'The Throne' draws in four million audience and continues to reign on best of box office

'The Throne' draws in four million audience and continues to reign on best of box office

The film "The Throne" was once reported to have drawn in 4 million viewers, achieving the head of the box office.

The movie also beat the time it took popular Korean film "Ode to my father" (25 days) to make it to 4 million viewers by capacity of 3 days. In step with the report, overall viewers have given the motion picture a good reaction thank you to the highly talented veteran actors performing in the film.

Despite the movie premiere rush season, "The Throne" continues to reign on top of the charts.

"The Throne", directed by Lee Joon Ik and starring top actors comparable to Song Kang Ho and Yoo Ah In, is a film about the lifestyles of Crown Prince Sado who became condemned to death by his own father.

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'Veteran' Draws 2.8 Million in 1st Week After Release

'Veteran' Draws 2.8 Million in 1st Week After Release

The crime flick "Veteran" has attracted some 2.8 million audience in only five days since its unencumber final Wednesday, hanging it not off course to change into every other summer box place of business hit.

That is even quicker than sales for director Ryoo Seung-wan"s final movie "The Berlin File" in 2013, which drew 2.25 million in the primary week. Its functionality also exceeded that of a few mega-hit films, which drew over 10 million audience -- "Ode to My Father" (2014) had 1.55 million viewers, "The Attorney" (2014) 1.75 million and "Haeundae" (2009) 1.99 million in their first weeks. "Veteran" carried out in particular smartly in the all-important first weekend after release, attracting 1.44 million people, smartly forward of "The Assassination", which was once released on July 23 and is most probably to change into the primary movie that draws more than 10 million audience this year.


Miss Granny Draws Audience of Over 5 Million

Miss Granny Draws Audience of Over 5 Million

“Miss Granny” Draws Audience of Over 5 Million Director Hwang Dong Hyuk’s “Miss Granny” will be the first Korean movie of 2014 to break through the 5 million audience barrier.

According to the Korean Film Council’s online movie ticket network, the total attendance for “Miss Granny” stood at 4.9 million as of February 7, only 18 days after being released on January 22. On February 7 itself, over 200,000 people caught the movie in theaters, meaning that it is highly likely that the movie will break the 5 million barrier on February 8.

“Miss Granny” is a comedy film about a 74-year-old granny, Oh Mal Soon (Na Moon Hee), who gets the chance to return to her twenty year old body. She changes her name to Oh Doo Ri (Shim Eun Kyung) and decides to make the most out of her youth.

“Miss Granny” is likely to dominate theaters in February, if theater-goers continue to show their support for the movie. The box-office success of “Miss Granny” brings to mind January 2013’s heartwarming comedy, “Miracle in Cell No. 7,” which attracted a total audience of 12.3 million.

The power to make audiences laugh and cry has been a tried and tested formula for box office success, as evidenced in “Miracle in Cell No. 7” and “Miss Granny.”

That the body transformation of a foul-mouthed grandmother back into her 20-something body will bring laughs is a given. Shim Eun Kyung’s portrayal of a young girl with an old soul has earned her rave reviews for her delightfully dry sense of humor. She also performed remakes of old songs, such as “If You Go to Los Angeles” with Rose Motel, as well as “White Butterfly” for the OST, with startling sensitivity beyond her age. The theme of sacrifice for the sake of one’s family is likely to make theater-goers slightly teary-eyed.

While “Miracle in Cell No. 7” brought in the laughs and tears, and not to forget the cute, with the father-daughter combination of Ryu Seung Ryong and Gal So Won, “Miss Granny” rests firmly upon the shoulders of Shim Eun Kyung. If “Miracle in Cell No. 7” earned considerable audience sympathy for the wrongful imprisonment of Ryu Seung Ryong’s mentally handicapped character, “Miss Granny” has won fans with its story about maternal sacrifice.

Both films have both received ardent support from the viewers in their 40s and 50s, which is a key factor in the box office success of “Miracle in Cell No. 7” and “Miss Granny.” The release of “Miss Granny” just before the Lunar New Year holidays certainly helped pull this group of viewers in.

However, “Miss Granny” still has a long way to go. While both films broke the 5 million audience barrier, we will have to keep an eye on this one to see how far it will go. Besides “The Laws of Pleasure,” which hit theaters on January 13 and has a slightly younger audience, “Miss Granny” does not face any major challengers.

“Miss Granny” is currently standing side by side with animated movie “Frozen,” and this has also helped to attract viewers who are looking for something different. It’ll be interesting to see how “Miss Granny” fares, and February will certainly be an important month for the movie.

“Miss Granny” is currently screening in several cities in the US. Check out Soompi’s review of “Miss Granny” here (spoiler alert)!


New movie “The Thieves” breaks audience record with amazing statistics: over 5 million viewers in 10 days

New movie “The Thieves” breaks audience record with amazing statistics: over 5 million viewers in 10 days

‘The Thieves’ breaks record, bringing in over 5 million viewers in 10 days

A South Korean box office hit continued breaking records with over 5 million viewers in 10 days of its release, official statistics showed Sunday.

Director Choi Dong Hun‘s successful new movie The Thieves, featuring 10 Korean and Chinese thieves teaming up to steal a valuable diamond necklace at a Macao casino, drew 5.5 million viewers in the first 10 days, data from the Korean Film Council showed.

Released on July 25th, the movie reached 5,571,750 viewers in just 10 days, and beating ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘s record, released in Korea a week earlier, by 350,000 viewers. ‘The Thieves’ has broken a national record of gaining over 5,400,000 viewers in a short period of time.

The movie has also broken the records of extremely successful movies in past years like ‘The Host‘ (5,140,000 viewers in 10 days) and ‘Transformers 3‘ (5,200,000 viewers in 11 days), as well as ‘D-War‘ (5,300,000 viewers in 12 days) and ‘Haeundae‘ (5,100,000 in 13 days).

As mentioned earlier, ‘The Thieves’ takes place in a Macau casino, where 10 skilled thieves from Korea and China work together to steal the famous diamond, the ‘Teardrop of the Sun’. The movie features a thrilling plot and exciting action scenes, as well as great actors who fill the roles of each unique character extremely well.

Have you watched this amazing movie yet?

Source + Image: Star Today via Nate


Kim Soo Hyun,

Kim Soo Hyun, "If 'Thieves' Gets More Than 10 Million Sales, I'll Watch the Movie Carrying the Audience on My Back"

Kim Soo Hyun, Thieves

kim soo hyunActor Kim Soo Hyun made a promise while advertising for the movie 'Thieves'.

On the 24th, at the red carpet event for the opning of movie 'Thieves', held in Seoul, Kim Soo Hyun promised that he will watch the movie with the audience if the movie gets more than 10 million ticket sales.

When MC Kim Bum Ryong asked him for a declaration, Kim Soo Hyun looked shocked, saying, "If the movie gets more than 10 million sales...", not being able to finish his sentence.

At this, Kim Yoon Suk said, "He says he will carry Jun Ji Hyun on his back and march around the country" as a joke.

Kim Soo Hyun then said "If it reaches 10 million sales, I'll carry the 10,000,000th audience member on my back and watch the movie."

He continued, "'Thieves' generally has the feeling of selfish and realistic group of people, but my character was at least the most romantic of them all."

Photo Credits: Star News


'The Wailing' Tops Box Place of business with Over five Million Audience in May

'The Wailing' Tops Box Place of business with Over five Million Audience in May

"The Wailing", directed via Na Hong-jin, attracted some 5.82 million moviegoers remaining month to most sensible the local box office, in line with the Korea Movie Council on Wednesday.

Domestic videos drew a overall of 8.35 million spectators in May, the 2nd onehighest month up to now this year, and the thriller, which used to be released on Would possibly 12, accounted for some 70 % of the number.

But overall, foreign films took up 53.6 percent of the box place of workbecause ofdeficientfunctionalityof different Korean films.

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BIGBANG draws  just about 1 million fanatics in fresh “MADE” excursion in Japan

BIGBANG draws just about 1 million fanatics in fresh “MADE” excursion in Japan

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAs their MADE concert excursion nears its end, BIGBANG is printed to have mobilized nearly a million enthusiasts in their Dome tour in Japan. 

On February 25th, BIGBANG wrapped their Eastern tour in luck after appearing their closing two presentations on February 23rd and 24th.

As their tour in Japan comes to an finish having a overall of six performances at Tokyo Dome, BIGBANG controlledto drawjust about a million fans (911,000). Furthermore, BIGBANG turned intoone of the crucial first foreign artists to hang a Dome tour for 3 years in a row, reflecting their robust fan base in the country.

Meanwhile, since kickstarting their tour in South Korea in April last year and travelingaround the globe, BIGBANG will hang their encore concert on March 4-6.

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Vogue Draws More Attention To CL Following The giant apple  Model Week Appearance

Vogue Draws More Attention To CL Following The giant apple Model Week Appearance

2NE1 CL and Alexander Wang(Photo : CL Instagram)Over the weekend, 2NE1 leader CL (Lee Chaerin) used to be featured through Vogue.com as a "breakout good looks star" after a front-row appearance at New yorkStyle Week.

CL become spotted at the Alexander Wang Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear show, and the trend arbiters at Vogue.com gushed at her trendyglance which consisted of a black grometted jacket and ribbed halter top.

Taking in combination her ensemble and makeup, CL "was the image of iciness cool," wrote Vogue's Mackenzie Wagoner in the feature.

"Her porcelain complexion struck a stark contrast to her clothes, an effect additional emphasized by her white-gray dye job, deep oxblood lipstick, and shiny brown eyeshadow carried out alongside a black flick of liquid liner," Wagoner added.

CL also shared a photo which displays her having an affectionate moment with Alexander Wang, with the latter giving the idol a kiss at the cheek.

CL's front-row appearance was expected for the explanation that she could also becollaborating in the Alexander Wang crusade next month for the haute couture designer's Spring/Summer 2016 collection. She joins the likes of yankee artist-producer Travis Scott and male version Diego Villareal as a section of the WangSquad that seem like serving as ambassadors for the approaching collection.

Last week, CL also attended the Saint Laurent fashion display in Los Angeles, the handiest real Korean superstar to do so, and back proving that her expandingimpact every bit a fashionista icon.

Did you favor CL's outfit at the Alexander Wang prove at NY Fashion Week?

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Korean film of the week "Fashion King - Movie"

Korean film of the week "Fashion King - Movie" (2014)Directed through Oh Ki-hwanWith Joo Won, Choi Seol-ri, Ahn Jae-hyeon, Park Se-yeong, Kim Seong-oh, Lee Il-hwa,...SynopsisBased on a web-toon, a boy comes to a decision to change into the coolest guy around college to get the eye of the prettiest lady in his classroom.Release date in Korea : 2014/11/06

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