Korean Women's Lifespan Among World's Longest

Korean Women's Lifespan Among World's Longest

The reasonablelifestyles expectancy of Korean girls reached 85.5 years final year, making them the 3rd longest-lived in the world. Yet for Korean men the life expectance handiest stood at 78.8 and a middling 18th in the world. When it comes toblended life expectancy Korea ranked 10th, but the 6.7-year hole between ladies and menused to bethe maximum important in the head 10.A contemporary WHO fileacknowledged women in Japan had the longest life expectancy with 86.8 years, followed via Singapore with 86.1, and Spain and Korea with 85.5. Next got here France (85.4), Switzerland (85.3), Australia (84.8) and Italy (84.8).In 2012, Korean women only had the seventh-longest life expectancy. The average life expectancy of Korean women greater 3.6 years from 2005 to 2014, whilst in Eu countries like Sweden and Estonia it rose just 1.2 to 3.5 years.Swiss men were the longest-lived at 81.3 years, followed by Iceland (81.2), Australia (80.9), Sweden (80.7), Israel (80.6) and Japan (80.5).

Why the large gap between males and females in Korea? For something the death rate from cancer is 1.6 times upper than among women. The death rate from lung and abdomen cancer among men is 2.8 and 1.8 times better than among women. "Cancer has a top correlation with smoking, and the adaptation reflects the smoking rate among men, the easiest in the OECD", said Park Eun-cheol at Yonsei University School of Medicine.Men's death rate from liver cancer and other liver sicknesses is 3 times higher than among women because men generally tend to workoutsome distancelower than women and are developing gradually more obese.Men also drink and pressure more than women, because of this more die in traffic accidents, and they'remuch more likely to devote suicide.


17 Exotic Half-Korean Celebrities Which are  The maximum efficient Of Either Worlds

17 Exotic Half-Korean Celebrities Which are The maximum efficient Of Either Worlds

2kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter There’s no denying that combinedyoung children are the absolute adorable, and so it comes as no wonder that part Korean celebrities are surprising beautiful!

There are many noted Korean celebrities that come from mixed backgrounds, and we put in combinationa listing of one of themaximumwidely known in this selection titled, “17 Exotic And wonderful Half-Korean Celebrities!

17 Amazingly Beautiful Half of Korean CelebritiesBy skill of Koreaboo

There’s no denying that mixed babies are the absolute cutest, and so it comes as no surprise that half Korean celebrities are tremendousgood-looking and beautiful!!

Crystal KayBy Koreaboo

Crystal was once born and raised in Japan below a Korean mom and an American father. Her oldsters were either talented musicians as well. Her mother sang professionally and her father played instruments!

David Lee MclnnisBy Koreaboo

Half Korean and half German-Scottish, Davids smoldering eyes and smile is unmistakable.

Half Korean and half Japanese, Simon is one of the sexiest idols in the K-Pop industry.

Julien KangBy Koreaboo

Julien Kang became born between a Korean father and a French mother. He receivedpopularitythroughout the sitcom Top Kick Thru the Roof and is active in the Korean acting scene.

Dennis Oh famous for his gorgeous smile was born between a Korean father and an American mother

Daniel HenneyBy Koreaboo

This chiseled god of a guy was born between an American father and a Korean mother.

Yoon Mirae/ TashaBy Koreaboo

Yoon Mira, aka Tasha is referred to as the queen of hip hop. Half Korean and Half African-American, she is married to Tiger JK and a mother to a horny boy named Jordan.

Shannon WilliamsBy Koreaboo

Former Five Dolls member Shannon, is half Korean and half Welsh. She made her solo debut recently.

Sean DulakeBy Koreaboo

Sean Richard Dulake was born in Los Angeles, California, USA, between a Korean mother and an British father, and gained fame in Athena: Goddess of War

Half Korean and Half American Ricky Kim gained popularity at the first season of Law of the Jungle. Many lovers were disappointed when they discovered out that he was already married and the father of 2

Mizuhara Kiko/ Audrie Kiko DanielBy Koreaboo

Born between a Korean mother and an American father Mizuhara Kiko was born in Japan and is currently active as a Easternfashion and actress.

Kangnam (M.I.B)By Koreaboo

Born between a Korean mother and a Japanese father, Kangnam is readilybecoming more popular with his quirky and adorable personality.

Tia (Chocolat)By Koreaboo

Half Korean and Half German/Puerto Rican Tia stole the hearts of many fans when she debuted.

Melanie (Chocolat)By Koreaboo

Half Korean and half German/Italian, Melanie is famend for her killer smile.

Juliane (Chocolat)By Koreaboo

Half Korean and half German/Italian, Juliane is a attractiveness by any cultural criteria

Ursula MayesBy Koreaboo

This half Korean cosmetic is a true sight to behold!

Seventeens VernonBy Koreaboo

Vernon is a half-Korean, half-American idol who these days debuted as a member of Seventeen. After acting on Display me the money his popularity shot up for his impressive rap skills.

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Korean researchers develop worlds first high-resolution CCTV

Korean researchers develop worlds first high-resolution CCTV

Korean researchers have developed the worlds first high-resolution CCTV system, which clearly shows people`s faces recorded at the distance of 60m. The system, which was disclosed on Tuesday by Security Recognition Technology Research Laboratory at Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS), interworks with three cameras to monitor an area, which is 64 times larger at maximum than the area covered by existing surveillance system. As the cameras are able to record 30 peoples faces per minute, the new CCTV system is expected to provide great assistance when chasing a criminal suspect or performing crime prevention activities.

The existing security CCTV is not equipped with zoom-in function. Recorded faces can be recognized only when the faces were captured within 7.2 meter distance in radius due to the low resolution. Still, CCTVs with that resolution (7.2-meter distance level) account for only 30 percent of the entire surveillance videos installed across the nation. The maximum distance which allows users to recognize recorded faces is only 2.7 meters for 70 percent of CCTVs in Korea.

The researchers created the new CCTV system combining a thermal infrared camera that can perceive 34-37 degrees in Celsius, which is equivalent to human body temperature, a camera that can film wide areas at a 45 degree angle, and another camera that can zoom in up to thirty times. While the surveillance system monitors a wide area, if the infrared camera recognizes moving human body, the third camera zooms in and films the moving persons face.

This system consists of three cameras and a computer to process and transmit recorded data. Installation cost per one unit (100 million won, or approx. USD 89,700) is higher than the existing system (30 million won per unit, or approx. USD 26,910). But the new CCTV system does not require to have a data processing system in the master control room. As the new system covers wide areas, it is not necessary to install CCTVs every seven or eight meters, which makes the overall installation cost lower than that of existing CCTVs.


Upcoming Korean Web-drama

Upcoming Korean Web-drama "Thumping Spike 2"

Added the impending Korean Web-drama "Thumping Spike 2"'s page to HanCinema database"Thumping Spike 2" (2016)Directed through Kim Jin-yeong-IIWritten by Choi Ji-yeon-IWith Kim So-eun, Lee Won-geun,...Synopsis'Thumping Spike 2' will continue to bring the delightful thrills throughout theyounger and heartwarming tale close to the volleyball team participants and their coach. The youthful athletes find out about team paintings and lifestylesgambling the intensely competitive and dynamic sports, volleyball together. 'Thumping Spike 2' can be more exciting and dynamic than its prequel "Thumping Spike".Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016

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Upcoming Korean film

Upcoming Korean film "Wonderful Existence - 2016"

Added the approaching Korean film "Wonderful Lifestyles - 2016"'s page to HanCinema database"Wonderful Life - 2016" (2016)Directed by potential of Jo Won-hee-IWith Ma Dong-seok, Kim Yeong-kwang, Lee Yoo-young,...SynopsisBased in Hongseong, Choongchung-namdo, a Judo trainer named Jang-soo (Ma Dong-seok), who thinks simplest about his circle of relatives after wasting his wife, meets a policeman named Tae-jin (Kim Yeong-kwang) who cannot stand injustice.Release date in Korea : 2016

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Upcoming Korean film

Upcoming Korean film "Russian Mom"

Added the impending Korean film "Russian Mom"'s page to HanCinema database"Russian Mom" (2016)Directed by capability of Choi Won-joon-IWith Rina, Kang Ye-na, Kim Do-hee, Yoon Se-hyeong, Ahn Min-sang,...SynopsisMom, we have a secret of our own.Jang-ho who dreams of turning into a chef is lovelywith reference to his dad Yeong-soo; adequateto talk about his female friend and they reside alone. One day, Yeong-soo tells Jang-ho that he is getting remarried to a Russian woman. Jang-ho accepts this and meets Olga. He is stunnedto peera tenderand lovelyladystatusearlier than him. A couple of days later, Yeong-soo is going to Russia on a industrygo back and forth and Jang-ho and Olga get to graspeach and every other...Release date in Korea : 2016/07/28

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Upcoming Korean film

Upcoming Korean film "Super Origin"

Added the impending Korean film "Super Origin"'s page to HanCinema database"Super Origin" (2015)Directed through Back Seung-keeWith Son I-yong, Kim Bo-ri, Back Seung-kee...Synopsis40,000 years ago, a mysterious mildcollapseat the land from the eastern sky and earthquakes get started to shake the earth with large explosions. After that day, one authentic animal without hair startsto look between the apes. When he's all alone, an apple falls down on his head. He gets a concussion from the apple and this loner gains reputationtalentvia this accident. And thus, human beings are awaked from their huge, immense sleep.Release date in Korea : 2016/08

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Upcoming Korean film

Upcoming Korean film "Challenge Game"

Added the impending Korean film "Challenge Game"'s page to HanCinema database"Challenge Game" (2016)Directed through Won Seok-hoWith Baek Da-eun, Choi Ryeong, Choi Hyeon-ho, La Risa,...Synopsis"Do you need to do it...?"The fatal seduction of...the "Challenge Game"Florist Ae-ran (Vicky) and forensics investigator Min-ho (Choi Ryeong) from the Public Prosecutor's Place of businesseither have a circle of relativesthat everybody wants. However, Min-ho cannotcare for bed time so Ae-ran starts a "Challenge Game" in which she seduces and has sex with bizarre men. One day, Ae-ran and Min-ho meet Alex (Choi Hyeon-ho) at a tango cafe. Alex is inquisitive about Ae-ran and approaches her whilst Ae-ran takes pastime in Alex who is more good-looking than her husband. Min-ho later witnesses them in action and gets angry when he unearths out the fellow Ae-ran seduced is Alex. Min-ho feels fearful because he finds out Alex is now not only a game spouse and approached him for a reason. Min-ho tries to dispose of Alex yet Alex chokes Ae-ran and Min-ho even more and feels catharsis. The sport they began is becoming a catastrophe...Release date in Korea : 2016/08/04

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Upcoming Korean animated film

Upcoming Korean animated film "Ulsik the Clumsy Boy"

Added the impending Korean animated film "Ulsik the Clumsy Boy"'s page to HanCinema database"Ulsik the Clumsy Boy" (2016)Directed by potential of Hwang Chul, Kim Dae-changWith Ahn Se-hyeon, Kim Dae-chang, Kim Chang-hoo, Jeong Yeong-soo, No Byeol-i,...SynopsisA children's comedy animation."Random Revenge"Ulsik is clumsy and Heung-sik with a square chin is off the wall. Those two get at the wrong aspect of the community bully Bam-tol by making his weigh down So-hyeon cry on her birthday and such. One day, Ulsik plans on avenging Heung-sik by giving his skin disease to Bam-tol and his gang."He's Been Dumped!"Heung-sik and Bam-tol are combating over So-hyeon when Heung-sik's early lifespouse So-yeong comes to the college and Heung-sik falls in love with her. However, So-yeong ignores the square-chinned Heung-sik. Heung-sik does not know this and tries to make her recall. Bam-tol who hates Heung-sik gets in each step of his way. Magnificence president So-hyeon returns Bam-tol's ring and rejects him. Meanwhile, Fatty has a crush on the supermarket woman Na-yeong yethe's rejected because he is fat. Fatty is going on a vitamin and becomes slim. Na-yeong falls for the good-looking Fatty but Bam-tol who feels jealous and makes Fatty fats again. In the end, Fatty loses Na-yeong and is in despair. "Love Goals"While everybody is unhappy over the affection they could not brand comes true, the college and the vicinityhang a football festival. Heung-sik, Bam-tol, Fatty and Ulsik take part in the game...The completetale is released in animation in keeping withcreator Lee Kyeong-seok's comic.Release date in Korea : 2016/09/08

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Spoiler Added episode 6 captures for the Korean drama 'Uncontrollably Fond'

Spoiler Added episode 6 captures for the Korean drama 'Uncontrollably Fond'

Added episode 6 captures for the Korean drama "Uncontrollably Fond" (2016)Directed through Park Hyeon-seokWritten by Lee Kyeong-heeWith Kim Woo-bin, Suzy, Im Joo-hwan, Lim Joo-eun, Jin Kyeong, Choi Moo-seong,...16 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00Also referred to as "Lightly, Ardently", "Arbitrarily Fond", "Indiscreetly Fond"SynopsisTwo people, who were given separated all through their formative yearsbecause of an ill-fated relationship, meet back equally an incredibly bossy megastar and as a materialistic and servile manufacturer of documentary programs. The drama depicts a sassy and ardent love tale between the two.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/07/06

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