, “But she’s a rapper!” as the others dance along to her performance.

After her reveal, Exy explains that she used to be a singer and no longer a rapper, but on account of nodules on her vocal cords, she switched to principally rapping.

Watch Exys performance and exhibit below!

Cosmic Women is a twelve-member Korean-Chinese girl group that debuted in February of 2016 with their mini album “Would You Like?”.

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Tablo And Daughter Haru Spend Candy Cuddle Time Together

Tablo And Daughter Haru Spend Candy Cuddle Time Together

Tablo And Daughter Haru Spend Candy Cuddle Time In combination leonid June 11, 2016 0 Tablo And Daughter Haru Spend Sweet Cuddle Time Together Epik Highs Tablo published or so photos of him and his daughter Haru adorably unwinding together at the finish of the day.

On June 12, the rapper uploaded a collage on Harus Instagram, just captioned Excellent night.

In the photos, Tablo is resting his head on his hand whilst he watches his daughter, who turns out to be taking section in herself.

The father and daughter lay in bed, fondly passing some downtime together. Haru will also beobserved alongside a toothy grin, as Tablo looks at her with a doting fatherly smile.

The two dont spare their shows of affection, with Tablo having prior to now posted a quick video through which Haru many times says to the camera, I admire you Dad, prompting him to give her a kiss at the forehead.

A video posted through Tablo of Epik Prime (@blobyblo) on Jun 1, 2016 at 7:38am PDT

The father and daughter tandem of Tablo and Haru was once well-loved by audience of KBS2s The Go back of Superman when they formerlygave the impression on the displaytill the end of 2014.

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I.O.I’s Kyulkyung Is Being Identified  By way of  Lovers For Her Attractiveness And Korean Language Skills

I.O.I’s Kyulkyung Is Being Identified By way of Lovers For Her Attractiveness And Korean Language Skills

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAs I.O.I attracted passion for their a success debut, member Kyulkyung is being admired now notmost effective for her looks, yet also for her talents in the Korean language. 

A post on Pann featured a candid photo of the young singer on her contemporaryseek recommendation from to Incheon Global Airport. However, in spite of the random photo, loverscan'tlend a hand but be amazed how the photo appeared not to vary from a photoshoot.

Wearing a crimson bomber jacket, white best and denim shorts, Kyulkyung was once admired for her fuss unfastened outfit and carefree nature.

As netizens commented on her appearance, some can'tassistancefailed toin an instant took her for a foreigner because of her degree name, looks and talents in Korean.

Born as Zhou Jieqiong from Taizhou, China, Kyulkyung became a trainee from Pledis Entertainment sooner than making her debut as a section of I.O.I.

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Seventeen Impresses With Reversed Skills, Gets Hyper For 'Bang Bang Bang' And More

Seventeen Impresses With Reversed Skills, Gets Hyper For 'Bang Bang Bang' And More

Seventeen Impresses With Reversed Skills, Gets Hyper For 'Bang Bang Bang' And More May 27, 2016 09:04

Ever wonder how Seventeen boys play within a karaoke room? Then here's a must-watch for you.

On their 1st anniversary yesterday, Seventeen held a V-live for fanatics and the lads were resulted in the basement for a wondermatchreadyby capability of Pledis staff. The boys are touched to peer a specially set-up room stuffed with love letters and cakes from their fans. Yet the spotlight is the karaoke which made the boys even more excited.

For this special day, Seventeen set apart their idol symbol and let loose their hyperactive aspectmaking a song and screaming growing a chaotic but festive atmosphere. The boys began the karaoke birthday celebration by singing Large Bang's "Bang Bang Bang" and in spite of the chaos, the boys did not disappoint with their remarkable and glossy singing!

Meanwhile, they also showcased each and every teams' reversed skills where you'llpay attention rapper line's ballad singing and vocal team rapping! Revel in the video below: They also sang Taemin's "Press Your Number",IOI's "Pick Me",H.O.T's "Candy", Taeyang's "Eyes, Nose, Lips", Outsider's "Loner" and more!

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Pentagon Participants Demonstrate Their Dancing Skills  By ability of  Acting K-Pop Girl-Group Dances

Pentagon Participants Demonstrate Their Dancing Skills By ability of Acting K-Pop Girl-Group Dances

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterCube Entertainment is known for debuting idols who are incredibly talented dancers in addition singers. 

And whilstin seek ofthe overallindividualsin their upcoming male group Pentagon through Mnet survival show Pentagon Maker, the firm had the singers blow their own horns their dancing skillsvia covering one of the vitalhottestwomanstaff dances. The members danced along to songs by Red VelvetMAMAMOO, and G-Friend, proving their charm and variety of dancing abilities.

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Middle Schoolers Spend Longest Hours at Crammers

Middle Schoolers Spend Longest Hours at Crammers

Middle collegescholars spend more time readingout of doorsthe learn about room than topfaculty students even if they face no instant prospect of university front exams.

The majorexplanation whyturns out to be that middle faculties have more or less given up on their project of teaching pupils since they know that many of them get their schooling from crammers anyway.

The Population Arrangement of Korea surveyed 6,408 elementary, middle and high school students in 2014 to gauge how long they spend learning and where.

Middle school students spent an moderate of 203.2 mins studying outdoorsthe lecture roomyet high schoolers simplest 189.2 minutes and basic schoolkids 151.7.

That compriseseither crammer attendance and homework.

Statistics Korea informationultimate year also showed oldsters of middle schoolers spent the maximum on crammers.

Those of elementary schoolkids paid an average of W231,000 a month, those of high schoolers spent W236,000 and of middle schoolers W275,000.

There is still really extensivecall for from middle schoolers getting ready to get into prestigious high schools or for complicatedcourses in math and English", acknowledged Yang Jung-ho at Sungkyunkwan University. "Public schools cannotdeal with this want so folks are turning to crammers".


MADTOWN’s Jota and Type Kim Jin Kyung Spend A Heart-Fluttering Camping Travel On “We Were given Married”

MADTOWN’s Jota and Type Kim Jin Kyung Spend A Heart-Fluttering Camping Travel On “We Were given Married”

MADTOWNs Jota and Style Kim Jin Kyung Spend A Heart-Fluttering Camping Travel On We Were given MarriedJiwonYu Might 22, 2016 0 MADTOWNs Jota and Brand Kim Jin Kyung Spend A Heart-Fluttering Camping Experience On We Got Married At thefresh episode of We Got Married that aired on May just 21, the recent couple, MADTOWNs Jota and mannequin Kim Jin Kyung, move on a camping day out as their honeymoon. They are steered to build a tent and spend the primaryevening there.

As they are attempting to install the tent, Jota tells Kim Jin Kyung, You dont need to make anything. Kim Jin Kyung in a smartly mannered way says thank you and Jota starts flaunting his masculine charms.

During his particular person interview, Jota says, I used to be onlyfascinated byputting in the tent briefly because Jin Kyung could be tired. I dont know when it happened, yet we began addressing every other conveniently somewhere along the way.

During the show, Jota continues being a gentleman, like aiding her cross the stream or operating with hammers. Throughout Jin Kyungs interview, she confesses, He used to be a man. He would come to assistimmediately when I became in a deadly situation.

Since hes operating so hard, Jin Kyung suggests that she get ready the food for him. However, this being her first time making food outdoors, the rice doesnt pop out perfectly. No longer knowing her own mistake, Jin Kyung tells him that the food is able and Jota eats the rice moderately well. Later, he says that her sort mindset to wish to practiseanything for him made him forget her lovable mistake.

Kim Jin Kyung later offers Jota some homemade cookies and Jota also affords Kim Jin Kyung a e-book as a present. When she sees the book, she becomes stunnedas itoccurs to be the book that she is recently reading.

When they realize they percentage a similarity, the 2appear to get a bit of closer than before. Lovers are more excited to peer how the two will advance in their dating as the display continues.

What do you recall to mind this new couple?

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