KNK Stocks Why They’re Hustling Not easy In First Mag Pictorial Since Debut

KNK Stocks Why They’re Hustling Not easy In First Mag Pictorial Since Debut

KNK Stocks Why Theyre Hustling Challenging In First Mag Pictorial Since Debutehk38 July 22, 2016 0 KNK Shares Why Theyre Hustling Hard In First Magazine Pictorial Since Debut Rookie boy staffcapabilities in their first-ever type pictorial since their debut early this year.

In their summery vacation-inspired spread with Singles magazine, which was onceprinted on July 21, the men of KNK hit the sea coast in preppy and informal looks.

In the corresponding interview, KNK talks about what motivates them to hustle hard, having made a comeback with Back Back in June, only one month after wrapping up promotions for their debut.

We worked so hard to debut, and we are worried that we'd be forgotten. Theres no time for us to leisurely rest, KNK shares, pronouncing that they plan on making some other comeback very soon after catching a quickspoil and winding up their in a foreign countryfunctionality schedules.

You can catch KNKs complete pictorial and interview in the cellular August factor of Singles magazine.

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The Legend Stocks Debut Reports and Long term Plans in Mag Pictorial

The Legend Stocks Debut Reports and Long term Plans in Mag Pictorial

The Legend Stocks Debut Studies and Long term Plans in Mag Pictorialnotclaira February 18, 2016 0 LINE it!The Legend Shares Debut Stories and Future Plans in Magazine Pictorial Status at an reasonable height of 183 cm, boy staff The Legend are regularlycreating acall for themselves as the idol marketplace continues to flood in 2016.

The Legend is composed of primary vocaliser and leader Listen, Chinese vocalist Roi, vocalist Jae Hyuk, rapper Lito, and maknae Changsun. The five boys explained that their neighborhood name, whilst technically that means “legend” in Korean, can also be written in Chinese characters that mean, “Rolling snow becomes larger.”

“We greeted Shin Hye Sung sunbaenim the alternative day and he said, ‘Your organization name is The Legend? That’s very identical to ours Shinhwa,’” Lito shared. “We received strength from that and we conceptwe'dneed topaintingsactuallynot easy in the future.”

The group also discussed how they got here to debut. “I was once in heartcollege and going to the supermarket with my friend when anyone came up to me and gave me a trade card,” Changsun said. “They acknowledged to come to an audition. When I told my oldsters or so it, they encouraged me to take the opportunity. Once I went to the audition, I were given contacted and have become a trainee for 4 years.”

Roi shared an analogous story, with the exception of information technologycame about at an acting college in China. “I changed into an simplest child, so my folks were trulyopposed to it,” he said. “But now they’re k amongst it.”

Lito was forgedvia an audition after tagging along side his friend. “I’ve auditioned at JYP before,” he said. “The other auditionees integrated TWICE’s Jungyeon, BTOB’s Yook Sungjae, and B.A.P.’s Youngjae sunbaenim. I made it beyond the preliminaries but I used to beremoved in the finals. My present agency’s representative saw me there and cast me.”

Jae Hyuk, who grew his dreams of converting into a singer while readingin a foreign country in England, was also cast by way of an audition.

During the long interview, The Legend also shared their mind on role models, their day by day lives, average age (higher than many other idol groups), acting and army plans, and their newest song, “Crush On You.”

Finally, they printed their dreams for 2016. “I need 2016 to be a year where my group can work and prosper like we’re doing now,” Jae Hyuk said. “Instead of being disappointed that folk don’t respect us, I would like to go and so hard that folks say, ‘I wish they wouldn’t display up everywhere.’ I would like us to build a excellentsymbol and proveindividualssensible songs.”

Changsun laughed and said, “I wishto have a look at for the Grand Prize at the end-of-year awards ceremonies.”

“Personally I need to give my parents a giftand convey my own song,” Concentrate said. Roi had an identical dream, sharing, “I wish to existnice to my mother. It hurts that I can’t be an excellent son to her because she’s a long way away in China.”

“I favor all our members to stick healthy during our promotions,” Lito concluded.

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9MUSES Stocks  Main points And Summery Teaser Symbol For Debut Of New Sub-Unit

9MUSES Stocks Main points And Summery Teaser Symbol For Debut Of New Sub-Unit

9MUSES StocksMain points And Summery Teaser Symbol For Debut Of New Sub-Unitilmare42 July 21, 2016 0 9MUSES Shares Info And Summery Teaser Image For Debut Of New Sub-Unit 9MUSES has released some new information about the debut of its new sub-unit, 9MUSES A!

On July 22, the crowd shared a teaser image to their reputable social media accounts that includes the sub-unit’s 4individuals basking in the sun with their eyes closed. Here's our 2d glimpse at 9MUSES A after their trailer used to be released on July 21.

The caption to the pictureunearths that the four members in the sub-unit are Kyungri, Hyemi, Sojin, and Keumjo. It becomeprior to now announced that Kyungri might be the leader of 9MUSES A.

In addition, the name for their debut unencumber has also been revealed. They are going to exist making their debut with “Lip 2 Lip,” that will be released on August four at midday KST.

Are you excited for the debut of 9MUSES A?

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FTISLAND Stocks  Information about Upcoming Album On 9th Debut Anniversary

FTISLAND Stocks Information about Upcoming Album On 9th Debut Anniversary

FTISLAND StocksInformation about Upcoming Album On 9th Debut Anniversaryilmare42 June 7, 2016 0 FTISLAND Shares Small print About Upcoming Album On 9th Debut Anniversary To celebrate their 9th debut anniversary with their fanatics on June 7, FTISLANDs Lee Hong Ki joined fellow member Lee Jae Jin on his weekly residedisplay on Navers V app.

Before Lee Hong Ki arrives, Lee Jae Jin shares that the oppositecontributors are sending him text messages in their staff chat room, and asking him to act as their representative by thanking their fans for them. “The members are staring at now though, everyone!” he promises. “We’re going to stayrunningin reality hard.”

“If it’s true that FTISLAND gained love from our fans at firstas a result of luck, regardless of our loss of skill, I suspect now we’re locating our own path. We have gotsuch a lot nosotroswish toprove you,” Lee Jae Jin says.

During the show, Lee Hong Ki joins Lee Jae Jin and talks about their upcoming album, which is in its ultimate stages, with just one more day of recording left.

Lee Hong Ki says, “If you concept we were robust in our outdated album ‘I Will,” this time around we’ll be either polished and powerful. We’ve also attempted new genres.”

He adds, “I felt like I used to be some to die when we were recording the song that Lee Jae Jin wrote.” He also says that all of the songs on their new album were written via them, much like their 2015 album “I Will.”

Are you having a lookahead to a comeback from FTISLAND?

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TWICE Stocks Their Driver And Long term Plans In Cci Pictorial

TWICE Stocks Their Driver And Long term Plans In Cci Pictorial

TWICE Stocks Their Driver And Long term Plans In Céci Pictorialnotclaira Might 20, 2016 0 TWICE Shares Their Driving Force And Future Plans In Céci Pictorial LadycrewTwo timesthese days shot a pictorial for typemag Céci’s June issue.

The photo shoot used to be titled “Cheer Girl” and lines the ladies in most commonly sporty and outdoorsy gear. Interestingly, all the photo shoot and the accompanying video are all in black-and-white.

In the next interview, Nayeon shared, “It’s abnormal simplyto look our song in the song charts. The individuals all waited for the instant the song changed into released. When we saw it upward push in the rankings, we screamed and went crazy. Jungyeon even cried.”

Dayeon added, “It was like a dream. And it’s thank you to our lovers that we’re in a position to dream. We wish topaintingsmore difficultto turnexcellent music and performances in the future.”

When asked what is the reason force for TWICE, maknae Chaeyoung said, “We do two showcases in a year. We get readyso much so we will stand on stage. The moment I stand on stage, I know why I do all that work.”

Jungyeon and Momo added, “Since it’s a dream we had since we were young, we can’t surrender so easily.” Dayeon shared that gazing her sunbaes at JYP gave her the dream to stand on level herself.

About their future plans, Mina said, “We just wish tohave the ability to stand on stage up to possible.” Jihyo and Sana were more specific, short ofto hang their first solo concert soon, whilst Tzuyu said, “I need to volunteer with the entire members.”

The leisure of the pictorial and interview can also bediscovered in Céci’s June issue.

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Tiffany Stocks How Taeyeon Supported Her Solo Debut

Tiffany Stocks How Taeyeon Supported Her Solo Debut

Tiffany Stocks How Taeyeon Supported Her Solo Debutnotclaira Would possibly 17, 2016 0 Tiffany Shares How Taeyeon Supported Her Solo Debut On Could 18, Tiffany gave the impressionat the radio program “Choi Hwa Jung’s Vitality Time” so as to advertise her solo debut, “I Just Wanna Dance.”

“Of the entire Girls’ Generation members, I’m closest with Taeyeon,” Tiffany shared. “I spend the maximum time with her and percentage amongst her all my worries. We cheer each and every other on.”

She added, “For my solo debut, Taeyeon told me that once I take a glance at new things, I might get new perspectives. She also told me that being apprehensive didn’t suit me. A unmarriedbe aware from her like that provides me strength. I rely on her like family. I thinkthe similar with the oppositeindividuals every bit well.

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and Taeyeon are known for being close friends, and it looks as if this has brought them even closer!

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Watch: Girls Generations Tiffany Stocks Teaser Video For Solo Debut With I Just Wanna Dance

Watch: Girls Generations Tiffany Stocks Teaser Video For Solo Debut With I Just Wanna Dance

Watch: Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Stocks Teaser Video For Solo Debut With “I Just Wanna Dance”ilmare42 Would possibly 9, 2016 0 Watch: Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Shares Teaser Video For Solo Debut With “I Just Wanna Dance” Girls’ Generation member Tiffany is getting enthusiasts even more excited for her solo debut with an MV teaser!

On Could 10 at nighttime KST, the teaser for Tiffany’s solo debut MV “I Just Wanna Dance” was once dropped. The music itself is expounded to be encouragedviaunfashionable electronic pop from the 80s, even supposing we dont get to listen much music in the teaser. However, we do get brief glimpses of shots from the MV!

Tiffany could befreeing her first mini album, also entitled “I Just Wanna Dance,” on May additionally 11. Ahead of that, she’ll be webhosting a residedisplay on Naver’s V app at 11 p.m. KST on Also can 10.

She will then be making her solo debut on music presentations on Might 12 thru Mnet’s “M!Countdown,” and going on to accomplish on KBS’s “Music Bank,” MBC’s “Music Core,” and SBS’s “Inkigayo.”

Check out prior to now released teaser pictures for Tiffany’s debut here!

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Hwang In Young Stocks  Top Hopes for VIXXs Hongbin in Mag Pictorial

Hwang In Young Stocks Top Hopes for VIXXs Hongbin in Mag Pictorial

Hwang In Young StocksTop Hopes for VIXX’s Hongbin in Mag Pictorialnotclaira March 17, 2016 0 LINE it!Hwang In Young Shares High Hopes for VIXX’s Hongbin in Magazine Pictorial Actress Hwang In Young lately shot a pictorial with International bnt, highlighting her beyondpaintings equally a model.

The actress embraced a classyglance for the pictorial, dressed in long flowing dresses intendedto rouse the classical lines of Greek goddess statues, in addition more fashionable wool coats and pleated A-line skirts.

Hwang In Young recently played VIXX’s Hongbin’s mom in the drama “Moorim School.” “I think that the scholars suffered way more than I did all over the filming,” she said. “Watching them shoot all evening reminded me of when I did that during the past. It was once a new experience.”

She sounded especially fond of her “son.” “Hongbin had to work as either a singer and actor at some degree in the filming, so it becomechallenging on him,” she said. “Sometimes when I send him a message of support, he replies, ‘Thanks, Mom.’”

About her Television husband, however, Hwang In Young shared, “My acting instructor in high school was Lee Beom Soo. This was our first time assemblyback in twenty years and we went from teacher and student to gambling husband and wife. It was very awkward.”

When asked if she has any high hopes for the young actors in the drama, she said, “Personally, I in reality hope Hongbin does well. I also like the ambience that Search engine marketing Ye Ji carries with her.”

Watch the primary episode of Moorim Faculty below:

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WINNER Stocks Their Inspiration for Sentimental in Nylon Pictorial

WINNER Stocks Their Inspiration for Sentimental in Nylon Pictorial

WINNER Stocks Their Inspiration for “Sentimental” in Nylon Pictorialnotclaira March 17, 2016 0 LINE it!WINNER Shares Their Inspiration for “Sentimental” in Nylon Pictorial Idol team WINNER these days shot a pictorial for Nylon magazine’s April issue! The photo shoot functions serious, yet laid-back photographs of the gangstriking out in quite so much of hotel rooms, adding one emergency exit. Several of the footage are black-and-white to rouse a nostalgic feeling.

WINNER made a comeback in early 2016 after a year-and-a-half-long hiatus. “We were given rid of our uneasiness about the break via working,” Nam Tae Hyun said. “I considered my paintings equally an ‘exit’ from feeling anxious. I used the time to hearothersong and amplify my creative horizons.”

Song Mino also shared the foundationin the back of “Sentimental,” one in their double name tracks off the album “EXIT: E.” “There’s a line that goes, ‘Just taking a look at the ceiling,’” he said. “I work at midnight and when our comeback kept getting driven back, I began feeling sentimental about numerous things. I'dregularly stare at the ceiling. I presumed that ‘Sentimental’ expressed the sentiments of that point well.”

More at the photo shoot can also bediscovered in Nylon’s April issue.

winner exitFortify the artist by purchasing WINNER – Exit : E from YesAsia Source (1)

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Rookie Workforce IMFACT Stocks  Mind on Making Debut and Long term Goals

Rookie Workforce IMFACT Stocks Mind on Making Debut and Long term Goals

Rookie Team IMFACT StocksMind on Making Debut and Long runDreams JiwonYu March 14, 2016 0 LINE it!Rookie Organization IMFACT Shares Thoughts on Making Debut and Future Goals In birthday party of White Day (March 14), rookie group IMFACT paid a marveldiscuss with to an all-girls faculty and wona big welcome from the students.

To percentage their reason whyat the back of this match and pay attention what they wish to say to the fans, IMFACT sat down for an interview to share their thoughts.

Its been 8 weeks since Imfacts debut. The individuals shared how they feel to this point close to having made their debut, saying, Our 50th day since debut is solelyround the corner. We wish to thank all of thefanatics who were loving us so far. Its on account of them that we were in a position to grow in the proper direction. We must feel tired yet were if reality be toldstuffed withpoweras a result of fans support. IMFACT will continue on strongly for the following 50th, 100th, 1000th, and 10000th day since debut.

To spread the affection of this new group, the members explained a little about what charms their are, saying, IMFACTs charms are candyand various like lollipops. Thats one of the cruciallargest pros about this group, in conjunction withthe reality that we are at all times bright and energetic. We wish to turn intoa setthat will cheer up fans who are feeling down. We'd like to give fans joy viageneratingplenty of diverse music.

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