Lee Jong Suk Talks About “W” And Tacky Acting

Lee Jong Suk Talks About “W” And Tacky Acting

Lee Jong Suk Talks About W And Tacky Actingleonid July 22, 2016 0 Lee Jong Suk Talks About W And Cheesy Acting Lee Jong Suk, superstar of the recent MBC drama W, shines in his latest pictorial with modelmag west for its August issue. The theme of his photo shoot was well-known and unknown.

Through footage alongside splashes of colourin addition black-and-white photos, Lee Jong Suk conveys the duality of repute and a craving for peacefulness, which is his fate as an actor.

In one of the crucialimagespublished from the shoot, the actor is dressed in black pants and a white turtleneck pullover, bringing out the darkness of his eyebrows and his striking appearance.

The actor radiates with charm in every other photo, where he dons a sublime knitted cardigan and gazes earnestly at the camera.

In an interview, Lee Jong Suk discusses his role in W as Kang Chul, a personality from within a webtoon. He shares, I dont act otherwise in the nation-states of truth and the webtoon. Because Kang Chul is a fictional character, I believe it my role to show a sense of difference.

He continues, I suspect thats anything Im excellent at. Im self-assuredin terms ofremoving cheesiness. Its tricky this time, so Im running hard.

W” airs each and every Wednesday and Thursday on MBC. Catch the maximum recent episode on Viki!W-soompi-banner

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Lee Jong Suk Talks Reply 1988 and Struggles in Acting With Prime Cut Magazine

Lee Jong Suk Talks Reply 1988 and Struggles in Acting With Prime Cut Magazine

Lee Jong Suk Talks “Reply 1988” and Struggles in Acting With Prime trim backMag leejojoba January 19, 2016 0 LINE it!Lee Jong Suk Talks “Reply 1988” and Struggles in Acting With High Cut Magazine Actor Lee Jong Suk published a pictorial for High Cut magazine appearing off his beautiful male childexcellent looks and more mature self. He'snoticed dressed in more than a few outfits starting fromcomfyinformal T-shirt to dressy matches striking absolute best poses as a model. He looks like he walked appropriate out of a romantic comedianebook with his refinedcapabilities and long fingers and legs.

In the interview conducted all over the photo shoot, Lee Jong Suk spread out approximatelyone of the mostproblems he faces as an actor. He commented, “When I critique my own work, I believe like I’m at all times portraying a boy. I’m wrestling over how I willstumble upon more masculine in my acting. An actor’s looks has so much to do with the picture he exudes. I’m resentful of actors who have more masculine aura.”

His finalpaintingsused to be SBS’s drama “Pinocchio” which ended last January. He hasn’t been acting since then leaving loads of his fanatics waiting to look him in a new project. Lee Jong Suk added, “I felt empty as my downtime clear of acting prolonged. I’ll work demanding like an ox. I promised myself that I’d act in no less than3 projects this year.”

Recently, Lee Jong Suk changed into asked about tvN’s “Reply 1988” in the path of a fan signing consultation in China. His reply, “Love Taek,” receivedhighlight online. About that, he spoke back with a smile, “Taek’s persona in the drama is extremely attractive. I love Taek.”

You can see more of Lee Jong Suk in factor 166 of High Cut magazine.

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Comedian Kim Gi Wook Talks About His Original  Beyond With Lee Jong Suk

Comedian Kim Gi Wook Talks About His Original Beyond With Lee Jong Suk

Comedian Kim Gi Wook Talks About His OriginalBeyond amongst Lee Jong Sukkminjungee July 19, 2016 0 Comedian Kim Gi Wook Talks About His Exotic Past With Lee Jong Suk Throughout his radio guest appearance on SBS LoveFMs Two GuyDisplay on July 19, comedian Kim Gi Wook talks about his meddling personality and how he used to possessa shop in Apgujeong Rodeo Street, yet it failed.

Notably, the comedian reveals, At the time, hallyu superstar Lee Jong Suk used to be one of my part-time workers.

He explains, He used to name me Boss. We were reunited when I made a cameo in one of his dramas, Physician Stranger. Lee Jong Suk warmly welcomed me at the time.

However, Kim Gi Wook confesses, The primary thing I did when we met backbecomeexpress regret for unfairly making him paintings too much when I used to be his boss. Even now, I cant touch him without delay because I believe too embarrassed.

Meanwhile, actor Lee Jong Suk could be starring in W along Han Hyo Joo, which premieres tonight, July 20 KST.

Can you believe a more youthful Lee Jong Suk as a part-time worker?

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Song Il Gook Talks About Option Of Triplets Acting On Television Again

Song Il Gook Talks About Option Of Triplets Acting On Television Again

Song Il Gook Talks About Choice Of Triplets Acting On TelevisionBack JiwonYu July 15, 2016 0 Song Il Gook Talks About Possibility Of Triplets Appearing On TV Again Actor Song Il Gook sat down for an interview to advertise his newest musical 42nd Side road where he mentionedthe prospect of the triplets (Daehan, Minguk, and Manse) appearing on TV again.

When asked Is there a possibility of the triplets appearing on TV again? the father says, The children take grown too much to lookat theGo back of Superman. I dont think so. I could beready toseem on TV every timeI am gettingthe dangeryet ane dont think the teens will.

Ever since leaving The Return of Superman, Song Il Gook has install an Instagram account to update enthusiasts on how the triplets are doing.

He comments, I have a host of footage to upload on Instagram. It takes me about 30~40 mins to edit a video and upload it but I dont have time to do that.

He also talks about the triplets slowly finding out what his task is, saying, I suspect they know that their father is functioning on stage. When I asked What does dad do? they first answered, Jang Young Shil but now they say Julian Marsh. They startedto switch a year ago. They know evidently about what their mother does, and now they know a little about what their dad does, too.

What if the triplets wish toturn into actors? Song Il Gook says, My mom never forced me to do anything. She at all times supported what I do and allowed me to do it. Similar to how she supported me, I wish toreinforce them in their dreams so long as they arent crimes.

Meanwhile, Song Il Gook is these days performing in his musical 42nd Road every bitthe foremost lead Julian Marsh.

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Jang Dong-gun, Kim Myeong-min, Park Hee-soon and Lee Jong-suk in talks to register for for new film 'VIP' by ability of Park Hoon-jeong-I

Jang Dong-gun, Kim Myeong-min, Park Hee-soon and Lee Jong-suk in talks to register for for new film 'VIP' by ability of Park Hoon-jeong-I

It is possibly that Jang Dong-gun, Kim Myeong-min, Park Hee-soon and Lee Jong-suk will sign up for in film 'VIP'.

According to resources in movie industry on June 27, the 4 stars have gainedprovides from Park Hoon-jeong-I's new movie, 'VIP' and they all are discussing the deals positively. Many discussions are still going on with the director Park Hoon-jeong-I as it is earlier than pre-production level at the moment.

'VIP' may be "The New World" and "The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale" director Park Hoon-jeong-I's next film project. A son to a high-ranked reliable in North Korea commits a chain of murders going around the countries round the world. The motion picture depicts the nextoccasions as South Korea, North Korea and Interpol get started chasing down after him.

Kim Myeong-min, Lee Jong-suk, and Park Hee-soon have authorized the supplies from director Park Hoon-jeong-I with pleasure. Jang Dong-gun, who is these days filming drama 'It Hurts Me When Desirous about You, whom I loved' in China, will meet Park Hoon-jeong-I soon to make the general decision.

'VIP' is drawing attention for the star-studded solidsimilar to "The New World" and the reality that the director is returning to his experience story.

'VIP' will whole cast soon and is making plansto commence out filming in October this year in complete scale.

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Lee Jong Hyuk Talks Type  Displays And Coaching His Sons Thru Performances

Lee Jong Hyuk Talks Type Displays And Coaching His Sons Thru Performances

Lee Jong Hyuk Talks SortDisplays And Coaching His Sons Thru Performancessoojji June 25, 2016 0 Lee Jong Hyuk Talks Variety Shows And Teaching His Sons Through Performances In an interview with News1Star, actor Lee Jong Hyuk confesses, Before, I used to be skeptical of actors taking part on variety shows. After being on Dad! Where Are We Going, there were times I used to be confused. Yet it become comforting to turn an un-embellished version of me through making memories with my sons at the show. My mind on actors partaking on variety shows replaced a lot. Simply becauseyou're on a wide rangedisplay does no longer mean you aren't an actor. If you want to have to transformthe #1 actor it can be an obstacle, but I never sought after to turned into that form of actor.

Lee Jong Hyuk extra comments, I have a my-way facet of me. I'm in reality not following in anyones footsteps. I'm walking my own path. While youcheck out a otherstreet that no ones taken, you'll be in a position to also find other opportunities.

Lee Jong Hyuk may bea super father to his sons Taksu and Junsu. The actor makes some degreeof unveiling his sons performances to give them a meaningful enjoy and widen their views.

Recently, my sons got hereto peer me carry out Le Passe Muraille (The Guy Who Walked Through Walls). After seeing my kiss scene, Junsu comforted his mother, saying, Its okay, dont rigidity out.'

The actor mentions his other son Taksu. I suspect he has dreams to develop into an actor. I need him to only enjoy performances at the moment. When the lads watch performances instead of TV, the breadth in their thinking changes.

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'Familyhood' director talks about Search engine marketing Hyeon-jin:

'Familyhood' director talks about Search engine marketing Hyeon-jin: "An actress with accumulated abilities and knowledge, amazing acting ability"

Movie "Familyhood" director Kim Tae-gon gave an unreserved compliment at the actress Seo Hyeon-jin, who is operating amongst him currently.

On June 20, director Kim Tae-gon met OSEN reporter in a caf in Samcheong-dong, Seoul and printed his mind approximately Seo Hyeon-jin. He said, "Whenever I saw Seo Hyeon-jin, I assumed she is an actress with talents and knowledge".

He also mentioned casting Seo Hyeon-jin for his movie, "When she was once filming with us, it becamesooner than she did "Oh Hae-Young Again". When I heard she was going to do a drama, I stated 'hope it'll turn out well' and it if fact exist toldbecame out to be daebak". The director smiled happily.

He persevered on, "When we had a assembly with Seo Hyeon-jin, what I used to be wondering was if an actress who used to play a leading role in a romance drama would play a role as a mother with two children. It would not be a very easyresolutionyet she permitted the be offering without hesitation. When we were settling onthe thought that for her costumes, we readylovely clothes. But she chose the humble garments and said precisemothers wear those clothes. We were slightly surprised".

The director also said, "When she was gambling mom, there isnot anythingbizarre or awkward about her acting. I thought she was an actress with a in realitywide selection of acting" and "Also, when anything becomes otherwise even a bitright through script reading, actors generally get confused. But Seo Hyeon-jin may justalternate her voice tone acting instantly. It was a excellent surprise. It is onlyconceivable for actors who are prepared. I thought she has accumulated qualificationsand data equally an actress. Kim Hye-soo also complimented Seo Hyeon-jin so much on the filming set".

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Song Hye Kyo Talks About Falling For Song Joong Kis Acting

Song Hye Kyo Talks About Falling For Song Joong Kis Acting

Song Hye Kyo Talks About Falling For Song Joong Ki’s Actingboxclub April 21, 2016 0 LINE it!Song Hye Kyo Talks About Falling For Song Joong Ki’s Acting Song Hye Kyo has not anythingyet love and appreciation for her co-star Song Joong Ki.

On April 20, Song Hye Kyo met with newshounds in Seoul for a press convention and shared about her “Descendants of the Sun” personality Kang Mo Yeon in addition Yoo Shi Jin, the nature played through Song Joong Ki.

Speaking about Song Joong Ki’s explosive upward push as a Hallyu star, Song Hye Kyo said, “First off, I would like to congratulate him. From the primary time I saw the script, I knew that the male protagonist role was once vitally important. Song Joong Ki changed intoin a positionto reach that difficult task. He made even my own middle flutter with his acting and I believe that effect was what made the drama do well. The chemistry between the actors was strong. It wasn’t anything that I used to becapable of make alongside my own strength. It was since the collaboration between me and my co-stars was so sturdy that it worked out well.”

Check out their captivating chemistry from the very beginning, with the 1st episode of “Descendants of the Sun” on Viki below!

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Song Joong Ki Talks About Melodrama Acting and His Emotions approximately Flower Boy Image

Song Joong Ki Talks About Melodrama Acting and His Emotions approximately Flower Boy Image

Song Joong Ki Talks About Melodrama Acting and His Emotions approximately Flower Boy Symbol ilmare42 April 17, 2016 0 LINE it!Song Joong Ki Talks About Melodrama Acting and His Feelings About Flower Boy Image Even if Kim Eun Sook, the creator of the hugely popular drama “Descendants of the Sun,” is understood for writing moderatelytacky lines, many audience take praised lead actor Song Joong Ki for managing to tug them off and lead them toappear natural. At a press convention on April 15, Song Joong Ki used to be asked what his key's to making the onesroughly lines in a melodrama work.

“I don’t have anything else I’d call a secret,” he says. “But regardless of what, my standard self is at all times going to pop out on screen, and I consistently think to myself, ‘When you’re acting in a melodrama, don’t make it seem cringeworthy.’”

“On the most elementary level, I remaindependable to the script,” he says. “I attempt to put myself in the writer’s shoes and take into accounts why they wrote those lines or this scene. What about the scene before? What about the scenes in the following episode? I have religion in that a lot.”

Song Joong Ki may be asked about his image as a “flower boy” or beautiful boy. He replies, “I don't have anygoal of seeking toeliminate my image as a ‘flower boy.’ An actor’s appearance is extremely important.”

He adds with a laugh, “I take excellent care of my skin, and do my perfect to save yousymptoms of aging.”

Watch Song Joong Ki in the primary episode of Descendants of the Sun below!

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EXO’s Suho Talks About How Existence as University Student Impacted His Hobby for Acting

EXO’s Suho Talks About How Existence as University Student Impacted His Hobby for Acting

EXOs Suho Talks About How Existence every bit University Student Impacted His Pastime for Actingkminjungee March 21, 2016 0 LINE it!EXOs Suho Talks About How Life as University Student Impacted His Passion for Acting On March 21, EXOs Suho, some of themajor actors of the impendingfilm Glory Day, sat down for an interview with Korean news outlet TV Report.

Suho may be making his reputable on-screen acting debut via Glory Day. In this production, he effectively strips away the entire extravagance he portrays on level to play the role of Sang Woo, who is the quandary of his friends.

He tells a tale about how he felt when he was once admitted as an acting fundamental to Korea National University of Arts when he became still an SM Entertainment trainee. He explains, When I used to be in my final year of top school, I harm my leg whilstgetting ready to debut. I suspect ane was moderately depressed that I couldnt dance, and my acting was static. At the time, receiving my acceptance letter to that university was like a ray of mild sent from the heavens.

Suho also talks about how he lived his life energetically when he was twenty, and was nearly just as busy as he's now with EXO schedules. He explains, I'dmove to school, even at the weekends, and each and everyeveningI mightvisit the firm (SM) to practice. As a result ofthe ones tiring moments, I discoveredreligion in myself, understandingI will be ready to endure anything because Ive triumph over this.

However, because of his imminent debut in EXO, Suho had to unfortunately make the selection to drop out. When asked about how he felt back then, in addition what acting approach to him, he pauses, conscientiouslyopting for his words.

Suho says, Acting is important. To me, it's fareither a choice and some way to relieve my emotions. I can do things I cant do, or havent been capable of make in genuine life, by way of acting. Also, I'mable toin a roundabout way convey my feelings to the target audience when I act, expressing his passion for acting.

Glory Day is a adolescencemotion picture that talks about how time stops for 4 20-year-old buddies who go on their first holiday together, most effective to understand that day all the time alongside regret. Last year, this movie was invited to the Landscapephase of the 20th Busan Global Film Festival. This production may bethe primary feature-length film of director Choi Jung Yeol, whos won awards at the Blue Dragon Film Awards and Daejong Film Awards for his short-film, Nagging, which was released in 2008. Glory Day will be released in South Korean theaters on March 24.

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