Koreans Lead Global in Getting News on Phones

Koreans Lead Global in Getting News on Phones

Korea leads the sectorin relation to the choice ofthose who get their news on smartphones, even though they most commonly read sports news and famous person gossip. A survey of 26 countries via the Korea Press Basis and the Reuters Institute for the Learn about of Journalism discovered that 48 % of Koreans read news on their smartphones. Sweden took 2ndposition alongside 46 percent, followed by Switzerland with 42 percent.

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Koreans Surprised  By way of  Global  Toughen For Alleged Rapist And K-Pop Idol Yoochun

Koreans Surprised By way of Global Toughen For Alleged Rapist And K-Pop Idol Yoochun

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Out of the countryenthusiasts from in all placesthe sector are uniting their improve for JYJ member Park Yoochun who has been embroiled in a scandal after being accused of raping several women. And Korean netizens arent figuring out why.

Photos of oversea fans help has been doping upduring social media, appearing their love for the actor and singer. On June 27th, several fan communities for the gangcollected to signal and leave messages for him, expressing their unwavering support for him. In a remark released via fans, they claim that the media policyin regards to the scandal has infringed his rights.

Fans were from China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and other Asian countries in addition Germany, the uk and other Ecu countries.

However, Korean netizens are expressing their confusion over oversea fans support for Park Yoochun. They wrote, In the following life, I just want to be born as a good-looking idol, Heol, Really, where is this going Oversea fans are the issue They dont know the gravity of this situation, Wow and more.

Source: Instiz and Kookmin Ilbo

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Global Survey Suggests A ways Fewer Koreans Willing to Fight

Global Survey Suggests A ways Fewer Koreans Willing to Fight

Only 42 % of Koreans are willing to combat if a war breaks out, consistent with a WIN/Gallup survey in 64 countries. The moderate percentage of the 64 countries used to be 61 percent.Yet in a an identical survey of 1,000 folksby skill of the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs in November, whopping 72.1 percent of respondents acknowledged they would be willing to fight. The discrepancy is startling and suggests deep flaws in methodology.WIN/Gallup polled 62,398 individuals over 18 years in 64 countries from September to December 2014. The Korean patternbecome 1,500.

Some 626 or 42 percent of Koreans said they are willing to fight, substantially trailing the 752 or 50 percent who categorically said they would not. 8 per centum were undecided. The yes-figure breaks down into fifty-six percent of guys and 27 percent of women.Morocco and Fiji were the maximum gung-ho with 94 percent, followed by Pakistan (89 percent), Vietnam (89 percent), Bangladesh (86 percent), Azerbaijan (85 percent), Papua New Guinea (84 percent), and Afghanistan (76 percent). In the U.S. 44 percent said they would fight for their country, some other startlingly low figure in a supposedly belligerent and patriotic nation, in comparison to 71 percent in China. Japan had the lowest figure with 11 percent.


G-Dragon receives global attention from type news retailers for attending Chanel's couture show

G-Dragon receives global attention from type news retailers for attending Chanel's couture show

Big Bang's G-Dragon no longermost effective attended Chanel's 2016 haute couture display at the Grand Palais for Paris Model Week, yet he used to bebeautiful much one of the mostgreatest stars at the event. His appearance and fashion selection for the prove has gainedin stylecompliment from quite so much of way news sources.

Just to call a few, the U.K's 'The Telegraph's article on GD acknowledged he 'caused a stir at Chanel', he turned into interviewed by way of WWD, reported on by Ireland's 'Sunday World', featured in 'The Big apple Times', and Vogue described him as 'the perfect dressed guy in Chanel'.

G-Dragon was one of thesebig name at the show on account of his outfit: no longer only was he stylishly decked in Chanel from head to toe, but he looked fairly cool in his bushy trapper hat.

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He was also the fame with the maximum tagged Twitter and Instagram posts at the event. GD was even said to have outshone Cara Delevingne who brought her dog to the show.


Korean Netizen vs Global Reactions to K-Pop News

Korean Netizen vs Global Reactions to K-Pop News

Korean Netizen vs Global Reactions to K-Pop Newsyuryunj February 27, 2015 0 LINE it!Korean Netizen vs International Reactions to K-Pop News As a Soompi writer, I have the danger to read either comments on our news articles, which come from an international, English-speaking audience, and comments on articles aggregated in Korean seek portals like Naver and Daum. Reading comments continuously befuddle me because international target audience and Korean audience infrequentlydisplayother reactions to the similar issue. Also, when Soompi published articles about Korean netizens’ take on positive issues, I discovered that many International netizens were critical of Korean netizenss reactions to the news. So for Soompiers who are interested, I would like toprovide you withsome wayto peer some arguableproblems in the standpoint of Korean netizens, and mean you canrealize them, whether you trust them or not.

Many points send awayhave an effect on how a netizen reacts to an issue, corresponding to gender, age, ethnicity, religion, and in particular for Korean entertainment news, whether you'rekeen onthe fame covered in the inside of track or not. So as to see how Korean and international netizens’ critiques are different, I compiled popular comments on articles of controversial considerations in 2014. The comments of international netizens were taken from Soompi while comments of Korean netizens from Naver, and they were moderatelyselectedin keeping withselection of likes they gained and whether the remark reflected and summarized majority of comments in the article. Also, the decided on articles of Soompi and Naver had the same, if no longer very similar, content.

By comparing comments on those articles, I found that the comments couldnt assistyet existalternative for these two the different communities. First, maximum Soompi readers have a tendency to be young, female, K-pop fans, whilst commenters on Naver are from a broader demographic, since Naver is a search portal used by more than 25 million Koreans to get news on each and every subject.  Second, while Soompi’s audience is English-speaking readers from in eachunmarried place the world, Naver’s users are most commonly limited to Koreans. This suggests that the comments on Naver can be from other people alongside a country-specific background and education. What wouldnt look likea large deal to an international audience will be a touchyfactor to Korean netizens on account of the country’s history.

So, whats your own opinion at the following issues? Are you ready to say whos appropriate or wrong?

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Psy sits down with BBC Global News for an interview session!

Psy sits down with BBC Global News for an interview session!

Psy currently sat down for a short lived interview consultation amongst BBC's Steve Evans, answering questions on how his extraordinaryluck with "Gangnam Style" is either a "dream and a nightmare," where he were giventhe muse for his new hit "Daddy," and more. 

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During the interview, Psy discussed that "Gangnam Style" is similar to a "trophy" to him, anything that he would accessorize his living from with and would make him feel proud each time he looked at it. The singer/rapper also discussed how he and now not let the unexpectedrepute get to his head when Evans asked him how "he kept his feet at the ground," and commented that he just turns out like "a normal guy."

You can view the total interview in the clip above to pay attention Psy answers in their entirety.


Oh My Girl's airport detainment gets global news coverage

Oh My Girl's airport detainment gets global news coverage

Oh My Girl's airport troubles in L.A. have made most sensible headlines in Korean news retailersin addition K-pop news sites, yet this factorcould also be grabbing the eye of many other news sites around the globe.

The group's detainment at the Los Angeles airport has since been covered by way of news outlets from countries adding the United States, Japan, Australia, the U.K., Russia, Spain, China, Singapore, or even more. 

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These news sites include BBC, The Muse - Jezebel, ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), Yahoo! News, Mirror, and L.A.'s KTLA 5. It seems likeother people are lovelystunned at how the participants of a tender K-pop girl crew were incorrect as sex workers.


Lovelyz gain global attention on Fox News for their 'Beat It' cover

Lovelyz gain global attention on Fox News for their 'Beat It' cover

Lovelyz gain global attention on Fox News for their

Girl crew Lovelyz is taking a look to be probably the most best rookie girl groups! They"re recently receiving international attention for their fresh acapella duvet of Michael Jackson"s "Beat It"!

The women had conducted their own acappella rendition of "Beat It" on Yoo Hee Yeol"s "Sketchbook" two weeks ago, and their functionality has been spreading far and wide SNS and international news shops since.

And for excellent reason, because it"s lovely amazing. We like how they didn"t attempt to imitate Michael Jackson"s making a song style, yet made the song their own via their original cover.

Their performance has been featured on American television on FOX32, where the hosts were more than impressed. It used to be also tweeted by FOX32"s Melody Mendez and Perez Hilton, among others.

Congrats to Lovelyz receiving all this much deserved, international attention!


LOVELYZ GET THAT popularity AND compliment ON AMERICAN TV QUEENS OF ACAPELLA pic.twitter.com/wgpNnET0bA

— Lovelyz UnpaidIntern (@InfinitelySY) November 13, 2015 MUST SEE! A #Korean group, @Lovelyz, sings "Beat It" A Cappella... & it"s amazing! #music https://t.co/bmu14PAVa6 pic.twitter.com/y00MdSdGnn

— Melody Mendez (@MelodyMendezTV) November 10, 2015 Kpop girl community Lovelyz just did an attractive acapella canopy of Michael Jackson"s Beat It! Watch https://t.co/0KnRtHCQ0Ahttps://t.co/BhmyjyXG9l

— Perez Hilton (@PerezHilton) November 11, 2015



Global Consumer Brands Overcharge Koreans

Global Consumer Brands Overcharge Koreans

Koreans buy around 30 million cups of Americano coffee at the 720 Starbucks outlets across the nation every year. But according to Consumers Korea on Monday, a cup of coffee is more expensive in Korea than in 12 other major countries where Starbucks operates.

In won terms, the same coffee costs W3,000 (US$1=W1,085) in Spain, W2,913 in Taiwan, W2,660 in Germany, W2,530 in Canada, W2,477 in the U.S. and a whopping W4,100 in Korea -- 28 percent more than the average.


Starbucks has been repeatedly criticized for overcharging Korean customers but raised the price of an Americano from W3,300 in 2008 to W4,100 in 2014.

Around half the Starbucks outlets in Korea are in Seoul, where rents are notoriously high, and the company spends close to W100 billion annually in rent. Yoon Myung at Consumers Korea said, "They"re passing on to customers the cost of opening stores in central areas where rents are high in order to maintain their brand image".

But since many other coffee shop chains also charge more than W4,000 for a cup of Americano, some say Korean consumers are also to blame for putting up with daylight robbery.

Chilean Wine

Chilean wine was also the most expensive in Korea despite a free trade agreement between the two countries. Last year, Koreans bought 260,000 bottles of Chilean wine. The most popular is Montes Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon, which costs W42,125 per bottle.

The same bottle costs just W27,507 in China, W23,525 in Japan, W21,406 in the U.K. and W21,150 in the U.S. In the Netherlands and Canada it costs even less at W18,603 and W18,832.

One industry insider said, "There is no need to lower prices since it sells like hot cakes as it is".

Importers claim the final price tag includes costs incurred during the complicated distribution process, including workers" wages and marketing expenses.

Tariffs on Chilean wine were scrapped under the FTA in 2009, and the price of a bottle of Montes Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon fell from W47,000 in 2011 to W43,000 in 2012, but there has been no further price cut since.

An official at Consumers Korea said, "If the dollar weakens, the prices of imports should fall, but this is not happening when with imported wine".

The won has strengthened 6.5 percent against the dollar from W1,126.7 in 2012 to W1,053 last year.

Easy Prey

Other products are overpriced as well. The price tags of 19 percent of the 42 imported products surveyed by Consumers Korea, including grapes and cheese, are the highest in Korea among the 13 countries, those for pineapples, carbonated drinks, beer and eight other imports are the second highest.

The prices of another 38 percent of products surveyed are the third to fifth highest.

The Consumers Korea spokesman said, "Foreign brands are taking advantage of Korean consumers". But global brands say prices are adjusted based on various factors in each market, so it is wrong to compare prices only.


Jonghoon takes the lead role on FT Island's 'Madly' MV!                     Latest K-Pop News

Jonghoon takes the lead role on FT Island's 'Madly' MV! Latest K-Pop News

Jonghoon takes the lead role on FT Island's 'Madly' MV! Latest K-Pop News

FNC Entertainment have you guessed who would be playing the lead role for FT Island's new MV' Madly.

On November 15, it is revealed through FT Island's Facebook account, that leader and guitarist Jonghoon would be taking the lead and from his teaser photo released, instead of a guitar, Jonghoon will play a piano instead.

Was your guess right? Meanwhile, "Madly" will be released on the midnight of November 18th.

Source: FT Island Facebook