JYJ Junsu’s doppleganger shocks Korean viewers

JYJ Junsu’s doppleganger shocks Korean viewers

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter It's milesnot War of Vocals: God’s Voice, yet the voice of doppelganger as Junsu’s challenger has emerged. 

In a contemporary broadcast of SBS War of Vocals; God’s Voice, a 28 year-old graduate student Minyong showcased his vocals and inspired the panel contributors for his an identical vocal variety with JYJ’s Junsu. The singer already receivedpassion and plenty of votes for his initial performances, but the praises poured in the instant he sang TVXQ’s noted track, “Hug.”

Aside from his making a song voice, the panel members also can'tlend a hand but compare the similarities of his peaking voice to Junsu.

It was once later on found out that Minyong become once a phase of now disbanded band, LEDApple.

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“Infinite Challenge” and “Descendants of the Sun” shown to be the maximum  neatly liked among Korean viewers

“Infinite Challenge” and “Descendants of the Sun” shown to be the maximum neatly liked among Korean viewers

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Sort show Infinite Challenge and drama Descendants of the Sun end up themselves to be the pinnacle in their tv genre as they continue to best their airtime slots.

On March 22nd, Gallup Korea released their reports to determine which TV program Koreans cherished the most in March.

With 13% of the bulk vote, Infinite Challenges ranked first as the maximum liked television program. For the month of March, Infinite Challenge aired the two-part episodes The Bad Reminiscence Eraser and The Ratings Special Forces which wona huge number of love from audience and persisted their 18-month streak at the endin their airtime.

1st Graph: Infinite Challenge viewer votes for favourite plan between April 2015 and March 2016.

2nd Graph: Male vs Feminine votes separated in age for March 2016 vote.

In 2dpositionused to be drama Descendants of the Sun with 12.3%Unlike Infinite Challenge, which is an MBC program, the drama is aired on KBS2.

In 3rd place changed into tvNSignal with 5.1% whilst SBSSix Flying Dragons landed in 4th with 4.7%. Running Man got here in 5th with 2.8% of the votes, King of Masked Singer and Ssulzun tied in 6th with 2.6%, Sweet HouseCandy Honey in 8th for 2.5%, 1 Evening two Days in 9th with 2.3%, Tomorrow Victory and Superman Returns both in 10th with 2.2%.

Image: Gallup Korea Image: TV Program March 2016 ratingsin comparison to February 2016 rankings / Gallup Korea

Source: TV Report and Gallup Korea

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47-Year-Old Korean Actor Lee Byung Hun SHOCKS Fanatics With AGELESS Airport Photos

47-Year-Old Korean Actor Lee Byung Hun SHOCKS Fanatics With AGELESS Airport Photos

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter As smartly as being an internationalelegance actor, Lee Byung Hun also seems to bereasonably talented in managing his youth. 

After seeing freshfootage of the actor, netizens couldnt trust how hes been in a position to defy the effects of aging. In fact, many couldnt believe that hes turning fifty soon, with some even suggesting that he may just pass for any person in their thirties.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at thenormal article from our Korean source. The under comments are the maximum well liked comments at the time of this article being published.

803, 47 Nobody would think this guy is close to his 50s.

674, 81 He seriously doesnt glance his age I'd have concept he was once in his past due 30s

605, 77 He truly did amazing repairs on himself..

58, 5 Yes his lust is implausible for his 47 years of age.

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'Descendants of the Sun' Captures Korean, Chinese Viewers

'Descendants of the Sun' Captures Korean, Chinese Viewers

KBS' new series "Descendants of the Sun" has been an instantaneous hit with ratings of over 20 %in precisely3 episodes.It pairs Song Joong-ki, who chose the soap as his first assignment after his discharge from obligatoryarmyproviderultimate year, with Song Hye-kyo.And the score of 23.4 percent garnered through the 3rd episode outstrips even the 19.4 percent listing set by the 0.33 episode of the maximumsmartly liked serial of 2013, SBS' "My Love from the Star".

"Descendants of the Sun" is a love tale between a soldier and a physician dispatched to a fictional war-torn, disaster-stricken country called Uruk.Song Joong-ki plays the captain of a distinctWar Command unit, and he'sthe entire lota ladymay ask for -- playful and mischievous, he also becomes protective and faithful in need, no longer to mention that he has a gorgeous face and a toned body. Song, who plays the surgeon, is stunning equally ever and in combination they make a dream couple.

The series is in accordance with Kim Won-seok-II's "Mdecins Sans Frontires", which won a storytelling contest in 2011 hosted by the Korea Ingenious Content Agency, the Chosun Ilbo, and KBS. Kim Eun-sook, the creatorat the back of such hits as "The Heirs", "Secret Garden", and "A Gentleman's Dignity", joined the writers team to respireexistence into the series. "Descendants of the Sun" is expected to be as popular across Asia as "My Love from the Star". The solid strategically containsa good deal of popular Korean Wave stars like Onew of K-pop combo SHINee, and Lee Gwang-soo. Yoo Ah-in, every other hugely popular actor abroad, will seemin opposition to the finish of the series. In a departure from the norm, your complete series used to beaccomplishedearlier than it went on air, chiefly to make certain that it may well be released in China directly away. The manufacturers signed with a Chinese streaming service supplier iQIYI.com, which also streamed "My Love from the Star", promoting it for over W200 million per episode (US$1=W1,217). After just three episodes, the series has had over one hundred million hits on iQIYI.


Korean Actor Yoo Ah In SHOCKS Enthusiasts  Via  Dressed in  Prime HEELS To Film Premiere

Korean Actor Yoo Ah In SHOCKS Enthusiasts Via Dressed in Prime HEELS To Film Premiere

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterYoo Ah In has followed suit to what turns out like “genderless” typefashionbeganthrough actor Kang Dong Won! 

On February 15th, Yoo Ah In attended the exclusive premiere of his upcoming film, Like For Likes, at the Yeongdeungpo Times Squrae in Seoul, South Korea. Excluding being cased along Lee Mi Yeon, Choi Ji Woo, Kang Ha Neul and more, the actor captured much attention for his formidable mode statement.

Netizens and the media alike targeted their attention for his fashion prime heeled boots, pairing it casually with jeans, white blouse and a jacket, leaving some to compare his fashion observation for Kang Dong Won’s outdatedfake pas.

Menawhile, Like For Likes is a film about the affectionexperiencesof 3 couples and is determined to be released in theatres on February 18th.

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Behind-the-Scenes Photo for She used to be Pretty Shocks Viewers

Behind-the-Scenes Photo for She used to be Pretty Shocks Viewers

Behind-the-Scenes Photo for “She Become Pretty” Shocks Viewers A behind-the-scenes photo of popular MBC drama “She Was Pretty” is readily catching the eye of many online viewers.


The photo was uploaded on a lot of online communities, adding SNS, with a warning that it contained a spoiler for the drama. Many viewers may now not involve their interest and when viewing the spoiler photo, were very shocked by way of what they saw.

The photo was a behind-the-scenes glance at a kiss scene between Ji Sung Joon (Park SEO Joon) and Min Ha Ri (Go Jun Hee).

she was pretty kiss

In the pictured scene, Ha Ri is pretending to be her best possible friend Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) because Hye Jin doesn't would like to display her first love, Ji Sung Joon, the poor, “ugly” person who she thinks she is. So Ha Ri takes her position and meets Ji Sung Joon for her. Issues get started to arise, however, when Ha Ri slowly starts to fall in love with Ji Sung Joon herself.

Make certain to observe the following episode of “She Was Pretty” when it airs October 7 at 10 p.m. (KST)!

You can watch the newest episode here:

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Kim Woo-bin

Kim Woo-bin"s "Twenty", this year"s second Korean movie watched by over 3 million viewers

Movie "Twenty" has surpassed the record, 3 million viewers.

According to the integrated electronic system for movie tickets by Korea Film Council on April 22nd, "Twenty" has surpassed the record of accumulated number of viewers, 3 million people at 12:50 PM.

"Twenty" recorded over 1 million viewers in the shorted time among all Korean movies since it was released in last March. On the 10th day from its release date, it lured over 1.6 million viewers, passing its break-even point. Amidst the newly released domestic and foreign movies, "Twenty" is still doing well continuously.

The production company commented, "The movie infused the vivacious vitality into the movie market during this off season, taking the advantage of the power of youthful movie, which has reated the pleasant laughter while talking about the decisions and failures by young people in their twenties, who are stepping into the staggering and awkward adult world

Movie, "Twenty" is a comedy about the lives of Chi-ho (Kim Woo-bin), the popular one, Dong-woo ("Junho"), the vital one and Kyeong-jae (Kang Ha-neul) the smart one. Since the movie was released on March 25th, it has been a great success.


“Roaring Currents” Sets Record For First Korean Movie to Reach 16 Million Viewers, Snatches No. 1 Spot from “Avatar”

“Roaring Currents” Sets Record For First Korean Movie to Reach 16 Million Viewers, Snatches No. 1 Spot from “Avatar”

After beating the record of box-office hit films The Host and The Thieves for reaching 10 million viewers in only 12 days since it premiered, the movie Roaring Currents has set another record this time for reaching 16 million viewers, a first in the Korean movie industry.

According to the investment distribution company CJ Entertainment, the accumulated number of viewers of the film Roaring Currents has surpassed the 16 million mark by the morning of August 24.

Roaring Currents, the film that has attained the best opening viewership score with 680,000, the best weekday viewership score with 980,000, and the best daily viewership score with 1.25 million since it opened, has beaten the film Avatar for the no. 1 position on August 16 and has made new records since it opened on July 30.

The movie Roaring Currents has been gaining popularity not only in Korea but in North America as well. Anticipation is high for the next records that the movie will set both locally and internationally now that it has reached 16 million viewers in Korea.

Roaring Currents is a film that takes place in the year 1597, when General Lee Soon Shin defeated 330 enemy ships with only 12 of his own. Veteran actor Choi Min Shik plays the role of Lee Soon Shin. Acting alongside him are Ryu Seung Ryong, Jo Jin Woong, Jin Gu, Lee Jung Hyun, Kwon Yul, Kim Tae Hoon, Otani Ryohei, Go Kyung Pyo, and No Min Woo. The director, Kim Han Min, is known for films such as “War of the Arrows,” “Cellphone,” and “Paradise Murdered.”


Justin Bieber Shocks by Getting Korean Tattoos

Justin Bieber Shocks by Getting Korean Tattoos

Justin Bieber Shocks by Getting Korean Tattoos Justin Bieber, who has been steadily amassing tattoos all over his body, has gotten himself a fresh set of tattoos which are both interesting… and shocking.

The Canadian pop star professed his love for Korea on Instagram on March 25, with a post that read, “I love you Korea.” This was accompanied by a picture of his freshly inked right arm.

Justin Bieber had gotten his name in Korean 비버 (Bieber) and a traditional Korean Hahoe mask inscribed on his inner right arm.

He had previously uploaded another picture earlier in the next day alongside tattoo artist Jo Seunghyun, “Love!!! seunghyunjotattoos great job man.”

Justin Bieber had a successful first concert in Korea, “Believe World Tour with AIA Real Music” in October 2013 at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena in Seoul.

Justin Bieber Shocks by Getting Korean Tattoos

Justin Bieber Shocks by Getting Korean Tattoos


[Photos] Added new 9 millions viewers

[Photos] Added new 9 millions viewers "Thank You" celebration images for the Korean movie "The Face Reader"

Director Han Jae-rim, Song Kang-ho, Jo Jeong-seok and Lee Jeong-jae

Added new 9 millions viewers "Thank You" celebration images for the Korean movie "The Face Reader" (2013)

Directed by Han Jae-rim

With Song Kang-ho, Lee Jeong-jae, Baek Yoon-sik, Jo Jeong-seok, Lee Jong-suk, Kim Hye-soo,...


Nae-kyung, the most skillful face reader in Joseon dynasty, was living in seclusion when he was offered a lucrative partnership by Yeon-hong, a Korean geisha. Nae-kyung accepts the proposal to read the faces of Yeon-hong's guests only to get involved in a murder case. With his face reading skills, Nae-kyung successfully identifies the murderer and his skills are soon acknowledged by King Moonjong who orders him to identify the potential traitors who threaten his reign. However after the unexpected death of Moonjong, Nae-kyung is courted by Grand Prince Sooyang who yearns to become King himself by killing the young successor Danjong. Nae-kyung decides to keep his loyalty to the late King and help KIM Jong-seo protect the young King which forces him into the biggest power struggle in the history of the Joseon dynasty.

Release date in Korea : 2013/09/11