JYJ’s XIA (Junsu) Expresses His Gratitude To Fans

JYJ’s XIA (Junsu) Expresses His Gratitude To Fans

JYJs XIA (Junsu) Expresses His Gratitude To Lovers kminjungee June 25, 2016 0 JYJs XIA (Junsu) Expresses His Gratitude To Fans JYJs XIA (Junsu) has not anythingyet love for his fans.

On June 25, his firm C-JeS Entertainment publishedpictures and gifs from a up to date fansigning tournament for the singers fourth complete length album, Xignature.

Fans of each and every age from all over theglobalamassed in Seoul on June 24 to fulfill the singer. One of the most fans even hilariously dressed up in a squirrel costume, whilstany otherreworked into Junsu himself.

Expressing his gratitude, the singer says, Thank you for coming to peer me even supposing its raining and the elements is gloomy, much likefinal years fansign. It makes my center flutter and Im satisfiedas some way to see you all back after the concert as smartly as talk with every one of you face to face.

Meanwhile, Junsu will continue his Japan tour, conserving concerts in Kobe from June 30 to July 2.

YesAsia Give a spice up to the artist by potential ofpurchasing XIA from YesAsia Source (1) (2)

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T-ara Eunjung Expresses Her Gratitude In opposition to Fans!   Performances

T-ara Eunjung Expresses Her Gratitude In opposition to Fans! Performances

T-ara Eunjung Expresses Her Gratitude Against Fans! Performances May 22, 2016 06:23 Eunjung's Caption 'Thank You Guys! Goodnight' For the ones thatgot here to our concert, for those looking atby the use ofreside and those at all times cheer up for us, thank you guys. I admire you all. Our QUEENS is the best!!!!!心

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Kim Bum Expresses Gratitude for Global Fans’ Considerate Gifts

Kim Bum Expresses Gratitude for Global Fans’ Considerate Gifts

Kim Bum Expresses Gratitude for WorldFanaticsConsiderate Giftskminjungee March 5, 2016 0 LINE it!Kim Bum Expresses Gratitude for International Fans Thoughtful Gifts On March 5, Kim Bum, through his firm King Kong Entertainment, printedan image of himself smiling at the clickconvention for SBSs Mrs. Cop 2 in front of the wreaths and rice that his fans donated. He also wrote, My in any other country fans sent wreaths and donations of rice to give a spice up to me. I sincerely thank all of the fans for their unchanging love and enthusiastic support.

A representative from his agency also said, Kim Bum couldnt take his eyes off his fans gifts of affection nor may he hide his happiness. He also took images amongst the fans who got here to the clicking conference to assist him, and conversed with them as regardless that IT were a fan meeting.

Kim Bum will play the lawless genius Lee Ro Joon in Mrs. Cop 2. Kim Bum raised anticipation for his character, explaining, Hes a villain whose movements you cant decide because he himself has issue controlling his feelings once he escapes the limits hes set for himself. I'msetting upa massive number of effort to turna fully new villain this isoriginal to myself.

Mrs. Cop 2 is a crook investigation drama that includes the prowess of Cross Yoon Jung (Kim Sung Ryung), a horny police lady who doesnt seem like a murder detective in spite of having very best qualifications, and her exclusive team. It's far written by capacity of Hwang Joo Ha and directed by Yoo In Shik. Mrs. Cop 2 aired its first episode on March 5, at 10 p.m. KST.

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Lee Jong-suk expresses gratitude to fans regarding Paeksang Arts Awards

Lee Jong-suk expresses gratitude to fans regarding Paeksang Arts Awards

Lee Jong-suk who won the Most Popular Award in TV category, thanked his fans on Instagram.

He posted a picture on the 27th saying, "Hi! It"s me! I"m leaving a message of gratitude because of a happy piece of news I heard. The award was decided by vote and I got the message late so I"m still in Japan".

"I fell your love and I"m sorry I couldn"t be there at the awards. I"m sorry I wasn"t there to share the joy. Well first of all, I have a low sense of self esteem when it comes to work, but I feel like I shine when we look at each other. So what I mean to say is, thank you!".

"Also next year, I will work harder and bring back home another one personally! I promise you! But I am not sure what I"m going to do for it. Anyways, I love you. Turn off your TVs and go to sleep".

Meanwhile, Lee Jong-suk won the Most Popular Award for the SBS drama "Pinocchio" at the Paeksang Arts Awards on the 26th but he wasn"t there to personally receive his trophy.




Junsu"s name gets muted in recent airing of "Gag Concert," fans protest


On April 26 airing of KBS 2TV"s "GAG Concert," viewers were confused when there was a brief moment of silence during a popular segment titled, "This or That." Though some viewers might have brushed it off as an error or malfunctioning of their television set, fans of Junsu caught that the show had actually muted out the idol"s name for the airing.

During the segment, comedian Park Sung Ho sang comedically, "Male celebrities, when they play soccer, Minho is manly and (Xiah) Junsu is cool, but Lee Duk Hwa is reverse."

Though live audiences were able to hear the full verse, audiences at home who were watching the show on television only heard a faint sound that was barely made out as Junsu. Only when they caught a glimpse of Junsu"s picture that the comedian was holding up were viewers able to tell that he was talking about the idol.

Following the airing, fans of Junsu expressed their discontent and complaint through viewer forums of the show, writing, "To both the singer and fans, this is unpleasant!!! You should apologize," "It"s not like (Xiah) Junsu is a criminal or anything," and "What did he do so wrong that his name was muted? I am so confused."

According to the most recent report, there were about 50 complaint posts on the viewers" forum.

In response to the complaints, producer of "Gag Concert" later explained to Star News, "We thought that using the name "Xiah Junsu" would hurt his fans more so we muted "Xiah," but it caused even more misunderstanding. While editing, since Junsu was promoting not under the name "Xiah Junsu" but under "XIA" or "Kim Junsu," we thought that it would cause harm to his fans. On the airing, we didn"t mute out the name "Xiah Junsu" as a whole, but we were being considerate of his current promotional name and muted out "Xiah."" 

Check out the problematic segment from "Gag Concert" below.


Announcer Park Sang Do apologizes for his inconsiderate comments towards Junsu and fans

Announcer Park Sang Do apologizes for his inconsiderate comments towards Junsu and fans

Announcer Park Sang Do apologizes for his inconsiderate comments towards Junsu and fans

Following the controversy surrounding his ill-mannered comments made during an opening ceremony at "2015 Goyang International Flower Exhibition",SBS announcer Park Sang Do released an official apology to Junsu and his fans.

On April 24, Park Sang Min told Star News, "As a host, I think that upsetting the performer is inexcusable under any circumstances. I am sorry. I will cheer on Junsu"s future activities. I apologize again."

For those of you just catching up, this apology comes afterJunsu had expressed annoyance on his Twitter, unable to hold in his anger at the inconsiderate and sarcastic remarks made by the announcer during an event that he had attended to help root for his hometown.


JYJ’s Junsu Performs for 150,000 Fans on Third Asia Tour

JYJ’s Junsu Performs for 150,000 Fans on Third Asia Tour

JYJs Junsu has wrapped up his third solo Asian concert tour that took him to seven cities, where he performed in front of a total of over 150,000 fans at fourteen concerts. His final concerts took place in Nagoya, Japan on April 7 and 8.

The tour started in March in Osaka. Junsu then headed to Seoul, Shanghai, Bangkok, Tokyo, Fukuoka, and then finally Nagoya. Almost all of his concerts have been completely sold out.

At his last concerts in Nagoya, Junsu cracked jokes with fans in Japanese and sang fan requests. In return, the audience screamed at his every word and gesture.

Its too bad that the Asia tour went by so fast, he said to fans. I gained strength from all of your love and support as Ive been on this tour. Ill work even harder in the future so that none of you ever regret calling yourself my fan.

Now that his Asia tour is wrapped up, XIA Junsu will be performing two encore concerts in Seoul on April 18 and 19.

Fans in Korea will also get to see him soon in the musical Death Note, in which he will play the character L.

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Junsu gives heartfelt apology to fans as he announces his wedding

Junsu gives heartfelt apology to fans as he announces his wedding

Share on Facebook Share on TwitterJYJs Junsu has suddenly announced that he will finally be getting married!

On April 1st, Junsu made a surprise announcement via his Twitter account, writing,This might be out of the blue But Im getting married. My fans wanted me to get married when I was 77 years old and I apologize that I cant follow their wishes. I have dreams and hopes to be the head of a household, so you will understand, right? Please support me^^

He also posted a link to his wedding invitation at the end of his Tweet as proof that he wasnt lying about his wedding.


Junsus wedding invitation turned out to be a link to Naver that defined April Fools Day, as the first line in the link read, April 1st. Its a day when you pull pranks with a light joke or a harmless fib. It originated from the West and it is also known as April Fools Day.

The artist also continued his ruse with a silly conversation in reply to one of his hyungs who congratulated him.

[Junsu]: Thanks, Wonsik Ill marry on the moon after making a reservation of Toscanas package So please buy the ticket for a spacecraft~~ Ah, I could meet the rabbit if I go there, so prepare some carrots for him

[Wonsik]: Butyou can go there 40 years later. So I reserved it for you ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

[Junsu]: HeolYou tell me Ill go there at the age of 70? No! Im going to go there right now!

[Wonsik]: Please go perform at your concert first??

[Junsu]: Oh! Yes hyung 

Junsu joined the ranks of other K-Pop idols and many other people who pranked their friends and followers on April Fools Day, including Dal Shabet, Boys Republic, f(x)s Amber, and many more.

갑작스러우시겠지만.. 사실 저 결혼합니다. 팬분들이 77살때 결혼하기를 원하셨지만 지켜드리지못해 죄송해요. 저도 제 인생속에 한 가장으로서의 꿈과 삶이 있으니 이해해주실꺼죠? 축하해주세요^^ 모바일청첩장- http://t.co/Qu9HSE1E2H

— 김준수 (@1215thexiahtic) April 1, 2015

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JYJ"s Jaejoong shares with fans a sweet bromance moment with Junsu

Everyone loves a good bromance, and it gets even better when it involves two JYJ members!

Jaejoong brought smiles when he recently uploaded two screenshots of his Kakao Talk conversation with Junsu on his Twitter, with the caption, "My love, Junsu".

It all starts when Junsu says he"s heard rumors of Jaejoong crying after a performance, and Jaejoong admits he"s quite weak-hearted these days, probably referring to becoming more sentimental than usual due to his enlistment coming up. The two cheer each other on for their own individual activities going on, while mentioning that Jaejoong"s enlistment is coming up.

Jaejoong: Did you perform well?

Junsu: Hyung! Why did you cry ㅜ

Jaejoong: Yes!

Junsu: There are quite a bit of rumors ㅜ

Jaejoong: ㅜㅜ I cried so much two consecutive times ㅜ

Junsu: aww

Jaejoong: I"m becoming more and more weak-hearted ㅜ Anyways, Junsu you worked hard on your performance ㅜ

Junsu: aw don"t be like that ㅜ and Hyung you worked hard too for your concert in Korea

Jaejoong: My love Junsu ㅜ

Junsu: Wrap it up meaningfully ㅜㅜ

Jaejoong: This hyung only has a week left ㅜ It"d be nice if you could see hyung"s performance but you can"t come see huh ㅜ

Junsu: Ah Ah! Ah

Aww, doesn"t your heart just melt from all the love? Hopefully the two can catch up despite their individual events going on before Jaejoong enlists!

Junsu is currently on his solo world tour "2015 XIA 3rd Asia Tour" and Jaejoong recently wrapped up his fan meetings and will also have his solo concert "The Beginning of the End" on March 28 and 29.

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