Lee Jin-wook's rape charge, damages up to ten billion won

Lee Jin-wook's rape charge, damages up to ten billion won

How much is it costing Lee Jin-wook to stand the false rape charge?

MBC "Section TV" reported about Lee Jin-wook and the lady who falsely sued him for rape.

According to the news, the stipulations Lee Jin-wook had to face on account of this incident is set 10 billion won.

An attorney claimed that the accuser used to be going to need to pay for all this.

According to the police, the lady who accused Lee Jin-wook of rape confessed that there has been no force involved.

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Lee Jin-wook's accuser adjustments her mind, freed from rape charge

Lee Jin-wook's accuser adjustments her mind, freed from rape charge

The lady who accused Lee Jin-wook of raping her replaced her statement.

According to Sooseo Police, the accuser implied that the actor did not do the rest to her by way of force.

She didn't say this without delay yet, yetit form of feels like she changed her remark about the 'force' involved.

Previously, the police made a statement that the accuser's false accusation used to be slowly beginning to surface.

Lee Jin-wook changed into sued by his accuser at the 14th. He countersued her two days later and the accuser sued him back for false accusations.

However, the accuser's attorney give up on the 23rd for 'new discovered information, otherperspectives about the investigation and agree with issues'.

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Alleged Rape Victim Reportedly Demanded 1 Billion KRW From Yoochun Earlier than Filing Charges

Alleged Rape Victim Reportedly Demanded 1 Billion KRW From Yoochun Earlier than Filing Charges

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAfter to start with filing a police document against JYJYoochun accusing him of raping her in a leisure room of an adult entertainment established order at which she worked, Ms. Lee recently dropped all feesopposed to the singer. 

And even supposing Ms. Lee is not filing rates against the singer for allegedly raping her, the singer and his agency C-JeS Entertainment have officially filed a lawsuit against her for blackmail. In mild of this news, media shops have found out that 4 days after Ms. Lee claimed to had been sexually assaulted, she had touch C-JeS and presentedto have a look at to settle with them sooner than reporting to the authorities.

According to reports, she explained, I will no longer remain in Korea after being sexually assaulted, and need togo to China, soliciting for a a billion won ($863,000 USD) settlement. But if representatives from C-JeS went to fulfill amongst her, she sent her boyfriend, who used to be a gang member, to meet with them in her place. Throughout the meeting, he diminished the be offering to 500 million won ($431,500 USD), but when the firm declined his offer, he went with Ms. Lee the following day to dossier charges with police.

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Park Si-hoo Questioned Over Rape Charge

Park Si-hoo Questioned Over Rape Charge

Park Si-hoo Questioned Over Rape Charge

Actor Park Si-hoo arrives at the Nokbeon Police Station in western Seoul for questioning on Friday.

Police plan to summon actor Park Si-hoo for further questioning on charges that he raped a 22-year-old aspiring actress. "We did not set a specific time to summon him and the next round of questioning may take place privately as he wishes", a police spokesman said.

Park finally appeared for questioning on Friday accompanied by his attorney and was grilled for about nine hours. He had repeatedly failed to obey a summons in the previous two weeks.

On his way out of the police station afterwards, Park told throngs of reporters camped outside, "Although there is much for me to tell you, all I can say now is that I responded dutifully to the police summons and the truth will prevail".

Park's defense team also submitted to police records of text messages sent by his accuser via messaging service Kakao Talk.

A female friend of the aspiring actress apparently sent her a text message advising her to either "get a lot of money" from the actor or "bring him down".

Park's accuser allegedly responded, "I'm going to show them how well I can act by looking like the victim".

But police said they intend to use the Kakao Talk records merely as reference, and other messages actually support the accuser's claims. "Park has yet to present evidence showing that the sex was consensual", a police spokesman said.

Police have come under fire for shoddy investigation since it was revealed that they did not bother to check the text messages in the two weeks since the probe began. Only one week's worth of messages are saved on the Kakao Talk main server, and Park's lawyer, rather than the police, had sought a warrant to obtain the records.


Park Si-hoo wants rape charge transfer

Park Si-hoo wants rape charge transfer

Park Si-hoo wants rape charge transfer

Actor Park Si-hoo has asked that the sexual assault case against him be transferred to the Gangnam police.

"We have decided that this case, currently under investigation at the Seobu Police Station, would be better served at the Gangnam Police Station. Today, we have filed paperwork asking for a transfer", said the actor's law firm Purme yesterday.

"We've watched how the case has been handled, and we found the investigation process wrong-headed. From the beginning, the details of the investigation were reported to the media without any filtering or confirmation", the statement read. "For example, the Seobu police reported to the media that Park Si-hoo postponed his appearance for the inquiry, but he was never even ordered to appear", the law firm stated.

However, Seobu officials said they have no intention of permitting the transfer.

The rape allegations, filed on Feb. 19, have dealt a huge blow to the actor's reputation just as he was getting noticed in "Cheongdamdong Alice".

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Park Si-hoo Keeps Stalling Over Rape Charge

Park Si-hoo Keeps Stalling Over Rape Charge

Park Si-hoo Keeps Stalling Over Rape Charge

Actor Park Si-hoo, who has been charged with raping an aspiring starlet, has again failed to present himself for questioning by police. He had been summoned for 7 p.m. on Sunday.

"At around 6 p.m., an hour before he was scheduled to appear, Park's lawyer informed us that he wouldn't show after all", a police spokesman said.

Park also got a new lawyer on Sunday, who told police the actor now wants the investigation to be handled by the precinct that has jurisdiction over the trendy Cheongdam-dong area of southern Seoul, where his home and the bar where he drank with the alleged victim drank are located.

The investigation has so far been handled by police in western Seoul, which has jurisdiction over the accuser's home. The precinct declined and summoned Park again for questioning this week.

Meanwhile, another actor identified only by his surname Kim, who introduced Park to his accuser on the night of the alleged rape, has also been charged with raping the woman. Kim was also scheduled to report to police on Sunday night but did not show up.

Police said on Friday they are investigating whether Park spiked the woman's drink at the bar where they first met, since CCTV footage suggests she suddenly fell unconscious after leaving the bar. Police collected samples of her blood and urine and handed them over to the National Forensic Service.

Earlier, the woman told police that she passed put and only realized she had been raped after she regained consciousness. She said she felt she became drunk unusually fast.


Park Hae-jin donated 1.1 billion won over a span of 6 years

Park Hae-jin donated 1.1 billion won over a span of 6 years

It turns out actor Park Hae-jin has donated 1.1 billion won over a span of 6 years.

The quantity of donations he is given since 2011 is 1.1 billion won.

Park Hae-jin donated one hundred million won value of offers to the 2011 Jap earthquake sufferers and to the 2013 Gaepo-dong incident. He also donated to victims of the Saewol coincidence in 2014 and has also donated to the status quo of the children's rehabilitation hospital. He's also donated to the Guryong Village Middle for the elderly. He donated a hundred million won to the 2014 Busan Water victims.

He also donated 100 million won to like Tree in 2015 and all of the profits that got here out of his fan assembly in China final year to the Shanghai Welfare Center.

Park Hae-jin does all this on his own will. Here's his way of repaying back the affection he's getting from his fans. He also is going out for charity paintingseach once in a while.

The amount of his generosity has been publishedeach now and then. Other donations may now not bediscussed because he's done it out of the purity of his heart, says his management. Park Hae-jin will continue to make donations and the control volitionrelief him in it.

Meanwhile, Park Hae-jin debuted in 2006 with a drama and turned into popular. He persisted to famous person in other dramas like, "My Love from the Star", "Doctor Stranger" and "Bad Guys". He starred in "Cheese in the Trap" last January.

The actor is busy going from aspect to side Korea and China and he is going to star in the Chinese edition of "Cheese in the Trap".

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Samsung Circle of relatives Donates W4 Billion for 'Fallen Girls'

Samsung Circle of relatives Donates W4 Billion for 'Fallen Girls'

Lee Jae-yong (left) and Hong Ra-hee

Samsung's de facto leader Lee Jae-yong and his mom Hong Ra-hee have donated W2 billion every to build a taskeducationmiddle for feminine juvenile delinquents (US$1=W1,143).

The pair donated the cash to the Korea Juvenile Coverage Association, that may spend the cash on developmentthe educational essence for former inmates of youngster detention facilities, in keeping with the Justice Ministry on Wednesday.

They were it appears motivated via news reports.

The center is to open next summer and teach the women to transform beauticians or baristas.


Lee Jin-wook on rape case:

Lee Jin-wook on rape case: "She told me her password", 'A': "I am no longer a con artist"

Actor Lee Jin-wook who is being accused of rape, is claiming that 'A' is a con artist.

According to the filethrough Channel A, Lee Jin-wook reported to police that 'A' gave him her spacedeal with and password below the pretense of asking him to mendanything for her. He also submitted evidence in their conversation.

However, 'A' claimed she never asked him to lend a hand her with anything.

As he used to be making his way to the police station at the 17th, Lee Jin-wook had said, "False accusation is a significant crime if any person thinks they are in a position to put this on me simply becauseI'm famous".

The investigation took 11 hours in which he stated they had sex yet it wasn't under force.

'A's resources are announcing Lee Jin-wook is making her like a feminine con artist and are prepared to combat back with more force.

Meanwhile, 'A' reported Lee Jin-wook of rape on July 15th. It sounds as if they met on July 12th, had a couple ofbeverages and he followed her house where he raped her.

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