Lee Min-ho's firm deals with keyboard warriors legally

Lee Min-ho's firm deals with keyboard warriors legally

Lee Min-ho's firm MYM Entertainment posted a message on Facebook which states, "Several netizens had been spreading false rumors online and or have been making private attacks at the artist (Lee Min-ho), defaming him and slandering him. We've gotmade up our minds this can notmove on anymore and we are taking felony measures on this. Evidence could beaccumulated to do so. The use of anonymity to harm others is seemed as violence and a crime We will be in a position tobe sure such other peoplegets the punishment they deserve and there'll be no mercy".

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Lee Jin Wook’s Firm Sues “A” For False Accusation Of Sexual Assault, Clarifies Courting With “A”

Lee Jin Wook’s Firm Sues “A” For False Accusation Of Sexual Assault, Clarifies Courting With “A”

Lee Jin Wooks Firm Sues A For False Accusation Of Sexual Assault, Clarifies Dating alongside Ajun2yng July 16, 2016 0 Lee Jin Wooks Agency Sues A For False Accusation Of Sexual Assault, Clarifies Relationship With A Lee Jin Wooks agency has filed a counter suit opposed tothe lady who accused the actor of sexual assault, hereafter generally known as A.

Lee Jin Wook’s agency sent out a press unlockat the morning of July 17, in which the agency says, “Once again, we would like to sincerely make an apology for the reality that Lee Jin Wook has been inquisitive about this scandal. Lee Jin Wook can be faithfully cooperating with police wondering at the Seoul Suseo police station at a later time.”

The agency then says that they filed a complaint of false accusation against “A” on July 16 at the Suseo police station.

Clarifying outdated reports relating to Lee Jin Wook’s relationship with “A,” the agency says, “Lee Jin Wook was oncepresented to the plaintiff viadecades mutual acquaintance, and whilst Lee Jin Wook had planned to continue assembly her with interest, they do notappear to be boyfriend and girlfriend, as become reported in some news.”

Reports have said that Lee Jin Wook will be going to the Suseo police station at 7 p.m. on July 17 for questioning.

The initial complaint of sexual assault was filed on July 14. “A” claims that once having dinner and parting tactics with Lee Jin Wook on the night of July 12, he got here to her house afterwards that evening and sexually assaulted her.

The day of filing the complaint, “A” visited the police medical institution where she won examinations for sexual assault, and police askedresearch of the lingerie “A” have beendressed in at the time of assault from the National Forensic Service.

Questioning of “A” was accomplished on July 15, and following Lee Jin Wooks police consult with today, either Lee Jin Wook and “A” will be called in for further questioning as deemed necessary.

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Lee Jin Wook Put on  Commute Ban, Firm Voices Frustrations And Suspicions About Accuser

Lee Jin Wook Put on Commute Ban, Firm Voices Frustrations And Suspicions About Accuser

Lee Jin Wook Put onShuttle Ban, Firm Voices Frustrations And Suspicions About Accuserjun2yng July 18, 2016 0 Lee Jin Wook Placed On Travel Ban, Agency Voices Frustrations And Suspicions About Accuser In gentle of a travel ban placed on Lee Jin Wook and the reaction of the plaintiff in the sexual attack case, Lee Jin Wook’s agency CCO ENS took to media to give a closeobservationreferring tothe motive of the travel ban and the occasions surrounding the day of alleged sexual assault.

First, CCO ENS says, “The travel ban placed on Lee Jin Wook is only to expedite the investigation, and has not anything to do with problems of credibility or honesty. Long earlier than the initial sexual assault allegations, Lee Jin Wook had a scheduled advertisement shoot out of doors the country, and was onceto pass away Korea on July 18. Lee Jin Wook, so asto reduce inconvenience to the ones about him from the lawsuit, had planned to headvia amongst the shoot and visit the police station for wondering afterward. However, the investigation team laid down the travel ban to keep away from any misunderstandings around perceived leniency.”

The agency then is going on to supply an explanation for what came about the day of alleged sexual assault in additioninstantly afterward, bringing forward some issues of doubt in regards to thehabit of the plaintiff.

CCO ENS says, “We felt we had topop out and tell the truth, because ofthe entire simulated claims made by the plaintiff and her prison representative. The plaintiff claimed in a press unlock that she had now not met Lee Jin Wook with interest. However, all through their dinner at thenight of July 12, she expressed immense interest, pronouncing that she turned into a ‘huge fan,’ and that she had ‘liked him for a long time.’”

According to the agency, the day following the dinner (the day after the alleged sexual assault), the plaintiff sent messages to the mutual acquaintance that had offered her to Lee Jin Wook, speakingthankfully about the soon-to-open franchise in Gangnam that the 3 of them had agreed to visit together.

“If she were a victim of sexual assault as mentioned in her lawsuit, we don’t think it’s conceivable for her to have acted this way,” acknowledged CCO ENS.

Bringing up some furtherfeatures of doubt in the plaintiff’s claims, Lee Jin Wook’s agency says, “It’s suspicious that the plaintiff reported the assault on July 14, a complete day after the alleged sexual assault, and it’s also difficultto realize why, despite the reality that she said she visited the sanatorium before filing the complaint, she handiest submitted the damagedocument on July 17, after Lee Jin Wook filed a complaint of false accusation.”

Continuing, CCO ENS says that whilst the plaintiff is disturbing an apology from Lee Jin Wook, it's the actor who merits an apology, as he'sthe consumer who has suffered serioussmash in his recognitiondue to the falsehoods.

“Immediately after studying about the lawsuit on July 15, Lee Jin Wook expressed his deep frustrations to his lawyer, and immediately filed a complaint of false accusation the next day. He accommodated the police’s investigation schedule, and went in on the weekend to put up to long questioning, filingapplicable evidence for review.”

Closing, CCO ENS says, “As a public figure, Lee Jin Wook has resolved to watch out in his actions, and desperately hopes that, by way of strict judgement, revealing the false accusations made by the plaintiff, celebrities are not any longer objectives of complaints for the straightforwardexplanation whythat they're world figures. Once again, we’d love to send our thank you and apologies to the fanatics who have sent us unwavering enhance and love.”

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Actor Lee Jin Wook Accused Of Sexual Assault; Firm Responds

Actor Lee Jin Wook Accused Of Sexual Assault; Firm Responds

Actor Lee Jin Wook Accused Of Sexual Assault; Firm Respondskokoberry July 15, 2016 0 Actor Lee Jin Wook Accused Of Sexual Assault; Agency Responds Actor Lee Jin Wook has been accused of sexual assault.

On July 15, a police source printed that a lady in her early 30s (hereafter often known as A) filed the lawsuit on July 14. Her complaint has been officially gainedthrough Suseo Police Station.

In the early hours of July 14, A reported the sexual assault through One ForestallMiddle (a police medical institution for sufferers of sexual assault, domestic violence, and other crimes). After investigating the case, it used to be transferred to Suseo Police Station. A has since retained a lawyer.

Following their investigation of the plaintiff, the police can be investigating Lee Jin Wook. A police source said, Because it hasnt been long because the eventbecome transferred, we have got yet to analyze the plaintiff.

His agency CCO ENS stated, There has been no such incident. After checking with him, he acknowledged that he doesnt know about it. We can taketo determine more main pointsyet we are reasonably taken aback.

Lee Jin Wook maximumthese daysgave the impression in the drama Good-bye Mr. Black and the film Time Renegades. He was scheduled to wait an awards ritenowadays for stars who made Korean motion pictures shine brightly in 2016, but has since canceled his plans because of this news.

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The Legend Files Lawsuit Opposed to  Firm To Nullify Contract

The Legend Files Lawsuit Opposed to Firm To Nullify Contract

The Legend Files Lawsuit Opposed toFirm To Nullify Contractkokoberry July 12, 2016 0 The Legend Files Lawsuit Against Agency To Nullify Contract The Legend has filed a lawsuit to nullify their exclusive contract with their agency SS Entertainment.

On July 11, a source printedthat every one five individuals (Listen, Roi, Jaehyuk, Lito, and Changsun) have filed a lawsuit to ascertain the invalidity in their contracts.

The members claimed that once signing contracts with SS Entertainment in June 2014, the control did no longersatisfy their taskseffectively and the members were now not paid.

SS Entertainment currently had exclusive contract problems alongside Produce 101 contestants Lee Haein and Lee Suhyun ultimate May. In a while afterwards, the parties were readyto achieve an agreement and the lawsuit used to be dropped.

The Legend debuted in 2014 and feature released songs adding Nail, Shadow, and more.

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Park Shin Hye’s Firm  Used to be  Ready For “Doctors” To Flop

Park Shin Hye’s Firm Used to be Ready For “Doctors” To Flop

Park Shin Hyes FirmWas onceReady For Doctors To Flopjun2yng July 9, 2016 0 Park Shin Hyes Agency Was Prepared For Doctors To Flop “We idea the timing of this drama would result in a failure. How would we land a a hit drama each and everyunmarried time? So we were prepared for failure, and told ourselves no longer to be disappointed too much if the drama didn’t do well,” acknowledged Park Shin Hye’s agency, Salt Entertainment, on July 10.

But a ways from failure, “Doctors” is a giant hit. Six episodes in, the drama — expanding in ratings with every one episode — is simply shy of a national viewership of 20 percent, whilst the Seoul metropolitan viewership has already surpassed 20 percent.

Salt Entertainment said, “For the beyond 3 years, none of Park Shin Hye’s dramas have failed, and the entiretyat all timesbecame out well, so it’s true that we were fearful for this one. Folks were announcing that it was about time for no less than one failure, and we also thought that there has been no way we could succeed in everything.”

The agency said that the ones nerves played a thing in opting for the drama: “When we were selecting this next project, we neededto head out in style, even supposing IT did fail, so we chose ‘Doctors.’” “Doctors,” which, initially called “Female Gangster Hye Jung,” presentations an self sufficient female lead who is in keep an eye on of her own fate, and a few killer action scenes no less, gambling to the craze of ladyweigh down female celebrities.

Watch the newest episode of Doctors here!

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Infinite Challenge Contributors Tease Kwanghee About His Girlfriend;” Firm Clarifies

Infinite Challenge Contributors Tease Kwanghee About His Girlfriend;” Firm Clarifies

“Infinite Challenge” Individuals Tease Kwanghee About His “Girlfriend; Firm Clarifiesnotclaira July 9, 2016 0 “Infinite Challenge” Members Tease Kwanghee About His “Girlfriend; Agency Clarifies At the July nine episode of “Infinite Challenge,” Yoo Jae Suk delivered the stunning “news” that one in their members had a new girlfriend.

As the entire members excluding Kwanghee are married, suspicion automatically falls on Kwanghee. It turns out that Yoo Jae Suk’s “news” is an nameless tip claiming that they saw an “Infinite Challenge” member in Apgujeong (a group in Seoul) with a lady in his car. yoo jae suk

Kwanghee firmly denies that the rumor is set him yet is forced to confess that he have been to Apgujeong. The members then trick him into a “confession” (he denies that anybodywas once sitting in the front seat of his automobile and by chance makes it sound like they were in the back instead) and raise him up into the air in “congratulations” on his new girlfriend.

Yoo Jae Suk concludes by way of saying, While you run across Kwanghee with an attractivegirl in the future, please fake yous didnt see anything.

A source from Kwanghee’s agency, Famous person Empire Entertainment, clarified to OSEN later, “It changed into all done to make the broadcast more entertaining. Kwanghee is latelyno longer dating. He's currently runningdifficult on ‘Infinite Challenge’ but still has room to improve. It’s now not a time for dating appropriate now, but operating harder.”

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Korean film

Korean film "Detective Firm - Ondal the Idiot and Princess Pyeonggang Uncut Edition"

Added the Korean film "Detective Firm - Ondal the Idiot and Princess Pyeonggang Uncut Edition"'s page to HanCinema database"Detective Agency - Ondal the Fool and Princess Pyeonggang Uncut Edition" (2016)Directed by potential of Lee Dong-hyeon-IIWith Kang Hyeon-joong, Han Geu-rim, Kwak Ji-eun, Kim Min-gyoo-I, Park Min-hye, Joo Yeon-seo,...SynopsisKang Hyeon-joong, a former National Intelligence Provider agent, is lately running a personal investigator place of work after he give up his outdated job. Han Mi-so is his secretary aiding him with his day by dayresponsibilities in the office. One day, Kim Jin-hee comes to the detective's workplace and requests him to analyzeall of theladies who apply her husband around. She introduces herself as wife of Jang Joon-seok, CEO of the prominent structure company, Dae-ho Trading. When she began dating her existing husband, who used to be an insignificant frontline employee, her father trained him into a qualified entrepreneur and then promoted him to the present position. When her husband become successful, women started pursuing him. She statedthose women attempted to blackmail her husband for money. Kang Hyeon-joong accepts the request and starts investigating the ladies about Joon-seok. When Kang Hyeon-joong reveals out that there's this woman, So-yeon, who sees joon-seok often, he scolds So-yeon. However, she says it's miles unfair as it is Joon-seok, who is bothering her. Liberate date in Korea : 2016/06/15

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Baro’s Firm Apologizes For Habit On “Please Cope with My Refrigerator”

Baro’s Firm Apologizes For Habit On “Please Cope with My Refrigerator”

Baros Firm Apologizes For Habit On Please Deal with My Refrigeratorkokoberry July 5, 2016 0 Baros Agency Apologizes For Behavior On Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator B1A4s Baro was oncethese days criticized for his behavior on JTBCs Please Take Care of My Refrigerator.

He seemed as a guest at the July four episode and became criticized for being choosy and rude.

His agency WM Entertainment released a observation on July five and said, We make an apology to the viewers, fellow guest Tak Jae Hoon, the chefs, and the production group of workers for making them feel uncomfortable after gazing the broadcast.

The agency continued, Because it was a program he was acting on the for the primary time, he was overzealous and it resulted inother folks feeling uncomfortable. He will humbly obtain harsh rebukes and paintingsnot easy to be more considerate and careful in long run broadcasts. Furthermore, we would actually like to once back thank each person who has at all times shown support.

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