Kang Min-hyuk in dating rumor with actress Jeong Hye-seong, who is she

Kang Min-hyuk in dating rumor with actress Jeong Hye-seong, who is she

On July 11, a media has reported that CNBLUE member Kang Min-hyuk and Jeong Hye-seong from the similar agency, FNC Entertainment were dating for many years sincerely.

However, in line with a following documentby capacity ofevery other media, an go in combination with FC denied the rumor saying, "As we have gotshowed alongside Kang Min-hyuk and Jeong Hye-seong, they aren't dating" and "The two of same age are very close. They are friends, very close".

Jeong Hye-seong, who debuted via 'Friend, Our Story', 2009 made her face widely identified by public for her role in tvN 'Potato Star'. She later gave the impression in "Pride and Prejudice" and "Remember". She played Namgoong Min's more youthful sister in "Remember" appearing off her screen presence.

Jeong Hye-seong will problem her first length drama role in KBS 2TV's imminent drama, 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds', in which she will be able to play Princess Myeong-eun, the male lead Lee Yeong (Park Bo-geum)'s young sister.

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Photos "Entertainers" personality posters, featuring Ji Seong, Hyeri, Kang Min-hyuk, Chae Jeong-an, L.Joe

The limited edition album poster for "Entertainers" is out.

With 6 days to moveprior to the broadcast starts, SBS drama "Entertainers" released teaser posters of Ji Seong, Hyeri, Kang Min-hyuk, Chae Jeong-an and L.Joe.

Ji Seong looks playful whilstpreserving his chest and it roughly feels like he is going to be the clown in the drama. The words 'Real Manager' on his jacket had been emphasized.

Hyeri's poster looks lively as she is smiling kindly. The word, 'Hard Worker' display that she is in a position to do anything.

Kang Min-hyuk is a musical genius who is self-assured of himself. Chae Jeong-an provides off a pictureof class with her purple lips and seductive look. L.Joe in the role of Jae-hoon, a drummer from Seoul National University, is the maximum office model-looking personalityat the poster.

The poster is uniquely designed. The poster resembles a listing and reflects on the musical qualities of the drama. The poster is antiqueas thoughit is been touched for many years and the feel of the poster is raising hype for the drama.

Meanwhile, "Entertainers" is the existencetask of an audacious manager named Seok-ho (Ji Seong) and an amateur band called Entertainers.


'Entertainers' completes major  forged with Ji Seong, Hyeri, Kang Min-hyuk and Chae Jeong-an

'Entertainers' completes major forged with Ji Seong, Hyeri, Kang Min-hyuk and Chae Jeong-an

The outlines for the maximum importantsolid of SBS' new Wednesday Thursday drama, "Entertainers" had been revealed.

Casting news about the male leads, Sin Seok-ho and Jo Ha-neul in additionthe feminine lead, Yeo Min-ju got here out on March 17th. First of all, Ji Seong, the winner of ultimate year's MBC Drama Awards has been showed for the role as Sin Seok-ho. For the role as Jo Ha-neul that had Park Bo-geom as their favouriteat the list, CNBLUE member Kang Min-hyuk is in talks currently.

Also, Hyeri is in talks for any otherfeminine lead, Jeong Green. However, because Hyeri is taking a spoil for scientific reasons at the moment, they are booking the words on whether or no longer she has proven her appearance for now. Chae Jeong-an has been confirmed to seem equally Yeo Min-ju, director of Ocean Entertainment. Her firm said, 'It is true' about her appearance in the drama.

"Entertainers" is a good fortunetaleby capacity ofa guycall Sin Seok-ho, a CEO of Mango Entertainment, a newly established entertainment control company, which should be the most pathetic one in the similar industry.

The first episode of "Entertainers" will air on April 20th, taking up the airtime of 'Please Get back Mister'.


Rumors Of Kang Min Hyuk And Jung Hye Sung Dating Were given  Close Down So Fast

Rumors Of Kang Min Hyuk And Jung Hye Sung Dating Were given Close Down So Fast

Rumors Of Kang Min Hyuk And Jung Hye Sung Dating Were givenClose Down So Speedy jun2yng July 10, 2016 0 Rumors Of Kang Min Hyuk And Jung Hye Sung Dating Got Shut Down So Fast On July 11, Sports Seoul released an exclusive record claiming that CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk and actress Jung Hye Sung are dating, with cries of the primary FNC Entertainment couple to be born.

Sports Seoul quotes a source who is an acquaintance of the 2 stars: “They’ve been assembly seriously for a while now. They’re being careful, yet their close buddies and circle of relatives know about their relationship.”

The report then mentions — as a unhappystrive at offering evidence, possibly — the commonplace interests Kang Min Hyuk and Jung Hye Sung have, announcing that they either are interested byflower displays and cats.

However, FNC Entertainment, which homes both artists, instantlyanswered to the report, and statedthat they'rejust nigh friends, and are reasonably taken aback at the dating news.

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Spoiler 'Entertainers' Kang Min-hyuk clears up false accusation, Ji Seong, Hyeri romance would possibly speed up

Spoiler 'Entertainers' Kang Min-hyuk clears up false accusation, Ji Seong, Hyeri romance would possibly speed up

On the episode 11 of "Entertainers", Ha-neul (Kang Min-hyuk) after allmaytransparent up the false accusation of sexual assault.

After the sexual attack scandal, malicious comments about Ha-neul went viral online. Ha-neul attempted to fake he did no longer handle about it and act normally. However, Ddanddara members, Green and Seok-ho were worried about him whilst they moderatelyseen how he was once doing.

Ha-neul in fact fainted because ofthe strain and became sent to an emergency room. Ha-neul said, "I tried to act I do not care about the comments. But if reading the ones comments, I felt like as though one had turn into a criminal. I assumed I may die this way". Seok-ho said, "People say malicious comments mean they still have passion in you. Yetit is not true. It is poision".

Ha-neul have become worried about Green, who was having tough time looking after him. Green told him, "Take care of yourself first. What an affection between siblings". Ha-neul said, "Do you watchedI'm worried about you simplyas a result of affection as siblings?" He was about to show his emotion against her. But the workers of his firmgot herethrough at the moment. Ha-neul lost his timing to confess.

Seok-ho held a press convention and Jin-woo showed up and confessed he was the culprit. At the similar moment, Joo-han also held a press conference and printed Jin-woo was the onlywho isliable for the sexual assault.


"Entertainers" Ji Seong and Kang Min-hyuk in a gentle situation

Ji Seong was once spotted crying with a dazed glance on his face.

Stills of Ji Seong (Sin Seok-ho) and Kang Min-hyuk (Ha-neul) from the SBS drama "Entertainers" were released at the 27th.

The two stand in a gentle situation. Kang Min-hyuk looks calm whilst Ji Seong looks filled with hatred.

In the following picture, Ji Seong has a dazed appearance on his face yethe iswere given tears in his eyes. He looks shocked and is ready to cry.

These images were taken in a caf in Ilsan on the 11th. Ji Seong and Kang Min-hyuk worked on their feelingsvia rehearsing by themselves and paid attention to each and everyunmarried detail. Thank you to their difficult work, the scene become shot without NG.


Interview Hyeri,

Interview Hyeri, "Looking ahead to operating with Ji Seong and Kang Min-hyuk"

Girl's Day member and actress Hyeri is starring in the hot SBS drama "Entertainers" with Ji Seong.

SBS drama "Entertainers" is according to a assignment between an audacious manager named Sin Seok-ho (Ji Seong) and an amateur band named Entertainers. Hyeri stars in the drama as the vocal Jo Ha-neul's (Kang Min-hyuk) mother or father Jeong Green.

Hyeri is coming back with "Entertainers" after achieving massivegood fortune amongst the tvN drama "Answer Me 1988". She proved her skillsimmediately and turned intothe followinghighest actress next to Suzy and AOA Seolhyun.

Hyeri has been selling "Entertainers" these days and she's very modest about it.

- Who is Jeong Green from "Entertainers"?

Hyeri: Jeong Green is a difficultrunningpersonality with numerous responsibility. She is the best real guardian to Ha-neul, the lead vocal of the band and she only thinks of what istop for him. Like the call Jeong Green, I wish to make her glancebrand new and delightful.

- What made you celebrity in "Entertainers"?

I beloved the scenario. I determined to do it as I will existoperating with so much of excellent people.

- How much do Hyeri and Jeong Green synchronize?

About 80%? Jeong Green and I are accountable and bright. I'mlooking to bring out my character thru Jeong Green.

- How does it feel to paintings with Ji Seong?

I am thankful to have met Ji Seong in this drama. I am studyingmuch from him and he offers me many of advice. His words give me strength. One time, I met him prior to the cameras began rolling and he said, "Hyeri, appearance into my eyes while you act and I will make the same". I looked at his eyes and I understood".

- You're a passionate sister who will do the rest for her brother. How are you in genuinelifestylesfor your sister?

We are like any other sisters. I shuttle with my sister and to findputs to eat. We are like most productive friends.

- How do you get in conjunction with Kang Min-hyeok who is your brother in the drama?

We worked in combination before so we get along find. We are either actors became singers so we could beready to relate to every other. I look forward to working with him each day.

- How do you need to have to be remembered in "Entertainers"?

I at all timesbe informedloads and noticemany stuff just about myself whilst working. I wish tolocateanything new about me via "Entertainers". I also need to keep in touch with the audience and it's far my need to takeskillsso as to relate my character smartly to the others.

- Any words of determination?

I am venerated to be capable of operate with fantasticbody of workersand i'mglad that I will stand in public once again. I'm going to work hard to turn intothe very best Jeong Green.


YGE to take prison action opposed to netizen who spread dating rumors about Kang Dong Won and actress

YGE to take prison action opposed to netizen who spread dating rumors about Kang Dong Won and actress

Kang Dong Won will be taking felony action opposed to the netizen who spread dating rumors relating to him and an actress.

On March 1, a website online published false articles about Kang Dong Won and his actress girlfriend, who some are speculating to be Jung Ryeo Won. This rumor has in the past surfaced ago and used to be clarified as a false. However, the rumor has got here back with more false knowledge every bit it acknowledged Kang Dong Won and the actress were offeredthrougha pal who is a well known singer. 

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YG Entertainment responded, "This is admittedlynow not true. We checked with Kang Dong Won, and he said he hasn't ever met the actress. He now even feels sorry for her as the rumors stay on circulating. The singer who supposedly broughtthe 2 were also startled as he doesn't eventide know the two people." 

Legal movements were announced to be going down as YG Entertainment said, "Kang Dong Won turns out to had beenseeking to just forget about the rumors," and added "However, we canin finding and take legal activities against the consumer whobegan this dating rumor."

Not best Kang Dong Won, yet many lovers were startled by the ongoing rumors. The false articles have been circulating on SNS, bringing surprise to many readers. 


Kang Dong Won’s Rep Denies Dating Rumor, Will Take Prison Action

Kang Dong Won’s Rep Denies Dating Rumor, Will Take Prison Action

Kang Dong Wons Rep Denies Dating Rumor, Will Take Felony Actioncrystalcove February 29, 2016 0 LINE it!Kang Dong Wons Rep Denies Dating Rumor, Will Take Legal Action Local news firm Osen reports that on March 1, any other media source posted an editorial about dating rumor referring to Kang Dong Won the use of posts from a web community. The objectmentioned Kang Dong Won supposedly dating an actress of the similar age. In keeping with Osen, this was once a rumor that kept on gave the impression as jjirashi (secretly circulated rumors), yet disappeared after no evidence supported it. But the alternative media source even brought in 3rdbirthday party – a middle-aged singer – to mention that the individualpresentedthe 2 actors.

To Osen, a source from the public family membersbranch of Kang Dong Wons managing agency, YG Entertainment, said: It's milestotally untrue.We checked with Kang Dong Won and he acknowledged he has never met that actress even once. He is apologetic to the actress because those dating rumors stay erupting. The middle-aged singer become also at a loss to how he may just introduce other folks he didnt even know in the garbage dating rumor that has not anything to do with YG.

The rep said, Because Kang Dong Won has a touchy personality, whilst he suffered as a result of this malicious rumors, he has persisted it. But this time, the agency will be taking sturdy legal action opposed to the customary distributor of the rumor.

The call that has been connected to Kang Dong Won in the false dating rumors lately was that of actress Jung Ryeo Won.

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Interview #2 Esom,

Interview #2 Esom, "Jeong Woo-seong is experienced, Kang Ha-neul is passionate"

Actress Esom works smartly with any actor in the rest from mystery to romance.

She starred in the film "Like for Likes" with Kang Ha-neul. She played Jang Na-yeon in this three-couple motion picture and Kang Ha-neul played a born-single guy named Lee Soo-ho.

"Kang Ha-neul is extremelyhonest when he works but ifhe is playful he's very playful. We are the similar historic period and were given close truly quickly. He's bright and positive so he used to besimple to make pals with".

The first scene they had to take turned into the section where they ate pasta in combination and held hands. It was awkward as they had just met yet IT reflected well into the movie as it was awkward for the characters too.

"We are the blameless couple. We are like the first love all and sundry has. Na-yeon is outgoing and I'm hopingmany of us feel like they wish to exist in a romantic dating after seeing us".

She co-starred in "Scarlet Innocence" with Jeong Woo-seong and "Like for Likes" with Kang Ha-neul. She says there enjoy and hobby between the 2 of them.

"Jeong Woo-seong has had numerousexpertise so I got to be informedso much from him. Kang Ha-neul also has many stuff for me to take guidelines from because he'sat all times so full of life and enthusiastic about acting. I also wish topaintings with more folks my age in order thatwe might beready to relate to each and every other".