Kim Min Suk Opens Up About Contemporary  Certain  Reaction To His Performing on “Doctors”

Kim Min Suk Opens Up About Contemporary Certain Reaction To His Performing on “Doctors”

Kim Min Suk Opens Up About ContemporaryCertainReaction To His Performing on Doctorsehk38 August 12, 2016 0 Kim Min Suk Opens Up About Recent Positive Response To His Acting On Doctors Actor Kim Min Suk, who these days plays neurosurgery resident Choi Kang Soo on SBS Monday-Tuesday drama Doctors, recently spread out about the positive experiences he has been receiving for his portrayal of his character, especially in episode 16 which aired on August 9.

I in truth dont get a just right sense of the positive response because we are still filming, and I havent concept about it. First and foremost, all I did was once let the feelings lead me as I practice the script that our creator wrote so well, and Im trulyhappy to listenthat folk have won IT positively, Kim Min Suk says.

I feel a feeling of duty to pluck up and paintingsnot easyso asto turn you even larger acting, he says.

Kim Min Suk also talks about the dramas tight filming schedule. I spend more time on set than at home, the actor reveals. I used to be tired the entire way up till the drama ended, yet my time table is not anythingin comparison to Kim Rae Won hyung and Park Shin Hyes. Because your completebody of workersis operating then hard, I'mtramping away difficult in filming.

You can see Kim Min Suks impressive acting in the maximum recent episode of Doctors on Viki below!

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Cha Tae Hyun Opens Up About How Reaction To “My Sassy Lady 2” Has Affected His Self-Esteem

Cha Tae Hyun Opens Up About How Reaction To “My Sassy Lady 2” Has Affected His Self-Esteem

Cha Tae Hyun Opens Up About How Reaction To My Sassy Lady ii Has Affected His Vanity JiwonYu June 27, 2016 0 Cha Tae Hyun Opens Up About How Reaction To My Sassy Girl 2 Has Affected His Self-Esteem Actor Cha Tae Hyun has talked about how the reception of his contemporaryfilm My Sassy Girl 2 has affected his pride.

On the June 26 broadcast of 2 Days 1 Night, Cha Tae Hyun gets a possibilityto speak in front of scholars in Ehwa Womens University.

When he asks the scholars what theyre lately worried about, one student says that shes having problem with low self-esteem.

Then Cha Tae Hyun says, As some of you'll be able to know, my recent motion picturecarried out really badly and my pride has hit rock-bottom appropriate now.

When the coed apologizes, he assures her, You dont wish to feel sorry for me. Im okay, and laughs. He tells the student, I believe its an inevitable thing to enjoy failure. We just mustbear it in life. Dont feel too troubled.

He continues, The topic of todays lecture is, Reside like ____ ____. I hope the scholars here will put their own names in the blanks. Just live like yourself. Thats the maximum productive way.

Watch the entire episode of 2 Days 1 Evening below!

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Red Velvets Joy Opens Up About Her Worries Since Performing on WGM

Red Velvets Joy Opens Up About Her Worries Since Performing on WGM

--> Red Velvet′s Joy expressed her considerations since acting on We were given Married.

BTOB′s Yook Sung Jae and Joy met up with Large Junior′s Kangin and f(x)′s Amber all the style through a contemporary recording of MBC′s We Got Married. Kangin, who has been keeping up with the couple′s now one hundred days of married life, brought up the kiss that fell through, saying, "It made Joy seem like she′s enthusiastic about kissing."

Red Velvet′s Joy Opens Up About Her Worries Since Appearing on ′WGM′

Joy then asked "Kangin oppa, does it seem to be i love my husband Sung Jae more from your point of view too?" She added, "I′m looking to display my candid facet via We Got Married, yet folks stay pronouncing it′s one-sided."

Kangin and Amber reportedly be offering Joy suggestion that looks after her her concerrns relating to this.

Yook Sung Jae also stocks his concerns, unexpected Joy. Yook Sung Jae and Joy′s tale continues on October 24 at 4:55 p.m. KST.

Photo credit: MBC



Girl"s Day"s Minah opens up about her reaction to hate comments and haters


Girl"s Day"s Minah was featured on this week"s Mnet"s "4 Things Show" as the main star, and it was here where she revealed that she, too, gets scarred by haters and negative comments.

Minah said, "When I monitor (the shows I"m in), I read some of the comments (sigh). I"m the type to get hurt by hate comments. I read a comment that said, "You have a fake smile", I just smile the way I smile but if someone says that I look fake, what can I do? it"s not like I can somehow fix it. Hate comments, I keep thinking that I should ignore them, but then I"d think, "Why are they like this? Did I harm them that much?""

She then shared the time when a young student cursed at her while the idol was filming for her movie. She said, "There was a scene in the movie where I have to dance while walking across the railway and a student who looked like she/he was in middle school, said, "Isn"t that Minah, she looks like *bleep*". But even as I heard it, I had to keep going and I really started to hate myself for it and even wondered "is this something that I should be doing even if it means hearing comments like this?""

When it came to hater comments and anti-fans, fellow member Yura and comedian Yoo Se Yoon had a much more apathetic solution to hater comments. Yura stated that hate comments are just something that idols have to deal with and that idols should set out with the mindset to convert antis into fans. Yoo Se Yoon nonchalantly brushed it off and said, "The kids who are just typing away on their keyboards and on their phones, that"s just cute." 

Amber also defended Minah in regards to some criticisms she hears about her, saying, "People say Minah tries hard to be cute, but Minah is just cute. She looks cute so she is cute, so what is she supposed to do? Minah is cute, so if she wants to be cute then let her be cute, what"s wrong with that?"

Check out an excerpt of the episode above!


Kang Dong Won Opens Up about His Family and His Reaction to Popularity

Kang Dong Won Opens Up about His Family and His Reaction to Popularity

Actor Kang Dong Won recently revealed his ideal family.

On August 25, the actor appeared on MBC Radio FM4U’s “Park Kyung Lim’s Two o’clock Date.” It’s the first radio show he has appeared in since his debut.

Regarding his role as a father in his upcoming film, “My Brilliant Life,” he said, “I didn’t worry too much about it.”

After hearing this, DJ Park Kyung Lim asked about Kang Dong Won’s father and he answered with, “He was an ordinary office worker and he was a good father to his son. He was a family man and my mother was the same.”

Continuing, Kang Dong Won revealed the future he pictured by saying, “Unlike my parents, I haven’t thought in-depth about my future family, but when I think about it for a brief moment, I would like it if it was a really warm family. If a family is created, I think I would rely on them a lot. I’m the type that thinks work and family are the most important things.”

Next, the actor revealed that he was good at studying when he was a student.

Park Kyung Lim read a listener’s story, who revealed that he was Kang Dong Won’s classmate. In the story, the listener confirmed, “Kang Don Won was good-looking and was good at studying.”

Regarding this, Kang Dong Won honestly said, “During middle school, I was good at studying.” Park Kyung Lim then asked, “What was your highest rank?” and he answered indirectly, “I haven’t gotten first place in the school wide rank.”

Then, Park Kyung Lim admired him by asking, Am I’m talking to the one who got second place in the school wide rank?”

Afterwards, DJ Park Kyung Lim talked about“Temptations of Wolves,” the movie that shot Kang Dong won to stardom. She said, “It’s not an exaggeration when you say that ‘Temptation of Wolves’ was the film that made Kang Dong Won known. Everyone was in an uproar when you appeared from under the umbrella.” Watch the umbrella scene below.

Kang Dong Won revealed his thoughts about the film by saying, “When I think about it now, it would’ve been nice if I could have seen that scene in the theater, secretly. However, at that time, I thought to myself, ‘Don’t get caught up in it, it won’t last long. It’s only for a moment.”

Continuing, he said, “When I see a lot of people in a movie theater, rather than feeling good, I feel kind of empty. I wonder, from the people who already like me, how much more will they like me?”

Meanwhile, “My Brilliant Life” will be released on September 3. Kang Dong Won will be appearing with actress Song Hye Kyo, who plays his wife in the film.


After School Singer Lizzy Opens Up About The Ankle Injury That Forced Her Into A Hiatus From Performing

After School Singer Lizzy Opens Up About The Ankle Injury That Forced Her Into A Hiatus From Performing

Lizzy, After School

After School Singer Lizzy Opens Up About The Ankle Injury That Forced Her Into A Hiatus From Performing Lizzy of the eight-member South Korean girl group After School opened up about the strained ankle ligament that forced her to clear her schedule

Lizzy of the eight-member South Korean girl group After School opened up about the strained ankle ligament that forced her to clear her schedule at a comeback showcase for the band on Thursday.

Lizzy didn't perform with After School at the showcase, which took place at Seoul's Lotte Card Art Center, but did describe the events that led to her sidelining injury.

"I was so enthusiastic that I tried out a move that we hadn't even learned yet, and I fell awkwardly during the landing and injured myself," the singer said, according to the website allkpop.

"I was so upset that all my practice of six months went to nothing, and I was also upset that the other members' efforts were for naught as well."

Lizzy admitted the days following the injury, which she suffered on June 7, were difficult ones.

"I cried a lot," she said.

"But I [reconsidered what happened], and I don't think that just because we can't all be together doesn't mean all our efforts will go to nothing. I hope the public understand our efforts."

Despite the fact she had to cancel all upcoming performances with After School as they prepared for their comeback concert and the release of their new single "First Love" on Thursday, Lizzy still attended all the rehearsals with the band, at one of K-pop's famous training camps.

She recalls the experience as not a completely pleasant one.

"I injured my leg, but I still went to training camp with the other members," Lizzy said.

"During [my time at] the camp, I got a call from a variety show interview, so I came outside to pick up the phone, and I got poison ivy. The members said I keep doing all sorts of things, so they call me Park Everything."

Poison ivy aside, Lizzy has taken the whole thing in stride from the beginning, even joking on Twitter the day she received the injury.

"I was happy because I lost leg fat, but I'm upset because I can't go to filming because of my leg," Lizzy wrote.

"I haven't used my right leg at all, and it's atrophied to the point I can stick my hand in the cast. I don't mind if I have mismatched legs, I just want it to heal soon. I want to stand on stage."


Contemporary History Museum Opens

Contemporary History Museum Opens

Contemporary History Museum Opens

The nation's first museum exclusively dedicated to its contemporary history has opened in downtown Seoul.

President Lee Myung-bak and about 100 figures who have worked for the opening attended on Wednesday the ceremony for the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History.

The museum chronicles the nation's events starting from the late 19 century, which is when Korea first opened its doors to the outer world.

The government remodeled the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism's former office building in downtown Seoul into an eight-story museum.

The museum has four permanent exhibition rooms and two exhibit halls for special occasions.

The national museum is first putting 15-hundred items on display to the public and plans to gradually open its 40-thousand piece collection.

Reported by KBS WORLD Radio

Contact the KBS News:

From Arirang

And now it's time for our regular arts and culture segment.

Arirang's cultural correspondent Park Ji-won joins us now in the studio.

She, of course, will be here with us all throughout the week for Michelle, who has the week off.

Hello, Jiwon.

Reporter : Park Ji-won Hello, Conn-young.

Reporter : Park Ji-won Well, with today's piece I'm bringing you a bit of art that's also educational.

A landmark museum has just opened, and it's a must-see for those of you who are interested in modern Korean history.

The National Museum of Korean Contemporary History officially opens on Wednesday, after more than four years of preparations.

The museum is the country's first NATIONAL museum to focus on modern and contemporary Korean history and it displays some 15-hundred items from the realms of politics, the economy and culture.

The museum covers the past one-hundred-fifty years, from 1870 to the present.

Interview : Kim Wang-sik, Director National Museum of Korean Contemporary History"Korea has achieved both economic development and democratization within a very short period of time and the museum was established to exhibit Korea's proud history. Although the museum mainly emphasizes the period after 1945, our chronicle of history begins from 1870, when Korea opened its ports to the world powers of the time. That was the beginning of Korea's efforts to become a modern nation".

The museum aims to show this through a variety of items, including maps, videos, documents and pictures.

The first exhibition room covers the period from the late 19th-century to the mid-20th century.

It shows how Korea, a country with thousands of years of history, lost its sovereignty to Japan and how it strived to fight back against Japan's colonial rule.

A video in this section shows Korea's liberation in 1945,.. when Japan surrendered to the Allied Powers, and the Korean people's excitement.

However, that joy soon turned into sorrow over the separation of the nation into North and South Korea and the Korean War.

The next exhibition room shows how Korea recovered step by step from the ruins of war and went forward in the realm of national defene, economic development.. and political reform.

Starting in the 1960s through the 80s, Korea was one of the world's fastest growing economies, with export-oriented economic policies and a series of five-year development plans.

This is the Pony, the first Korean-made car to be exported to other countries.

And this is the first oil tanker made in Korea during the 1970s,. the period of Korea's rapid economic development.

While the museum boasts Korea's stellar economic achievements, it also emphasizes the development of civic society and democracy.

This exhibition room shows the political oppression under the dictatorship of then President Park Chung-hee, as evidenced by these official government documents that permit martial law.

Videos in this section capture the sights and sounds of the pro-democracy movements of the time.

And this is a video of the Gwangju Democratization Movement of 1980, when a peaceful civilian demonstration was mercilessly crushed by military troops.

The exhibition - it makes its case by trying to present a balanced view of two of Korea's major achievements in modern history -- economic development and democratization.

Reporter :Well, actually, there has been some criticism about the museum from Koreans who say that it focuses more on industrialization than pro-democracy movements.

But from my point of view, it IS well-balanced, because seeing all of the items and videos on dispaly made me realize that freedom did not come to this country easily.

Our fathers and mothers fought for this and we really should be grateful.

Tell us, what else about the museum left an impression on you

Reporter :One of most interesting exhibits is a model presidential office on the third floor.

This room is modeled after the presidential office,.. though it's much smaller in size.

Pictures of previous presidents of Korea are hung on the walls, while through the glass window in the back, visitors can see the real Cheong Wa Dae, the presidential office, and Gyeongbok Palace, which was used during the Joseon Dynasty.

Reporter :"This desk here is exactly the same size and shape as the desk the president uses".

Visitors can get a sense of being the president,.. as they ponder Korea's history.

Walking through the halls of the museum, visitors may begin to understand that we all have a responsibility for history.

I think I speak for many of our viewers - I'd really like to drop by the museum myself sometime. When does it open to the publicReporter :Tomorrow is the first day it's open to the public. It will be open from Monday through Saturday from 9 to 6.

Looking back as we head to the end of the year, it seems like there have been a lot of exhibitions on Korean history this year.

Reporter :That's right. I myself have covered diverse exhibitions related to history, including a

special exhibition about the traditional folk song "Arirang" and an exhibition that was the largest Goryeo celadon exhibition in years.

There was also the Deoksugung Project, in which art installations were placed around Deoksu Palace, and the Seoul Photo Festival,. which showed through photographs how Seoul has changed over the years.

I suppose it all makes sense.

With the nation having achieved great developments in such a short span of time, I guess more Koreans are trying to looking back and reflect on those achievements before taking the next steps forward.

Well Jiwon, thanks for sharing this exhibition with us today.

Reporter :You're welcome. I'll have more arts and culture events for you tomorrow.

Source : Arirang


K-Pop lovers amazed through BoA’s ever-youthful attractiveness after contemporary airport model photos

K-Pop lovers amazed through BoA’s ever-youthful attractiveness after contemporary airport model photos

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Regardless of having been active in the industry for smartly over a decade, SM Entertainment solo singer BoA continues to turn that shes still incredibly younger and beautiful. 

In fact, after seeing footage of her at a up to date event, lovers couldnt accept as true with how young and vigorous she looked even after 16 long years selling equally a singer. Despite having a shockingly busy agenda alongside activities in either Korea and Japan, fans pointed out that BoAs skin looked very best without a unmarried blemish or wrinkle, proving that her attractiveness is as ageless as her career.

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Dara Shakes Up Vietnam In Contemporary  Consult with For Penshoppe Campaign

Dara Shakes Up Vietnam In Contemporary Consult with For Penshoppe Campaign

Dara Vietnam 2NE1 member Sandara Park currently landed in Vietnam as a section of her promotions excursion for the fadlogo Penshoppe, attracting thousands of fanatics who trooped to her public occasions just to get a glimpse of the idol-actress.

Dara was once greeted through many fans, as noticed in the various videos and pictures uploaded in the hashtag #SandaraXPenshoppeVN.

A video posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi)on Aug 4, 2016 at 11:57pm PDT

AdvertisementShe also wona host of specially made gifts from her supporters, addingscrumptioustraditiongoodies and a standard Vietnamese hat made of palm leaves, often referred to as a Non La.

"Thanks for my great cutie new hat and the gifts!!! Glad Dara. Let's have a laugh tomorrw Blackjack Vietnam!!! Rain rain move away come backany other day," wrote Dara on her Instagram on August 7 whilst posing with the fan gifts.

Fan chants were loud as Dara arrived in the rustic and went about her public events, appearing that the idol has a beautifulhuge and dependable following in the Southeast Asian country.

On the 2d one day of her Vietnam visit, for example, she expressed overlfowing gratitude and happiness at seeing the fan turnout, which made her would like togo back for some othertalk over with soon.

"Day 2!!! Xin chao!!! I am gettingbeatenon each occasionI am on level so I do notunderstand howto precise my feelings. Thank you very very much much, I admire u love u very very much much!!! Thank u for making me soooo happy. I wanna come again soon!!!" stated Dara.

A video posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi)on Aug 6, 2016 at 9:47am PDT

Articles byMickey Jamias Mickey is a creator and virtual content creator primarily based in Manila. He's a co-founder of ZAVI App. He has also been bitten by the K-Pop typecomputer virus - practice him on Instagram @mickjami.

© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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New tvN drama

New tvN drama "K2" opens up a new global of bodyguard action

tvN is popping out alongside a bodyguard action movie.

"K2" is an action drama about a former mercenary bodyguard named K2, the wife of a presidential candidate who hired him and a lady who lives except this world. The drama is directed by way of Kwak Jeong-hwan and written by Hyeok Rin.

In the role of Kim Je-ha, a former mercenary and JSS special agent is played by Ji Chang-wook. This guy has a secret and is one day selected by Choi Yoo-jin (Song Yoon-ah) to be her husband's bodyguard. He playsnumerous action scenes or even falls in love with Ko Anna, an outcast with a panic disorder.

Song Yoon-ah plays Choi Yoo-jin, the wife of a most probably presidential candidate and the eldest of the JB Staff family. She's friendly with the habitual people, she is classy and sensibleat the outside, yet she's a mercilesspersonality who will do anything else to get what she wants. Song Yoon-ah undergoes a transformation as a charismatic, chic lady.

Yoon Ah takes on the role of presidential candidate Jang Se-joon's (Jo Seong-ha) hidden daughter Ko Anna. She lives as an outcast as she blames herself for her mother's death and one day comes back out into the arena but Choi Yoo-jin suppresses her. She opens up to Kim Je-ha and overcomes her youth agony.

Jo Seong-ah plays Jang Se-joon, Choi Yoo-jin's husband. Kim Gap-soo plays Park Gwan-soo, Jang Se-joon's rival and Lee Jeong-jin takes on the role of Choi Seong-won, the chairman of JB Neighborhood and Choi Yoo-jin's step-brother. Son Tae-yeong seems equally Ko Anna's mother.

Meanwhile, "K2" can be released on the 23rd of September.

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