Korean Media Mavens Speculate Why Such so much of Male K-Pop Idols Develop into  Occupied with Scandals

Korean Media Mavens Speculate Why Such so much of Male K-Pop Idols Develop into Occupied with Scandals

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterA Korean tv program currently invited a panel of media mavensto discuss about why such so much of first generation male idols are changing intofocused on scandals. 

While the experts werent ready to get a grasp of one unmarried explanation, many agreed that being a phase of the entertainment industry and being watched over through their skill agencies certainlycharacteristic to a feeling of insurrection later in life.

According to veteran host Kim Gura, Male idols are very ignorant and blameless while theyre signed beneatha large company. When they leave, however, its like they hit puberty again.

After hearing what Kim Gura had to say, Heo Ji Woong added, Girl teams arent expected to final too long. The contributorsselect their paths temporarily following the finishin their careers. Yet male idols have longer careers as idol team members, explaining that their prolonged careers followed by a past due puberty may smartly be problematic.

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Kpop Discussion: Is Korean Government Conspiring With Social Media To Quiet Deeper Scandals With Petty Scandals Involving Idols

Kpop Discussion: Is Korean Government Conspiring With Social Media To Quiet Deeper Scandals With Petty Scandals Involving Idols

sangchu, se7en, scandal

Kpop Discussion: Is Korean Government Conspiring With Social Media To Quiet Deeper Scandals With Petty Scandals Involving Idols? seven

As most of you might have already known, on June of this year, there was a massive scandal that was unveiled; Se7en and Sangchu were caught on their way to a massage palor, and yes ladies and gents we are talking about the ones with a happy ending.

After such an outbreak, and in South Korea media no less, the flames fuming from this controversy are still burning bright. Now, the concern at hand here is: is the government involved in making sure that these celebrity soldiers are taken care of?

Another pressing matter to be addressed; is the government involved at all? With very little knowledge of how the system works in Korea, I can only go into this with what I have read through forums and such regarding the relationship between the government and Korean Media.

According to certain comments posted online, the blame is being split in many ways so the controversy of a possible conspiracy could land on the heads of any of them. There is a bullet reserved for YG, and one for the government. General consensus is that the Korean government has a sector that specializes in documentation of "scandalous" celebrity articles which can be used to stray the attention away from more government/social related media. It's basically the government spreading a collected article of rumors to cover up the truth or at least confuse people enough to no longer pay attention.

With this kind of contrived tactic, it would make you wonder why the government would go at such great lengths to keep soldier celebrities from being in the limelight for too long. Well, the celebrity soldiers are obviously under the government's wing and that could shed some light to the connection.

The Korean government is a complicated, massive web, and if there are people who are working on this strategic plan, then chances are there are one or two who are more closely related to the soldier celebrities. The reason why YG is being placed on the chopping block is simply for the same reasons, but to dig up other rumors for the sake of hiding a new one is supposedly a little too damaging for their name.

What do you guys think?


Korean Media Spotlights Irresponsible “2nd Gen” K-Pop Idols With Violent And Crook Behavior

Korean Media Spotlights Irresponsible “2nd Gen” K-Pop Idols With Violent And Crook Behavior

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWith the hot negative exposure aimed at male idol staff members, netizens have indexed down the 2nd one generation male idols who have run into hassle so far. 

Recently, enthusiastswere bombarded with a lot of go ins with the law beginning alongside Kangin’s under the impact of alcoholriding incident where he hit a streetlight and fled the scene of the crime. With the investigations beneath fashionbecause of conflicting statements, Kangin has been excused from all of his scheduled commitments so as to reflect. Recently, the singer and entertainer used to be too defendant of wasting his cool after he became photographed faintly smiling on his way to the prosecutor’s office.

Right after Kangin, Yoochun was also charged with a other offence and was accused of sexually assaulting a feminineemployee at an adult entertainment establishment. After being summoned at the prosecutor’s office, it was came upon that the act was consensual and the feesopposed to him dropped.

Meanwhile, with Kangin and Yoochun coming to gentle with their contemporary respective scandals, other moment generation male idols discussed in the list are Kim Hyun Joong for his allegedly abusing his former female friend and 2PM’s Nichkhun for his old drunk driving scandal.

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Korean claim those male idols are unsightly AND good-looking at the similar time

Korean claim those male idols are unsightly AND good-looking at the similar time

9kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Physical attractivenessis important in the entertainment industry, and without the physical appeal, it will also beslightlytricky for an idol to gain popularity. 

However, netizens lately discussed a couple of male idols who look likeunsightly at first, yet after some timeseem to be very good-looking to fans. Even supposingthis canappear to be a paradox, this phenomenon has took place alongside several other popular male idols.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

ㅋㅋㅋ Seriously you cant ignore Daesung with this one. All male idols glance like flower boys, but if he debuted, each person was shocked. I also wonder why he used to be an idol, but as he grew up, his charms and visuals have becmoe so handsome ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ hes seriously just so handsome.. why is he so cool

Sunggyu too ㅋㅋ in the beginningother folks reacted strongly, announcing he appeared like an ahjussi, but now hes become one of the maximum efficient idols. He has the most enthusiasts out of the participants of INFINITE. The more I glance at him, the more handsome he gets.. in order that cool

ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Like Daesung, Dongwoo seriously gainedsuch a lotcomplaint when he debuted because he become ugly. The primary fourth dimension 1 saw Dongwoo I also concept he was in point of fact ugly.. but ever since Destiny, hes change into and so handsome. Seriously, even though youre ugly, while youunderstand howto take merit of the camera, you look so cool. He has a flower boy air of secrecy and hes cool as well. Out of the Endless members, I love Sunggyu and Dongwoo the most.

At first, I used to becertain that he was some sort of gangster. Individuals had very divided reviews about his looks, but to me, he just looked too violent to be regarded as handsome.. But hes seriously cool Hes great at rapping, knows how to dress, composes wellseriously hes so persuading. Hes no less than in the pinnacle 3 among idols. Im trulypleased with him

At first I presumed that his face was too round, which made me wonder whether he was black. But hes really professional and his voice is so sexy. He can pull off any clothes. When I appearance at him, he seems like a grotesque but chic.

And theres iKONs Bobby and BIGBANGs Taeyang too

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at thecustomary article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

259, 41 While youget started stanning Sungkyu a peculiar phenomenon starts taking place where he startsto seem like the most handsome user in the world

201, 80 Daeseung.youre the bestlooks so excellent in genuine life..

199, 52 Till I stanned him I thought he looked like a horsebut now I dont know what has passed off and he looks like the most handsome member too me..

102, 9 He make my center flutter when he smiles

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Korean Media Mavens  Select  The head  five  Easiest Korean Dramas of 2015

Korean Media Mavens Select The head five Easiest Korean Dramas of 2015

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAs the finish of 2015 draws near, the pinnacle five South Korean dramas for the year for either public broadcasting and cable channels had been named by capacity of Korean news site, OSEN.

Kickstarting 2015 with MBCKill Me Heal Me, this drama began its 20-episode run in January, gaining compliment for the easiest chemistry mixture between Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum. From Ji Sungs portrayal of 7other personalities to the cringing bromance moments between Ji Sung and Park Search engine marketing Joon, the drama was onceneatlyenjoyed from get started to end, hitting highest viewership ratings of 15%.

One shortcoming may well be the predictable ending, yethowever the acting abilities are undeniable. It may be less widely recognized to many audience that here isin factthe 2d one drama Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum shared as the major couple; the 2 starred in KBS Secret Love in 2013.

Coming up next is KBS Who Are You Faculty 2015, which brought its many young 90s-born actors and actresses to the followingpoint of fame. The drama aired its 16 episodes in the midst of the year. There were initial worries of the drama no longerappearingto boot as School 2013, but ratings picked up later and ended with a 11.7% score in the closing episode.

While the drama capitalized on CG effects as Kim So Hyun took on a double role acting as twins, male leads Yook Sungjae and Nam Joo Hyuk were on their way to stardom, both named as hot acting novices of the year.

JTBCMy Love Eundong also aired mid-2015, but turned into less well known equally it aired on a cable channel. Having 16 episodes, the romance drama revolves round the revival of a first love tale between Joo Jin Mo and Kim Sa Rang. This also gave Kim Sa Rang the opportunity to be nominated in two drama awards. And now not forgetting to mention, GOT7s Jr. furthered his acting occupation alongside his appearance.

Starring Joo Won and Kim Tae HeeYong Pal is an 18-episode series that started airing in August on SBS. With the naturalaim of saving his sisters life, Yong Friend went from the extent of giving unlawfulclinicalremedy to gangsters to entertaining VIP prospects at a hospital. With his sense of righteousness, Yong Pal wakes up Han Yeo Jin, who was deliberately put into a 3-year coma.

Although some critics would possibly say the drama is over-rated, Yong Pal saw secure two-digit viewership ratings, with its record-breaking 21.9% observed at episode 8. Tv broadcasting channels out of doors of South Korea fought demanding to air the drama in their countries and also to bring in Joo Won through fanmeetings.

Last but not least, the tvN drama Reply 1988 which is still ongoing will continue to air until its 20th episode next January. There were initial doubts about Girls Days Hyeri starring as the feminine lead, but many were pleasantly surprised. Male lead Ryoo Joon Yeol also is seeing expanding popularity although he simplest debuted in acting this year.

This drama is the 3rd season of the Reply series, after luckreviews of Reply 1997 and Reply 1994. Despite airing on a cable channel, viewerships ratings peaked at 16.6% and there are still hopes of achievingupper numbers.

A few drama viewers were disappointed that a few other dramas were not named in the original OSEN article, reminiscent of MBCs She Was Pretty, tvNs Oh My Ghostess, and SBS’ Punch. In comparable news, netizens have voiced out their own reviews about the end 10 dramas for 2015.

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Korean K-Pop Enthusiasts  Talk about Male Idols That Glance  Precisely The Same

Korean K-Pop Enthusiasts Talk about Male Idols That Glance Precisely The Same

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterMale idols are all good-looking and unique, yet theres no denying that some idols share one of the vital same facial features. 

In fact, a contemporary postal service about some male idols who glance very very identical toevery other has attracted a massive number of attention these days online. In position of debating opposed to the post, however, maximum netizens have agreed that the idols do appearance alike to a undeniable extent, posting more picturesto turn their similarities.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

B.A.Ps Daehyun and GOT7s Jr

WINNERKang Seung Yoon and Block Bs Zico

B1a4Baro and WINNERs Song Mino

Koreaboo has accumulated reactions from Netizens who commented at thecustomary article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

109, 1 Baro and Mino are even similar in skin tone ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

105, -7 Im old and I dont like idols but I love Baro and Mino ㅋㅋㅋ theyre either sosexy

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10 Male Korean Actors And K-Pop Idols Work Pink Suits

10 Male Korean Actors And K-Pop Idols Work Pink Suits

Male Korean actors and K-pop idols rock suits on a regular bases on the red carpet and in magazine pictorials. As the ultimate, traditional medium of opulence and elegance, suits have the unmistakable and wordless power of making a person feel powerful and (regardless of age) grownup.

Despite the various trends, from tie accessories to colorful blazers, in suit fashion, the monochromatic tuxedo is still the go-to item for high-profile events. But the custom is changing. Bold, bright suits and pieces with psychedelic patterns are becoming the statement pieces of various stars, including Big Bang"s T.O.P and JYJ"s Junsu.

However, pink is taking over the pages of style magazines. The color, which is traditionally regarded as feminine, is quickly becoming an androgynous shade that can showcase sophistication, fun, and mystery. Below is a list of ten actors and K-pop idols who have rocked pink suits for magazines.

1. [Bangtan Boys] Jin in W Korea December (2014) Issue

(Photo : W Korea)

2. [JYJ] Jaejoong in BNT International December (2014) Issue

(Photo : BNT International)

3. [Big Bang] Taeyang in Vogue July (2014) Issue

(Photo : Vogue) 4. [Super Junior] Kangin in Ceci February Issue

(Photo : Ceci) 5. Hong Jong Hyun For Jill Stuart Love Edition Accessory Collection

(Photo : Jill Stuart) 6. [2PM] Wooyoung in The Star October 2014 Issue

(Photo : The Star) 7. [CNBLUE] Jung Shin in Ceci March Issue

(Photo : Ceci) 8. [GOT7] JB in Oh Boy! Magazine Vol. 47

(Photo : Oh Boy! Magazine) 9. Jang Yoon Joo in 1st Look Vol. 73

(Photo : 1st Look) 10. [EPIK HIGH] Mithra in ize Magazine November (2014) Issue

(Photo : ize Magazine) ---

About the Author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of KPopBreak.com. She"s a coffee addict, K-pop enthusiast, fashion lover and one of the few remaining members of the Church of Kristianity.


Some Korean idols got trouble with big scandals

Some Korean idols got trouble with big scandals

Kim Hyun Joong

There are two Korean actors getting trouble with major scandals this year. Actor Kim Hyun Joong is one of them. Because he beated his girlfriend, he must face up with the police. However, his charges were reduced. The other, Lee Byung Hun, is focusing on his work in the U.S., having lost many advertising deals in Korea. Lee Byung Hun was the victim of a blackmail attempt. While he is the victim in this case, he has apologized for any of his own actions that might have led him to be so vulnerable.

Both actors sustained damage to their careers. But how long will the effects of the scandal last? The only way to guess is to examine past scandals and see how long the negative effects lasted.

Two recent examples are Park Shi Hoo and Park Si Yeon. Park Shi Hoo was accused of sexual assault for relations he said were consensual. The charges were dropped but his career was put on hold for over a year. He was cast in a Chinese film. When he first considered returning to the small screen, the reaction was negative. It was too soon. He declined the role. He was recently cast in the film "Love After Love" with Yoon Eun Hye. It had been a year and a half since his last work in Korea. This time there was some negative reaction but not much.

Last year Park Si Yeon was one of three actresses who were convicted of abusing the narcotic propofol. She claimed that she had been prescribed the drug to treat pain from injuries she sustained on set. The court ruled she had abused the drug and sentenced her to jail time while she was pregnant with her first child. She remained at home for a few months but is now acting again, playing the lead role in the drama "The Greatest Marriage."

Han Ye Seul, currently starring in "Birth of a Beauty" had a career-related scandal. Three years ago, she walked off the set of the drama "Spy Myeong Wol," claiming exhaustion. This made her an undesirable, unreliable actress to work with but now she is in demand again.

Two other popular actors were involved in a scandal that had to do with their military duty. Both Jang Hyuk, who starred in "Fated To Love You" and Song Seung Hoon, last seen in the film "Obsessed," tampered with their urine tests so they would not have to serve mandatory military duty. Altering the tests made it seem as if they were too sick to serve. The actors both apologized and enlisted, resuming their careers after they were discharged. They came back stronger than ever.

Viewers forgive and forget. It may take a while for Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Byung Hun to recover from at least some of the damage done to their careers, but it is possible. What do you think they need to do?


Top Korean male Idols looking good in suits

Top Korean male Idols looking good in suits

In the fact, suit is considered formal attire for males. They usually wear suits for special occasions and events. Whether it be for a cocktail party, wedding, reunion, funeral, or a job interview, looking good in a suit is top priority. When guys wearing suits, they look amazing and confident. We choose 20 Korean idols looking stylish and completely dapper in suits! Let's see!

1. T.O.P

Big Bang's T.O.P looks stylish in his maroon colored tie-less suit!

2. Kim Woo Bin

Kim Woo Bin looks like a classic babe in his black suit and adorable bow tie.

3. Daniel Henney

Daniel looks very stylish in this Gatsby-like suit!

4. Lee Soo Hyuk

Lee Soo Hyuk,the model-turned-actor, looks fantastic in this grey ensemble. His charcoal tie also compliments the suit really well!

5. Lee Joon Ki

The skinny tie goes really well with this simple black suit, and the bandage adds an air of toughness to an otherwise elegant outfit!

6. So Ji Sub

The Master's Sun star looks very dapper in this retro suit complete with the large watch.

7. Ok Taecyeon

Taecyeon looks like he could be a pilot from the 1960's in his suit!

8. Jung Yong Hwa

Yong Hwa looks chic in this striped suit! The high(er) boots are a main point of the outfit, and they add a dressed-down feeling to a suit that is otherwise over the top.

See Joo Won and Shim Eun Kyung make beautiful music together in Tomorrow’s Cantabile 9. Kim Soo Hyun

This suit looks adorably stylish on Kim Soo Hyun, and it gives off a Clark Kent vibe as well. Just need glasses to complete the look!

10. John Cho

Another tie-less suit that looks great on John Cho! The button left open in the top is a nice touch!

11. Joo Won

Joo Won looks elegant and stylish in this ensemble!

12. Rain

This suit is really fitted, so it compliments Rain's muscles!

13. Jay Park

The combination of Jay's suit and his tattoos make him both stylish and edgy!

14. Kim Jong Kook  Lee Kwang Soo

Both of these men are absolutely hilarious, but they also look great in suits!

15. Onew

SHINee's Onew looks like an effortless model in his suit!

16. Steven Yeun

Steven Yeun, The Walking Dead heartthrob, looks wonderful in this suit, especially when compared to the usual clothing from the show!

17. Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk looks unique in his suit because he paired a plain top with a floral/animal printed pair of pants!

18. Park Yoo Chun

Not many people can pull off a brightly colored suit, but Park Yoo Chun is one of them!

19. Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho will look good in anything that he wears (even ugly sweaters!) but he just looks so handsome while wearing a suit!

20. Song Jae Rim

Song Jae Rim looks angelic in this all white suit!

All of these men just look so amazing! I mean, who doesn't love a man in a suit? Who are your favorites?

Source: Dramafever


5 Incredibly Handsome Korean Male Idols in School Uniform

5 Incredibly Handsome Korean Male Idols in School Uniform


Weve featured male idols shirtless and in suits, so why not school uniforms? As one of the most common pieces of clothing for kids in Korea, its no wonder that many idols have also featured in the clothing before! Check out our list of 5 Incredibly Handsome Korean Male Idols in School Uniform 

1. EXO







3. BTS



4. B1A4


5. SHINee



BONUS SHINEE! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ