KRYSKHLOE: Adventures with Harry Potter, Bart Simpsons, and Minions

KRYSKHLOE: Adventures with Harry Potter, Bart Simpsons, and Minions

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Harry Potter lovers went loopy when the scoop spread that Wizarding College of Harry Potter was once opening in Hollywood (I became one of them)! It was the foremostsubject of conversations for several months earlier than they opened and still the hot topic at the moment in California!

Heres 5 things you MUST do when visiting Universal Studios Hollywood:

1. Discuss with the Wizarding Global of Harry Potter and test out the (Frozen) ButterBeer

This is a non-alcoholic drink this islargecandy amongst some yummy foam. It comes in two forms: bloodless or frozen. We were given a frozen ButterBear and to me, it tastes precisely like the Werthers Common Candy. You'll walk around with your ButterBeer and take a glance at on robes, go on a spree for wands, dine-in Leaky Cauldron, and stopover at the HoneyDukes sweet shop to check out the Berties Bot Each Flavour Jelly Beans.

2. Ride Flight of the Hippogriff and in the castle, ride 3D Dementors

As you will see in my Universal Vlog, the Flight of the Hippogriff is a family-friendly curler coaster. You get the view of the castle to the left! The Flight of the Hippogriff ride is not than 1 minute yet its 1 minute of utterly fun.

For the 3-d Dementors ride, it's far such an experience. Whilst walking thru or waiting in line, youll meet Harry Potter (as a Hologram)! My worst worry is being in a room stuffed with spiders and I indubitably experienced that (and practically cried). Overall, the ride is fantasticif you're old enough!

3. Visit Ollivanders and purchase a wand

Theres at all times a line to move into the Ollivanders store. There also areside road carts that sell the wands (youll just omitthe fast presentation at the Ollivanders the wands in factmake a selection the wizards but you wont have to wait 30 mins to get your wand.

4. Go to Simpons Springfield Land and get some hen strips and a Duff Beer

Snap some pictures with the primary characters at Springfield. This time, I got to look Sideshow Bob, Bart and Lisa Simpson in-person. Ive been to Universal Studios Hollywood time and again and this is my first time in Moes. I got to flavor a sip in theirnotorious Duff Beer and it was good! I just love the attractions in Springfield and enjoyed taking a laugh photos here.

5. Go see the Minions and ride the Despicable Me Minions Mayhem

I love the Minions! This ride was beautiful awesome and super cute. Honestly, all of the rides at Universal Studios Hollywood are cool. Identity also suggest riding Revenge of the Mummy Ride (one of my favorites)!

I actually enjoyed spending time in London at Universal Studios Hollywood. It was very fairly and it in fact felt like I used to be in London. Id cross back to take outfit of the day photos here!

As a wizard who has travelled to either Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood, I'd say that Hollywood didnt have my Favouriteportions of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. If youre ever in Universal Orlando, youll get to revel in Hogwarts Express, which is a chiefappealeducate that takes you from Hogsmeade to London (this was the maximum efficient part)! My all-time favorite ride is Harry Potter and the Break out from Gringotts in Universal Orlando (I rode this 3 times in one day)!

Dont forget: Be who you are. You all are special wizards with magic inside of of you.

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The first ever Harry Potter-themed cafe opens up in Korea!

The first ever Harry Potter-themed cafe opens up in Korea!

There is some magic for all you Harry Potter geeks out there, especially for all you Harry Potter geeks living in North Gyeongsang Province's Gyeongsang City. 

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Rejoice, because you'llrevel inthe paranormal wonders of Harry Potter correct in this comfy little cafe, 'Hogsmeade,' named after the wizarding village in the e book series. In images uploaded online throughan individual who visited the cafe, you can findone of the cruciallovable knick knacks and accessories comparable to Hogwarts college uniforms emblazoned with the symbols of the 4 houses, brooms, cloaks, and more. 

If you're a Harry Potter fan living in Korea, here's a position that you will have toconsult withno less than once! I wonder whether they serve tankards of butterbeer? 


4 Harry Potter-Inspired Songs For K-pop

4 Harry Potter-Inspired Songs For K-pop

20150731_seoulbeats_4minute_hyuna 4 Harry Potter-Inspired Songs For K-pop Written by Seoulbeats On July 31, 2015 K-pop has been influenced by a number of literary works and wordsmiths, from Peter Pan to F. Scott Fitzgerald. And while these may be more classical in style, more modern works like J.K. RowlingHarry Potter series have inspired Korean music as well. In fact, there are three K-pop songs which were inspired by Harry Potter spells, explored in more detail here.

But, is three enough? What if there more K-pop groups jumped on the Hogwarts Express, and tried their own hand at performing songs based on spells and other aspects of the Harry Potter universe? Here, Gaya and Camiele have teamed up to pitch to us some potential hits, replete with K-pop appropriate lyricsjust in time for Harry (and Jos) birthday.


Shinee already has Timelord Rock on lock with Hitchhiking from Misconceptions of You, so its time for them to add another fan-driven genre, Wrock, to the list! And Expelliarmus is Shinees song, that is non-negotiable. It is a defensive charm used in duels to disarm ones opponent, though its now more well-known as Harry Potters signature spell that he somehow manages to use to deflect just about any spell. As Peeved sings in Expelliarmus Kid: Stupefy! Expelliarmus. Crucio! Expelliarmus. Protego! Expelliarmus. Avada Kedavra!!! EXPELLIARMUS!

To be honest, I really want this song to be about how the members have their own pronunciations of the spell; but, it may be better to go the more usual route, and make the spell a metaphor for love and frission. The Shinee members keep their hearts well-guarded, but then Bam!they meet a pair of eyes that disarms them. They may clutch at their hearts, but as the electropop is bombarded with harsh brassy synths in the chorus, they find that nothing can save them from losing control of their emotions. Think of it as Sherlock meets Dynamite: a song that hits hard to express Shinees shock about whats just happened.

My head is reeling

Its hard to think with you on mind

The world turns upside down

And Im not sure how I got here

Im a man who controls his life

A man who knows his mind and soul

But when you walked next to me

Nothing made sense any more

Expelliarmus! your powers got me trapped

Your love is dangerous,

Leaving me in the air and out of control

Expelliarmus! youve bewitched me

Got me losing my grip on who I am

You disarm me, make me crazy

Ive lost my self-control.


My favourite thing about patronuses is how, while they require so much strength to conjure and display that same kind of strength in warding away hordes of dementors, they are also so delicate and graceful. And that softness and grace is exactly why I think this would be the perfect song for Lovelyz, who display the same with their own music and performances.

Lovelyz would be the aforementioned patronuses, naturally, protecting their beloved with their presence. The song would be a pop-ballad that combines the earnestness of Goodnight Like Yesterday and the hope of Joyland; and the MV can feature the members, in floaty, white dresses, surrounding Infinite as they ward off Woollims stylists.

When youre feeling lonely

Like the world is wringing you dry

when you feel like everyones walking away

Just close your eyes

Think of those good things that we have

Think of those moments when everything was perfect

Dont let the bad things tear you down

Dont let the world break you down

Just hold on to me

I am that light in the dark

When the trees are too thick in this forest

I am the beautiful butterfly that wraps you in her wings

The fawn that keeps you warm in her arms

Your patronus is me

I will protect you with my divine light

I will give you power to blind the darkness

And chase the shadows away

MaraudersBig Bang

The Marauders may not have been the original trouble making group at Hogwarts; but Padfoot, Moony, Wormtail and Prongs were some of the most prolific firebrands in the series. And the same can be said about Big Bang, whose members have managed to build a legacy for themselves in the K-pop world. Regardless of your personal thoughts on their conduct and actions, you cant deny their skill and talent.

So, G-Dragon is wild-eyed James, T.O.P is the devastatingly handsome Sirius, Taeyang and Daesung share strraight man Remus and Seungri is Peter the shafted. This set-up fits in perfectly with that of Big Bangs party-minded bangers like Fantastic Baby and Bang Bang Bang.

Were here to start the party

Were here to start the party

Get asses on the floor

Grab somebody like you want some more

When I walk in the room

And the music starts

I got that madness making hearts stop

Making ladies cry

Making felllas want to be me

See those kids who think theyre tough as hell?

Theyre in the corner when i come alive

I got the girlies staring at me

Making their boyfriends jealous

I lock eyes, hold the ladies by their waists

Make those hips sway with a smirk on my face.

You dont know what to do

When this marauder gets in the mood

Done shit youve only seen in your dreams

Sneaking up and pulling your skirt

Get to the speakers and turn that shit up

Youll never catch me when I manage this mischief

Got you staring at blank pages

While your ladys squealing for more

Were here to start the party (turn up!)

Were here to start the party (turn up!)

Were here to start the party

Get asses on the floor


If Hyuna had gone to Hogwarts, the Sorting Hat would have screamed out Gryffindor! Anyone who thinks otherwise will have to fight Gaya. And its not just because shes all about the Red; we could give multiple other reasons, but they are all summed up in this short video below, where Hyuna displays the Gryffindor traits of daring, nerve and chivalry in this defence of T-aras Hyomin:

In the Wrock genre, the Slytherin bands are always the sexy ones; the bad boy/bad girl connotation attached to the Slytherin name helps give these acts an edge in that department. Hyuna the Gryffindor, though, could contribute to breaking this preconceived notion, giving Swish and Flick a run for its (old) money with a saucy rap of her own:

Mmm, yeah

They put my name in the hat

And the hat spoke back

It saw the bright smile on my face and said

Hyuna is the bravest

Hyuna lives without fear

hot like a fire in a Ravenclaw winter

got a tongue meant for magic like a Slytherin flirtation

wanna get something for your Hufflepuff inflation?

Put my name in the hat

And the hat spoke back, it said

Put her in Gryffindor

Make all the wizard boys holla

They go wild over my red lips

The way I look danger in the eye

They say, shes a brave girl.

A pretty brave girl

Im not afraid to do what needs to be done

I pinch buttcheeks for fun

But when its time to get down to business

You better move aside because you dont want this

Hyunas a brave girl

A pretty brave girl

Every house wants me on their side

You just try to avoid my justice

Like the hate who knows me by name

Ill sort you out and make sure you know me, too

Readers, what other Harry Potter-inspired songs would you like to see in K-pop, and by who?

(YouTube[1][2][3][4]. Images via: Cube Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, Mnet via Shinee Team, Woollim Entertainment, Cosmopolitan Korea)


Jessica Reunite with

Jessica Reunite with "Harry Potter" Star Daniel Radcliffe in Hollywood Blockbuster 'Now You See Me 2"

tải xuống

Ex- Girls' Generation's Jessica and her rumored boyfriend Tyler Kwon have been caught together once again.  Famous celebrity in Macau, Reggie Martin shared a picture from his birthday with Jessica, Tyler Kwon, "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe and others!

He wrote, "Birthday celebration today with friends thank you #JessicaJung and Tyler for taking time out to come to Macau to celebrate with me."  Needless to say, they have been involved in a dating scandal for a very long time now.

In addition, there are speculations that she may be joining the cast of Hollywood sequel, 'Now You See Me 2,' as it is filming in Macau and Daniel Radcliffe is a cast member.  A Hong Kong source borrowed the words of a rep to claim, "There may be an opportunity for Jessica to appear in Hollywood movie, 'Now You See Me 2.'"

Would you like to see her in a Hollywood film?


VIXXs N Reveals Ravi Couldn't Stop Crying When

VIXXs N Reveals Ravi Couldn't Stop Crying When "Harry Potter"s Dumbledore Passed Away

On March 6th, VIXX make their guest appearances on the KBS Cool FM′s "Kim Sung Joo′s Music Square"!

Kim Sung Joo asked, "Which member would cry the most watching a drama or a movie after getting attached?"

The VIXX members all answered in unison, "Ravi."

VIXX′s N Says Ravi Cried Watching ′Harry Potter′

"I′m a lot more emotional than expected and I cry easily when watching a movie or a drama," said Ravi. "I don′t really watch dramas that often, but when I watch movies, I′ll cry."

"When we see him, he′s crying," added N. "We were watching Harry Potter and he was crying.

Ravi replied back, "It was really sad when Dumbledore passed away."

Photo Credit: KBS


Music & Lyrics: Harry Potter Casts a Spell on K-pop

Music & Lyrics: Harry Potter Casts a Spell on K-pop

20141031_seoulbeats_jyj_junsu_iu_2am_jokwon MusicLyrics: Harry Potter Casts a Spell on K-pop Written by Gaya On October 31, 2014 Today, I count myself as an active, card-carrying member of the K-pop fandom. But before that, there was Harry Potter.

The Harry Potter series didnt create a fandom so much as it did a massive cultural phenomenon whose effects are still felt today. And with the books being both written the lingua franca English, as well as being translated into numerous languages, said phenomenons reach wasand remainsglobal. Even within the Hallyusphere, the influence of Potter and friends lingers, whether its Taemins reading of a passage on a sitcom, Jonghyuns caption for his unforgivable selca with just a hint of shirtlessness, or that riddikulus parody Shinee shot (I am also beginning to feel like theres something Shinee isnt telling us, but that is a matter for another day).

But the Potter influence I am here to talk about is musical: songs relating to the Wizarding World. The Harry Potter fandom actually has its own genre of music: Wizard rock, or Wrock, a type of folk music pioneered by Harry and the Potters, especially with their 2003 eponymous debut album, including the classic Save Ginny Weasley. Though based in indie rock and folk, there are a variety of sounds within the genre, such as Wiz Hop, among others.

But there are also songs from established musicians: Switchblade Kittens released an album of Potter-themed music called The Weird Sisters, while the band itself was portrayed in the films by actual band musicians, including members of Radiohead and Pulp, who recorded three songs for the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire soundtrack. It is to this particular group that the three following songs, named for spells used in the Harry Potter universe, belong: 2AM leader Jo Kwons Wingardium Leviosa, IUs Obliviate and JYJ member Xia Junsus Tarantallegra.

Wingardium Leviosa is the first spell we see Harrys class learn; and despite all the grief it gives Ron, and later Hermioneand a Mountain Troll some time after thatthe spell does play a role in bringing our golden trio together.

From his awesome debut solo album Im Da One, Jo Kwons Wingardum Leviosa is more about bringing two lovers together. Though we start with a count-down to lift-off, the rest of the song has Jo Kwon up in the club, feeling good and with his eyes on you. Though he comes off as clingy (almost creepily so):

Stick to me a bit closer

If you’re going to the bathroom, leave your cellphone here

Even if you try to go, you’re a rookie playing an obvious game

If you want to play, know these things and play

Jo Kwon still has faith in his (levitation) charm to get him what he wants.

Wingar dium dium dium dium dium Leviosa

I will make you fly, I fell for you

The mood is wingar – she is winking yeah

Wingar wingar dium Leviosa

Wingar wingar wing wing wing

Ultimately, while others turn to other references, and even cheeky wordplay, to sing about being high, Jo Kwon uses Wingardium Leviosa instead to refer to the heightened good moodthough whether that mood is drug-induced or not is up to you to decide.

Obliviate may be Gilderoy Lockharts specialty, but most readers will remember it as the most painful spell Hermione has ever had to cast in the series. That same kind of pain is mixed with desperation in IUs Obliviate, off her sublime third album Modern Times. Here, she attempts to forget a past love on her own, but soon finds that, perhaps, she needs a bit of help:

Ten steps is not enough

A thousand steps might still not be enough

In the end, I cast the nonsense spell

Of making bad memories disappear and having good memories stay

It doesnt help, though, and IU discovers that not everything can be solved with magic:

Head, obliviate, heart, obliviate

It hurts, how much more do I have to break down?

This isn’t right, it can’t be true

Your face gets clearer and I hear that voice again

The music builds with the desperation, both reaching a crescendo with IUs final ad lib. The idea behind Obliviate itself, that of forgetting, makes it a potent phrase to use in music, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. There are a fair few wrock songs out there about forgetting; and while The Hermione Crookshanks Experiences So Long and Goodbye remains my number one song on the matter, IUs Obliviate comes a pretty close second.

Draco Malfoy memorably uses Tarantallegra on Harry during the first and last meeting of the duelling club in Chamber of Secrets; it makes Harry tap dance uncontrollably, the slapstick further emphasising the eccentricity of the world of magic. The other time we hear it explicitly used, in Order of the Phoenix, its actually a sad moment which underscores the lack of control Harry and his friends have over the situation in the books climactic battle.

Junsus Tarantallegra, however, takes on a more sinister, even sensual, connotation. Here, the word does not mean the loss of control so much as the willing surrender of it, even if said surrender is gained through trickery. We begin with Junsu describing a lack of freedom afforded by society, with the Tarantallegra spell positioned as a favourable alternative to the daily grind:

The world is gradually moving faster.

The trend will change in the blink of an eye

Get a hold of yourself.

Or you’ll tumble down once again.

Get up by yourself.

Now aren’t you tired of the world controlled by them.

Just stop thinking this and that over again.

Dance with all your passion in this moment

The listener is exhorted to dance to their own tune. But while Tarantallegra is Junsus song, featured rapper Flowsik (of Aziatix) is the one who comes to personify the spell itself:

You have been chosen, let the music start controlling

Your mind, heart, soul will shine like gold, baby girl you know it

Your wish comes true, the thing that everyone wants

Is in your heart right now yeah, in your heart yeah

You and me together, yeah forever

Move to the beat, show me how much you want me

You don’t need to hesitate anymore, How’s that sound?

You may notice, though, that there is no real self-control: it is the music, and the spell, which controls now, in place of social mores. We are never truly free. If Flowsik is the spell cast to take control of us, then Junsu is just the voice inside our head going against all reason and instinct to survive to ask why resist?

That there are only three K-pop songs inspired by Harry Potter does make me a little sad, especially as these songs take a more grown-up approach to the spells: something that you dont get a lot of in the books themselves, especially when it comes to everyday things like heartache over a break up. The stakes were very high in the latter books, and while Harry does get to have some time to be a teenager in Half Blood Prince, there is so much more to that world that we dont get to see.

This is what fandom offshoots, like fanfiction and wrock, often try to create, and these K-pop songs are a part of that as well. I would even argue that they are even more normal as, beyond the spells themselves, they do not refer to the actual Harry Potter stories in any way. This may be to avoid copyright issues, but it is still a refreshing way to see the wizarding world without the Boy Who Lived and his story hanging over our heads.

Readers, what spells would you like to see turned into K-pop songs, and by whom?

(AllMusic, Grooveshark, MTV[1][2], Kpop Lyrics[1][2][3], Pop!gasa, TVTropes, Wizrocklopedia, YouTube[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13]. Images via: Warner Brothers)


Harry Potter Spinoff: Rumor Has It That Warner Brothers Is Cooking Up A Movie Based on J.K. Rowling's Quidditch Through the Ages , Could Be On The Works

Harry Potter Spinoff: Rumor Has It That Warner Brothers Is Cooking Up A Movie Based on J.K. Rowling's Quidditch Through the Ages , Could Be On The Works

, Harry Potter, Spin-Off Warner, J.K. Rowlings

We all thought that with the ending of the famed Harry Potter movie series, that's the end of the J.K. Rowling's movies. We all thought wrong as the internet was once again set abuzz with excitement a few weeks ago, as Warner Brother announced talks with author Rowlings that her books Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, EW reported last month.

Harry Potter Spinoff: Rumor Has It That Warner Brothers Is Cooking Up A Movie Based on J.K. Rowling's Quidditch Through the Ages , Could Be On The Works

This will be Rowling's debut screenplay, which could be another first of a few series of films about the world of wizards and sorcery.But contrary to what many people might believe, the famed Harry Potter author told EW that 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' is neither a prequel nor a sequel to the Harry Potter series, but an extension of the wizarding world'. 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' is a Harry Potter Spin-Off, but set prior to the arrival of Harry.

She told E!, last month that 'The laws and customs of the hidden magical society will be familiar to anyone who has read the Harry Potter books or seen the films, but Newt's story will start in New York, seventy years before Harry's gets underway'.

Harry Potter Spinoff: Rumor Has It That Warner Brothers Is Cooking Up A Movie Based on J.K. Rowling's Quidditch Through the Ages , Could Be On The Works

Earlier today, EW also reports that Harry Potter producer David Heyman will again produce the series.In the interview, he says that Rowlings hasn't shown the finished script yet but was excitedly working on it. Fans can expect a story that is totally different from Harry Potter and further comments, 'She doesn't have to go back to this world, but something pulled her back. This is not Harry Potter. This is not Harry, Ron, and Hermione. This is a separate story within a universe related to the Potter universe.'

Harry Potter Spinoff: Rumor Has It That Warner Brothers Is Cooking Up A Movie Based on J.K. Rowling's Quidditch Through the Ages , Could Be On The Works

Meanwhile, the Independent reports that Warner hints of another film based on J.K. Rowlings Companion book, 'Quidditch Through the Ages' could be under development as well. Warner Brothers has reportedly trademarked the book, the fictional author Kennilworthy Whisp, and the names of the teams: Wimbourne Wasps, the Chudley Cannons and the Kenmare Kestrels. Quidditch is the popular competitive sports as seen in the Harry Potter movie. Additionally, the Hogwarts Textbook 'Tales of Beedle The Bard' has also been trademarked.

Harry Potter Spinoff: Rumor Has It That Warner Brothers Is Cooking Up A Movie Based on J.K. Rowling's Quidditch Through the Ages , Could Be On The Works

Warner Brothers has not confirmed the rumors that these will be turned into films, but trademark suggest but this could be a possibility in the future, seeing that Harry Potter gained world-wide success in the box office, amassing a total of $7.7 billion.


"Harry Potter's" Emma Watson Picks a Korean Film Among Her Favorites

"Harry Potter's" Emma Watson Picks a Korean Film Among Her Favorites

Harry Potter's Emma Watson Picks a Korean Film Among Her Favorites

"Harry Potter” actress Emma Watson recently named a 2008 Korean film as one of her favorite movies. According to reports from local news agencies, the actress best known for playing Hermione Granger in the “Harry Potter” films picked “Breathless” as one of her favorites in an interview with “Vogue Magazine.”

Aside from “Breathless,” directed by Yang Ik Joon, Emma Watson named “Amelie,” “Pan’s Labyrinth” and all the works of British director and screenwriter Richard Curtis (“Love Actually”) in her list.

“Breathless” is about a debt collector who grew up and lived a life of violence until he meets a high school girl. Yang Ik Joon also wrote the screenplay for “Breathless” and starred in the film as the main character Sang Hoon. The film debuted in the 2008 Busan International Film Festival.


Harry Potter Finally Meets His Match !

Harry Potter Finally Meets His Match !

Harry Potter Finally Meets His Match !

What ?!! You mean the great Harry Potter has finally been defeated by a greater source of magic than what he possesses, the great Chosen One of lore Harry Potter Finally Meets His Match ! ! Well, of course, if it is none other than the Power of 9 from Soshi Harry Potter Finally Meets His Match ! !

Daniel Radcliffe, of Harry Potter fame was recently introduced to the charms of our favourite 9 earthly angels by a Korean crew member, who gave him a copy of the Mr. Taxi repackaged album, during the movie premiere of Woman In Black, in which he has a starring role.

Having never heard of the Girls before, much less listened to any K-Pop music, he nonetheless thanked the giver and proceeded to scrutinize the CD carefully.

As expected, the charms of our favourite eye smiles lady caught his eye immediately and Daniel proceeded to vote Tiffany the prettiest member of Girls Generation.

However, on further scrutiny, he opined that Taeyeon looks equally as beautiful, unknowingly making him a Taeny shipper Harry Potter Finally Meets His Match !.

Daniel Radcliffe then stated that he would like to know more about this K-Pop phenomenon called Girls Generation thats currently taking the music world by storm.

All this was revealed on a recent television episode of ABC’s LIVE! with Kelly.

Harry Potter Finally Meets His Match !

Well, Mr. Potter, you may have defeated Voldemort and his Death Eaters in the Harry Potter series, but it looks like you have met your match here, as nobody is able to stand against the charms of Soshis Power of 9 [PIC] !

Would you believe that they even managed to get him to speak some Korean, such is their influence on all who come in contact with them (check out the video below). The power of the 9 ladies to convert anyone into a SONE is truly amazing indeed. SNSD Jjang !

by: [email protected]

sources:, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]


"Harry Potter" Star Daniel Radcliffe Is a Fan of SNSD

"Harry Potter" Star Daniel Radcliffe Is a Fan of SNSD

Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe Is a Fan of SNSD?

Daniel Radcliffe, who played the internationally famous boy wizard Harry Potter, revealed that he has heard of the popular girl group SNSD! Radcliffe made an appearance on ABC’s talk show “Live! With Kelly” and raised the ever-growing anticipation of SNSD’s appearance on the show February 1 (US time). Host Kelly Ripa introduced, “Yes, they’re very big! I get tweets from all over the world about this group [SNSD] being on our show.” Radcliffe also revealed that he has SNSD's CD.

Meanwhile, SNSD successfully made their American TV debut with their live performance of a remix version of “The Boys” on CBS’s The Late Show with David Letterman” just a couple hours ago.

Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe Is a Fan of SNSD?

Check out the clip below!

"Live! With Kelly!" preview featuring SNSD

SNSD with actor/comedian Bill Murray after the "The Late Show with David Letterman"

Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe Is a Fan of SNSD?

SNSD performing the remix version of "The Boys"