Kim Ok-bin to big name in

Kim Ok-bin to big name in "Top Secret" as broadcast reporter

Kim Ok-bin is starring in the film "Top Secret".

"Top Secret" is the tale of uncovering army secrets to catch the source of corruption. It's miles directed through Hong Ki-seon.

Kim Ok-bin takes at the role of Jeong Sook, a broadcasting reporter who tracks down the case with a former total named Dae-ik (Kim Sang-kyeong). She's careless and dynamic and may do the rest for a story.

Kim Ok-bin has brought her characters to existence in the entirety she starred in so anticipation for her in "Top Secret" is high.

"Top Secret" will rank in this September and be released next year.

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CLCs Kwon Eunbins Father Published to be Broadcast Reporter

CLCs Kwon Eunbins Father Published to be Broadcast Reporter

CLC’s Kwon Eunbin’s Father Printed to be Broadcast Reporternotclaira March 7, 2016 0 LINE it!CLC’s Kwon Eunbin’s Father Revealed to be Broadcast Reporter After several folksstarted reporting that CLC’s Kwon Eunbin’s father used to bea printed reporter, Cube Entertainment showed the news.

According to several representatives, Kwon Eunbin’s father changed intodecided on for an award in 2012 by skill of the Broadcasting Newshounds Federation and the Korean Broadcasting Association. On March 7, CLC’s aspect responded.

“Kwon Eunbin’s father is a broadcast reporter. Eunbin has at all times been pleased with her father’s occupation. Thank you for appearingpassion in even one of these news.”

Kwon Eunbin’s mom is a stay-at-home housewife, and either parents are supporting their daughter’s aspirations to transform a singer.

Although Kwon Eunbin is a section of CLC’s new seven-member lineup, she is recently inactive in the crowdbecause of her activities on Mnets “Produce 101.” She was in 16th position at the finish of the primarycircular of voting.

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Secrets Hyosung stocks Her Homemade Kimbap With B.A.Ps Himchan on are living Broadcast

Secrets Hyosung stocks Her Homemade Kimbap With B.A.Ps Himchan on are living Broadcast

Secret’s Hyosung Shares Her Homemade Kimbap With B.A.P’s Himchan on Live Broadcast On September 26, Secret‘s Hyosung hosted her own live kimbap-making display on Naver’s V app, and B.A.P‘s Himchan were given to test out some of her homemade kimbap right through the broadcast!

In order to celebrate Chuseok, Hyosung dresses in hanbok (with a adorable cat apron to give coverage to it) for her show. She supplies some recommendations on how to exploit leftover holiday food to make scrumptious kimbap, and then admits, “I know the way here's made in theory, yet this is my first time looking to do it!”


After she’s done making ready the kimbap, she gets Himchan to come on screen to attempt it himself. He teases her about how it looks, and doesn’t give her a super review at the first more or less kimbap. But he says the 2nd one roll, which has a perilla leaf in it, is delicious!

hyosung himchan

Hyosung tries to give him all of the last kimbap as he leaves, but he says, “I’m on a diet!”

Once he’s gone, Hyosung then tries out the kimbap herself and is delighted with the taste. “It’s utterly delicious!” she says, giving the camera two giant thumbs up.


You can apply Hyosung on V app to catch more of her amusing broadcasts!

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SECRET"s Hyosung and Oh Ji Ho"s "Ghost-Seeing Detective 2" confirmed for an August broadcast


Season two of upcoming drama "Ghost-Seeing Detective", which brings back Oh Ji Ho and SECRET"s Hyosung, is finally starting to begin production!

The drama has also cast actress Ha Yeon Joo, and will begin filming in July and air in August. It will be cable channel OCN"s upcoming Saturday drama!

The drama is about Oh Ji Ho"s character, who has the ability to see ghosts. Through the messages he receives from ghosts, he solves their cases.

Hyosung will also be reprising her role as a ghost who died as a high school student. Ha Yeon Joo will take on a new character as Oh Ji Ho"s partner in solving crimes.

It looks like it"ll be one scary but entertaining drama, just like the first season!

"Ghost-Seeing Detective 2" will begin cranking in at the beginning of July and is set to air in August.

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Secret Love Affair, Gods Gift  14 days and more dramas will resume broadcast

Secret Love Affair, Gods Gift 14 days and more dramas will resume broadcast

“Secret Love Affair”, “God’s Gift – 14 days” and more dramas will resume broadcast

Empress Ki, God’s Gift – 14 Days, Secret Love Affair, A Witch’s Romance and “Their Perfect Day” are most likely set to resume regular broadcasts this week.

Most South Korea broadcasting stations had put their shows on hold due to the Sewol ferry incident that happened last week. As a sign of respect and mourning, variety shows were cancelled and some dramas were delayed to be broadcasted. However,m this week, most dramas have already resumed broadcast. Though MBC, KBS 2TV, JTBC and SBS revealed that even if they’ll be airing some of dramas again, changes may still occur especially if some progress have come to light regarding the Sewol ferry incident, they will still switch to news flash for updates.

“Secret Love Affair”, “God’s Gift – 14 days” and more dramas will resume broadcast

In addition, MBC also released an official statement saying that Empress Ki will still continue its regular broadcast since the incident also happened after the drama has been aired.

Meanwhile, as for other dramas and varietry shows, official statements and announcements regarding schedule adjustments for broadcasts are still not confirmed.


SBS MTV to Broadcast Six Straight Hours of Secret

SBS MTV to Broadcast Six Straight Hours of Secret

Commemorating Secret’s recent comeback, SBS MTV will be playing six straight hours of Secret’s history.

SBS MTV to Broadcast Six Straight Hours of Secret

On May 3, TS Entertainment stated that in celebration of Secret’s comeback with its fourth mini album, Letter from Secret, SBS MTV will broadcast Secret Day for a total of six hours.

The program will begin on May 3 from noon to 6PM (KST), showing the history of Secret from its debut to now. Performances and variety show appearances will all be included, organizing five years of Secret for fans to enjoy.

Meanwhile, Secret returned to the stage with YooHoo on May 2 on Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN.

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SECRET to Hold Comeback Showcase, 'Broadcast Live in 70 Countries'

SECRET to Hold Comeback Showcase, 'Broadcast Live in 70 Countries'

SECRET, Comeback, Showcase, YooHoo

SECRET to Hold Comeback Showcase, 'Broadcast Live in 70 Countries' SECRET to Hold Comeback Showcase, Broadcast Live in 70 CountriesPopular girl group SECRET will be holding a comeback showcase on April 30 and will be broadcast in 70 countries.

They will be holding this showcase in order to celebrate their 4th mini album, Letter from Secret.

They will be performing their hit songs as well as perform their new title song, "YooHoo."

They will officially make their comeback on May 2 and begin album promotions.


Seo Kang-joon sends coffee truck for Marvel member Yoo Il on

Seo Kang-joon sends coffee truck for Marvel member Yoo Il on "Great Secret 25" set

Seo Kang-joon sent a coffee truck to the set of the web-drama "Great Secret 25" on behalf of his fellow member Yoo Il.

Horror comedian web-drama "Great Secret 25" released images of Yoo Il status in front of the coffee truck.

Yoo Il is posing in front of the coffee truck Seo Kang-joon sent him. There's a banner that says, "Seo Kang-joon cheers for Yoo Il". Yoo Il has his thumbs up in front of the coffee truck.

Yoo Il said, "The 2nd episode of "Great Secret 25" is popping out this morning. It is bone chilling yet fun".

"Great Secret 25" is a horror comedy drama about inhuman creatures acting at the time of 24 and 25 O'clock. The drama is often referred to as "GS25" which aroused from the convenient shopcall 'GS25'.

The section fourth dimensionemployees at the convenient store and creepy creatures give laughter and convenienceto the ones thatwere in the similar shoes. There may also betips about how to make use ofthe goods in the convenient store for a scrumptious meal especially for those thatare living alone.

The first episode was once released on August 1st. The primary episode turned intothe tale of a tendergirl ghost who fails to seduce a guyeach time and can notcross onto the following world.

Yoo Il is starring in the moment episode as an alien who is perfect. He teleports here and there and will read people's minds. He is been around the sectorfor centuries but he does notknow the wayto move back home".

Meanwhile, the second episode is being released at 11PM at the 2nd.

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Spoiler "The Flower in Prison" Jin Se-yeon succeeds in Choi Tae-joon's secret mission

Jin Se-yeon and Choi Tae-joon's plan succeeded.

On the twenty-seventh episode of the MBC weekend drama "The Flower in Prison", Ok-nyeo (Jin Se-yeon) and Seong Ji-heon (Choi Tae-joon) shaped a secret plan to stand opposed to Jeong Nan-jeong (Park Joo-mi).

Yoon Tae-won (Ko Soo) advised that the examiners brought their own papers for the exams. He planned on the usage of the tax to lend a hand Queen Moon-jeong (Kim Mi-Sook).

Ok-nyeo and Seong Ji-heon set out to make a plan to forestall Yoon Tae-won. Ok-nyeo ordered the costs of paper goods pass up. The payment of the mulberry trees went up yet Yoon Tae-won kept purchasing them in pronouncing he can build upcosts later and sell them to examiners.

When Ok-nyeo discovered out that the trees were sold, she determinednow notto hang the examinations and met with Myeong-jong (Seo Ha-joon) and said, "If the tests are held then the folks will mustcombat amongst money".

Myeong-jong cancelled the exams the following day. Yoon Won-hyeong asked him to reassess but Myeong-jong used to becompany about his decision.

Queen Moon-jeong also asked Myeong-jong to think back but he did not give in.

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Netizens speak about idols that were their agency’s secret weapons

Netizens speak about idols that were their agency’s secret weapons

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith the inflow of solo artists and teams in the Korean track industry, it's farnot easy for a newly debuted workforce to gain national popularity.

However, there are some idols that were their agencys secret weapon, which means that they temporarily made a call for themselves via singing, acting, or sort shows, skyrocketing either themselves and their groups to mega-popularity. Other times, corporations designate sureindividuals to be the visuals or the face of the group, reminiscent of BTS member V and SEVENTEENs Mingyu.

Netizens lately discussed which idols have compatibility this category by way of a post at the Korean network board web page Pann by the identify of, Trainees that were their agencys debut secret weapon. The customary poster named BTS member V, BTOB members Lee Changseob and Yook Sungjae, Red Velvets Joy, and Lovelyzs Kei, Ryu Soojung, and Jung Yein as idols that were their agencys secret weapons.

BTOB member Lee Changseob is understood for his authentic personality in addition his vocals, whilst Yook Sungjae made a name for himself by collaborating in Deffcon and Jung Hyung Dons taskneighborhoodLarge Byung as neatly every bit staring on MBCs We Were given Married with Red Velvets Joy. Joy is famous for her bright personality and beauty, while the members of Lovelyz are known for their impeccable vocals and visuals.

Overall, netizens who saw the post left comments agreeing with the original list and also equipped overwhelming enhancefor women Generations Yoona, Sooyoung, and BTS member Taehyung to be added to the list of agencies secret weapons.

Which idols do you have confidence you studied deserve to be in this list?

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