Lee Hi isn't  keen on “False Hope”

Lee Hi isn't keen on “False Hope”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterLee Hi can have given more than what she subtly hinted for when she printedthe only thing that she hates the most. 

Recently, Lee Hi made a different appearance on a are living streaming broadcast where she talked to her lovers about the tracks featured on her closing album Seoulite released last April. However, as she mentioned the music “False Hope,” she gave the name the trace as anything that she hated the most.

According to Lee Hi, men or girls who lead you on and come up with fake hopes when dating, were the object that she hated the most.

The remarkis also subtle, yet fans speculated that excluding dating, Lee Hi’s “False Hope,” could be a coloration thrown opposed to YG Entertainment. If one looks at the comments page of the printed article, some have stated that her firmmight take too contributed to pain felt by way of such false hopes.

http://entertain.naver.com/ranking/read?oid=108aid=0002541936 Image: Comments phase on Megastar News

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Lee Hi Talks About The item She Hates Most, False Hope

Lee Hi Talks About The item She Hates Most, False Hope

Lee Hi Talks About The object She Hates Most, False Hopeehk38 July 19, 2016 0 Lee Hi Talks About The Thing She Hates Most, False Hope On July 19, Lee Hi gave the impression on Naver V App to percentage and speak about the tracks on her album Seoulite, which she released in overdue April.

The fourth song at the album tracklist is False Hope, and Lee Hi provides as a trace for the title, What I hate the most.

She explains, I dont in reality like guys or women who lead you on when dating.

After the liberate of the primarypart of her album in March, Lee Hi released the entire album on April 20 and made a comeback with identifytune My Star. She is gearing up to embark on her Asia promotional excursion 2016 Lee Hi Seoulite Show off on July 25.

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SECRET’s Song Jieun wraps up promotion for “False Hope”

SECRET’s Song Jieun wraps up promotion for “False Hope”

SECRETs Song Jieun wraps up promotion for False Hope

After her successful solo comeback, SECRETs Song Jieun is finally wrapping up her promotional activities for False Hope.

On October 27th, Jieun posted on her Twitter, With todays Inkigayo over, I have now completed promotions for False Hope^___^ Thank you for cheering me on until the end. My abilities to express my feelings are not enough so how can I find a way to express it fully.. Ill come back soon with a SECRET album~~~Byeee!!

SECRETs main vocalist Song Jieun recently returned to fans as a soloist with her ballad single False Hope. After four weeks of promotions, she is finally concluding her activities and will rejoin SECRET to prepare for a comeback.


MV Review: Secret's Ji-eun Returns With "False Hope"

MV Review: Secret's Ji-eun Returns With "False Hope"

MV Review: Secrets Ji-eun Returns With False HopeSecrets Ji-eun Returns To Us With False Hope MV Review: Secrets Ji-eun Returns With False Hope Back in 2011, when Secret was still TS Entertainment’s main moneymaker, Song Ji-eun of Secret made her solo comeback with “Going Crazy.” It wasn’t her first foray into being a solo singer, having debuted earlier with Hwanhee in a duet called “Yesterday” in 2009, a song later made to have only her vocals.

“Going Crazy” which featured B.A.P’s leader, Bang Yong-guk, was her first number one single and tells of a broken relationship where the female can’t stand the stalking tendencies of her ex. The release received favorable reviews from critics and Korean netizens, liking her mature sound over the most recent song of Secret at that time, “Shy Boy.” It’s music video was also of a dark theme and starred actress Min Hyo-rin and B.A.P’s Him-chan locked in the trunk of a car before being set on fire.

After the end of promotions, Secret went on to release their singles and B.A.P debuted and became TS Entertainment’s new money maker. And apparently, somewhere along the way, they had been planning for Ji-eun’s comeback with her first single. According to the singer, it wasn’t planned to be released at this time but she pushed for the release, which explains the relatively low hype around the comeback a comeback that surprised several when the music shows were suddenly showing teasers of her comeback.

Given how “Going Crazy” is one of the prime examples of a good solo release from an idol, how did “False Hope” follow?

Like “Going Crazy,” “False Hope” is a dark RB ballad. This time around, an acoustic string background is prevalent throughout the song, giving the listener the feeling of brokenness and hopelessness. This hopelessness is seen in the lyrics as well. Even without looking into the translations, we get a sense of it thanks to the English sprinkled throughout the verses. “I know you’re tipsy whenever you call me” is enough of a hint at what this song is about.

This song focuses on the feeling of one-sided lovespecifically that after a break-up when one party still retains feeling for the other. Not only does the background instrumental give the song an airy and haunting feel, but the lyrics work hand in hand as well.

Just when I’m about to get over you

You keep appearing, shaking me up

I still can’t forget you like a fool

Don’t touch me now

Never touch me

Don’t get drunk late at night and call me, never

I know you’re tipsy whenever you call me

You’re so bad, making me cry by saying you miss me

I’m still not over you like a fool

The MV only adds to the emotional roller coaster that is “False Hope.” The MV is soaked with symbolism and its editing team really deserves a round of applause because this MV could have easily become a mess if not timed properly. The scenes are brought to us on after anotherscenes of Ji-eun with her lover, her in a bathtub, Ji-eun trapped in a cage of thorns, scenes of her wandering around lost, the singer and her lover nailed together through the handsall before the culmination as she celebrates her birthday alone, lighting the candles, blowing the candles and then ceremoniously ruining the cake as tears run down her face. All of this does not blow up in our face and instead we are able to take in each scene.

MV Review: Secrets Ji-eun Returns With False Hope The first symbolic gesture we see in the MV is the appearance of the pomegranate. In Buddhism, the pomegranate is considered a symbol of eternal peace. Given the fact that in the MV, the pomegranate is being juiced until its juices are gone, this could possibly mean that this peace is nowhere to be found for Ji-eun. The second symbol we encounter is that of the thorns. In this scene, Ji-eun is sitting on the ground as thorns surround her, trapping her within. Thorns are a symbol of pain and hurt and with Ji-eun trapped, she is also trapped by the pain and hurt she feels from the clash of feelings she experiences.

After, we then see Ji-eun in a tub, half-filled with water. Water is a universal symbol of change, life and cleansing. At the same time, dark water is a symbol of death. In the MV, she is sitting in a tub, possibly cleansing herself from her feelings when the reason of her painthe guy who keeps leading her oncalls her on the phone. She then drops the phone in the water and a gush of blue comes. While blue is also a symbol of peace, calm, stability and loyalty, it is also a symbol of warmth and depression. The later is most likely true given the context of the MV and the lyrics. Soon after, we then see a sunflowera symbol of happinessbeing burned, telling us that her happiness is gone.

MV Review: Secrets Ji-eun Returns With False Hope The next and last set of symbolism presented in the MV is likely the most tricky and controversial one. You all know what it isthe appearance of an iron nail which nails Ji-eun and the male together. It might be controversial to some due to its similarity to the Crucifixion in Christianity. Of course, it is a fact that crucifixion has long been used as a form of torture and that during the Roman times, it was a practice commonly used as a form of corporal punishment. Crucifixion was also used in Japan, introduced during the Sengoku period as a form of torture and was also used for prisoners of war during World War II.

However, in an interpretation of the usage of nails, it is said that when two things are nailed together, it means that the bottom object is the source of stability for the top object. We see in the MV that Ji-eun is the entry point of the nail, with the male as the exit point. With this alone, it tells us that once upon a time, this male was the person that gave her a sense of stability. But then we see her without the nail as well as the two of them separated, but with the nail intact, telling us that the memories of him are still alive in her.

MV Review: Secrets Ji-eun Returns With False Hope The MV then ends with Ji-eun celebrating her birthday alone. While the event of a birthday is supposed to be a happy occasion, we see her have a breakdown instead. It is this scene that I take as the culmination of all the emotions in the MV, the climax if you will.

The MV is lovely done and enhances the song. It gives the viewer an emotional pull and everything is played out well. It seems as if Ji-eun has stepped up her artistry with this comeback and the MV, while it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, was beautifully done and I give it a 5 out of 5.

 (TS Entertainment, YouTube)


Song Ji Eun Releases Her Music Video for False Hope

Song Ji Eun Releases Her Music Video for False Hope

Song Ji Eun, False Hope

Song Ji Eun Releases Her Music Video for ‘False Hope’ Song Ji Eun Releases Her Music Video for ‘False Hope’ Song Ji Eun's deep emotions pour out in her music video for "False Hope."

The music video was filmed as a mini drama about a woman who is painfully led on by her former lover, which is in accord to the lyrics of her song. The music video was filmed by critically acclaimed director Hong Won Ki. Song Ji Eun's progress as an actress is also very apparent. She said during the showcase event for "False Hope" that she not only studied music production but acting as well.

The scene where Song Ji Eun and the male actor's held hands are pierced by a sharp nail is especially memorable and effectively represents the pain that the woman is feeling due to the man who tortures her with false hope.

Her fans reacted positively, commenting, "Song Ji Eun became very pretty!" and "I knew that she was a great singer but I'm surprised that she is also such a good actress."

Song Ji Eun officially came back for a solo stage last week. After having a successful showcase event for her single, she looks to build on her strong start as she promotes her single.


Song Ji Eun Clings onto "False Hope" with New Album and MV

Song Ji Eun Clings onto "False Hope" with New Album and MV

Song Ji Eun Clings onto False Hope with New Album and MVSong Ji Eun of Secret has finally unveiled the music video of her new solo album False Hope. She has already performed this song on music shows, but after teasing with a short clip of the music video previously, fans have been looking forward to the full version.

False Hope is an RB ballad with an acoustic and string sound. The music video highlights the pain and darkness of the false hope a lover can give.

Song Ji Eun also held a showcase early in the morning today. She revealed during the showcase that she sings the song thinking about the boy she harbored a one-side love toward during high school.

“False Hope” is out today. Along with title track “False Hope,” other songs on the album are “Vintage” featuring B.A.P‘s Zelo and “Date Mate” in which she participated in composing the song and writing the lyrics.


Song Ji Eun Talks About Her Album "False Hope," Style and Reaching #1 in "Coming Soon Interview"

Song Ji Eun Talks About Her Album "False Hope," Style and Reaching #1 in "Coming Soon Interview"

Song Ji Eun Talks About Her Album False Hope, Style and Reaching #1 in Coming Soon InterviewBefore Secrets Song Ji Eun releases her new single album next week, her featured Coming Soon Interview by LOEN was released today.

As it is her first solo album release in two years, she is excited to meet with fans once again. 

Song Ji Eun explains the name of the title track False Hope as being the false hope men give women after a breakup.

She also adds that she doesnt want to reach #1 on Music Charts, but just wants to meet fans through her stage, since it has been a while from her last solo release. While she is a member of a girl group, she does want to be recognized as a great solo artist.

Watch the full interview, subtitled in English and Japanese below.

While the full music video hasnt been released yet, Song Ji Eun had her first comeback stage on  M!Countdown yesterday. You can also check out the music video teaser.

False Hope will be released on September 30 at 12pm KST. Along with title track False Hope, other songs on the album are Vintage featuring B.A.Ps Zelo and Date Mate in which she participated in composing and lyrics.


Lee Jin Wook’s Firm Sues “A” For False Accusation Of Sexual Assault, Clarifies Courting With “A”

Lee Jin Wook’s Firm Sues “A” For False Accusation Of Sexual Assault, Clarifies Courting With “A”

Lee Jin Wooks Firm Sues A For False Accusation Of Sexual Assault, Clarifies Dating alongside Ajun2yng July 16, 2016 0 Lee Jin Wooks Agency Sues A For False Accusation Of Sexual Assault, Clarifies Relationship With A Lee Jin Wooks agency has filed a counter suit opposed tothe lady who accused the actor of sexual assault, hereafter generally known as A.

Lee Jin Wook’s agency sent out a press unlockat the morning of July 17, in which the agency says, “Once again, we would like to sincerely make an apology for the reality that Lee Jin Wook has been inquisitive about this scandal. Lee Jin Wook can be faithfully cooperating with police wondering at the Seoul Suseo police station at a later time.”

The agency then says that they filed a complaint of false accusation against “A” on July 16 at the Suseo police station.

Clarifying outdated reports relating to Lee Jin Wook’s relationship with “A,” the agency says, “Lee Jin Wook was oncepresented to the plaintiff viadecades mutual acquaintance, and whilst Lee Jin Wook had planned to continue assembly her with interest, they do notappear to be boyfriend and girlfriend, as become reported in some news.”

Reports have said that Lee Jin Wook will be going to the Suseo police station at 7 p.m. on July 17 for questioning.

The initial complaint of sexual assault was filed on July 14. “A” claims that once having dinner and parting tactics with Lee Jin Wook on the night of July 12, he got here to her house afterwards that evening and sexually assaulted her.

The day of filing the complaint, “A” visited the police medical institution where she won examinations for sexual assault, and police askedresearch of the lingerie “A” have beendressed in at the time of assault from the National Forensic Service.

Questioning of “A” was accomplished on July 15, and following Lee Jin Wooks police consult with today, either Lee Jin Wook and “A” will be called in for further questioning as deemed necessary.

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BTS’s Jimin And J-Hope To look On New Form Show

BTS’s Jimin And J-Hope To look On New Form Show

BTSs Jimin And J-Hope To seem On New SortDisplay kokoberry July 14, 2016 0 BTSs Jimin And J-Hope To Appear On New Variety Show BTSs Jimin and J-Hope can bereworking into place of job workers!

On July 14, a source published that the 2contributors have participated in filming for SBSs pilot variety show Gods Office (working title).

Gods Workplace carries the motto we can sell you the rest and the entire thing and centers around celebrities who turn out to be into office workers. Those roleemployees volition sell goods to exact clients.

However, the catch is that they are going to existpromoting products that most of the peopleisn't interested in. The office staff will revive and bring products that suit themselves. These renewed products will be sold through the six solid members via a housebuying groceries channel. Gods Workplace will walk the line between fiction and fact equally roles will be assigned to peopleyet products will in truth be sold.

Shin Hyun Joon, Kim Kwang Kyu, Lee Soo Geun, Kim Jong Min, Yook Joong Wan, and John Park are the fastened cast members. Jimin and J-Hope will appear at the kickoff episode as interns and paintings with the forged members. They're going to be portraying roles equivalent to a parachute intern (someone who gets a functiononlyby way of connections and now notreal experience) and an worker who is not able to get promoted year after year.

This is particularlycandy news to lovers as the pair were up to nowmeant to appear on KBSs Human Condition but were unable to after the show were given canceled.

The first episode of Gods Workplace will air on August 1.

Are you excited to peer more of Jimin and J-Hope in this variety show?

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