Kim Hee-seon to return with

Kim Hee-seon to return with "Lady With Class"

Actress Kim Hee-seon is coming back with class.

She's starring in a new drama called, "Lady with Class" as Woo Ah-jin.

Woo Ah-jin is a gorgeousgirl amongsta super body. She used to be the face of an airline corporatetill she were given married at the age of 28 and was a housewife. When her circle of relatives collapses and her husband leaves, her dignity is damaged.

Kim Hee-seon is solelyeasiest for this character. She will existthe cultured woman who changes. Kim Seon-ah takes at the role of Park Bok-ja who speaks the Choongchung dialect and Seoul dialect perfectly and is erudite in moving into the topelegance society.

"Lady with Class" is the tale of a girl who used to have a personal maid hitting the floor when her spouse's fatheris going out and her husband betrays her. She climbs back up to discover her lifestyles and she represents the lives of ladiesat the prevailing timein addition the social function of married women.

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Kim Seon-kyeong to return with SBS 'You Are My Star'

Kim Seon-kyeong to return with SBS 'You Are My Star'

Actress Kim Seon-kyeong is coming back with the SBS day through day drama "You Are My Star".

Her control claimed she"s coming back with "You Are My Star" as a unmarried mother and a femme fatale who at all times gets what she wants.

She"s starred in dramas "Orange Marmalade", "Hogu"s Love", "The Sun and the Moon", "The Legend" and more.

Meanwhile, "You Are My Star" is set a mother-in-law, daughter-in-law and sister-in-law overcoming their pain and sorrows and changing into each and every other"s star.

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"Masked Investigator" unveils teaser, Kim Seon-ah and Joo Sang-wook finally return

"Masked Investigator" has unveiled its preview teaser trailer full of unique characteristics.

KBS 2TV"s new WednesdayThursday drama, "Masked Investigator", with its scheduled premiere date, May 20th, has released their preview teaser trailer, which vivaciously presents the unique characters by Kim Seon-ah and Joo Sang-wook.

Joo Sang-wook captures your attention with the unexpected twist in his appeals. The initial image of his is of a charismatic and strict prosecutor. However, when he was showing his prosecutor"s ID to a cashier at a caf and asks for employee discount with the big smile, it portrays prosecutor Ha Dae-cheol"s funny and materialistic side.

Kim Seon-ah shows off the confident appeal as a female police officer, from the big strides to her cool pose aiming a gun. Her narration, "Just because you"re tough, it doesn"t mean you"ll be better at catching criminals" raises the anticipation level on her performance to lead investigation appealing emotions in details.

The ending scene of the preview left a strong impression to the viewers. Joo Sang-wook"s narration, "Justice is dead. It"s my turn to step in" and a view from the back showing a man getting dressed up in a prosecutor"s uniform and a mask also get the viewers excited about what is yet to come.

The vivacious cinematography and the cheerful music, and the acting performance by Kim Seon-ah and Joo Sang-wook, who always know how to bring the characters to life way over 100% are truly entertaining.

"Masked Investigator" will air its first episode on May 20th after the completion of "Unkind Women".


Lady Jane To Return To Music After Nearly Two Years

Lady Jane To Return To Music After Nearly Two Years

Lady Jane To Return To Music After Nearly Two Years

Lady Jane is coming back! A surprise countdown on Lady Jane's website promises that an expected new single will be released on tomorrow!

Through her official social media sites, the soloist announced, “This is the first single in such a long time. Brand New Music‘s Rhymer produced it. Please listen to ‘20‘ a lot!”

The singer also released a teaser image for her upcoming single.

Her single “20″ will be a trendy trap song, produced by Brand New Music’s representative Rhymer. Phantom‘s Kiggen, who is also part of Brand New Music, wrote the song.

Lady Jane’s latest single will be released via various music sites on February 6.

Recently, the singer has been more active on television and radio, with regular appearances on cable shows like “Need More Romance” and “Fox Flight.” She is also a DJ on “Jang Dong Min and Lady Jane’s 2pm.”

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"Damaged Lady": The Return of Kara

"Damaged Lady": The Return of Kara

Damaged Lady: The Return of Kara Damaged Lady: The Return of Kara Damaged Lady: The Return of Kara The primary breadwinners of DSP Media are back after a yearlong hiatus. Taking a break from their Japanese promotions, Kara are back in their homeland with their fourth full length Korean album, Full Bloom. Prior to the album release and title track, they released “Runaway” which featured scenes from their upcoming Korean drama, Secret Love.

Kara debuted in 2007 with “Break It,” a song and MV that are drastically different than their image now. The then four-membered group didn’t hit it big. We then saw Seung-hee leave due to her agreement with her parents that she would maintain her grades while being a member of Kara. She was replaced with Goo Hara and Ji-young, forming the lineup we now know. With their teaser for their comeback quite reminiscent of their debut era, it built excitement from old fans who missed the image of the girls back then.

Aside from that, this is the time of the year that Kara usually has a comeback. This has been the case for “Step” as well as “Pandora.” Their status as a top tier group was started with their hit, “Mister,” which produced a dance craze similar to that of “Bar Bar Bar.” They avoided being put into a box and continued with the advancement of their sound in “Lupin” before heading off to Japan to try their success. Their success in Japan only stabilized their position in the top tier, sharing the spot with more well known groupsSNSD and 2NE1.

In addition to this seeming callback to their debut era, and given how good the reception for Pandora was in Korea last yearwith the song having stolen a win during Psys 10 week winning streak on Music Bank  there was a lot of excitement for this comeback.

Their lead track is “Damaged Lady” which was teased weeks prior to the official release on September 2nd. Sprinkled throughout the MV are plot shots, solo shots and dance shots, all of which are tied in by one themegetting back at a cheating ex.

For the dance shots, they wore suits. The attitude they have in their movements is highlighted by the clothes they wore, making it a smart move on the stylist’s part. Especially lovely on them was the set of clothes they wore with the black background and white pillars. It was both feminine and masculine and they seemed most in their element dance-wise there. As for the dance, it seemed quite lacking, though this may be because we have not seen the whole dance in the MV. From what we see, it also seems quite awkward, especially that butt rub move at 2:18.

Damaged Lady: The Return of Kara Where the ladies truly shine are during the solo shots. Some were composed of them wearing the same clothes as the group dance shots, and at the same location of their dance shots. What really stood out were the takes of the ladies sitting on their thrones. They looked magnificent and regal and they carried the same air of confidence as well. The clothes they wore complemented each member and only added to the impression of each member through the whole finished product.

Taking in the plot of the MV, it really did nothing to enhance the overall impact at first watch. I wish they had instead gone for the route they went with “Pandora.” They shined in their solo shots and it’s a pity the impact from that was not carried over to the lacking and boring plot line.

Despite this, the ladies truly carry the song with their portrayal of the girl scorned and their determination to be empowered on their own. Instead of going the childish ‘stalk him’ route that other groups have done, they instead do something straight up. Donned in suits, they show their exes what they are missing all while shoving them, dumping wine on their heads, pushing a pastry in their face and firing away some sort of smoke at them. Unlike some MVs where the girl lets the guy back in the end, Kara further moves away from their ex-significant other. This is further shown in a move in the chorus where the girls seemingly take off a couple ring and throw it in the air, signifying the end of a relationship. They do not want him back in any way because they don’t need him in the first place.

Damaged Lady: The Return of Kara As for the song, it lacked the climax we get from “Pandora” and the catchiness from their previous singles such as “Lupin” and “Mister.” Surprisingly, Goo Hara has more lines than usual, so it will be something to see if she can carry those lines on stage. In addition, the song was less cluttered and this may be an indication of Kara further improving their sound to move away from the common songs that rely on catchy hooks and revert back to their sound from 2007.

In many ways, this song is a sign of a maturing Kara. From the flow between the segments of the song, the guitar riffs and the underlying beat, it is a far cry from Kara songs of the past. It played more to their strengths and highlighted them.

As with most Kara MVs, they are fashionably dressed, all while maintaining the theme of the MV and song. The girly dresses they wore on their date was reminiscent of the style of dress they wore during “Honey” and “Pretty Girl.” The transition to these suits may come to mean that this is Kara shedding their old, safe image. While they seemingly will maintain their girl next door charm, they are maturing. Despite any complaints with the song, it is an evolution of their sound and for all intent, it is the group heading in the right direction.

Damaged Lady: The Return of Kara Something that Kara really needs to be commended for is the energy they bring to this MV. It would have been stale if not for the attitude of the members. They certainly carried the MV and brought it to life.

For a comeback after a year, this Kara release was rather flat. Nonetheless, there were still elements that workedtheir solo shots are a particular shiner in the MV. For those who expected Kara to come back in a style similar to their debut song, “Break It” due to the teaser pics, it is not. The MV gets 3.25/5.

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Gavy NJ to return with “Lady Killer” on “M! Countdown”!

Gavy NJ to return with “Lady Killer” on “M! Countdown”!

Gavy NJ to return with Lady Killer on M! Countdown!

Female trio Gavy NJs 6th album ‘Gavish‘ is built up with various parts, with part 1 recently being released by the group. It features the title song “Lady Killer”. This has been their latest release, after the single  “From a Tree Lined Street”.

The song shows off emotional yet beautiful vocals from the members through a very light and gentle melody.

Check out Gavy NJs  performance on ‘M! Countdown‘ below!


Kim Hee-seon to Return to TV After 6-Year Hiatus

Kim Hee-seon to Return to TV After 6-Year Hiatus

Kim Hee-seon to Return to TV After 6-Year Hiatus

Actress Kim Hee-seon is returning to TV after a six-year hiatus to star in the upcoming SBS drama "Faith", which is scheduled to be aired in mid-August. In the drama, Kim plays the role of a plastic surgeon who is abducted by a warrior, played by heartthrob Lee Min-ho, and taken back 700 years in time to his era.

The Chosun Ilbo interviewed Kim about her decision to return to TV and her future plans."Before I got married in 2007, I often found myself spending whole weeks in front of the cameras filming TV dramas and commercials, without even having enough time to properly study the roles I was playing", she recalled. "So there was a lot of criticism of my poor acting skills, and I decided to take a break. I wanted to seek out roles that I liked and take part in projects that I thought were more meaningful".She said that as her daughter was born in January 2009, she now has more time to focus on other things and get her career back on track."I found that I had more time to watch TV dramas by myself, after my husband went to work and my daughter went to kindergarten. And I suddenly got this feeling that I could succeed in those kinds of roles. Then I received a phone call from several agencies asking me if I wanted to appear in a drama, so the timing was perfect".On her future plans, she said, "I think I was too wrapped up in the glitz and glamour of being a celebrity before, but now I want to focus on becoming a more skilled actress". "I also used to be too preoccupied with worrying about what other people thought of me, so I refrained from expressing my true feelings. But now I want to show more of myself. I hope I can play some villainous characters, which I have yet to do".


Wonder Girls make their return to radio programs with “Jung Seon Hee’s A Night Like This”

Wonder Girls make their return to radio programs with “Jung Seon Hee’s A Night Like This”

Wonder Girls make their return to radio programs with Jung Seon Hees A Night Like This

Wonder Girls recently returned to the K-Pop scene with their brand new EP “Wonder Party, busily promoting their title track Like This. Aside from their hectic television schedules, the girls will also be appearing on various radio programs to promote their album.

The girls’ first stop is SBS’ radio program “Jung Seon Hees A Night Like This,” where they will discuss their American debut and the hardships of life outside their home turf. The girls will also be revealing their favorite songs of the moment.

Fans can expect an intimate atmosphere as the girls discuss personal stories and more,” said the PD of the radio show.

The girls’ appearance on Jung Seon Hees A Night Like This will air on the 12th.

Source and image: Naver


Oh My Lady And Lovers Accused Of Cultural Appropriation

Oh My Lady And Lovers Accused Of Cultural Appropriation

Oh My Lady And Enthusiasts defendant Of Cultural Appropriationvikimiki July 19, 2016 0 Oh My Girl And Fans Accused Of Cultural Appropriation If youve heard Oh My Ladiesfresh single, Windy Day, you might havespotted some South Asian musical parts to it. Some netizens are protesting the habit of Oh My Girl contributors and their fans all over the Windy Days promotions, accusing them of cultural appropriation. The complaintisn't limited to Oh My Girl and their fandom, as fellow girl staff FIESTAR has also been wear blast for referencing Indian culture when speaking about Windy Days.

While neither the dance nor styling for the Windy Day MV contained any notable Indian or South Asian elements, fans picked up at the musical influence, titling Oh My Girl as curry-dols and their dance as the Aladdin dance (despite the truth that Aladdin is a mythical figure in Center Eastern folklore).

Oh My Girl, picking up on the recognition of the Indian theme, noted that they found the name fitting. During a fan assembly on July 2, they covered a Norazo song called Curry. The problem? The song is a hodgepodge of offensive stereotypes. Whilst Oh My Ladies did away with the brownface as used in the fashioned MV, they kept lyrics corresponding to Its yellow, spicy, and even if IT doesnt smell nice, Taj Mahal, and Shanti shanti, yoga fire! I admire hot curry!

In every other video clip (which has since been removed), Oh My Girls Seunghee was purportedly shown to have imitated Indian other people moves in a funny way, and being edited to wear a faux turban. In some other defunct clip, YooA and Hyojung, after being asked to turn off some makeshift Indian choreography, performed the dance to wonderful cheers.

During a contemporarycommunicate show, FIESTAR professed their admiration for Oh My Girls Windy Day concept, also referencing the curry-dol title.

The result? Some netizens are requesting more cultural awareness, while others accept as true with it to be a non-issue.

Thanks to Vela for the tip!

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