KCON 101: How To Do It All In 3 Days

KCON 101: How To Do It All In 3 Days

KCON 101: How To Do It All In 3 Daysknims July 26, 2016 0 KCON 101: How To Do It All In Three DaysPhoto Credit: CJ E&M KCON. It’s an epic weekend stuffed with literally the entirety K-entertainment, K-culture, and K-beauty. Would like tofind out how to cook? You can. To talk Korean? You'll start. To dance along sidethe newest and biggest hits? Of course.

In fact, there is such a lot to do right through KCON weekend that every now and then it may also be overwhelming, exhausting, or even downright intimidating. But, never fear! As fourth year attendees, Team Soompi is crammed with KCON professionals and we’re pooling our wisdom to permit you to make the maximumfrom your KCON weekend.

Without extra ado the definitive e book to surviving KCON:

Listen, I know you need to haveto seemlovable because all of the stars at the developmentcan be literally the cutest, ever, but you also wish to exist alive to look them. Existence hack: bring cute shoes BUT ALSO wear comfy shoes. The sole fourth dimension you’ll in realitywish toglance cute (or, must 1 rephrase: the single times you’ll be seeing your faves) will be at some point oftarget audience engagements and the concerts. This lets youget dressed freely for the hours (and hours) you may spend waiting in lines or wandering around the largeconferencecorridor amongst your friends. There is rather a lot to see and do, don’t get stuck sitting outdoorseeking torelaxation your tired feet all of the time.

2. Excessive Attentiveness

I know that I just acknowledged that you’ll most effective run into your faves two times a day, but I really lied. While you arefor your A-game, you can for sure visit your faves way more often. Annuallyother artists are ushered into sponsor booths, the major stage, or other occasionsgoing down in the real convention center. These sorts of are announced, some are a surprise. What does that mean for you? Remain in the convention room and stay your eyes and ears open at all time. We’ve had SISTAR walk correctbeyond us and (after recuperating from a mini middle attack) we only spotted because we were paying attention.

3. Becoming a Morning Person

If your tickets come with artist engagements, you're going toneed to arrive as early as imaginableat the first day. First, artist engagements mightstartin a while after doors open on Friday. Second, you don’t wish to fail to notice the mass trading that occurs Friday morning. Didn’t get that ASTRO high-touch pass you wanted? Chances are top that you’ll be ready to industry for it. Get there early and don’t be shy! I’ve at all timescontrolled to get the artists I would likesimply by trading the primary day.

If you've that one friend who is fantastic at planning, you wish tomost certainly invite them to KCON just to be sure your agenda is flawless. But, if you're that friend, don’t worry! KCON definitely makes making plans every bitsimple as doubtlessvia giving you heaps of opportunities to devise the day. Step 1: Download the KCON App. Make your schedule there so you have complete days planned and it’s all on your phone. Step 2: Get a KCON program book. I’m a little outdated henceI likehaving the ability to turnthroughout the book in case I have down time to see what I may neatly belacking out on. Step 3: Turn intoconversant in the layout of the convention middle on day one so you never waste time getting lost.

I feel like this need to be self-explanatory but, even though the tournament is inside, it’s still hot. It still comes toa massive number of standing. Don’t disregard to drink water (bring an empty water bottle to refill all day for free) and consumeright kind meals. Nobodyneeds to fall unwellahead of the concert! Remember, KCON partnered with KTown EveningMarketplace to have a ton of amazing food trucks right next to the Staples Center. Take a boxshuttle before the concert and fill up on scrumptious K-town treats. You’re going to burn it all off jumping during the display anyway, so move wild!

So one ultimate check, are you reallyprepared for KCON? Concert tickets? Check. Convention tickets? Check (make certain youssign up forthwith to steer transparent of long lines on Friday!). KLUB KCON tickets? Check (can’t pass over on Amber and DEAN).

And, of course, forestall by the Soompi booth to win prizes and say hi to our KCON veterans!

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KCON 2015 USA Presented by Toyota Moves to Staples Center and Expands to Three Days

KCON 2015 USA Presented by Toyota Moves to Staples Center and Expands to Three Days

Last year, over 42,000 passionate fans of Korean pop culture traveled from around the U.S. to solidify KCON as a summer Los Angeles staple. From July 31 through August 2, "All Things Hallyu" will once again converge, with unforgettable concerts, panels, workshops, food, fashion, and much more at KCON 2015 USA presented by Toyota (www.kconusa.com). With the world"s top automaker back on board as the lead sponsor, KCON is expanding to three days and moving to L.A. LIVE in Downtown Los Angeles, with some of the world"s biggest stars performing at the Staples Center on Saturday and Sunday, August 1-2.

With KCON expected to continue its record of growth, this year will be the largest ever. Last year, in addition to doubling the number of attendees, the event boasted 30 percent more programming; a new, free and open to the public market place; as well as two nights of concerts featuring the hottest K-pop artists from Korea-B1A4, BTS, CNBLUE, G-Dragon, Girls Generation, IU, Jung Joon Young, SPICA, TEEN TOP and VIXX. A recap video of KCON 2014 is available here.KCON is produced by CJ EM, Asia"s leading content company, and its global music channel Mnet, giving fans the ultimate Hallyu (a.k.a. the Korean Wave) experience. In 2015, the brand expanded beyond Los Angeles for the first time, with the inaugural KCON Japan set to take place at the Saitama Super Arena on April 22, highlighted by an M! Countdown concert featuring K-pop stars including BIGFLO, Block B, BOYFRIEND, GOT7, INFINITE, Jun.K (from 2PM), KangNam, Lovelyz, MYNAME, SISTAR, and more.Fans can visit www.kconusa.com for more information and to sign-up for a newsletter and receive the latest KCON news.


K-Pop Fans From Around The Country Converge On Los Angeles For Two Days Of KCON 2013: G-Dragon And Missy Elliott Close Out Festival

K-Pop Fans From Around The Country Converge On Los Angeles For Two Days Of KCON 2013: G-Dragon And Missy Elliott Close Out Festival

KCON 2013, KCON, KCON 2012, Missy Elliott

K-Pop Fans From Around The Country Converge On Los Angeles For Two Days Of KCON 2013: G-Dragon And Missy Elliott Close Out Festival G-Dragon Performs At KCON 2013K-Pop Fans From Around The Country Converge On Los Angeles For Two Days Of KCON 2013: G-Dragon And Missy Elliott Close Out Festival Thousands of K-pop fans from around the country amassed in Southern California over the weekend, for the second annual KCON. Thousands of K-pop fans from around the country amassed in Southern California over the weekend, for the second annual KCON, a festival celebrating Korean food, pop culture and, of course, music, held at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena on Saturday and Sunday.

Last years KCON, which drew roughly 10,000 people, was so successful that event organizers, the cable channel K-pop MNet America, decided to lengthen it to two days.

Attending fans shelling out between $60 and $300 got the chance to attend seminars like "The Arts of RemixingSampling K-Pop," "Developing K-Pop Songwriting Skills" and "Get it Beauty: The K-Pop Face."

But for most K-poppers in attendance, it was all about a chance to see their favorite artists like G-Dragon, EXO or Crayon Pop do what they do best.

"Fans see something very positive, whether it's the music, the fashion or the dancing," president and CEO of Mnet America Ted Kim told the Los Angeles Times. "

"This is a really smart audience and they know what's being manufactured and force fed."

KCON 2013 also featured a taping of M! Countdown and an even more extensive list of top notch acts than last year.

But the highlight of the two-day festival was saved for the end, as Big Bang rapper G-Dragon took the stage with American hip-hop superstar Missy Elliott.

"Elliot hit the stage without fanfare for a quick medley of hits like 'Get Ur Freak On' before exiting to admit G-Dragon and generally allow the crowd to lose any shit it still had left after eight acts," Kelsey Whipple wrote Monday on the LA Weekly music blog West Coast Sound.

"The new collaboration between the K-pop heartthrob and the established American hip-hop star is catchy, busy and rife with both posturing and potential."

Other artists on the KCON 2013 bill included 2AM, Super Junior-M's Henry, Dynamic Duo and f(x).

And you can bet that were plenty of fans and stars sharing the "high touch" K-pop's softer version of the high five.

KCON attendee Christina Tran of Orange County explained the significance of the gesture to Los Angeles Times reporter Ryan Faughnder.

"If [the massive crowds of fans all] could hug them, they would get crushed," the 19-year-old fan said about K-pop stars during 2AM's set.

Tran described the act of sharing a high touch with artists as having an intimate quality.

"You're breathing the same air as them," she said. "It's definitely a fan thing. You can't do that with Chris Brown."


KCON Manhattan 2016 Attractiveness Booths Section 2   3 Cosmetic Giveaways

KCON Manhattan 2016 Attractiveness Booths Section 2 3 Cosmetic Giveaways

KCON Los angeles 2016 presented through Toyota is besta couple of days clear of July 29 to July 31 at the Staples Center. To get you in a position for it, HanCinema has one finalgood looks booth feature to proportion from KCON New york 2016. We willhave a look at Zazen Bear, Glow Recipe, MustaeV, Duft Doft with cosmetic vlogger Sarang. Do notdisregard that at the ground of this text are 3possibilities to win beauty products! And now to explore some amazing Korean beauty and skin care companies.

AdvertisementThe quietZazen Bearbooth sticks out amongst the stark contrast between dark and light, and on account ofit is adorable white bear with black eyes. It radiates a calm ambience that reflects an inward Zen spirit this isreflected by its jewellery and house decor. Aiming to meet our insidewishes for serenity, tranquility, and harmony, Zazen Undergo strives to presentanything for everyone's day by day lives.

This booth was oncevigorous and active and the display screenof goodsbecameblank and fresh, mimicking Glow Recipe's "natural" theme. Sarah Lee and Christine Chang's web site that sells natural, harsh-free beauty and skincare products had been featured in the likes of Marie Claire and Vogue. Winners of Shark Tank, Lee and Chang have 20years of beauty experienced mixed and use that to detail explanations of use of product in video and blog formats, reasons for use, and score products opposed toinflexible beauty standards. Clickhereto test IT out.

MusteaVis a makeupemblem that has observed the insides of many Cheongdamdong salons, walked Seoul's Style Week, and has been implemented by prestigious makeup artists. Makeup artists in Cheongdamdong paintings to constnatly refine and expand MustaeV makeup. It seeks to producethe maximum up to date trends among the elite, the idols, and people whoassist create Korea pop culture beauty trends. It be booth was colorful and at all timesin the center of a amusing makeover.

Duft Doftis a Korean skincare brand that's safely tested and born of herbal ingredients and packaged in recyclable boxes. Its products be offeringquite a fewmild fragrances.

Korean beauty vloggerSarangperformed makeovers in the Duft Doft booth. You'llto find her on Youtubeherewhere she provides highly polished, stylized makeup and hair styling tutorials. The voiceovers are in Korean and the subtitles are in English and Korean for intercontinental use.

Contuining the giveaways, we've got more amazing beauty products from MustaeV, Blossom Jeju, The Face Shop, Duft Doft, and E Nature. Those three gift bags are your last opportunity to win! Make certain youinput to win chocolates from the picture. Please observe the instructionsunderto cross into and win!

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2 Days & 1 Night Meet Yoon Shi Yoons Grandmother

2 Days & 1 Night Meet Yoon Shi Yoons Grandmother

“2 Days 1 Night” Meet Yoon Shi Yoon’s Grandmothernotclaira July 24, 2016 0 “2 Days 1 Night” Meet Yoon Shi Yoon’s Grandmother At the July 24 episode of “2 Days 1 Night,” the solidpersevered their summer holiday special in a specifically meaningful way.

After gambling an intense game of water gun tag, the generating director (PD) told the cast that the village they were playing in was once Yoon Shi Yoon’s formative years home.

Yoon Shi Yoon printed that he become raised by capacity of his maternal grandparents in Suncheon, a town in South Jeolla Province, up till he entered center school.

His grandmother described him as a well mannered and sociable child, and her neighbors added, “He’s still like that.” The neighbors also acknowledged that if he saw somebody ten times, he would greet them with courtesy ten times.

Yoon Shi Yoon 2Circle of relatives photo (Yoon Shi Yoons mom highlighted)

The cast also glancethru old footageto look a close resemblance between the actor and his grandmother.

Watch the total episode below!

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TWICE To look As Visitors On 2 Days & 1 Night

TWICE To look As Visitors On 2 Days & 1 Night

TWICE To seem equallyVisitors On “2 Days 1 Night”ilmare42 July 22, 2016 0 TWICE To Appear As Guests On “2 Days 1 Night” Hit rookie womanteamTwo times will soon be making an appearance at thevintage KBS kinddisplay “2 Days 1 Night”!

On the afternoon of July 22, a source from KBS’s range production team showed that the gang was in the midst of filming the provealong sidethe forged in a the city in North Gyeongsang Province.

The source states that as they were still filming the episode, they might not reveal anything else about their appearance, yet asks that we in finding out for ourselves when it airs. The episode is expected to air on July 31.

Unfortunately, as member Momo was oncetaking part in a press convention for Mnet’s new dance survival show “Hit the Level on July 22, she becameno longerin a positionto take part in filming. It’s reported that the remainder8participants will all be making an appearance.

Some footagehad been circulating online of the members wading via a shallow river as they movie the show.

As the solid members have discussedprior to that they’d like TWICE to appear as guests, they will have to exist thrilled!

Watch the maximum recent episode of 2 Days 1 Evening below.

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Lee Min Ho To wait KCON L. a. 2016

Lee Min Ho To wait KCON L. a. 2016

Lee Min Ho To wait KCON L. a. 2016kokoberry July 21, 2016 0 Lee Min Ho To Attend KCON LA 2016 Actor Lee Min Ho is heading to KCON LA!

It has been showed that Lee Min Ho could be attending the festival as a representative for Korean dramas and films.

Having hit dramas like Boys Over Flowers, Heirs, and more below his belt, Lee Min Ho is a smartselection equally a representative Hallyu star.

In addition to the actor, KCON LAs lineup contains BTS, SHINee, Block B, MONSTA X, Eric Nam, ASTRO, GFRIEND, Amber, DEAN, I.O.I, Davichi, Turbo, TaeTiSeo, and TWICE.

KCON LA will take position from July 29 to 31 at the Staples Middle and Los Angeles Conference Center.

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Gong Yoo Stocks How Hes Replaced Since His Coffee Prince Days

Gong Yoo Stocks How Hes Replaced Since His Coffee Prince Days

Gong Yoo Stocks How He’s Replaced Since His “Coffee Prince” Daysnotclaira July 21, 2016 0 Gong Yoo Shares How He’s Changed Since His “Coffee Prince” Days Actor Gong Yoo currentlygave the impression on “Newsroom” to advertise his new movie “Train to Busan.”

On the July 21 episode, he was once asked about how he’s changed in the nine years since “Coffee Prince.” The hit drama aired in 2007 and starred either Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye.

“I in realityhave become more afraid,” the actor shared. “I began to develop intograsping for things I didn’t wish to lose. That higherthe concern that I might lose them. There were more things I had to think about, and that ended up influencing my personality.”

He added, “I think I’ve also wonnumerous biases and mounted stereotypes.”

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Tickets for Halo Championship Series: Pro Leage Finals At KCON 2016 Los angeles Now On Sale

Tickets for Halo Championship Series: Pro Leage Finals At KCON 2016 Los angeles Now On Sale

(Photo : ESL)Calling all KCON-ers! The Halo Championship Series (HCS) Pro League Summer 2016 Season Finals can begoing down at KCON 2016 L. a. next week.

AdvertisementPresented via Toyota, the world's greatest Korean culture conference and song festival, KCON, has added the HCS Pro League Finals to this year's LA lineup. The tournament will be held at The Novo by Microsoft at L.A. Resideand may run July 30-31.

Tickets for the tournament are on sale now and will also bebought at www.axs.com. Overall admission tickets are $40 whilst VIP tickets will most probably be purchased for $55. While eitherprice ticket tiers come with a one-day admission to the KCON convention, the VIP tickets comprisea massive number ofadvantages including: top rate leather seating closer to the actions, fiveunfastened Gold REQ Packs to be used in Halo 5: Guardians, a possibility to get in at the action with the Halo 5: Guardians Free-For-All tournament, featuring a prize pool of $5,000, and more!

Those who arrive early are in for a treat. On Saturday the primarytwo hundred attendees to the tournament will get keep of a collector's Halo Mega Bloks set, while on Sunday, the 1st 200 will receive a plush mobile phone holder, courtesy of LINE.

Over the processthose two days at KCON 2016 LA, the maximum efficient North American Halo groups from both the Pro League and the Open Circuit will fight for the championship identify and a percentage of the $225,000 prize pool.

Relegation and Finals for both the Pro League and the Open Circuit will start on Saturday, July 30 with four teams combating their way thru a double removing bracket. The epic conclusion to these two tournaments will take position on Sunday, July 31.

For additional info on the rundown of the development please discuss with HERE.

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Korean film opening these days 2016/07/20 in Korea

Korean film opening these days 2016/07/20 in Korea

Korean film opening as of late 2016/07/20 in Korea "Train to Busan" (2015)Directed by way of Yeon Sang-hoWith Gong Yoo, Jeong Yu-mi, Ma Dong-seok, Kim Soo-an, Kim Ee-seong, Choi Woo-sik,...Also referred to as "Train By the use of Busan"Crank in : 2015/04/26Crank up : 2015/08/19Synopsis"Busan Bound" is set the zombie appearance on a KTX headed for Busan. Produced by Yeon Sang-ho, an animation manufacturer with a company fan base.FestivalCannes 2016 Middle of the night Screenings

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