Kim Seong-min's ultimate walk in tears

Kim Seong-min's ultimate walk in tears

Actor Kim Seong-min's departure happenedat the 28th at 8AM this morning.

Kim Seong-min's friends and family carried his coffin out of the funeral home. His capsuleand imagine were carried by way of his circle of relatives in solemnity.

After a church service, the buddies and circle of relativescould notlend a handyet cry out loud and honored his death.

Kim Seong-min used to be diagnosed of brain death on the 26th and donated his organs to 5other people. His funeral turned into held at the Seoul Sungmo Medical institution and pals and household like Lee Kyung-kyu, Lee Yoon-seok, Yoon Hyeong-bin, Kim Tae-won and such got here by to mention their final words to him. Actors Kim Kwang-gyoo, Oh Ji-ho and Han Groo also came by.

Kim Seong-min have becomenoted with the 2002 MBC drama "Miss Mermaid" and persisted to superstar in dramas, "Flower Fairy", "Fantastic Couple" and more. He also starred in the KBS 2TV display "Dignities of A Gentleman".

Later, he went thru some hardships and ready to be a pop-pera singer whilstrunning at his wife's dental clinic. He dreamt of creating it back on his own feet but finallyunfortunatelymade up our minds to finish his own life.

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Spoiler 'Monster - 2016' Seong Yoo-ri, Kang Ji-hwan shed tears and solace each and every other

Spoiler 'Monster - 2016' Seong Yoo-ri, Kang Ji-hwan shed tears and solace each and every other

On the episode 17 of MBC's Monday Tuesday drama, "Monster - 2016", Kang Gi-tan who was onceoperating part-time there.

While the 2 were having a communique over a drink, he stated grievously that he may justnow not eventidecling a right kind funeral for his oldsterson account of his uncle Byeon Il-jae (Jeong Bo-seok).

Soo-yeon poured soju for him as he looked even sadder in this day. She asked him to inform her what became going on.

She said, "What will have to I do to make you're feeling better. Glance at me" and "It's good enough to cry when things are difficult. I am not going to tease you. Cry if you need to have to". And then she wiped the tears rolling down on his face.

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Hyeri sheds tears as Choi Seong-won is combating  opposed to leukemia

Hyeri sheds tears as Choi Seong-won is combating opposed to leukemia

'Hyeri' has printed her unhappyemotions some Choi Seong-won, who was oncecurrently diagnosed with acute leukemia.

'Hyeri' cried tears all through her assembly amongstnewshounds about her drama SBS Wednesday Thursday drama, "Entertainers".

Choi Seong-won and 'Hyeri' co-starred as siblings (Seong No-eul and Seong Deok-seon) in tvN's hit drama, 'Answer Me 1988'.

'Hyeri' said, "It is heartbreaking news. I am feeling so sorry and sad for him".

She continued, "He's were giventhis type of bright personality and a excellent brother. I am hopinghe's going totriumph over information technology soon and be healthy again".

She also asked Choi Seong-won's lovers to enhance him. 'Hyeri' said, "I consider more fans would sign up for to cheer him. We may beready to toostay supporting him and watch how he does. I hope he will overcome it and willget back to work".

Choi Seong-won revealed about his diagnosis more than one days ago on May 9th. He also determined to withdraw from JTBC's 'Mirror of Witch' as smartlyto pay attention on his treatment".

Choi Seong-won's firm said, "He began on chemotherapy. We are hoping he will be capable of come back a year later".


“Superman is Back” ultimate filming date with Choo Sung Hoon and Sa Rang results in tears

“Superman is Back” ultimate filming date with Choo Sung Hoon and Sa Rang results in tears

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter two years of delighting their audience amongst their adorable antics, it used to be reported that Choo Sung Hoon and Sa Rang filmed their remaining episode. 

On March 3rd, Choo Sung Hoon’s firmmentioned that the father and daughter tandem accomplished filming for their last episode of Superman is Back. The filming settingbecomeadditional described unhappy as every person was in tears after it finished

To reciprocate the fortifygained from their fans, the circle of relatives reportedly ready food and coffee at the set.

Meanwhile, Choo Sung Hoon and Sa Rang may be leaving the program with their last episode airing on the finish of March.

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Girl’s Day’s Minah Sheds Tears All through  Functionality on Ultimate Episode of “Healing Camp”

Girl’s Day’s Minah Sheds Tears All through Functionality on Ultimate Episode of “Healing Camp”

Girls Days Minah Sheds Tears Right throughFunctionality on Closing Episode of Curative Campck525 January 31, 2016 0 LINE it!Girls Days Minah Sheds Tears During Performance on Last Episode of Healing Camp Girl’s Day’s Minah sheds tears at theultimate episode of “Healing Camp,” that may air on February 1. Also performing on the display are singers Park Jung Hyun, Lyn, Noel, Norazo, and Navi.

During the show, Minah sings a song based on an target audienceparticipants story, in which the audience member explains the hardships that she faced while trying to apply her dreams.

However, Minah has to prevent the song halfway into her performance because of her tears. She then walks up to the audience member and provides her a warm hug, offeringeither encouragement and compassion.

“Even once I debuted, I had doubts about my career,” Minah says, revealing the explanation whyat the back of her tears. “Even even thoughI used to be doing what I enjoyed the most, which is singing, I felt as though I wasn’t happy.”

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Secrets Jun Hyo Seong Sheds Tears Throughout fresh Recording

Secrets Jun Hyo Seong Sheds Tears Throughout fresh Recording

--> Secret′s Jun Hyo Seong couldn′t hang back her feelings right through a contemporary recording of Beauty Bible.

On the October 6 broadcast of KBS W′s Beauty Bible 2015, the display will center of attention on how to get little one skin by way of taking just right care of your frame and soul thru colour therapy.

Secret′s Jun Hyo Seong Sheds Tears Throughout Recent Recording

During the recording, MCs Hyoni Kang, Jun Hyo Seong and Kwang Hee were asked to make a choice a coloured oil earlier than assembly with a therapist for a consultation about their color choice.

The therapist stated of Jun Hyo Seong, who chose the plum colored oil, "You have a sturdy yearning for smart people. Even though you′ve been doing smartly to your own, you need to have someone′s help."

The therapist′s words gave the influence to have hit as regards to house for a visibly exhausted Jun Hyo Seong, who started tearing up.

Jun Hyo Seong′s busy agenda these days seems to be taking a toll on her body and soul.

The episode airs this night at 9:50 p.m. KST.

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[Spoiler] "Kill Me, Heal Me" Ji Seong sheds tears upset with Hwang Jeong-eum, "You fell in love with Cha Do-hyeon"

On the February 5th episode of MBC drama, "Kill Me, Heal Me", Cha Do-hyeon (Ji Seong)"s another personality, Shin Se-gi came up to the surface and then he got angry with Oh Ri-jin (Hwang Jeong-eum).

Shin Se-gi found Oh Ri-jin (Hwang Jeong-eum), who fell asleep together in Cha Do-hyeon"s bedroom. He became angry and said, "Why are you here? In Cha Do-hyeon"s bedroom?"

Oh Ri-jin (Hwang Jeong-eum) explained, "I"m his personal physician now. I stayed here only for a little bit because it seemed he"s having a nightmare"

Shin Se-gi became teary-eyed and asked her, "So you can kill me and you can get rid of me?" He dragged her out of the room saying, "I can"t let you stay next to Cha Do-hyeon".

Oh Ri-jin (Hwang Jeong-eum) said, "Listen. I"m just trying to be a fair mediator between Cha and Shin. Cha and Shin, you really need to understand each other".

But Shin Se-gi asked her, "It only ends when one of them disappears. You"ll have to choose one of the two eventually. Are you going to be happy if I"m gone?"

Oh Ri-jin tried to be nice with him and said, "Cha didn"t ask me to get rid of you. He wants to compromise with you. I"m just a mediator. It means it"s not up to me to make the decision". But Shin Se-gi said, "You completely fell in love with Cha Do-hyeon. Do you think he"s letting you stay just out of innocent mind?" and then Shin Se-gi shed tears.

He also said, "Cha Do-hyeon violated the rules. It"s impossible to co-exist peacefully with him any longer. I"m going to make him pay for this in my own way. That"s the rule of this game". And then he left the place.



[Spoiler] "My Spring Days" Choi Soo-young confesses to Kam Woo-seong in tears

Choi Soo-young wasn"t able to hide her feelings about Kam Woo-seong despite the fact that she knew the secret about her heart.

On the ninth episode of the MBC drama "My Spring Days", Lee Bomi (Choi Soo-young) panicked when she found out it was Kang Dong-ha"s (Kam Woo-seong) late wife Yoon Soo-jeong (Min Ji-ah) who gave her the heart that saved her.

Lee Bomi sent a text to Kang Dong-ha saying, "I know now. I know who gave me the heart. Thank you. I didn"t know what it meant then when you told me. I am so sorry to think about how hard it must"ve been on you".

Kang Dong-ha replied, "Are you alright? Don"t be sorry. If you are sorry then the person who gave you the present won"t feel good. I"m sorry I didn"t say goodbye. I hope you forget everything and be happy. Take care".

Bomi said, "I know you liked me because of my heart. But not me. I want you to know everything was real for me".

Lee Bomi resigned from Hanurion and returned home.



[Spoiler] "Secrets" Ji Seong and Hwang Jeong-eum's kiss of tears

On the twelfth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Secrets", Jo Min-hyeok (Ji Seong) kissed Kang Yoo-jeong (Hwang Jeong-eum) when they arrived in front of her home.

Previously, Sin Se-yeon (Lee Da-hee) made Yoo-jeong go over to her work place and prepare food with Min-hyeok's birthday as an excuse. Therefore, four of them including Yoo-jeong's ex-boyfriend Ahn Do-hoon (Bae Soo-bin) and Jo Min-hyeok faced each other.

Sin Se-yeon treated Yoo-jeong like a housekeeper and asked her to bring out the dessert after drinking her wine.

Sin Se-yeon didn't stop there and provoked Yoo-jeong by saying, "What's more uncomfortable to you? The man you used to see or the man who bullies you terribly?" Ahn Do-hoon answered for her and said, "She doesn't matter to me anymore, let's not be sorry towards each other anymore".

Kang Yoo-jeong pointed out to Ahn Do-hoon and Sin Se-yeon and said, "You two look dangerous", then to Jo Min-hyeok and Sin Se-yeon, "You look good together. This is not my place to be" and left the room.

Min-hyeok got a hold of her and sent her home, then forcefully kissed her. She pushed him out at first but then accepted it with tears.


[Spoiler] U-Know dies, Kim Seong-ryeong's bitter tears

[Spoiler] U-Know dies, Kim Seong-ryeong's bitter tears

[Spoiler] U-Know dies, Kim Seong-ryeong's bitter tears

SBS drama "Yawang" U-Know didn't survive.

Do-hoon (U-Know) died after being in an explosive accident on the episode of "Yawang" on the 12th.

Do-hoon found out his beloved Da-hae (Soo-ae) had almost caused his family danger and had been threatening his sister Do-kyeong (Kim Seong-ryeong). He was furiously enraged when he was in the accident. This accident was actually for Ha-ryu (kwon Sang-woo) as she planned it but the victim became Do-hoon instead.

Do-hoon fell into a coma and Do-kyeong took care of him but he couldn't make it through and passed away. Right before he was gone, she was able to hear his son call him "Mother" when she had only been able to call him her brother all this while.

When Da-hae found out about the death of the last man who loved her truly, she murmured, "Sorry" and shed a tear. However, that didn't stop her from counting the days until she could take revenge on Baek Hak.