Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-hye, the ability of

Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-hye, the ability of "Doctors" script

SBS drama "Doctors" is on a roll. Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-hye are doing an excellenttaskyetit isn't an overstatement to mention that creator Ha Myeong-hee's writing talentsalso arethe finish result of its robust progress.

Ha Myeong-hee is understood for her vintage lines in "Kind Words" and "High Society". She's doing it back in "Doctors".

Lines equivalent to Kim Rae-won's "Are you married? Do you've got a boyfriend? That isok then", "Are we going out? Are you refusing me?" and others hit it off. Ha Myeong-hee knows what the audienceneed as she throws lines that quench everyone's thirsts.

The narrations that will also be heard with each and every episode speaks on behalf of the foremost characters and increases concentration at the drama. It also adds a trailing note. Ha Myeong-hee also depicts circle of relatives love and wonderful romance thru Yoo Hye-jeong's (Park Shin-hye) past.

Ha Myeong-hee does notsimplestdepend on romance but she draws attention to the relationships between people.

The drama production says, "Ha Myeong-hee stimulates the public's ears and eyes and her spark is the source of the drama's success".

"Doctors" is the romantic tale of Yoo Hye-jeong who was once once a riot only becomes a physician and Hong Ji-hong who is her senior.

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Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-hye in 'Doctors' first script reading

Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-hye in 'Doctors' first script reading

Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-hye and other "Doctors" solid had their first script reading seeion recently.

Kim Rae-won has been cast for his role as Hong Ji-hong, a former topfacultyinstructor who transform a neurosurgery specialist later on. Unlike his dissembling appearance, he's hiding sadness as he had to leave health facility because he failed to save a patient's life.

Park Shin-hye remodeled into a fullyother image. She brought the cruel and rebellious character, Hye-jeong to lifestyles smoothly.

An go along with the production team said, "Kim Rae-won expressed the complicate insideaspect of his persona abundantly simply by reading his lines" and "Park Shin-hye also inspiredeveryone amongst her unconstrained acting".

Yoon Gyoon-sang and Lee Seong-kyeongwere also a actually perfect addition to bring more power to the drama. The middle-aged veteran actors Kim Yeong-ae, Lee Ho-jae, Jeong Hae-gyoon and others will solidify the base for the drama.

"Doctors" will premiere on June 20th.


Park Shin Hyes New Drama Doctors Finds  Persona  Main points After Script Read-Through

Park Shin Hyes New Drama Doctors Finds Persona Main points After Script Read-Through

Park Shin Hye’s New Drama “Doctors” FindsPersonalityMain points After Script Read-Throughnotclaira Might 11, 2016 0 Park Shin Hye’s New Drama “Doctors” Displays Character Facts After Script Read-Through On April 28, SBS’s upcoming drama “Doctors” held its first script read-through.

The actors provideintegrated Kim Rae Won, Park Shin Hye, Yoon Kyun Sang, Lee Sung Kyung, Kim Young Ae, Yoon Hae Young, Jang Hyun Sung, Jeon Gook Hwan, Lee Ho Jae, Um Hyo Seob, and Jeong Hae Gyun.

Kim Rae Won can begambling the role of Hong Ji Hong, a guy who went from being an intern a first-year scientific resident to a primefacultyinstructorahead of returning to neurosurgery as a specialist. Despite the reality that Hong Ji Hong is audacious and sociable, he has a painful past. His oldsters died in a vehicletwist of fate when he used to be young, and when he lost a patient, he left the health facilityto switch careers.

Park Shin Hye will be playing a character this isacknowledged to be a 180-degree alternate from her genuine personality. Her character is known as Yoo Hye Jung and she is described as rough and rebellious.

Yoon Kyun Sang plays Jung Yoon Do, who despite being a chaebol is a free-spirited doctor. Lee Sung Kyung plays Yoo Hye Jung’s rival, Jin Search engine marketing Woo, who is described as competitive and jealous.

Kim Young Ae plays the grandmother who raised Hye Jung. Her character is expoundedto like her granddaughter fiercely despite her tricky words. Jeong Hae Gyun plays Hye Jung’s father, whilstkid actress Kal So Won plays the more youthfuledition of Hye Jung.

Yoon Hae Young will play Seo Woo’s mom while Um Hyo Seob plays her father. The 2 of them are a rich couple, which goes with Seo Woo’s snobbish character. Jang Hyun Sung will play a physician who supports and encourages Hong Ji Hong, while Lee Ho Jae plays Ji Hong’s father.

“Doctors” tells the tale of a romance between Park Shin Hye’s character, who is going from a insurrection to a doctor after assembly a excellent teacher, and Kim Rae Won’s character, who goes through the sector with a companyunravel for justice and sadness in his heart.

The drama is scheduled to air on June 20.

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Park Shin Hye Thank you 2PM’s Taecyeon And Enthusiasts For Their Make stronger On Set Of “Doctors”

Park Shin Hye Thank you 2PM’s Taecyeon And Enthusiasts For Their Make stronger On Set Of “Doctors”

Park Shin Hye Thank you 2PMs Taecyeon And Lovers For Their Fortify On Set Of Doctorskminjungee July 15, 2016 0 Park Shin Hye Thanks 2PMs Taecyeon And Fans For Their Support On Set Of Doctors On July 15, Park Shin Hye posted on her Instagram so as to thank either Taecyeon and her fans for sending food support to the set of her existing drama, Doctors.

Taecyeon seems to have sent a churro and coffee truck, along side a message that says, Shin Hye, its hot yetdevour this and gain energy! He also ready cards that say, Physician Yoo Hae Jung, keep me *crying noises*, giving a shout out to the actress persona every bit well.

A photo posted via 박신혜 (@ssinz7) on Jul 15, 2016 at 2:39am PDT

Along with a collage taken by the truck, Park Shin Hye encompasses a caption that says, Is as of late my special occasion or somethinggggg! Following the fans food gift, 3FoodsAn afternoonGood enough Sung Bong circle of relatives member Taecyeon oppas coffee truck! churros! Appropriate now, its drizzling here on set, and it strikes a chord in my memory of the corn we picked while status in the rain. Thank you oppa! Scuffling with Bring It On, Ghost.'

As discussed by the actress, the 2 stars up to nowseemed on tvNs Three Food A Day together, where they showed off an adorable friendship.

A photo posted by 박신혜 (@ssinz7) on Jul 15, 2016 at 2:31am PDT

She also thanks her Chinese fans, who sent food support as well, offering meals for all thesolid and crew. Her message says, Oh my god thank you. In deficient healthrevel in the food and gain strength in order to film. Park Shin Hye also cutely adds a last hashtag that says, Nutrition will get startedday after today instead.

Meanwhile, the actress is lately starring as the highly competent and autonomous Yoo Hae Jung in Doctors.

Check out her abilities in action all the manner throughthe maximum recent episode below!

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"Doctors" Kim Rae-won, Park Shin-hye and Yoon Gyoon-sang at dinner party

"Doctors" filmed a dinner birthday celebration scene.

Behind-the-scenes cuts were released stills from the 8th episode of the SBS drama "Doctors".

The individuals of Gook-il Sanatorium are taking phase in a ceremonial dinner together.

Lee Yeong-gook (Baek Seong-hyeon) sent photographs to Jin Seo-woo (Lee Seong-kyeong) by the use ofcellular phone. Audience of the drama sought afterto peerthe images in genuine size. The entire doctors and nurses are smiling brightly having a excellent time. Hong Ji-hong (Kim Rae-won) is filled with charm and was once the source of entertainment in this night.

Jeong Yoon-do (Yoon Gyoon-sang) may also benoticed drinking from a glass, Kim Tae-ho (Jang Hyeon-seong) is hanging out his rap talents amongst a cap on backwards, and Choi Kang-soo (Kim Min-seok) is dressed in a bowl on his head.

The night mealturned into filmed love it was the genuine thing and the forged wasn't even tired from the long take.

Sources say the solid are at all timesin combination for lots of times so they'vegrow to be close and friendly in addition dependant on every other.

Meanwhile, "Doctors" is a tale of Yoo Hye-jeong (Park Shin-hye) and Hong Ji-hong (Kim Rae-won) reuniting as doctors and experiencing a love they've got never experienced before.

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WATCH: Park Shin Hye Dances To TWICE’s “Cheer Up” On Set Of “Doctors”

WATCH: Park Shin Hye Dances To TWICE’s “Cheer Up” On Set Of “Doctors”

WATCH: Park Shin Hye Dances To TWICEs Cheer Up On Set Of Doctorsjun2yng July 13, 2016 0 WATCH: Park Shin Hye Dances To TWICEs Cheer Up On Set Of Doctors On a July thirteen broadcast of V Live, Park Shin Hye kept her promise to audience to dance to TWICEs Cheer Up if Doctors surpassed a fifteen% viewership. The live broadcast used to be shot from the bustling set of Doctors, and Park Shin Hye became accompanied by capacity of actress Moon Ji In, who plays her easiest friend in the drama.

After dancing, Park Shin Hye says, We did our best, yetI suspecthere isso some distance aswe will go.I believe like my soul has left me. Reading supportive viewer comments, she thank you viewers and says, Sorry to the entire TWICE members. I think like Ive ruined a truly perfect song. Its sad, and thanks viewers back for gazing her bad dance.

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Spoiler 'Doctors' Kim Rae-won anticipates hug from Park Shin-hye, he soon gets disappointed

Spoiler 'Doctors' Kim Rae-won anticipates hug from Park Shin-hye, he soon gets disappointed

On the episode of 8 of SBS Monday Tuesday drama, "Doctors", Hong Ji-hong (Kim Rae-won) become so satisfied too early when he expected a hug from Yoo Hye-jeong (Park Shin-hye).

Hong Ji-hong and Yoo Hye-jeong carried out a a successsurgical treatment on Kim Soo-cheol (Ji Soo) to regard the damage from the automobile accident. Yoo Hye-jeong said, "I'm going to do anything to you now. This is simply a humanity act user to person" and then she approached Hong Ji-hong. Hong Ji-hong expected a hug from her whilstfascinated by the hug he gave to her previously. So he used to beon the point of hug her back. Yet Yoo Hye-jeong just straightened up the collars of Hong Ji-hong's gown.

Hong Ji-hong attempted to act cool saying, "Oh they were crumpled" feeling awkward. Yoo Hye-jeong said, "What did you simply imagine?" Hong Ji-hong complained, "I've brought a death person back to life, and you tease me". Yoo Hye-jeong said, "Thank you" and he asked her back, "For what?". Yoo Hye-jeong smiled saying, "Everything". Hong Ji-hong said, "What is this? Did she just lift me up and put me back to the earth?" And then he smiled sweetly.

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Park Shin Hye’s Firm  Used to be  Ready For “Doctors” To Flop

Park Shin Hye’s Firm Used to be Ready For “Doctors” To Flop

Park Shin Hyes FirmWas onceReady For Doctors To Flopjun2yng July 9, 2016 0 Park Shin Hyes Agency Was Prepared For Doctors To Flop “We idea the timing of this drama would result in a failure. How would we land a a hit drama each and everyunmarried time? So we were prepared for failure, and told ourselves no longer to be disappointed too much if the drama didn’t do well,” acknowledged Park Shin Hye’s agency, Salt Entertainment, on July 10.

But a ways from failure, “Doctors” is a giant hit. Six episodes in, the drama — expanding in ratings with every one episode — is simply shy of a national viewership of 20 percent, whilst the Seoul metropolitan viewership has already surpassed 20 percent.

Salt Entertainment said, “For the beyond 3 years, none of Park Shin Hye’s dramas have failed, and the entiretyat all timesbecame out well, so it’s true that we were fearful for this one. Folks were announcing that it was about time for no less than one failure, and we also thought that there has been no way we could succeed in everything.”

The agency said that the ones nerves played a thing in opting for the drama: “When we were selecting this next project, we neededto head out in style, even supposing IT did fail, so we chose ‘Doctors.’” “Doctors,” which, initially called “Female Gangster Hye Jung,” presentations an self sufficient female lead who is in keep an eye on of her own fate, and a few killer action scenes no less, gambling to the craze of ladyweigh down female celebrities.

Watch the newest episode of Doctors here!

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Yong Joon-hyung sends food catering carrier to 'Doctors', Park Shin-hye is touched and so thankful

Yong Joon-hyung sends food catering carrier to 'Doctors', Park Shin-hye is touched and so thankful

Park Shin-hye and Beast member Yong Joon-hyung showed off their outstanding friendship.

On July 8, Park Shin-hye wrote on her Instagram, "I used to beno longer feeling smartly this morning. So I neededanythingjust right would take place today, and here's deabak!" and "It's a wonder gift Joon-hyung has been making ready since 3 weeks ago. I am so touched and thankful. It in reality cheers me up. I used to benot likely to devour dinner latelyyetI am going to have two bowls. What a fabguy you lot are". She also uploaded a video clip and photos.

Park Shin-hye also said, "We also were given coffee truck here. Yong Joon-hyung is one of thesefantasticusersimilar to this. I cannot thank you enough".

Park Shin-hye is these daysgambling a neurosurgeon Yoo Hye-jeong in SBS' Monday Tuesday drama, "Doctors".

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Park Shin Hye Expresses How Touched She Is Through Yong Jun Hyung’s Marvel Gift On Set Of “Doctors”

Park Shin Hye Expresses How Touched She Is Through Yong Jun Hyung’s Marvel Gift On Set Of “Doctors”

Park Shin Hye Expresses How Touched She Is By capability of Yong Jun Hyungs Wonder Gift On Set Of Doctorsehk38 July 8, 2016 0 Park Shin Hye Expresses How Touched She Is By Yong Jun Hyungs Surprise Gift On Set Of Doctors BEASTs Yong Jun Hyung knows how to hook his pals up!

Yong Jun Hyung lately sent two snack trucks to the set of SBS drama Doctors as some wayof revealingbeef up for actress Park Shin Hye who is currently starring in the drama.

On July 8, Park Shin Hye uploaded a Boomerang video and a photo to turn her heartfelt gratitude for Yong Jun Hyungs beneficiant gift.

She writes, I wasnt feel smartly this morning so I used to be telling Seung Hoon how greatit's going to exist if anythingexcellenttook place today, and daebak!

A video posted by 박신혜 (@ssinz7) on Jul 8, 2016 at 2:00am PDT

She continue, Jun Hyungs surprise gift that he has been getting ready since 3 weeks ago because he idea aneused to bemissing energy. I dont understand howto specific how touched I am. Thank you. Thank you so much. Jun Hyung, I can cheer up and film! I changed into going to fall asleep without dining dinner. I go to devour two plates. Hing. Im getting teary. What a great guy.

In the photos, Park Shin Hye showcases either the food truck and the coffee truck that Yong Jun Hyung sent her.

Meanwhile, you'll be in a position to catch the with just a little of luck refreshed and re-energized Park Shin Hye in her drama Doctors on Viki below!

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