Korea to denationalise  Energy Grid

Korea to denationalise Energy Grid

The executive will in part privatize the facility and fuel grid now monopolized by capacity of state-run KEPCO and Korea Gas Corporation. The purpose is to finish the decades-long monopoly of the state-run firms over the utilities and make the bloated companies more efficient. The measure was once announced in a workshop chaired by President Park Geun-hye for CEOs of state-run companies.Korea, Mexico and Israel are the sole countries in the OECD that experienceno longera minimum of partially privatized their utilities. Non-public businesses will have to sell any electrical energy they produce from sun panels and windmills to KEPCO, which sells them to consumers. Yet the government needs to end KEPCO's monopoly as early as the 2nd onepart of this year so personalcorporations can sell vitalityimmediately to consumers.Critics worry that electricity costsmightupward thrust equallythey have got in many Western countries that privatized their utilities, whilst there are moves afoot in some countries to take the grid back into public hands. But Chae Hee-bong at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and effort said, "Electricity fees for family use still stand at best 60 % of fees in other OECD member nations. The maximum recent reforms are at choppingprices and permitting new power businesses to move into the marketplace quickly".Korea Gas Corporation controls 94 percent of the herbal gas import commercial in the nation. POSCO, GS Energy, SK ES and Korea Midland Power are allowed to import organic gas for their own use but are barred from reselling it. The gas market is to be opened to non-public businesses by 2025.


Korea's Top Pop Acts Hit The Stage With High Energy Performances For Annual Hallyu Dream Festival

Korea's Top Pop Acts Hit The Stage With High Energy Performances For Annual Hallyu Dream Festival

(Photo : Twitter ) Many of South Korea"s hottest pop stars performed over the weekend for one of the country"s biggest music festivals.

The 2015 Hallyu Dream Festival was held at Gyeongju Citizens Stadium on September 20 featuring many popular idol groups and thousands of screaming fans.

The festival was made possible and organized by the Korea Entertainment Producer"s Association and a partnership with the Gyeongsangbuk-do Province Gyeongju City.

For those of us who were not fortunate enough to attend in person, check out the great performances from groups like SISTAR, SHINee, VIXX, and Secret, among many others. Check out the stellar stages from the music festival belor.

Performances From The 2015 Hallyu Dream Festival

VIXX; "Love Equation" and "Error"

April; "Dream Candy"

Nine Muses; "Hurt Locker"

SHINee; "An Encore" and "View"

DIA; "Somehow"

A Pink; "Remember" and "LUV"

Impact; "Kazino"

LU:KUS; "Beautiful"

Boys Republic; "Hello"

MONSTA X; "Rush"

BTOB; "It"s Okay" and "Beep Beep"

GOT7; "Just Right" and "Stop Stop It"

WANNA.B; "Attention"

Oh My Girl; "Cupid"

SISTAR; "Shake It" and "I Swear"

MyB; "My Oh My"

TREN-D; "Jung"

SONAMOO; "Round N Round"

CLC; "Like"

EXID; "Ah Yeah" and "UpDown"

24K; "Hey You"

HIGH4; "Baby Boy"

KARA; "Cupid" and "Mamma Mia"

B1A4; "Sweet Girl" and "Solo Day"


Red Velvet; "Dumb Dumb"

T-ARA; "So Crazy"

Lovelyz; "Hi~"

Berry Good; "My First Love"

Dal Shabet; "Joker"

LABOUM; "Sugar Sugar"

A6P; "Face Off"

SECRET; "Love Is Move" and "Madonna"


Korean drama beginning  as of late 2016/07/20 in Korea

Korean drama beginning as of late 2016/07/20 in Korea

Korean drama beginningnowadays 2016/07/20 in Korea "W" (2016)Directed via Jeong Dae-yoonWritten by Song Jae-jeongNetwork : MBCWith Lee Jong-suk, Han Hyo-joo, Eugene Jung, Lee Tae-hwan, Park Won-sang, Cha Gwang-soo,...16 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisA mysterious melodrama about a parallel universe which depicts a guy and a girl who reside in the similar Seoul yet in other environments.

#Cha Gwang-soo #Eugene Jung #Han Hyo-joo #Jeong Dae-yoon #Lee Jong-suk #Lee Tae-hwan #Park Won-sang #Song Jae-jeong #W #news

FTISLAND Discusses Being A Band In South Korea And Their Aspirations

FTISLAND Discusses Being A Band In South Korea And Their Aspirations

FTISLAND Discusses Being A Band In South Korea And Their Aspirationskminjungee July 19, 2016 0 FTISLAND Discusses Being A Band In South Korea And Their Aspirations Already on their 10 year since their debut, FTISLAND reflects on their music, talks about the band culture in South Korea, and finds their long run aspirations as musicians in a up to date interview on July 19.

They speak about the diminishing marketplace for band music, and how it has develop into a genre that handiest exists on account of its fans, or maniacs, relating to how the genre isn'tpopularamongthe overall public.

The participants explain, Any such inclination seems to be the most severe in our country. Internationally, bands make up the groundwork of music. Our country ceaselesslyhas a tendency to lean againstsomethingby way of diversity in music. However, FTISLAND continues to make song every bit a band regardless of knowing all this purely because they prefer to. Lee Hong Ki also comments, Someday, the technology for bands will come in South Korea.

While theyve been active in the industry for a little over nine years, FTISLAND claims that they feel like they just released their 2nd album, because their newest album, Wheres the Truth?, is their moment album this is entirely self-produced, following I WILL.

The members elaborate that they feel like the largestalternate over the years is being ready to after all sing the kind of music they would like to. They provide an explanation for how in this latest album, they zealously portrayed what they see and feel in the process the lyrics and melodies. Lee Hong Ki says, In the past, there were songs that we didnt like, to the point Identity think, Why am I making a song this?'

As for disagreements, the lead singer replies, Despite the reality that nosotros argue, we solve things on our own privately amongst ourselves, and clarifies, The entire members take part in the production procedure from the very beginning.

FTISLAND then talk about how they glancetoward the future, and would like to age along music, much like the bands they admire and admire.

During the interview, the members also discussed beginning as an indie band in Japan, and how their corresponding storiesformed them into who they are as a band today.

What do you consider their commentary?

FTIsland Vol. 6 - Where's the Truth? yesasia albumjacketFortify the artist by purchasing FTISLAND - Where's the Truth? from YesAsia Source (1)

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GIFs And Pictures Of TWICE’s Nayeon In A gorgeous White Wedding Get dressed  Move Viral In Korea

GIFs And Pictures Of TWICE’s Nayeon In A gorgeous White Wedding Get dressed Move Viral In Korea

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter In a while after posting footage of herself in a marriageget dressed for her teams pictorial with Lotte Duty-FreeTWICENayeon started receiving viral attention for how stunning she looks in white dresses. 

In addition to the marriageclothe she wore for the Lotte photo shoot, Nayeon therefore posted more selfies of herself dressed in a equivalent flower crown and an easy white dress for TWICEs Nature Collection CF song video. Amazed how smartly white clothing complements Nayeons complexion, fanatics have praised her for having a look so stunningly beautiful.

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TV Audience In Korea Surprised And Touched By skill of This Girl’s Tale Of Fight And Triumph

TV Audience In Korea Surprised And Touched By skill of This Girl’s Tale Of Fight And Triumph

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter staring ata up to date episode of popular Korean communicate show Let Me In, audience were surprised to listena shockingly heartbreaking and touching story. 

The episode told the tale of a tendergirl who dressed up and put at the mannerisms of a man, revealing that she began doing so after she used to be sexually assaulted in center school. In spite of her hardened exterior, however, she published that deep within she at all timessought after to transforma hornygirl again, yet felt like she now notmay just with her face and body.

After hearing her heartbreaking story, Let Me In granted her wish by way of paying for her full-body operation, which turned into revealed to price 62,190,000 won (approximately $54,500 USD). Following the surgery, the young woman was ready to with somewhat of luck smile and pose for pictures, warming the hearts of all of the viewers.

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Kim Woo-bin and Suzy's 'Uncontrollably Fond' beats 'Doctors' in Contents Energy Index

Kim Woo-bin and Suzy's 'Uncontrollably Fond' beats 'Doctors' in Contents Energy Index

KBS 2TV's "Uncontrollably Fond" starring Kim Woo-bin and Suzy beat SBS' "Doctors" and ranked first in Contents Energy Index.

According to Nielsen Korea and CJ EM on July 18th, "Uncontrollably Fond" recorded 289.1CPI in the survey of Contents Drive Index, which was onceperformed from July 1st to July 4th. The number beats the list set via tvN's "Oh Hae-Young Again" ranked first all the manner throughold week.

SBS' popular drama, "Doctors" ranked 2d with 267.5 CPI.

MBC's 'King of Mask Singer' took the 3rdposition with 240.7CPI. KBS 2TV's entertainment show, 'Happy Together' recorded 233.4 CPI jumping up the 11 putsupper than its past spot.

#Kim Woo-bin #Suzy #Doctors #Oh Hae-Young Again #Uncontrollably Fond #news

Players to find  the only  position in South Korea “Pokmon Go” works

Players to find the only position in South Korea “Pokmon Go” works

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterPokémon Go has develop into one of the maximum up to date craze ago few weeks since its release, bringing avid avid gamers to explore the space around them.

One specific feature that permitsevery person to play Pokémon Go is Google Maps, which pinpoints sure monuments or structures for players to spot as Gyms or Poké Stops. It may bethe only feature that isn't widely enabled in South Korea.

As South Korea is still technically at war with North Korea, Google Maps has been limited in the rusticthroughthe govtbecause ofsafety concerns. In step with The Verge, Google Maps would possiblyunencumber map knowledgehandiest when key buildings similar toarmyamenities are deleted from its info base.

Though many Koreans are taking a lookahead and are looking ahead tothe sport to come to their country, many have already discovered a loophole and are flocking to Sokcho.

포켓몬 불가지역. 속초 울릉도는 가능 pic.twitter.com/8CwIdBOAi0

According to the map found above, the spaces highlighted are restricted regions mapped by Niantic, the developer behind Pokémon Go. At the pinnaclecorrect of South Korea is Sokcho, a townloose from the restriction. And so, Koreans have made their way to the urban just to play the addicting app game. Bus tickets to Sokcho is reportedly all sold out whilst special excursionprogramswhich come withtravel buses and reserved hotel rooms have popped up on web sites as a distinct deal.

티몬에서ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ속초 셔틀버스가ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ pic.twitter.com/WVf9uPfQHE

The mayors city has welcomed the game, pronouncinghe'llbuilding up the collection ofto be hadtelephone battery stations and free wirelesslocations in Sokcho. Additionally, it's miles reported that the city is filled with Pokemon, with one player having stuck 30 in barely 30 minutes, prompting Sokcho to be nicknamed Pallet Town.*

So if youre ever in South Korea and an avid Pokemon fan, a prevent to Sokcho is a must!

*Pallet The city is in Western Kanto and is the place of birth of Red (or Ash Ketchum in the anime series), the protagonist of the Generation I games.

Image: Sokcho City Facebook Page Image: Sokcho City Facebook Page

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Plastic surgical treatment transformations in Korea continue to impress

Plastic surgical treatment transformations in Korea continue to impress

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSouth Korea is frequentlyoften called the plastic surgical treatment capital of the arenaon account ofpoint of capability Korean plastic surgeons possess. 

In fact, even supposing there have already been many implausible plastic surgical procedure transformations in South Koreas history as the leader in the field, doctors in Korea have persistedto provoke with their skillto totallymodify a patients looks. After seeing one of the mostnewest plastic surgery luckreviews from thankful patients, Korean netizens showered their plastic surgery industry for being such professionals at their craft.

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