Lee Jin Wook And “A” Expose Conflicting Statements About Text Messages

Lee Jin Wook And “A” Expose Conflicting Statements About Text Messages

Lee Jin Wook And A Expose Conflicting Statements About Text Messageskokoberry July 18, 2016 0 Lee Jin Wook And A Reveal Conflicting Statements About Text Messages On July 19, the plaintiff (hereafter often called A) who accused Lee Jin Wook of sexual attack spoke up about the text messages released via the actor.

Lee Jin Wooks aspect released text messages claiming it as evidence that the actor and A were assembly amongstjust right intentions. However, A is claiming otherwise.

Her aspect stated, Its no longer a message sent to Lee Jin Wook. It was oncean easy message sent to an acquaintance of Lee Jin Wook to peer if the acquaintance knew about the crime. Seeing that the reactionbecamebizarre and it gave the affect of the acquaintance knew about the total lot and was taking Lee Jin Wooks side, she bring to an endtouch with that person.

The text messages published by Lee Jin Wooks side presentations a morning greeting plus a link about a restaurant opening in Gangnam. The response says Its close.

In addition, As side mentioned the text messages that reveal As address. They said, That evening the night of the alleged sexual assault A won a telephone call from an unknown number and pondered whether or no longerto select out information technology up. After picking it up, it became out to be Lee Jin Wook. They didn'tsubstitute phone numbers when they ate together.

They continued, Even supposing she rejected his be offering to come to her houseand connect things, he kept calling and inquiring for her address. He parked within reach and looked for her home.

Her representative extra explained, A was looking to existthoughtful of the mutual acquaintance and concept that she mayseemodd if she was too guarded. Furthermore, since hes noted and has a gentleman-like symbol she thought not anything would take place and told him his address. After that he got here into her area and committed the crime.

As side also denied Lee Jin Wooks claims about A asking him to come to her domicile and giving him her deal with and secret get admission to code first.

The police are recently investigating and wonderingeither Lee Jin Wook and A. Lie detector tests usually are done soon.

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Go Young Wooks Questionable Text Messages Revealed

Go Young Wooks Questionable Text Messages Revealed

Go Young Wook’s Questionable Text Messages Revealed

Currently being under investigation for sexually assaulting a 13 year old girl, Go Young Wook’s text message with another minor (18 years old, known as minor A) has been brought to light.

Recently, through a broadcasting program, Go Young Wook's text messages with minor A was unveiled.

According to minor A, “I was really surprised and it was interesting when he revealed that he was celebrity Go Young Wook. However, I did hear about his scandals and was scared. I even wondered what would happen if I continued to keep in contact.”

Go Young Wook’s text messages were as follows, “I’m just contacting you because you look very cute.. if there’s an opportunity, delete the messages after you read my messages and reply.” “It looks like you’re in a situation so you can’t reply. I thought you’d send a text message. You don’t have to if you’re uncomfortable. However, I’m curious.”

Minor A explained the reason why she decided to show the texts she received from him to the mass media, “I really hope Go Young Wook would watch this broadcast. I hope he sees this and will never do something like this again.”


Hong Sang-soo's family,

Hong Sang-soo's family, "We never equipped text messages"

Hong Sang-soo's circle of relatives are going to sue a femininemag to the click Arbitration Commission. This magazine reported false contents and made up false conversations in a text message.

Apparently this magazine made it appear to be Hong's wife gave her interview off record, as though she poured her middle out to the feminine reporter and made-up text messages that she never provided.

Hong's wife claims she fileused to be made without her consent and the contents of the itemwere notright kind at all. She claimed she never discussedthe rest more or less their monetary conditions.

The hassleturned into worse as a result of the so called 'text messages' between Hong's wife and Kim Min-hee's mother. The household claims there's noexplanation why for them to present text messages as evidence when the interview was conducted off record.

Hong's wife stated she did speak about Kim Min-hee and the verbal exchange she had with Kim Min-hee's motheryet never supplied text messages to the reporter.

The Hong family members states, "We make an apology for this matter. It is not one person's mistake. However, even supposing I stated to the magazine that this conversation was off record, it now notsimplest broke the policy of the ethics of press but added false information. We asked the magazine to proper their mistakes but all they did was just take down the text messages and did not do anything else. Now they are just averting us. We'll sue them in the process the Press Arbitration Committee.

Hong Sang-soo's family have not had an authentic interview with any individualbut even so Dispatch.

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Text Messages Between Kim Min Hee’s Mom And Hong Sang Soo’s Wife About Affair Are Reportedly Fake

Text Messages Between Kim Min Hee’s Mom And Hong Sang Soo’s Wife About Affair Are Reportedly Fake

Text Messages Between Kim Min Hees Mom And Hong Sang Soos Wife About Affair Are Reportedly Pretend JiwonYu June 22, 2016 0 Text Messages Between Kim Min Hees Mother And Hong Sang Soos Wife About Affair Are Reportedly Fake A couple of days after the inside of track of Kim Min Hee and director Hong Sang Soos affair used to be reported, the magazine Ladies Sense shared an alleged text message communication between Kim Min Hees mother and Hong Sang Soos wife.

However, Hong Sang Soos circle of relatives is claiming that this conversation did now not happen, and that the posted messages are fake.

On June 22, Hong Sang Soos household stated, Hong Sang Soos wife sat down for an off-the-record assembly alongsidea mag reporter back in April where the wife onlymentioned her feelings. Now that mag has released that data acting adore itbecame an exclusive interview, even adding fake text messages that were never supplied to the magazine.

On the morning of June 22, a per month magazine published a piece of writing claiming that it had an exclusive interview. However, the ideas in the object was published without Hong Sang Soos wifes consent and is reportedly not the truth.

Regarding the conversation between Hong Sang Soos wife and Kim Min Hees mother, Hong Sang Soos representatives stated, Why would Hong Sang Soos wife supplythe ones messages if that meeting with the magazine was meant to be off-the-record?

During the true meeting in April, Hong Sang Soos wife did mention anything about having talked with Kim Min Hees mother. However, she didn't provide exact text messages like the magazine claims, which means that the magazine has created a faux conversation just to arouse things even more.

Hong Sang Soos kin apologized, saying, We are sorry for this controversy. We know that this isnt only one persons fault. We made certainlimitless times that the meeting with the magazine reporter was off-the-record, yet IT wasnt so. Not best did the magazine not stay its promise of creating it off-the-record, but it has spread false rumors viagrowing fake text messages. We contacted the magazine firmsoliciting for correction, but it only took down the conversation screenshot and has done not anything more. It's far eventideaverting our calls now. We are making plans to record a petition with the click Arbitration Commission about this.

Hong Sang Soos family has only met up with news outlet Dispatch so far, and has not been interviewed by any other news resources yet. Regardless of this, many news shops are publishing articles claiming they had an exclusive interview with the family.

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SBS and Jessica Jung’s representatives relay conflicting statements over cancelled appearance

SBS and Jessica Jung’s representatives relay conflicting statements over cancelled appearance

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterJessica Jung bumped into some controversy after her appearance for SBS Young Street was once cancelled at the ultimate minute. 

On Might 23rd, Jessica Jung become scheduled to make an appearance on Lee Guk Joo’s Young Street yet was unexpectedly cancelled. Initial statements from SBS claimed that the cancellation was in mutual agreement from either parties, but was later on negated by way of Jessica Jung’s representatives.

SBS as antagonistic to Jessica Jung’s representatives

According to Jessica Jung’s representatives, the semblance was determinedoverdue last week, but was plainly cancelled at the weekend. Even ifthe explicitexplanation why for the cancellation was no longer given, the singer was reportedly disappointed as she was making ready for her are living performance.

SBS, in turn, extrareplied to the claims and said that it was just a misunderstanding. In step with the radio show’s producers, they've first secured Jo Moon Geun Band as the guest earlier than inviting Jessica Jung. However, Jessica’s representatives asked that she be the sole guest on my own and with much discussion it was agreed that they're going toset up for an appearance another time instead.

Jessica Jung’s side, however, disagreed on the observationall over again and claimed that they've got got intially agreed to seem on the display alongside Jo Moon Geun Band and already ready two songs to accomplish live. They also expressed their unhappiness every bitenthusiastswilling lunches and reports for he singer before receiving the scoop of the cancellation.

Lee Guk Joo’s Young Side road versus Park So Hyun’s Love Game

An further statement from SBS also only if they have introduced for Jessica Jung appear  on Park So Hyun’s Love Game as a solo guest instead, whilst they arrange for a Young Street appearance. This was also denied by Jessica Jung’s representatives as her Love Game appearance was already made a decisionup to now and is unrelated to the present issue.

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Ryu Jun Yeol Sends Funny Text Messages to Manager After Being Abducted  through Youth Over Flowers

Ryu Jun Yeol Sends Funny Text Messages to Manager After Being Abducted through Youth Over Flowers

Ryu Jun Yeol Sends Funny Text Messages to Manager After Being Abductedthrough “Youth Over Flowers”ilmare42 January 25, 2016 0 LINE it!Ryu Jun Yeol Sends Funny Text Messages to Manager After Being Kidnapped by “Youth Over Flowers” Ryu Jun Yeol’s manager has shared some adorably dramatic messages from the “Reply 1988” famous person that he sent upon arriving in Namibia after being stolen away by the team of “Youth Over Flowers”!

A screenshot of the messages was once uploaded to the C-JeS Entertainment Instagram on January 23. The actor writes to his manager, “Sung Cheol, its urgent. Do you've my wallet?” He then tries to name his manager, yet doesn’t get a reply. “Sung Cheol!!!” he writes. “Please save me. My wallet!!!”

The caption at the post reads, “I’m sorry… I fell asleep.” His manager writes in the hashtags, “It seems like you lot arrived safely. Excellentgood fortune over the following ten days. Cheering you on. The remaining thing he whispered to me as he turned into being kidnapped in Phuket was the code for the secure in his hotel room. I safely packed the wallet and all yourmoney that was in there. I admire you.”

Photos shared online also display Ryu Jun Yeol at the airport at the facet ofPass Kyung Pyo and Ahn Jae Hong, and one uploader noted that he was dressed in an eye mask on his head.

“Reply 1988” stars Ryu Jun Yeol, Go Kyung Pyo, and Ahn Jae Hong were stunnedall over their forged and crew praiseholiday in Thailand when they were whisked away to Namibia by the crew of “Youth Over Flowers.” Park Bo Gum later joined them there, and the quartet plans to spend ten days in combination traveling thru Namibia and to Victoria Falls.

Their season of “Youth Over Flowers” is expected to air on tvN in mid-February, after the finish of “Youth Over Flora in Iceland.

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Victim of 'Konkuk University rape' exposes text messages from her assailant

Victim of 'Konkuk University rape' exposes text messages from her assailant

AKonkuk University feminine student 'B' who claimed that she was once raped through a fellow student known every bit 'A' exposed the bold-faced text messages she gained from her alleged assailant for the entireinternational to see.

'A' had messaged 'B' admitting to his attackyetthroughout police investigations, denied everything, causing a heated controversy.

'B' told media outlet Insight on January 14, "'A' admitted to all his crimes via Kakao (messaging app) and stated 'Sorry' in a telephone call, but denied the total lot during police investigations. I believe so wronged. Please divulge the truth."

SEE ALSO: Guy to graduate without any consequences after allegedly raping fellow student

'B' extra claimed that 'A' lied by telling the government that "the sex became consensual." As 'B' and 'A's testimonies clashed, the police are making plans on getting to the ground of the incident via a lie detector test.

'B', who suffered wonderfulintellectual trauma from the ordeal, has inflicted self-harm on her frame is lately said to be receiving psychiatric treatment.

'B' also submitted the messages and get involved with call recordings to Insight in the hopes that the would expose the truth.

'A' told 'B' in his messages to her, "When I aroused from sleep after drinking, I used to befor your room. I do notconsider anything. I did wrong. I don't have anycorrectto stand you. While youpermit it, I'm going to beg for forgiveness on my knees. I am so embarrassed. Are you ready to tell me what I could be able to do to get to the base of this (without telling the authorities)? If you want, I may even write a banner (to display screen in public)."

'B' refused to settle for any of 'A's attempts to make amends, and confessed that 'A' allegedly told her as he was raping her, "Doesn't it feel good," and "Why don't you get on top." 'B' entreated police, "I hope 'A' gets the punishment he deserves."

Regarding the case, a rep from Chungju Police Station relayed, "As investigation is still ongoing, we cannot reveal any main points to the public. But it's far true that either parties' testimonies did notfit up."


Hong Suk Chun Says Kim Woo Bin At all times Sends Affectionate Text Messages

Hong Suk Chun Says Kim Woo Bin At all times Sends Affectionate Text Messages

Hong Suk Chun Says Kim Woo Bin At all times Sends Affectionate Text Messagesilmare42 December 30, 2015 0 LINE it!Hong Suk Chun Says Kim Woo Bin Always Sends Affectionate Text Messages Whilstperforming on SBS Energy FMs 2 OClock Break out Cultwo Display on December 30, actor and restaurateur Hong Suk Chun talks about his friendships with actors Kim Woo Bin and Ryu Jun Yeol.

Kim Woo Bin has been my friend since his debut, says Hong Suk Chun. His genuinecall is Kim Hyun Joong. Because there was once already the singer Kim Hyun Joong, hes been operatingbeneathevery other name.

Kim Woo Bin is in point of fact the best, he is goingdirectly to say. He hasnt replaced at all since his debut. Host Kim Tae Kyun comments, Kim Woo Bin always sends long replies when hes texting.

I concept he becomesimilar to that to me, jokes Hong Suk Chun. Each holiday, Kim Woo Bin sends me a message wishing me a glad holiday. And he adds two hearts.

Hong Suk Chun also mentions that he currently met Ryu Jun Yeol and Ahn Jae Hong at a celebration following a VIP screening of the movie The Himalayas.

Ryu Jun Yeol and Ahn Jae Hong got here to the party because they are the sons of Ra Mi Ran, who seems in the film, he explains, regarding their roles in the drama Answer 1988. He adds, We met there and talked while we had some beer together.

After that, Ive been messaging with Ryu Jun Yeol, he says. I used to be in my 3rd year of topfaculty in 1988. So Ive been crying as I watch Respond 1988. Im utterly hooked.

Hong Suk Chun recently also shared a shot to Instagram of himself with Kim Woo Bin while they were having dinner in combination at Hong Suk Chuns eating place in Itaewon.

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Kim Hyun Joong's facet explains 'abusive language' contained in text messages to Ms. Choi

Kim Hyun Joong's facet explains 'abusive language' contained in text messages to Ms. Choi

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong gave his aspect of the tale in regards to the "abusive language" he used in the text messages to his ex- female friend Ms. Choi.

Kim Hyun Joong"s attorney Lee Jae man released a observation via press releases as of late, explaining, "The text messages leaked by way of the suspect (Choi) are messages which involve embarrassing content of ways she shared with Kim Hyun Joong the inaspect track of her pregnancy (a general of 4 times in a span of 7 months), and might be able to obtain moral complaint," and noted, "Going beyond the moral viewpoint, then again, the suspect"s one-aspectd and arbitrary leaking [of the text messages] is a crime labeled below calumny (killing of one"s popularity), punishable by way of crook action." 

The legal professional extra proclaimed, "The text messages were intentionally edited to turn positive portions that make it seem as though [Kim Hyun Joong] is degrading girls, yet while you peruse the context and the placement at the time, you are going to realize that the be awares weren"t degrading the suspect." 

Lee justified Kim Hyun Joong"s vulgar laguage similar to "pig" and "virile bastard" (literal translation reads "pregnancy-causing bastard"), seeking to transparent up the misconception that can have befell as a consequence of the obscenities used by way of the actor. The legal professional stated, "at the start, Kim Hyun Joong most effective stated "virile bastard" because Choi told him time and again that she were given pregnant which led him to shape that be aware, asking how he would maybe well be so excellent at impregnation." Regarding Kim Hyun Joong"s other particular texts similar to, "I hate the strength of my seeds," and, "Am I some shape of impregnating gadget?" Lee explained, "They"re be awares that [Kim Hyun Joong and Choi] used with every other as a result of ways without difficulty the pregnancy befell. It"s a mis belowstanding."

furthermore, Lee explained the use of the be aware "pig" in yet every other of Kim Hyun Joong"s text message which went, "I  were given stuck with a pig-like user that assists in keeping pronouncing she"s pregnant." Lee stated that Kim Hyun Joong generally used that nickname with Choi as a consequence of her physically built frame, firmly stating, "[Kim Hyun Joong] most effective intended [Choi] kept bringing up her pregnancy and didn"t mean to degrade her."

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Kim Hyun-joong, the text messages are false

Kim Hyun-joong, the text messages are false

Singer and actor Kim Hyun-hoong"s ex- female friend A released further statements yet Kim Hyun-joong claims that the text messages she published aren't completely true.

Kim"s felony attorney Lee Jae- guy discussed the text messages between Kim and A that were a large factor at one point.

on the 30th remaining month, A claimed that Lee Jae- guy acknowledged the pregnancy, abuse and miscarriage changed into once all made-up by way of her and they were now no longer true. She claimed this changed into oncen"t true. She then published text messages between her and Kim.

The section where Kim it appears swore at and insulted her have become a subject matter.

Lee Jae- guy says portions of the text messages had been made to make Kim Hyun-joong glance bad. Parts of the communique were about him announcing how healthy he changed into once to have made her pregnant. Other comments made in the text were about anyone else. For such things as text messages and recordings to have effect, they've to provide all the communique and now no longer just portions of it.

"As a public figure, it"s greater now no longer to mention things that experience some way of having distorted. however, worse things can also be acknowledged privately with pals. He didn"t mean to mention them with bad intentions".

"This communique is terribly no longer unusual for a couple. Rationally judging this communique will make it appear far greater, yet interpreting it in the bad way can make several other folks move down".

in the meantime, A added more statements on the 30th. She acknowledged, "There"s notice that I messed with the original content yet they are recoveries from my old mobile telephone. it has been authenticated and provideable for court".

She claims that she changed into once abused by way of Kim Hyun-joong when anyone else changed into once also provide. Lee Jae- guy acknowledged A had damaged in the home and Kim simplest driven her out so it changed into oncen"t abuse.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20...