Kim Min Hee Is Fined Via Cosmetics Corporate Following Scandal

Kim Min Hee Is Fined Via Cosmetics Corporate Following Scandal

Kim Min Hee Is Fined By way of Cosmetics Corporate Following Scandalehk38 August 1, 2016 0 Kim Min Hee Is Fined By Cosmetics Agency Following Scandal Actress Kim Min Hee has been fined by a cosmetics corporation in mild of her scandal with director Hong Sang Soo.

Cosmetics company A signed Kim Min Hee as a spokesmodel final year, yet approximately six months into the one-year contract, news broke of Kim Min Hees affair with Hong Sang Soo.

The cosmetics company has demanded that Kim Min Hee pay a penalty for breach of contract, since the corporatewas oncenot able to free up its ads featuring Kim Min Hee out of outrage for the companys image. A is looking Kim Min Hee to compensate the company for damages led to by the promoting setback.

We are discussing the penalty rate alongside Kim Min Hees aspectappropriate now, A reveals, denying reports that Kim Min Hee has already paid the fee.

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Stock Trading Scandal: Jung Yong Hwa Blameless  Yet Lee Jong Hyun Fined

Stock Trading Scandal: Jung Yong Hwa Blameless Yet Lee Jong Hyun Fined

AT LEAST This situation ENDED In short AND ALL'S WELL.

CNBLUEleaderJung Yong Hwa, who was oncelatelybelow investigation for unlawful insider trading, has been discharged of all charges. His bandmate,Lee Jong Hyun, becamealternatively slapped with a fine of 20 million won ($17,300) for a similar offence.

On June 29, prosecutorssaid thatJung Yong Hwa was being investigated for allegedly profiteering two hundred million won ($171,600) from insider trading. He was stated to have bought 21,000 FNC stocks after he learnt that the corporate was seeking tosignal contract with most sensible comedianYoo Jae-sukon July 2015. After signing the deal on 16 July 2015, the inventoryworthinstantly surged from 20,800 won to 27,000 won.

AdvertisementThe investigation concluded that the stocks were no longerpurchased afterward the discussion to sign Yoo Jae-suk began. Furthermore, Jung Yong Hwa was now notconscious about the deal as it was kept under wrapped. It was also disclosed that Jung Yong Hwa has entrusted his price range to his mother, and the stocks were in realitysoldvia her. He had no wisdom close to the purchase. He handiest sold one of the crucial stocks, when Yoo Jae-suk was effectively signed with FNC Entertainment.

However, CNBLUE's Lee Jong Hyungot wind ofthe knowledge from an acquaintance that his firm would be signing a height celebrity. Without verifying the facts, he went forwardto buy the FNC stocks. Later, when he learned his action would motiveattainablefelony issues, he held directly to the stocks as an alternativeof promoting them. The prosecution determined that he has deeply regretted his actions, and penalized him with a fine only.

This article is contributed by HelloKpop and would notconstitute the perspectives or critiques of KpopStarz.

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Ailee's Ex-Boyfriend Daniel Lee And His Process At Allkpop Parent Corporate  Disregarded Of Radiolab Podcast On Her 2013 Nude Photo Scandal

Ailee's Ex-Boyfriend Daniel Lee And His Process At Allkpop Parent Corporate Disregarded Of Radiolab Podcast On Her 2013 Nude Photo Scandal

K-Pop Crossover: NBC News Highlights Korean-American Artists Like Teddy Park And Ailee(Photo : Facebook)6Theory Media Vice President of Content Eun Duk “Daniel” Lee become not stated in the Radiolab report Radiolab co-hosts Jad Abumrad (right) and Robert Krulwich(Photo : courtesy of Radiolab's authentic Facebook page)It was the tale that shook Hallyu culture down to its foundations.

Back in 2013, 6Theory Media Vice President of Content Eun Duk "Daniel" Lee, the ex-boyfriend of K-pop star Ailee, reportedly attempted to sell nude footage of the vocalist to the South Korean tabloid Dispatch. When the photographsseemedin a while thereafter at the Korean entertainment news web page allkpop, enthusiasts were furious.

"It was our Watergate," Soompi editor AJ Park told the nationally broadcast WNYC program Radiolab, in a work released on Wednesday. "It was our K-popgate. It replaced everything."

But it was the revelation that Lee's corporate 6Theory Media owns allkpop that truly threw gas on the flame for lots of fans.

Though any connection with Ailee's ex throughcall or his connection to allkpop was conspicuously omitted of the Radiolab report, which testedthe hotupward thrust of paparazzi in Korea. The importance of the liked radio display and podcast, respected for it is in-depth and outside-the-box reporting, omitting such severemain points wasn't lost on Beyond Hallyu editor Lizzie Parker.

In a seething op-ed published on the UK-based K-pop-themed site on Wednesday, Paker, who declined to be interviewed for this article, laid into Radiolab for presenting an incomplete view of the story.

"It's bizarre that this podcast never mentioned that he was Ailee's ex-boyfriend," Parker wrote. "It's weird that they never mentioned that he admitted to looking to sell Dispatch the photos (even if he says he didn't leak them to allkpop)."

Though Lee gave the affect to admit in an on-air telephone outcry to the Seoul Broadcasting Gadget programme "One Evening of Television Entertainment" that he did if fact exist told inquire about promoting the nude photos to Dispatch, he claimed he was the truth iswanting to lend a hand Ailee she was allegedly tricked into posing nude for what she was told was a modeling audition.

"Because we had a tip from other folks alongside that more or lessfunction to sell Ailee's nude photos to the tabloid in mind, I just trulysought afterto peer if it was conceivable and I innocently asked. I had no other intention," Lee acknowledged in the 2013 interview.

The allkpop executive maintains he didn'tsupply his employers with the disclosing images.

"A false impressiontook place and I may bein a position tobestmake an apology more or less it," Lee said. "But what I would like to say is that I did not leak the photos."

For an allkpop reader commenting in a 2013 forum on the web contentbeneath the name Krevice, Lee's admission provoked more questions than answers.

"I too wonder about...this newest news that Daniel Lee made that phone call to Dispatch News, faking an be offering of the Ailee nude pics for money," Krevice wrote in a forum post on the website from quickly subsequently the incident.

"I wonder whetherany individualrunning at allkpop knew that Daniel Lee was going to make that phone call? Were there any discussions between allkpop staffas to if this was an okconceptahead of Daniel Lee doing that?"

The user has since been banned from commenting on the allkpop website, but the questions Krevice raised did obtain a reaction from a commenter named Ace, claiming to be a former allkpop moderator.

"From what I been told by ex-allkpop team of workers is that allkpop has not lied referring to being the leaker," Ace wrote. "They also have evidence for all in their claims. It was a dumb go by Daniel though to check the evidence out. However, all and sundry makes mistakes."

Following the incident, 6Theory rushed to factor a remarksaying Lee's innocence, putting forward that it whomever posted the X-rated pictureswerethe use of a Canadian IP cope with and that Ailee's checklist label YMC Entertainment was unfairly jumping to conclusions when they accused the site of misconduct.

"For complete disclosure, our employee, Daniel Lee did date Ailee in the past, however he did not post the photos in question," the statement read. "Not knowing whom the real culprit was, YMC grew to become the blame to the perfect target.

According to the court of public opinion though, it wasn't adequate according to the Radiolab piece, entitled "K-poparazzi."

"Really, their recognition merely tanks. It was a caution to them from K-pop fans 'don't mess with us.'" Park said in the podcast, concerning allkpop's backlash for publishing the nude photos of Ailee. "I mean I have not really followed them in a while, but they haven't recovered since then."

For Beyond Hallyu's editor, the irony of having Park remark on the legitimacy of her biggest competitor as a US-based Korean entertainment site that generated the Radiolab report's biggest credibility gap.

"The maximumfantastic moment was when a substantialbite of the tale about the backlash opposed to allkpop was told by the editor of Soompi, as though she had no stake in sharing the story of the site's intended downfall," Parker wrote.

"And the most frustrating phase is it isn't true. Up to 1 hate to mention it, allkpop has most commonly recovered."

Allkpop is lately the fourth result that looks in a Google seek of the term "kpop."

Radiolab's manufacturers and allkpop's editorial body of workersmay not straight away be reached for comment.

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Spoiler 'Wanted' Undue corporate intervention threats the show

Spoiler 'Wanted' Undue corporate intervention threats the show

The episode 12 of SBS Wednesday Thursday drama, "Wanted", Jeong Hye-in faced the intervention by capability of SG Group.

On this day, Jeong Hye-in worked one after the otherclear of Oh Mi-ok (Kim Seon-yeong-III) and Lee Ji-eun (Sim Eun-woo). Jeong Hye-in went to the garage where the articles left by Lee Ji-eun's deceased father. She discovered a video tape with note announcing 'If anythingoccurs to me, send this to newspaper firms or broadcasting companies'.

Received the order from Ham Tae-seop (Park Ho-san), who wanted put the televisiondisplaybeneath his control, SG Staffattorney Kim Sang-ho sent a message to the production team: "You don't appear to be allowed to turnthe foremostpersonality of the challenge in the program". The lawyer also notified Jeong Hye-in, "You mustpost the script to the control in advance. Chorus yourself from creating a random action from now on".

Jeong Hye-in asked the lawyer back, "Then, the chanceto discover Hyeon-woo gets bigger?" and "It's demanding to trust the request. You care for your own business".

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Fans Explicit  Combined  Reviews After SM’s Announcement Of Corporate  Holiday To Hawaii

Fans Explicit Combined Reviews After SM’s Announcement Of Corporate Holiday To Hawaii

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSM Entertainment recently announced that they would be foregoing this years upcoming Idol Atheltic Championships and would be taking a corporationgo back and forth to Hawaii instead. 

Although enthusiastshad funin the beginning at the possibility of teams such as Girls GenerationEXOSHINee, and Red Velvet avoiding injuries that experience plagued the IAC all through the years, the partyin the endwas concern. Fans ultimatelylearned that with such so much ofgorgeous idols spending quality time in combination in the romantic beaches of Hawaii, the possibilities of one or two idol couples emerging from the holiday are reasonably likely, causing many fans to worry the emergence of dating scandals.

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Boom To Open Up About His Beyond Scandal On Communicate Show

Boom To Open Up About His Beyond Scandal On Communicate Show

Boom To Open Up About His Beyond Scandal On CommunicateDisplay boxclub July 25, 2016 0 Boom To Open Up About His Past Scandal On Talk Show Comic Boom will soon be making an appearance on a talk show for the primary fourth dimension in 3 years since his unlawful gambling scandal in 2013.

According to an industry representative on July 25, Boom filmed an episode for MBC every1’s “Video Star.” Despite the truth that he has seemed on Television since his indictment for illegal online gambling, this marks the 1st time that he has seemed on a talk show. He is expounded to have in moderation and truthfully talked about his time clear of the spotlight.

“Video Star” is referred to asthe feminineedition of the debate show “Radio Star” and comprisesfeminine MCs like Park So Hyun, Kim Sook, Park Na Rae, and Cao Lu. It airs each Tuesday nights at 8:30 p.m. KST.

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Yoo Jae Suk Teases Kwanghee About The Loss of  Hobby In His Faux Scandal

Yoo Jae Suk Teases Kwanghee About The Loss of Hobby In His Faux Scandal

Yoo Jae Suk Teases Kwanghee About The Loss ofHobby In His Faux Scandalleonid July 23, 2016 0 Yoo Jae Suk Teases Kwanghee About The Lack Of Interest In His Fake Scandal Yoo Jae Suk jokes about Kwanghee and his fake scandal on MBCs Infinite Challenge.

The forged continues their Relay Toon series, where a member groups up with a webtoon artist to make their own comic, and the following team selections up where their tale left. The July 23 episode of the displaycapabilities the team of Kwanghee and artist Yoon Tae Ho.

Before revealing the maximum recent webtoon, Yoo Jae Suk mentions Kwanghees fake scandal from the former episode, where the individuals trick Kwanghee into confessing he was once the Infinite Concern member allegedly spotted with a lady in his automobile in Apgujeong.

Yoo Jae Suk says, Infinite Mission and its audience have a close relationship, yetnobody gave a unmarried bit of interest in opposition to Kwanghees scandal.

Haha chimes in, It didnt change intoa topic matter at all.

Yoo Jae Suk continues, Whats scarier is that his firm moved brieflyto disclaim it, but no one mentioned the scandal, cracking up all of the members.

Watch them continue their Relay Toon series at the episode below!

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Hong Sang-soo's scandal, Kim Min-hee returns on my own  at the 17th

Hong Sang-soo's scandal, Kim Min-hee returns on my own at the 17th

Actress Kim Min-hee who is in a scandal with film director Hong Sang-soo, it sounds as if retruend to Korea at the 17th through herself.

According to a report, Kim Min-hee was once in The us since correctahead of the scandal broke out and turned into unheard of for almost a month. On the 16th of July, she boarded a aircraft from Frankfurt, Germany and arrived in Korea on the 17th morning. She left the airport in a hurry with a tenderguy who got here to greet her. Director Hong is in France for a film festival that was hung on the 12th of 18th yet he wasn't with her.

It is speculated that Kim Min-hee was with Hong Sang-soo in France because she boarded her flight from Frankfurt, Germany which is close.

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Poll Of Korean Entertainment Corporate  Workers  Unearths  Maximum  Loved Executives In Industry

Poll Of Korean Entertainment Corporate Workers Unearths Maximum Loved Executives In Industry

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter A contemporaryballot among entertainment industry staffthese days named Kang Ho Dong and J.Y. Park as two of the kindest corporate executives in Korea. Although many industry leaders had been criticized for being grasping and selfish, there have also been many that takewoncompliment from their staff for being working out and having warm hearts. As smartly as Kang Ho Dong and J.Y. Park, other industry leaders such as Park Myung Soo and Jay Park were also a collection of thebest eight of the most valuable and cherishedguests executives as voted through employees. The whole list can be discovered below:

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Director Hong Sang-soo Resurfaces After Scandal

Director Hong Sang-soo Resurfaces After Scandal

Director Hong Sang-soo speaks at the Marseille GlobalMovie Festival on Tuesday in this image from the festival's Facebook page.

Director Hong Sang-soo resurfaced for the primary time since his grand hobby for actress Kim Min-hee was public. Hong (56) attended the Marseille Foreign Film Festival in France on Tuesday where he won an honorary grand prize. The festival is keeping a retrospective of 17 of Hong's moviestill next Monday.

The director's whereabouts had been a mystery since his extramarital affair with the actress, who is over two decades his junior, was oncepublishedfinal month. It isn't known whether Kim accompanied him to the festival. The couple met whilst filming "Right Now, Wrong Then" last year and Hong left his wife and youngsters nine months ago. They are it appears staying in the U.S. and featurenow not commented at the reports.

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