Lee Dong-hwi and Jeong So-min to celebrity in KBS 2TV

Lee Dong-hwi and Jeong So-min to celebrity in KBS 2TV "Red Teacher"

Actors Lee Dong-hwi and Jeong So-min are starring in the KBS 2TV short drama "Red Teacher".

"Red Teacher" is a enlargement drama about the 1980s written through an intern creator named Kwon Hye-ja in 2015. The drama is directed by Yoo Jong-seon.

Lee Dong-hwi and Jeong So-min take at the roles of Soon-deok and Tae-nam. Lee Dong-hwi seemed in the tvN drama "Answer Me 1988" whilst Jeong So-min used to benoticed in the web-toon drama "The Sound of Your Heart".

"Red Teacher" also stars Lee Chae-eun, Jo Yeong-jin, Jeon Soo-jin, Lee Jae-kyoon, Lee Yoo-joon and Park Hoon.

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Jang Dong-gun, Kim Myeong-min, Park Hee-soon and Lee Jong-suk in talks to register for for new film 'VIP' by ability of Park Hoon-jeong-I

Jang Dong-gun, Kim Myeong-min, Park Hee-soon and Lee Jong-suk in talks to register for for new film 'VIP' by ability of Park Hoon-jeong-I

It is possibly that Jang Dong-gun, Kim Myeong-min, Park Hee-soon and Lee Jong-suk will sign up for in film 'VIP'.

According to resources in movie industry on June 27, the 4 stars have gainedprovides from Park Hoon-jeong-I's new movie, 'VIP' and they all are discussing the deals positively. Many discussions are still going on with the director Park Hoon-jeong-I as it is earlier than pre-production level at the moment.

'VIP' may be "The New World" and "The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale" director Park Hoon-jeong-I's next film project. A son to a high-ranked reliable in North Korea commits a chain of murders going around the countries round the world. The motion picture depicts the nextoccasions as South Korea, North Korea and Interpol get started chasing down after him.

Kim Myeong-min, Lee Jong-suk, and Park Hee-soon have authorized the supplies from director Park Hoon-jeong-I with pleasure. Jang Dong-gun, who is these days filming drama 'It Hurts Me When Desirous about You, whom I loved' in China, will meet Park Hoon-jeong-I soon to make the general decision.

'VIP' is drawing attention for the star-studded solidsimilar to "The New World" and the reality that the director is returning to his experience story.

'VIP' will whole cast soon and is making plansto commence out filming in October this year in complete scale.

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Jeong Il-woo to Celebrity in Thai Television Series

Jeong Il-woo to Celebrity in Thai Television Series

Jeong Il-woo has grow to bethe primary Korean actor to megastar in a Thai drama. Consistent with his controlfirm on Tuesday, Jeong left for Thailand on Sunday to shoot the drama. He plays the role of a PR manager at a wide entertainment agency.His situation is drawing passion here amid expandingcall for for Korean pop culture in East Asia adding Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Industry insiders see largeattainable in the untapped markets.Jeong is making the maximum effort to set a excellent example as the 1st Korean actor to make one of these move, his agency said.

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Gong Yoo, Jeong Yu-mi, Ma Dong-seok, Ahn So-hee, Choi Woo-sik's

Gong Yoo, Jeong Yu-mi, Ma Dong-seok, Ahn So-hee, Choi Woo-sik's "Train to Busan"

The forged of "Train to Busan" mentioned how they were given to famous person in the movie.

"Train to Busan" is a blockbuster about a set of folksat the KTX train suffering for survival whilst an unparalleledherbalcrisis hits Korea. "Train to Busan" started out amongstnumerous attention as the director had get a hang of a new part for this film and the state of affairswas once outstanding. The forgedcould also be made up of the biggest actors and actresses.

Gong Yoo stated the explanations he chose "Train to Busan": "This new detail for the motion picture will create synergy and it isanythingyou've never noticed in Korea before". Gong Yoo has starred in quite so much ofvideos from "The Crucible" and "The Suspect". He claimed he felt the good fortune of the movie simply bytaking a look at the scenario.

Jeong Yu-mi, Ma Dong-seok and Choi Woo-sik discussed the movie's intensity and nice looking characters as their reason why for starring in the movie. Jeong Yu-mi said, "I enjoyed the scenario and how intense it sounded". Choi Woo-sik stated the turning point of the movie and Ma Dong-seok said, "I fell for characters which arestuffed with humanity. This action isn't an identical asthe alternative action filmsI have done".

Lastly, the cast hasn't everfinishingreligion in the director Yeon Sang-ho. Ahn So-hee said, "Director Yeon Sang-ho is a great reason ample to star in "Train to Busan". Kim Ee-seong said, "He has a stance and he'sbest in his direction". Kim Soo-an said, "The director told me to do what I cherished to do and he monitors me thoroughly".

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Hwang Jeong-eum to celebrity in upcoming MBC drama

Hwang Jeong-eum to celebrity in upcoming MBC drama "Romance by capacity of Luck"

Hwang Jeong-eum is starring in the drama "Romance Through Luck".

The actress were given married in February this year and she's made up our mindsto come amongst a drama appearance.

"Romance By Luck" may bearranged later "Goodbye, Mr. Black" and it depicts a lady who blindly trusts luck and fortune-telling and a cheapskate man. This drama is according to a web-toon.

Hwang Jeong-eum was oncediscussed from the very beginningprocedure of this drama.

She'll seem in "Romance By Luck" as Bonnie Sim, who is told by the fortune-teller that she has to sleep with a 1986 born, Year of the Tiger virgin male. So she thrusts herself at Je Taek-hoo.

Je Taek-hoo is superb in self managing himself who handiest believes in sex after marriage and a significant cheapskate.

"Romance By Luck" is a 16-episode drama this is slated for May this year.


'She Was once Pretty' celebrity Ko Joon-hee congratulates Hwang Jeong-eum,

'She Was once Pretty' celebrity Ko Joon-hee congratulates Hwang Jeong-eum, "Where are you going leaving Ha-ri hehind"

Ko Joon-hee congratulated Hwang Jeong-eum on her wedding.

Actress Ko Joon-hee posted a still cut from MBC's "She Used to be Pretty" on her private Instagram on February 26th and also wrote a witty remark congratulating Hwang Jeong-eum.

Ko Joon-hee said, "Hye-jin (Hwang Jeong-eum), where are you going leaving Ha-ri (Ko Joon-hee) behind? Hwang Jeong-eum unnie, are you getting married today? It is Hwang Jeong-eum's wedding day. Congrats, congrats".

Hwang Jeong-eum tied the knot with Lee Yeong-dong, her businessman and previouspro golfer husband on February 26th in The Shilla Hotel in Jangchung-dong, Seoul.


Hallyu Celebrity Jeong Il-woo, quiet yet going strong

Hallyu Celebrity Jeong Il-woo, quiet yet going strong

Actor Jeong Il-woo is proving his life without promotional marketing or strategies. He ultimate starred in the 2014 drama "The Evening Watchman's Journal" and has been in China ever since, claiming the identify for the followinglargest Hallyu Star.

His statuscan also bewhen put next with his achievements. The Korea-Chinese collaborated drama "High-end Crush" made two hundred million hits. He could also be starring in every other Chinese drama broadcast on Chinese TV. He also starred in the SBS Televisiondisplay "Running Man" as a guest each time they had an in a foreign country plan. He was once in the Shanghai episode in addition the Dubai episode which is bobbing up soon.

Jeong Il-woo is keeping up his speed in Korea too. He's the lead star of the Chinese-Korean drama "Cinderella and the 4 Knights".


Park Han-byeol to catch Hwang Jeong-eum's bouquet, with Kim Je-dong as host

Park Han-byeol to catch Hwang Jeong-eum's bouquet, with Kim Je-dong as host

Hwang Jeong-eum's old friend, Park Han-byeol may be catching the bouquet.

According to the entertainment biz, Hwang Jeong-eum's wedding is being held at the 26th of February at the Shilla Hotel and Park Han-byeol will be retrieving the bouquet. They have got been pals since scholars and they have maintained their friendship all through their careers.

Comedian Kim Je-dong will be webhostingthe marriage and the officiant is actor Lee Soon-jae. Kim Joon-soo and Sun-ah will be making a song the wedding serenade.

Hwang Jeong-eum and her groom-to-be met thrua chumultimate year and determined to get married in January.

They agree witheach and every other and Hwang Jeong-eum appreciates the reality that he used to be there for her via her busiest times. Her fianc is pro golfer Lee Yeong-don who may be the CEO of a metal company.

Meanwhile, Hwang Jeong-eum plans to continue acting upon getting married.


"A Violent Prosecutor" Hwang Jeong-min, "Kang Dong-won is cute"

Actor Hwang Jeong-min complimented Kang Dong-win.

Hwang Jeong-min was once interviewed currently in a caf in Seoul. He said, "I did not think much about my a phase of the movie. It wasn't important. I just needed my opponent turned into a guy who loves to have fun. I used to be the happiest when I heard Kang Dong-won was on board".

"He was the entire thing anehave been waiting for. He was so smartlyready and I discovered that he was considerate too. I also were given my power from him".

Hwang Jeong-min called Kang Dong-won 'long'. "He is bright and he makes everybody smile".

"I realized how giant Kang Dong-won was when the fanatics cheered for him at the Red Carpet tournamentsooner than the unlock of the movie".

"A Violent Prosecutor" is a crookfilm more or less a prosecutor who is framed and installed jail, aiding a fraud get out of legal first in order that he mayassist him. Hwang Jeong-min takes at the role of the prosecutor Byeon Jae-wook.

Kang Dong-won plays a good-lookingtaking a look conman named Han Chi-won. "A Violent Prosecutor" was released on the 3rd and is currently maintaining a list of 5.44 million audiences.


Hwang Jeong-min says,

Hwang Jeong-min says, "From Kang Dong-won to Jeong Woo-seong, good-looking boys also are excellent at doing their work"

Actor Hwang Jeong-min discussed roughly his partners, Kang Dong-won in film 'A Violent Prosecutor' and Jeong Woo-seong in motion picture "Asura". Whilst Hwang Jeong-min used to be doing his interview with OSEN at a caf in Samcehong-dong, Seoul in the morning on January 29th, he made newshounds laugh when he said, "Good-looking boys also do paintings very well".

He said, "I beloved Kang Dong-won very much. He's a good-natured guy and no longersomebody who is mischievous or playful. YetI amat all timessatisfiedto look someone who plays his role well" and "Since we meet to work together, I adore itso a ways as operate is done well".

He endured on, "He is normally down to earth. While he is any suchgood-looking actor, he is dsimple and humble. I liked him even more when I discovered out about his rustic side" and "He wasn't choosy and knows how to cope with things flexibly".

Hwang Jeong-min also said about Jeong Woo-seong, "I think Jeong Woo-seong's actually cool. Those good-looking folksalso are very cool. They do their work very well" and "I were given to see Jeong Woo-seong in a other way this time. He isa ravishing person. Here is my first time to work with him. He's considerate, an overly cool friend".

Meanwhile, Hwang Jeong-min and Kang Dong-won's 'A Violent Prosecutor' is open on February 3rd.