KRYSKHLOE: five Days Of Summer Lovin’

KRYSKHLOE: five Days Of Summer Lovin’

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Pajama Dressing used to beat all times in trend. It went from silky tops to slide dresses and now to complete pajama sets to be worn in public. I paired this slip get dressed from ASOS with a blush and gold necklace to give this glance a more sublime look. On top, I wore this cardigan that flows well and easiest in length. Those laced-up gladiator sandals are tremendouscomfy and completes a herbal look.

Cool Shoulders, or as other people say Exposed Shoulders, are continuously back in vogue for summer. Its a just right wayto appear polished and flirty at the similar time. This white-off the shoulder clotheoffers a summery vibe and is the easiest clothesto visit an event, a lunch tasting or maybe a date. I paired this dress with these pastel purple heels because black heels would make it appearance to formal. My daisy choker is mildadequate to make this look still lovely and no longer edgy. I went with palejewellery thenthat each and every onethe focal point would be at the dress.

Summer sneaks are lighter sun shades of colourthat provides a refreshing touch for yourinformal outfits. My shoeschanged into just the right kind quantity of pink to headsmartly amongst the blush trench vest and the pink reflective sunglasses. The pinnacle and vest made the look very girly so I went with my distressed boyfriend denims to give it a rough, tomboyish look on bottom. I paired this look with summer sneakers instead of heels to give a more casual, boulevard styled look.

Flirty Lace is optimal for a LadiesEvening Out. This refreshing lace dress is super light and the colour is a bright neon yellow to suit the summer theme. I paired this dress with classy pearl earrings and a long, gold necklace to give more measurement to the outfit. My sand heels are fullycosy and entire the cool, refreshing summer night out outfit.

Plaid isn't played out. My plaid-out cowgirl look was styled with a blue with red flannel. I tucked one aspect of the flannel to turn my denim mauve shorts. I accessorized with a Christian Paul watch and the cutest heart-breaker choker from WEGO ( Seriously, when you are ever in Japan, please take a glance at WEGO — its like Japans HM or Zara. To extra shorten my torsal and elongate my legs, I wore my solid, black boots to finish this look with some toughness.

If you prefer this lookbook post, please let me know so I will continue to making these outfit posts and vlogs.

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Hong Jin Ho   has reportedly had his first kiss with  Lady Jane  on the show  they took part  in together  called 5 Days of Summer

Hong Jin Ho has reportedly had his first kiss with Lady Jane on the show they took part in together called 5 Days of Summer

Hong Jin Ho Locks Lips With Lady Jane for the First Time on 5 Days of Summer On the recent episode of 5 Days of Summer, which aired on July 9, Hong Jin Ho kisses Lady Jane on the lips and makes their trip unforgettable!

Hong Jin Ho and Lady Jane are taking a vacation in Prague together, and they decide to visit a famous clock tower. They get on the elevator which starts to get more and more crowded as people get on the lift. Then, Hong Jin Ho moves closer to Lady Jane making her say, Arent you a bit too close? and he replies, This is more comfortable for me.

hong jin ho lady jane

hong jin ho lady jane1

When they arrive at the top of the tower, Hong Jin Ho says, I still have my wish token. Kiss me here. Lady Jane exclaims, What? Really? What do you mean?

He replies, I need to find out if this feeling is real or fake. You never know, you might be wanting [to kiss] too. If I were real bad, I could wish for everyone else to go home and then make my wish.

In the end, Lady Jane decides to kiss Hong Jin Ho on the cheek. Right when she is about to do so, Hong Jin Ho turns his head and kisses her on the lips!

hong jin ho lady jane2

hong jin ho lady jane3

During his individual interview, Hong Jin Ho explains, During that time, I was in the mood for a real kiss.

However, the flustered Lady Jane shouts, I want to slap you. Take it back. Take it back. I never thought I would kiss in front of a camera. What do you think youre doing? Im going to sue you when we go back to Korea.

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Hong Jin Ho smooches Lady Jane on the lips much to her surprise on

Hong Jin Ho smooches Lady Jane on the lips much to her surprise on "5 Days of Summer"

Hong Jin Ho smooches Lady Jane on the lips much to her surprise on

Man, we know "5 Days of Summer" is a dating program, but Hong Jin Ho is still quite the forward man!

In the latest episode, Hong Jin Ho and Lady Jane went to the top of a clock tower, overlooking an amazing view.

At the clock tower, Hong Jin Ho told Lady Jane, "Don"t I have that wish you"re supposed to grant me? Let"s kiss here." Lady June became very flustered as she kept looking at the staff and asking, "Really? Are we really doing this?"

Hong Jin Ho replied, "We need to confirm if this fluttering feeling is real or fake. Who knows? You might want it too. If I was a bad guy, I would tell all the staff here to go home before I told you my wish. But since I"m a gentleman..."

They agreed that Lady Jane would kiss Hong Jin Ho"s cheek with both of their eyes closed. Even by that, Lady Jane was so nervous as she said her heart was pounding.

But as she leaned in for a peck on the cheek, Hong Jin Ho turned his head and kissed her on the lips! Lady Jane was more than surprised to say the least! Watch the video above to see for yourself!

What do you think about Hong Jin Ho"s surprise move on Lady Jane?

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SISTAR"s Bora enjoys final days of summer in a laid-back pictorial for "NYLON"

SISTAR"s Bora enjoyed what"s left of the summer season as she headed outdoors with her camera or lounged by the window with the sun casting its warm rays on her in a pictorial for "NYLON"!

Bora looked effortlessly beautiful while posing for the laid-back pictorial with her "Samsung GALAXY Zoom2" camera.

It"s no secret that SISTAR have been busy with their successful promotions for "Touch My Body" and preparations for follow-up title track "I Swear", so let"s hope that she gets some free time to enjoy her hobby of capturing memories with her camera!

Check out more of Bora"s pictorial for "NYLON"s September issue in honor of their 6th anniversary!


K-Pop Mixtape: Sweets For Hot Summer Days

K-Pop Mixtape: Sweets For Hot Summer Days

Now that summer has begun, it"s getting hotter. And some Korean acts know exactly what cold treats you need.

These are a few Korean songs that have suggestions for how to stay cool as the sun beats down on you. The songs recommend you try some delicious treats like ice cream, the Korean dessert patbingsu, coffee, and even alcohol. But don"t forget to drink a lot of water!

Orange Caramel - "Abing Abing" (2014) Abing Abing

Joo Feat. Super Junior"s Leeteuk - "Ice Cream" (2011)

Akdong Musician ""Bean Ice Flakes with Rice Cake" (2013) Bean Ice Flakes with Rice Cake

HyunA - " Ice Cream" (2012)Melting

Yoon Jung Shin - "Patbingsu" Shade (그늘)

Girls" Generation"s Jessica And Park Myung Soo - "Cold Noodles"


Teen Top eats chicken for the dog days of summer

Teen Top eats chicken for the dog days of summer

Teen Top eats chicken for the dog days of summer

Teen Top recently took a group picture for the first day of the dog days of summer.

On July 18, Teen Top tweeted a picture with the comment, Today is the beginning of the first period of the dog days of summer, so we had a delicious chicken dinner last night! The real heat wave is coming. Eat delicious food and escape from the summer heat.

In the picture, Ricky, Chunji, and L.Joe are eating chicken. It looks like they dont even care about if their picture is taken or not and it made many people laugh.

People responded: It looks delicious. I should treat myself by eating chicken. They are enjoying the first period of the dog days of summer. I will wait for your picture of the mid dog days too.

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Korean film opening these days 2016/08/08 in Korea

Korean film opening these days 2016/08/08 in Korea

Korean film opening lately 2016/08/08 in Korea: "Good Day For Attractive Video"

"Good Day For Sexy Video" (2015)Directed by way of Kwon Moon-seonWith Kim Hyeon-mok, Lee In-seon-I, Choi Tae-joo, Lee Gi-hwan, Kim Seo-ha, Kim Seul-gi-III,...SynopsisTenth graders Oh Dong-seok, Lee Dae-bal and Ryu Ki-seong are living in the similargroup and cross to an analogous school. They are taking phase in their summer vacation. They attend a discussion academy to follow for university and slowly, they begin getting interested by women. They speak in confidence porn. They at all timesspeak about information technology and percentage new porn, getting deeper into the sector of it. The total thingseems like porn to them. They have gotrainy dreams and spend a length of pastime and blood-boiling time. Dong-seok likes AV actress Yakijaki from Japan. A new woman named Mi-ae comes to their discussion elegance and he likes her because she looks like his favourite porn star. He isglad he can see the famous person on porn and Mi-ae in genuine life.

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Fans notice  infrequent photo of EXO at an afterparty all through their debut days

Fans notice infrequent photo of EXO at an afterparty all through their debut days

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Loversthese daysfound outa unprecedented photo of popular male group EXO at an afterparty right through their debut days. 

While the participants of EXO were praised for their impressive staying power and unrelenting certain attitude, the photo proved that they werent at all times like that. Obviouslyappearingsymptoms of fatigue from their activities, members Baekhyun, Sehun, and Kai looked so exhausted that fans have spoke back amongsta mixture of laughter and concern. Even though they were being presented with a table stuffed with food, many fans pointed out that they seem to be theyd rather fall asleep than devour some scrumptious barbecue.

Check out the tune video for EXOs latest song Monster below:

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“2 Days & 1 Night” Individuals (And Guests!) Take The “Old Man” Test

“2 Days & 1 Night” Individuals (And Guests!) Take The “Old Man” Test

2 Days 1 EveningContributors (And Guests!) Take The Old GuyExamine notclaira August 7, 2016 0 2 Days 1 Night Members (And Guests!) Take The Old Man Test At the August 7 episode of 2 Days 1 Night, the members and a few special guests took a test to look if they had an ahjussi (old man) mentality.

After Two timesgot here to seek recommendation fromprevious in the day, the members get excited when they pay attention that more guests are coming. However, in its place of idols, they get announcers and previous athletes like Lee Ji Yeon, Jo Woo Jong, Lee Young Pyo, Yeo Hong Chul, Han Joon Hee, Ha Tae Kwon, and Choi Byung Chul.

All of the guests (except Lee Ji Yeon, who acted as MC) are men starting from their 1930s to heart age. So as an alternative of the Idol Athletics Championships, they come to a decisionto hang the Ahjussi Athletics Championships.

Their first test is set the gestures and words that adolescencegenerally tend to use. When asked to make a heart gesture, Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Jun Ho, Ha Tae Kwon, Lee Young Pyo, and Han Joon Hee dangle up eitherhands to make a heart the old school way. The opposite members do the stylish finger hearts pose instead.

Youth in Korea have a tendencyto exploithandiestthe primary letters of every syllable to spell out sure words. When asked about the shortened shape for the Korean be aware for acknowledgment, a lot of the guests came up with hilarious answers that showed the generation hole between them and probably the mostmore youthful members.

Watch the episode below!

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How to stick Healthy in Summer Heat

How to stick Healthy in Summer Heat

Some 539 other people stimulate already fallen victim to heat-related ailments this summer, 2.1 times as many as final year's 260, and 8individuals had died of warmth stroke as of last week.The very best way to overcomethe warmth is to stick indoors at the peak of the noon heat. The Korea Centers for Disease Regulate and Prevention advises of us to chorus from going outdoor and take a leisure in cool puts between midday and five p.m. It is crucial to take care offrame moisture via drinking sports beverages or fruit juice and moisten face or the back of the neck with cool water regularly. Wear loose-fitting and brightly colouredgarments if possible. Stay a close watch at the elderly and youngsters whose bodies have less temperature control.

Many folk are suffering to sleep on account of tropical nights, when the guts beats quicker to give off your body heat. Keeping the air conditioner or the electric fan on at eveningnow not only is bad for your fitnessyet sends your electrical energyinvoice sky-high. Prof. Park Hee-min at Seoul Severance Health center said, "In summer, our body wishesto conform to heat. You additionalbuilding up the chance of heat-related ailments because your body fails to adapt to warmthwhenever youpassoutdoor subsequently being exposed to cool winds from the air conditioner or the electric fan all day". "To get a legitimate sleep, set the air conditioner or electric fan to paintingsfor approximately two hours earlier than going to sleep and before waking up", he added. Maintain the room temperature at about 26 degrees Celsius.Avoid caffeinated drinks that disturb sound sleep, and don't snack after dinner as this may keep the digestive gadget awake.