Kim Min-hee 'Dating Married Director Hong Sang-soo'

Kim Min-hee 'Dating Married Director Hong Sang-soo'

Hong Sang-soo (left) and Kim Min-hee

Actress Kim Min-hee is seeing director Hong Sang-soo, who is more than twenty years her senior and has left his wife and daughter for her, reports say. Kim (34) and Hong (56) met whilst filming "Right Now, Wrong Then" closing year and Hong left his circle of relatives nine months ago.

They are either in the U.S. and featurenow not commented at the reports.

Hong's directorial debut was once the 1996 movie, "When the Pig Fell into the Well", and he has made 17 videos so far. "In Any other Country" competed at the Cannes Movie Festival in 2012, while "Right Now, Wrong Then" won the grand prize at the Locarno Global Film Festival last year. He could also be a professor of cinematography at Kunkuk University. Kim, who debuted in an adolescent soap in 1999, starred in different movies, adding the lead in Park Chan-wook's newest film "The Handmaiden".Hong's wife has told a mag that she can not divorce him and shouldstay up for him to return.

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Director Hong Sang-soo Resurfaces After Scandal

Director Hong Sang-soo Resurfaces After Scandal

Director Hong Sang-soo speaks at the Marseille GlobalMovie Festival on Tuesday in this image from the festival's Facebook page.

Director Hong Sang-soo resurfaced for the primary time since his grand hobby for actress Kim Min-hee was public. Hong (56) attended the Marseille Foreign Film Festival in France on Tuesday where he won an honorary grand prize. The festival is keeping a retrospective of 17 of Hong's moviestill next Monday.

The director's whereabouts had been a mystery since his extramarital affair with the actress, who is over two decades his junior, was oncepublishedfinal month. It isn't known whether Kim accompanied him to the festival. The couple met whilst filming "Right Now, Wrong Then" last year and Hong left his wife and youngsters nine months ago. They are it appears staying in the U.S. and featurenow not commented at the reports.

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Kim Min Hee And Hong Sang Soo Allegedly Married In United States In Superstar Cheating Scandal

Kim Min Hee And Hong Sang Soo Allegedly Married In United States In Superstar Cheating Scandal

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Finally the scandalous speculations, a file has claimed that actress Kim Min Hee married director Hong Sang Soo in the United States. 

On July 4th, it used to be reported that Kim Min Hee secretly wed the director in Utah, United States in spite of yet being married to his existing wife. In line with an insider, the reported couple are still staying in the U.S.and should remain their till his domestic dispute in South Korea is settled.

The couple continues to bein the midst of a controversy after alleged reports in their thing were reported to the public. Speculations of their affair started to spread hastilyvia the finish of 2015, yetturned into never picked up recently.

Reports first of all claimed that the director let his circle of relatives for Kim Min Hee, even cutting off monetarystrengthen for his daughter. Kim Min Hee, at the other hand, has been struggling with the outrage brought by the scandal and is related to have stayed out of the limelight ever since.

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Kim Min-hee and Hong Sang-soo were given married in US

Kim Min-hee and Hong Sang-soo were given married in US

On July 4th, a media has reported in keeping withresources in movie industry that Actress Kim Min-hee and picture director Hong Sang-soo are staying in US lately and they had a secret wedding in Utah.

However, either one of them had been keeping silence about the entire reports on their relationship. Kim Min-hee and Hong Sang-soo are currently staying in US.

Hong Sang-soo reportedly will attend Hong Sang-soo Retrospective, which can be held from July 12 to 18th all through the Marseille World Film Festival in France.

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Who has Kim Min-hee dated sooner than director Hong Sang-soo

Who has Kim Min-hee dated sooner than director Hong Sang-soo

The entertainment industry is running wild because of rumors referring to Kim Min-hee and Hong Sang-soo's affair. If this rumor is true, what has Hong Sang-soo done to thieve Kim Min-hee's heart, who is 22 years his junior.

Kim Min-hee's debuted during the KBS adolescence drama, 'School 2', 1999. Ahead of her debut as an actress, she worked as a model, gracing the covers of many famend magazines which etched her call onto the list of famous person trendsetters for girls everywhere.

Kim Min-hee's deficient performances as an actress had created much controversy. However, she solidified her stance as a major actress currentlythrutough work. Reviews just about her romantic life, in addition her work, have at all times been a well-likedsubject in the entertainment industry.

"I'm liberal when I date. I amfair alongside my emotions. I do now notattempt to hide them" stated Kim Min-hee all overthe clickingconvention for film 'Very Routine Couple', 2013.

Kim Min-hee has dated many noted stars publicly. Actor Lee Jeong-jae used to be her first public megastar relationship. Afterwards, Kim Min-hee showed her dating with Lee Jeong-jae in 2004. The 2 made public appearances together, exhibiting affection in opposition to one every other in public. At the time, Lee Jeong-jae turned into already a celebwhilst Kim Min-hee was simplyconsidered a popular teens star.

After dating for 3 years, they broke up. Kim Min-hee began dating fashion Lee Soo-hyeok in 2008. Lee Soo-hyeok is oftennoticed in dramas today, yet at the time Lee Soo-hyeok was nearly a anonymous actor. However, their dating drew much attention regardless of the prestige of Lee Soo-hyeok for the duration of the time. The couple's taste was spread by way of famous online fashion publications, solidifying the couple's popularity every bit industry fashion icons.

Her 3rd boyfriend, after she ended the two year relationship with Lee Soo-hyeok, was Jo In-Seong. Due to the circulating rumors concerning Jo In-Seong and Song Hye-kyo's relationship, who co-starred in 'That Winter, the Wind Blows', 2013, the confirmation of Kim Min-hee and Jo In-Seong's relationship was a hot issue. However, Kim Min-hee ended the only year and six month relationship in 2014.

And then some other year passed. Consistent with the file that got here out, she met Hong Sang-soo in the midst of 2015. Kim Min-hee has dated the largest stars in every industry at the peakin their respective careers. It's milessecureto mention Hong Sang-soo is also the maximum prominent movie director in fashionable Korean cinema.

Kim Min-hee once discussed that it was such a lotamusing when she filmed the primary take of Hong Sang-soo's "Right Now, Wrong Then". Later, she stated several times how thankful she was for Hong Sang-soo's considerateattention while filming. While Kim Min-hee has prior to now been dating publicly and comfortably, this time things won'tspread so pleasantly.

Hong Sang-soo is a married man! Hong Sang-soo's wife expressed her presentfeelings in a up to date interview with an entertainment news company. While his wife was facing the tough fourth dimension due to the rumors about the affair, Kim Min-hee and Hong Sang-soo were filming a new motion picture in February in Gangneung, Gangwon-do. Neither Kim Min-hee nor Hong Sang-soo have commented at the status of their relationship or the comments of Hong Sang-soo's wife. We are looking forward to an reputableremark from either the actress and/or the director.

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Actress Kim Min Hee And Director Hong Sang Soo Reportedly Having An Affair

Actress Kim Min Hee And Director Hong Sang Soo Reportedly Having An Affair

Actress Kim Min Hee And Director Hong Sang Soo Reportedly Having An Affairkokoberry June 20, 2016 0 Actress Kim Min Hee And Director Hong Sang Soo Reportedly Having An Affair In step with an exclusive recordby capacity ofTelevision Report, actress Kim Min Hee and director Hong Sang Soo are concerned with an affair.

The pair met whilstrunningat themovieAppropriate Now, Wrong Then which used to be released in 2015. Apparently, the affair began after assemblythroughout the film.

Director Hong Sang Soo has been married since 1985. He also has a daughter who is a college student.

The report claims that Hong Sang Soo left his circle of relatives and instructed his wife and daughter about his dating alongside Kim Min Hee ultimate September.

The pair filmed a new film concluding February as well. It seems equallyalthough their relationship is well knownamong film industry insiders.

TV Report also claims that Kim Min Hees oldsters are acutely mindful of their affair as well. They acknowledged Kim Min Hees mom witnessed an argument between Kim Min Hee and Hong Sang Soos wife.

Furthermore, the report alleges that Kim Min Hees firmturned intofamiliar with their affair last October and made up our mindsopposed to renewing a freelance with her. Thus, Kim Min Hee is recentlyoperating with her own manager and without an agency.

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Yura jokes about Hong Jong Hyun and Nana

Yura jokes about Hong Jong Hyun and Nana"s dating rumor on "We Got Married"

In a recent recording of MBC"s "We Got Married," Girl"s Day"s Yura proved her lighthearted as well as mischievous side by teasing Hong Jong Hyun regarding his recent dating scandal with Nana. Hong Jong Hyun was, in turn, be walking on eggshells during the filming.

At the time of the recording, Yura was prepared to listen to him talk about it and he apologized for giving her a hard time. She held up the antenna of an RC car and joked, "You need to be beaten."

However, she was clearly having fun by refusing to let it go completely, making her husband laugh by mentioning Nana wittily in statements like, "I don"t think I could eat a baNana," and "I think I"m going to start disliking "Teletubbies,"" as the show"s character named Lala is called Nana in Korean.

In the end, he said, "This is why they say when you get married, don"t give them room to find fault with you."

This upcoming "We Got Married" episode will also feature Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim"s first meeting since her dating scandal. Looks like there"ll be some interesting dynamics, so make sure you watch on Valentine"s Day, February 14!


[We Got Married] Yura Changed Engagement Ring Because Of Hong Jong Hyun's Dating Rumors

[We Got Married] Yura Changed Engagement Ring Because Of Hong Jong Hyun's Dating Rumors

Hong Jong Hyun finds out Yura changed her couple ring on the upcoming episode of

The preview for the upcoming episode of MBC's "We Got Married" revealed that Girls'Day's Yura changed her engagement ring.

According to MBC on the 23rd, during the filming for the upcoming episode, Yura was sitting and talking when Hong Jong Hyun noticed that the ring she was wearing was not their original couple ring. Surprised by his observation, Yura asked, "How did you know?" Seeing her flustered reaction, Hong Jong Hyun pretended to be mad by joking scolding her, "Then it"s not a couple ring anymore."

Yura explained, "The design on the original couple ring was sharp and hurt my finger, so I had no choice but to change it to one that looks similar."

Now that the dating rumors between Hong Jong Hyun and After School"s Nana have been denied, shippers can watch their favorite WGM couple in peace this Saturday at 5 PM KST!


Kim Min-hee Becomes New Korean Beauty Muse For Director Hong Sang-soo

Kim Min-hee Becomes New Korean Beauty Muse For Director Hong Sang-soo

Actress Kim Min-hee is building her filmography with other great directors.

According to the film industry lately, Kim Min-hee has been cast for Hong Sang-soo's newest film. They start filming in January and the title or details of the movie are still hidden.

However, the fact that Kim Min-hee is working with the unique Hong Sang-soo, is enough to raise expectations on the movie. It's not easy to picture those two together.

Previously, Kim Min-hee was cast for Park Chan-wook's "Fingersmith". This film starts filming in May, after she's done with Hong Sang-soo.

Kim Min-hee has become the muse of two of the greatest renowned directors in the country. "Fingersmith" is based on an original novel by Sarah Waters, an English writer. Kim Min-hee plays a royal lady who is given a mass amount of family wealth. Hong Sang-soo"s method of directing is known to be mysterious and spontaneous and Kim Min-hee is brave to have agreed to that.

Meanwhile, Kim Min-hee has been recognized for her performance in "Helpless" and continued to appear in "Very Ordinary Couple" and "No Tears for the Dead".

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Hong Jin Young: “I Absolutely Won’t Be In Any Dating Rumors With Anybody Else Aside from Nam Goong Min While On ‘We Got Married’”

Hong Jin Young: “I Absolutely Won’t Be In Any Dating Rumors With Anybody Else Aside from Nam Goong Min While On ‘We Got Married’”

In an exclusive interview with TV Report published on November 9, actress Hong Jin Young talked about being one of the trending celebrities on television as of the moment. One of the most unavoidable questions that were thrown to the actress is about her appearance on the reality show We Got Married wherein she is married to actor Nam Goong Min.

Hes really good in acting and hes really cool, said Hong Jin Young when asked how Nam Goong Min is in real life. There isnt a time when hes not cool. Ill be lying if I say that there wasnt a time that I got excited by him while filming, added Hong Jin Young.

Hong Jin Young also answered a question regarding the possibility of being linked with a different man. I can definitely say that theres no reason for (viewers) to get worried about that. I will absolutely not be in any dating scandal with another person while Im in We Got Married. Its also been a while since my last relationship. My last relationship was about last year, around summer to autumn, said Hong Jin Young.

Hong Jin Young also talked about the other couples in the show.

The three couples all have different feel to them, I think its fun. I think that its good that not only one but all the couples are interesting. I see that Hong Jong Hyun and Yura have become so much closer. Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun really look like a newly-married couple. As for us, were like a married couple in our second year, so theres that kind of excitement, said Hong Jin Young on their differences as couples in the show.  Watch We Got Married on SoompiTV!