K-Drama Lovers  Gather The Maximum Romantic Love Scenes Between Kim Woobin And Suzy

K-Drama Lovers Gather The Maximum Romantic Love Scenes Between Kim Woobin And Suzy

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Lovershad beena large deal anticipating KBS drama Uncontrollably Fond, starring popular actor Kim Woobin and miss ASuzy

And whilst the drama has yet to begin broadcasting, fans are already claiming it'll be a hit. As neatly as Kim Woobin and Suzys blendedmegastar power, fans have also been raving over the co-stars chemistry, noting that clips from their love scenes in combination are already using fans crazy. Uncontrollably Fond will set to air its first episode on July 6th.

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Korean Actor Kim Woobin Protects Suzy All over Press Convention For Upcoming New K-Drama

Korean Actor Kim Woobin Protects Suzy All over Press Convention For Upcoming New K-Drama

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAt a up to date press convention for their upcoming drama Uncontrollably FondKim Woobin and Suzy showed wonderful teamwork and friendship. 

As the 2replied questions from the media about operating together, Suzy gaineda question just about her existing boyfriend Lee Min Ho, who may be close pals with Kim Woobin. With Suzy obviously hesitant to answer, however, Kim Woobin stepped in and gave an clever answer, saying, I knew anyone would ask this question. My girlfriend Shin Min Ah gave us numerousgive a spice up to and watched all of our drama teasers. Suzys boyfriend Lee Min Ho also isa truly perfect friend, so hes been appearing his help as well.

Check out the song video for Suzys OST for Uncontrollably Fond, Ring My Bell below:

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The Most sensible  five  Maximum ROMANTIC K-Drama Kisses of 2015

The Most sensible five Maximum ROMANTIC K-Drama Kisses of 2015

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith the year nearly coming to an end, netizens made up our mindsto communicate about their favourite drama kiss scenes this year. 

With five kiss scenes that mayindubitablymotive any middle to flutter, a contemporary news article has wona massive number of attention from fans. Even if the kiss scene is a staple in any drama, maximum netizens have in giant part agreed with the list decided onthrough the article.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

Koreaboo has accumulated reactions from Netizens who commented at thecommon article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

98, 14 Kim Soohyun and Gong Hyo Jins kiss on the swings. I yelped like a little womanobserving that. Kim Soohyuns eyes when he went in for the kiss..

86, 14 Manufacturer and Oh My Ghost used to beeitherloopy

77, 5 Kim Soohyuns acting in Producer became so detailed. He literally appeared like a guy who had never kissed any person before.

72, 5 Seungchans swing kiss omg

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Kim Woobin & Suzy showed to lead in a new drama

Kim Woobin & Suzy showed to lead in a new drama

One of netizens" dream couples is going to take place as Kim Woobin and Suzy are showed to lead an upcoming drama scheduled to broadcast in 2016.

The drama is directed through Kyunghee Lee and the plot is set two early life pals who were given separated and sooner or later transform a best superstar Shin Joon Young, played through Kim Woobin and a documentary manufacturer No Eul, played through Suzy. They're going to see every other back and the affectionate and whirlwind love tale unfolds.

It"s rather appealing that Kim Woobin is paired to his friend Lee Min Ho"s female friend  in a drama. Anticipating? READ MORE


Which K-Drama Do You Think Is More Romantic - 'High Society' Or 'My Love Eun Dong' [Poll]

Which K-Drama Do You Think Is More Romantic - 'High Society' Or 'My Love Eun Dong' [Poll]

(Photo : jTBC, SBS ) SBS" social commentary drama, "High Society" and the jTBC series, "My Love Eun Dong" are two of the most romantic K-Dramas of summer 2015.

Both dramas approach conventional relationships from unique perspectives, forcing viewers to abandon their preconceived notions.

In "High Society," two of the lead characters are conglomerate heirs or a term known as chaebols, but they are not inherently evil. While many dramas attempt to paint the children of conglomerate families as spoiled and evil progeny, Jang Yoon Ha (After School"s Uee) and Yoo Chang Soo (ZE:A"s Park Hyung Sik) defy the stereotype. Yoon Ha and Chang Soo have nuanced personalities, paired with the desire to find love outside of arranged marriages.

While the plot has turned Choi Joon Ki (Sung Joon) into a money-grubbing strawman, Lee Ji Yi (Lim Ji Yeon) remains a pragmatic romantic, with enviable persistence. Ji Yi and Chang Soo may not be the lead couples, but their relentless pursuit of love is what sparks the romance in this drama.

"My Love Eun Dong" is equally nuanced. The prevailing theme of the series is love never quits. Ji Eun Ho (Joo Jin Mo) is willing to throw away the accomplishments of his acting career to return to his beloved Ji Eun Dong (Kim Sa Rang).

When they are reunited, they begin to commit adultery, but their romance continues to be more pure than the evil plots of those surrounding them.

Which K-Drama do you think is more romantic - "High Society" or "My Love Eun Dong?"

Vote and comment below.


About the writer: Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor for KDramastars. She is also a contributing writer for KpopStarz, MTV Iggy, Viki and CJ Entertainment"s KCON blog. Her passions include a love of K-pop and Asian drama. When she is not writing, she is hanging out on Twitter (@retrogirladdy).


'My Love Eun Dong' Could Be The Most Romantic Drama Airing Right Now

'My Love Eun Dong' Could Be The Most Romantic Drama Airing Right Now

My Love Eun Dong

"My Love Eun Dong" might just be the most romantic k-drama currently airing. It"s the story of a man who became a star just so he can reconnect with his one true fated love, the woman that life already separated him from twice.

But fate is not going to make it easy for him this time either.

Joo Jin Mo plays the character as an adult. He"s a famous actor publishing a ghostwritten autobiography that tells the story of his love Eun Dong. They met when he was a teen and she was a young girl. They had a special connection and he mostly wanted to help her and protect her. Wanting to help her changed his life and turned him from a troublemaker into a serious student. Then they get separated when her grandmother died and Eun Dong was suddenly whisked away for adoption.

They meet again when she is a teen and he is a young man serving in the army. They find each other in an accident similar to the accident that first connected them. Then mysteriously they are separated again.

He can"t find her but never meets anyone else again that so inspires his heart. And it is the pain of losing her that makes him a better actor, more able to express his emotions. He becomes a star, which means that he should mean he is easy to find. But she never tries to contact him. Finally, he decides to write a book to attract her attention and his manager finds a ghostwriter who has been living in the U.S.

That ghostwriter, played by Kim Sa Rang, loves his romantic story. She finds herself slipping so seamlessly into the narrative that she sometimes forgets that she is not Eun Dong.

Except that she may very well be Eun Dong. She can"t remember much of her life before a certain age and her parents are not forthcoming with any details. The longer she works on the book, the more she sees herself as Eun Dong and a few other people assume that she is.

There"s only one problem. Even if she is Joo Jin Mo"s lost love, she"s married with a child. So the fate that worked so hard to reunite them is a cruel one. It brings them so close but at least initially denies them the love they feel destined to have.

"My Love Eun Dong" is a drama that expresses its sentimental story line with plenty of soft focus slo-mo camera work that further heightens the romantic tension.

Are you watching this drama? Let us know what you think.


KBS Drama

KBS Drama "Unkind Women": Song Jae Rim & Lee Hana's Crazy & Romantic Scenes, + Episode 7 Preview

By: Couch-kimchi


Jung Ma Ri has chemistry with both of her male leads, and probably during the first two weeks of the show, I would say it was a toss-up between the two as far as her romantic inclination was concerned. That might still be the case now, as Jung Ma Ri has been resistant to reciprocating any interest Lee Roo Oh and Lee Doo Jin have shown her. However, Lee Roo Oh has also been more aggressive in shaking her up, and things between him and Ma Ri intensify some more this week. In one scene, Ma Ri walks barefooted on the street, still dressed in her kendo uniform. Roo Oh seems to have followed her and surprises her when he carries her. At his kendo studio, she startles him, too, when she lands on top of him, both their hearts likely fluttering in this scene.

The physical contact isn’t limited to romance, though, as Jang Mo Ran incites a ruckus at an event, violently grabbing Na Hyun Ae’s hair after seeing the former educator insult Cha Hyun Seok. Bwehe.

Episode 7 Video Preview



tvN Drama

tvN Drama "Valid Love" Episodes 17 and 18: Best Scenes

By: Soompi

Weird Dreams and Dropped Bombs: “Valid Love” Episodes 17 and 18

How far did you want to go?

“Why can’t you just leave Jang Hee Tae?” Kim Joon (Lee Soo Hyuk) asks Il Ri (Lee Shi Young). I was wondering the same thing.

Yikes, these two episodes of “Valid Love” were a miserable mess, with folks wising up – and some taking matters into their own hands.

We start where we left off – with Miss Go, aka Hee Tae’s dementia-stricken mother, who keeps mistaking Kim Joon for her husband, as she grabs him early in the morning for a proper breakfast. Meanwhile, her family’s looking for her since she’s gone MIA again.

Valid Love

It’s Partially (or Mostly) Il Ri’s Fault

Valid Love

No matter how many times she’s told to move along, Il Ri keeps on coming back – like a toxic ex. Jang Hee Tae (Uhm Tae Woong) keeps telling her to go home, but she insists on moving in for a few days, pissing off her own mother and younger sister.

It’s getting to be a bit much, Il Ri’s devotion to her almost-divorced husband’s family. I’m starting to think she’s using her sick mother-in-law as an excuse to desperately hold on to this family, or, at the very least, her identity as part of it. How far was she planning on going?

Yet she can’t do all that and still expect to keep her boyfriend, Kim Joon, waiting on the side. But, indeed, waiting is what he does.

Kim Joon Wants To DTR

Valid Love

Kim Joon waits for Il Ri all day while she tends to her mother-in-law’s needs. He catches her dancing with Hee Tae.

Valid Love

He hits the alcohol hard and shows up drunk at the house of those in-laws – because Il Ri’s there, again. He crashes on Ki Tae’s bed, an intoxicated slump. “I want to live in this house, too,” he foolishly declares.

Valid Love

He wants Il Ri to never go back to that house. Me too, Kim Joon, me too.

Valid Love

The carpenter’s a peculiar sight in that house, where a family lives with love and anguish and all: and it’s something that he doesn’t have.

Valid Love

“What am I then? What am I to you?” he asks Il Ri. Finally, he wants to DTR: define the relationship. Thank goodness somebody asked.

“Would I be here if you were nothing to me?” Il Ri answers, yet not quite an answer at all.

Valid Love

Hee Tae Has A Weird Dream

Valid Love

Hee Tae dreams that he lives with Il Ri and Kim Joon in some strange, polygamous relationship. One in which Il Ri cooks breakfast, the three sit down to eat together, and Il Ri sees them off with packed lunches, smiles all around.

Valid Love

Ki Tae And Yi Ri’s Flirting Resumes

Valid Love

In other news, Jang Ki Tae’s (Park Jung Min) perpetual will-they-won’t-they quest with Yi Ri continues. The latest? Ki Tae decides to show up at the cafe where Yi Ri works, at the same time, every day, and order a white hot chocolate. Yi Ri, knowing all too well about his family, has no interest in getting involved.

The Bomb Drops: Ma Tries To Kill Hee Soo

Valid Love

I was shocked – Hee Tae’s heartbroken mother stood over Hee Soo (Choi Yeo Jin), ready to smother away her life before taking her own.

Miss Go had gone missing that day, yet again. Sidenote: how many times can this family lose their own mother, knowing her condition?

Hee Tae’s mother had been feeling a bit of clarity; she doesn’t want to be a burden, and she remembers the promise she made to her bedridden daughter. If she was going to leave this world, they were gonna leave it together. Il Ri, Hee Tae, and Kim Joon arrive just in time – horrified – and barely save Hee Soo’s life. And, witnessing this, something in Kim Joon turns the corner.

The Other Bomb: Kim Joon Wants To Elope

Valid Love

Kim Joon reveals that he wants to have a family – with Il Ri. She’s skeptical that he even understands what that really means. Kim Joon’s tense disposition bursts and he drives off, with Il Ri sitting on the passenger side. He wants to take Il Ri away from Hee Tae and his family, with some half-baked idea to start a new life at a house far away where he used to live with his grandfather. This was creepy for a minute, as Il Ri was captive (that broken passenger door), and Kim Joon’s explosion of anger – well, I don’t think anyone saw it coming, not like this.

And The Last Bomb: Kim Joon Breaks Up With Il Ri

Valid Love

After nearly getting them into a car crash, Kim Joon drops Il Ri off at home, and ends their relationship; he is done. There’s no way he can compete with Hee Tae and the in-laws, especially when it’s really Il Ri that will continue to choose them over him. She’ll never make Kim Joon a priority, and he finally gets the picture.

Kim Joon breaks up with Il Ri collage

“Was it fun…playing with me?” Aw, Kim Joon. All’s not fair in love and war.

And while the bruises are still fresh, Il Ri finds out that a research boat caught on fire – one that Hee Tae was working on. She drops, and hyperventilates. Eek, hasn’t there been enough tragedy for one family already?

Valid Love

Valid Love


tvN Drama

tvN Drama "Valid Love" Episodes 15 & 16 Best Scenes

tvN Drama Valid Love Episodes 1516 Best Scenes

“Valid Love” is throwing us up and down with its plot and characters. Each person in this story has his or her own problems, thoughts, and place in the story (unlike many other dramas where the two main characters are the only ones that matter). In this story, every person matters.

Hee Tae’s mother

Hee Tae’s mother becomes central to the story line as she is diagnosed with the onset of dementia. She begins to have periods of time where she doesn’t remember what she did, and she realizes very quickly that something is wrong with her. Naturally, she becomes scared about forgetting the people she loves and losing herself.

ValidLove 15-16 1

Kim Joon

During those times Hee Tae’s mother doesn’t remember anything, she has been returning to the time when she first started dating Hee Tae’s father. Except, as fate would have it, she doesn’t recognize her actual husband and has registered Kim Joon (Lee Soo Hyuk) as Mr. Jang, her boyfriend of the past who is now her husband.

ValidLove 15-16 11ValidLove 15-16 9

(Yay, fate!)

Kim Joon cares for Hee Tae’s mother every time she shows up because his grandfather also suffered from dementia.

ValidLove 15-16 5

He’s also trying extra hard to take care of Il Ri at the same time – taking her on spontaneous sledding trips, pre-planning an “accidental” night together, and trying to keep her out of Jang family problems.

ValidLove 15-16 2 ValidLove 15-16 3

Jang Hee Tae

Jang Hee Tae (Uhm Tae Woong) is arguably struggling the most at the moment, between Kim Il Ri (Lee Si Young), Kim Joon, his mother, his father, his brother, his sister, and Sun Joo (Han Soo Yeon).

First and foremost, he finally settles things with Sun Joo, telling her for the last time to find someone who’s really good for her.

ValidLove 15-16 8

He also settles things with Min Ki’s father, the real culprit behind the mysterious text messages. Apparently, his wife who left him died a year ago, and he just found out recently. He laments over how he committed such terrible acts in the memory of someone who wasn’t even alive at the time.

ValidLove 15-16 10

Meanwhile, Hee Tae takes time off of work to take care of his mother full-time, along with his sister Hee Soo (Choi Yeo Jin). He’s starting to experience what it felt like for Il Ri. It furthers his effort to keep Il Ri as far away as possible from all of his family’s troubles. His mother is ill and can’t remember her husband, which also hurts his father. At the end of it all, he lashes out to his father for the first time.

ValidLove 15-16 14 ValidLove 15- 16 4ValidLove 15-16 12

Not only that, but Kim Joon has taken the two most important women in Hee Tae’s life. He constantly asks what he has done wrong for one man to take both women away from him.

ValidLove 15-16 17

(Hee Tae also asks Joon to finish the chair as a “divorce present.” Excited to see how this gem will play into the future plot.)

ValidLove 15- 16 7

Kim Il Ri

Despite the fact that Hee Tae tried to keep Il Ri out of everything going on in his family, Il Ri finds out eventually.

ValidLove 15-16 6

At first, she’s pushed away – and she’s initially reluctant to push back. However, when Hee Tae’s mother reaches out to her personally and asks her to move in, she does so immediately.

ValidLove 15-16 15

Despite her own mother’s disapproval.

ValidLove 15-16 16

And Kim Joon’s, although he might understand a little bit because of his own grandfather.

Jang Ki Tae and Kim Yi Ri

While the siblings also deal with the others’ broken relationships and ill family members, there is another drunken kiss and finally a hope for reciprocated feelings. Except, Jang Ki Tae (Park Jung Min) doesn’t know yet.

ValidLove 15-16 13

Despite their attempted comic relief, this drama is heavy. Every person in the plot comes with weight, which adds up. Some of us like this weight; we anticipate that moment of relief when all of it will be lifted.

Thoughts on these characters? If I had to be childish and ask, whose side are you on?

Watch Valid Love on SoompiTV!


The Most Romantic K-Drama Scenes In 2014

The Most Romantic K-Drama Scenes In 2014

Empress Ki You Who Came From The Stars

Now that 2014 is drawing to a close, it may be time to consider the year"s most romantic k-drama scenes.

What follows is just a summary of some of the aw-that"s-so-sweet scenes that moved us to get mushy inside. They are not the conventional fireworks, champagne and moonlight scenes, but some just a little more unusual.

Feel free to respond with your favorite scenes.

"You Who Came From The Stars:" This drama had so many romantic scenes it is hard to narrow them down. But one of our favorites is the time-freeze kiss-scene on the frozen lake. Kim Soo Hyun said it was his favorite too. Part of what makes it special is that she does not even realize it happened.

"Fated To Love You:" This drama was also full of sweetness, with plenty of conventional romantic moments but the quirkiest and most endearing involved an adhesive bandage. When Jang Nara is hurt, her neighbor Choi Jin Hyuk applies an adhesive bandage. When Jang Hyuk notices the bandage on his sleeping wife, he jealously declares it tacky and replaces it with one of his own. The bandage winds up in their baby scrapbook. It"s a sign that he claims her as his own.

"Empress Ki:" Costumes and stunning backdrops aside, the rose petal bathtub scene was our favorite. That"s where Ji Chang Wook"s Emperor Ta Hwan hides Ha Ji Won"s character Seungnyang under his rose-petaled bathwater. If she"s found she will be killed. She"s under the water for way too long so he dives under to give her a kiss that is really CPR but also powerfully romantic.

"Pinocchio:" The chemistry between Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk so sparkles that the simplest back hugs between their characters are super-charged. And that bread kiss they shared could make people see breakfast in a more romantic way.

"My Spring Day:" Before seeing the drama the idea of Kam Woo Sung and Choi Sooyoung as a couple did not excite the imagination, but they were so sweet together that the scene of their hospital wedding was a tearjerker. They may not be together forever, it said, but forever can be found in a moment.

"A Secret Love Affair:" Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae playing the piano together was electric. And although the music genius and his much-older piano teacher go on to have a more physical and forbidden affair, their musical duo summed up the reasons they had to be together, no matter what it cost them.

Which romantic k-drama scenes did you love? Let us know.