Korean-Chinese Co-Production Sweeps Box Office

Korean-Chinese Co-Production Sweeps Box Office

The movie "Bounty Hunters" starring Lee Min-ho posted W20.5 billion in price ticket sales in barely4 days because theunlock in China on Friday (US$1=W1,148).

The film is Lee's first Korean-Chinese co-production and crowned the Chinese box administrative centerat the day of its release with a marketplaceproportion of 26.65 percent.

"Bounty Hunters" beat Hollywood blockbuster sequels "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows", "Independence Day: Resurgence", in addition Taiwan's "Now You spot Me: The 2nd one Act".

Its luckis particularly welcome as old Korean-Chinese co-productions have now not fared well.

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EXO’s Sehun Forged in Joint Korean-Chinese Production

EXO’s Sehun Forged in Joint Korean-Chinese Production

EXOs Sehun Solid in Joint Korean-Chinese Productionkminjungee March 13, 2016 0 LINE it!EXOs Sehun Cast in Joint Korean-Chinese Production On March 14, a representative from SM Entertainment confirms that EXOs Sehun has been cast in the joint Korean-Chinese produced movie, Myo Sung In, and he's going tostart filming someday this month.

When asked about doable scheduling conflicts with EXOs comeback, the representative says, Even supposing that happens, either his EXO promotions and film filming will seamlessly proceed regardless.

Sehuns first acting gig used to bealong his fellow contributors in the internet drama EXO Next Door. He joins the ranks of his members as an actor-(i)dol with this film casting.

Myo Sung In will also superstar actor Liu De Kai and actress Wu Qian. Directed through Park Hee Kon, it goals for a free up sometime right throughthe primarypart of next year.

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f(x) sweeps either Korean and Chinese song charts with '4 Walls'

f(x) sweeps either Korean and Chinese song charts with '4 Walls'

f(x) sweeps either Korean and Chinese song charts with

f(x)"s newest comeback with "4 Walls" is dominating the charts!

The 4-member lady team currently released their comeback album on October 27th, together with their identify track"s MV, drawing attention to the exchange in the group"s musical taste since Sulli has left the group.

Less than an afternoon has passed since f(x)"s liberate and the MV has reached over 780,000 perspectives on Youtube and is dominating in quite so much of charts in both Korea and China. 

Meanwhile, the ladies might be appearing their authentic comeback degree on October 29 on Mnet "M! Countdown".



Chansung To Play An Idol In A Korean-Chinese Production

Chansung To Play An Idol In A Korean-Chinese Production


2PM"s Chansung has become the latest k-celeb to sign on for a Chinese production. He will appear in the musical film titled "I Wanna Hold Your Hand." It is a title inspired a Beatles song.

This coming of age film is actually a collaborative effort between Korea"s JYP Entertainment and the Chinese entertainment company East Entertainment Group.

According to a JYP representative, Hwang Chansung will appear as G.O., the youngest member of Stars, a once popular idol group.

That"s fitting because in real life, Chansung, 24, is also the youngest member of the band 2PM. Except that in real life, 2PM is still popular.

The JYP representative said that the singer and actor plays a supporting role to fellow JYPE actor Wei Da Xun, who has been cast as the film"s lead.

Chansung"s character in the film "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" is named D.O. He is described as a quirky spontaneous genius composer. D.O. is so spontaneous that his impulsive actions often land him in trouble. And if he is in trouble, the rest of the group also has a problem.

Chansung is currently shooting his first film "Red Carpet." The romantic comedy tells the story of a romance between a porn director and a former child actress. In that film Chansung plays Dae Yun, a member of the director"s filming crew. Hwang Chansung also has drama acting experience, having appeared in the Korean dramas "Unstoppable High Kick," "Level 7 Civil Servant" and the Japanese drama "Kaito Royale."

More JYP idols may also appear in the film, as the musical will feature singing and dancing.

So, it"s fitting that the director has music video credentials. Hwang Soo, who created music videos for Infinite"s "Chaser," IU"s "Good Day" and Ga In"s "Bloom" will direct the film.

Korean actors and idols have become increasingly popular in China. And there is a greater demand for them to appear in Chinese films and dramas. Song Seung Hoon, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Tae Hee, Kim Bum, miss A"s Gia and Kwon Sang Woo are all either considering roles or have recently taken roles in a Chinese film or drama.

In 2013 a Beijing newspaper Cheonbao said that Korean actors had taken as many as 10 leading roles since 2011, while they only filled 20 roles in the previous decade.

"I Wanna Hold Your Hand" is expected to premiere in 2015.


[Video] Upcoming tri-production of chinese, japanese and korean movie

[Video] Upcoming tri-production of chinese, japanese and korean movie "Speed Angels"

Added the upcoming tri-production of chinese, japanese and korean movie "Speed Angels"'s page to HanCinema database (2010)

Directed by Ma Cho-seong

With Tang Wei, Han Jae-seok, Cecilia Cheung,...


Three women chase their dreams of becoming professional race-car drivers.

One year ago, professional race car driver Han Bing (Rene Liu) is in Tokyo getting fitted for wedding the next day. She receives a text message that her fiance is at a Tokyo hotel having an affair with another woman. Han Bing goes to the hotel with her sister and finds her fiance Asano (Kazuki Kitamura) cheating on her with her best friend and racing teammate Yu Mei (Cecilia Cheung). She chases them out the hotel and proceeds to follow them in her car. Her sister seriously injures her leg in an accident. Han Bing retires from racing and turns to alcohol for comfort.

Now, Han Bing is offered a chance to rejoin her racing team "Speed Angels" by racing coach Gao Feng (Han Jae-seok) and compete for a prize that can pay for her sister's hospital bills. Han Bong accepts.

Gao Feng goes to the a bank in Shanghai to pay (Tang Wei) and offers her a large amount of money to catch the robbers. Yu Mei zooms through the streets of Shanghai and Gao Feng takes notice of her remarkable driving skills. Gao Feng later recruits Yu Mei to join the "Speed Angels". Meanwhile, Yu Mei suffers from a traumatic childhood incident that makes her crumble under pressure. Can the "Speed Angels" win the competition?

Release date in Korea : 2013/01/17


Korean Videos  End up Box-Office Gold

Korean Videos End up Box-Office Gold

Moviegoers purchase tickets at a cinema in Gangnam, southern Seoul on Sunday. /Newsis

The full of life zombie flick "Train to Busan" attracted more than 10 million audience equally of Sunday, the 14th domestic movieto prevail in the feat. The Korean War film "Operation Chromite" has already pulled in over five million viewers, whilst epic "The Ultimate Princess", attracted more than 1 million in its first 4 days.

According to the Korean Film Council, 26.2 million film tickets were sold last month, up 11.9 % from the similar calendar month concluding year. And 15.77 million were for domestic movies, up 40.4 percent. This has raised hopes that more than two Korean videosmaydraw in more x million viewers this summer, outdoing last year's double coup with "The Assassination" and "Veteran"."Train to Busan" used to beno longernoticed as a significant contender even tillthe start of this month, because Korean viewers had no longerthus far taken zombies to their hearts. Yetpossibly to its skillful blend of crisis movie, zombie horror and circle of relatives values, it has develop into a hit."Operation Chromite" noisily appeals to patriotic audiences who are undeterred via the deficientexperiences and celebrates the unsung heroes of the noted Incheon Touchdown that grew to become the tide in the war. "The Last Princess" could also be winning over audiences with a mix of melodrama and history.But Korean films failed to account for a majority percentage in the primarypart of this year, finishing up with a 46.3 percent stake. They were beaten by usual Hollywood fare like "Zootopia" and "Captain America: Civil War", regardless that "Jason Bourne" and "Suicide Squad" didn't do in addition expected. The get started of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil has so a long way had little affect on price ticket sales as maximumoccasions were held in the early morning hours Korean time. The listing hot weather also is having a favorableeffect on ticket sales. Movie industry analyst Kim Hyoung-ho said, "Theater attendance rises on days when the mercury soars above 30 degrees Celsius, in particular for Korean-made movies". Air-conditioned theaters supply an without difficultyobtainable refuge, and the ones who are pressed for time have a tendencyto selectmotion pictures amongst a transparent message, which has a tendency to desire mainstream Korean films.

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Korean K-Pop Lovers Are Star-Struck Over The glorious thing about IU’s Chinese Counterpart In New Drama

Korean K-Pop Lovers Are Star-Struck Over The glorious thing about IU’s Chinese Counterpart In New Drama

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterIn anticipation for IUs upcoming drama Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, many fanatics take done a little researchat theusual Chinese drama on which the series was once based. 

In having a look up more information about the original Scarlet Heart drama, however, many Korean fans have fallen in love with the superb thing about Cecilia Liu (Liu Shishi), the actress who played the feminine role now played by potential of IU. Noting her fair skin and wonderful features, many Koreans have turn into fans of the Chinese actress on account of her overwhelming visuals.

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Police record submitted after Korean and Chinese enthusiasts  get started brawl at GOT7’s Hong Kong concert

Police record submitted after Korean and Chinese enthusiasts get started brawl at GOT7’s Hong Kong concert

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterDuring GOT7s recent FLY World Excursionprevent in Hong Kong, a physical altercation between a Korean fan and a Chinese fan ended in police involvement. 

According to reports, a physical brawl took place after a Korean fan rested her DSLR camera at the shoulder of a Chinese fan who was oncestatus in front of her. Whilstlookingto take away the camera from her shoulder, the Chinese fan allegedly knocked over the Korean fanatics glasses, causing the Korean fan to physically attack her.

After hearing what had happened, many Korean netizens have condemned the Korean fan for her loss of manners and admire while traveling to a foreign country, agreeing that the Chinese fan becomenow not to blame for the incident.

Check out the track video for GOT7s newest comeback Fly below:

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Korean Netizens Livid At Chinese Fan For Sneaking A Kiss With G-Dragon At Contemporary Event

Korean Netizens Livid At Chinese Fan For Sneaking A Kiss With G-Dragon At Contemporary Event

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterA Chinese fan has come belowhearth after sneaking a kiss on BIGBANGs G-Dragon all through an match in China. 

According to accounts from fanatics who attended the event, the lady pretended that she was oncelooking to whisper anything into G-Dragons ear, causing him to inch closer to her face. When he changed into close enough, however, she sneaked a kiss on his cheek, causing him to react in surprise and grow to be flustered.

While some Korean fans jokingly expressed their jealousy at the lovely kiss, others have strongly criticized the fortunate fan for kissing G-Dragon without his consent, likening the location to sexual assault.

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Korean Lovers  Livid At Chinese Imposters Claiming To Be The “Official” WINNER Idol Group

Korean Lovers Livid At Chinese Imposters Claiming To Be The “Official” WINNER Idol Group

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterA Chinese crew has come belowfireplacecurrently for blatantly copying YG EntertainmentWINNER and even going so some distance as claiming that theyre the genuine WINNER. 

With the Chinese impostors copying the complete lot from WINNERs outfits and posters to the teams history, lovers accept expressed their contempt for the copycats. In fact, after seeing that the Chinese community is profiting off their plagiarism by way offunctioning at clubs and keeping their own concerts, many fans have demanded action from YG Entertainment at the behalf of WINNER.

Check out the authentictune video for WINNERs newest song Sentimental below:

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